Natalie Portman in Dior at the ‘Jackie’ AFI Fest premiere: lovely or boring?


Let’s take a moment to enjoy Natalie Portman today. These are photos from last night’s AFI Fest premiere of Jackie, the film where Portman plays Jackie Kennedy in the immediate aftermath of JFK’s assassination. Portman is getting a ton of Oscar buzz for her performance, but I believe Emma Stone’s performance in La La Land is the current “favorite” for Best Actress these days. So it might have been a good opportunity for Portman to turn on the charm, right? Wrong. Portman had a face like thunder in every single photo from the premiere. It’s actually really funny, mostly because… we’ve all been making this thunder-face in the past week, haven’t we? This is the face of half of all Americans are making as they realize how bad it’s going to be.

As for Natalie’s look here, she’s wearing Dior. Dior has been doing dresses for several pregnant women, to mixed results. I thought Marion Cotillard’s Dior dress was super-boring last week (it was basically just a shapeless tent dress), but Dior did okay by Portman. Maybe she’s one of their favorites.

Obviously, ahead of last night’s premiere, Fox Searchlight released a full-length trailer for Jackie. This one gives a better glimpse of why Portman is being so heavily favored for an Oscar nomination. While her “Jackie voice” is bugging me, the truth is that Jackie really did speak that way. Anyway… I will probably watch this.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. QQ says:

    Can’t it be both? cause it’s both For Sure!

    Also I find it extremely Laughable that this Jackie Role is getting touted for good acting.. her accent is a HOT ASS wounded drunk Baby Mess

  2. Rae says:

    I would prefer the look without the jacket, or a shorter jacket.

  3. SusanneToo says:

    Naomie Harris for Moonlight.

  4. Natalya(Natasha) says:

    I saw the movie and it’s really good, feels long, but great. Natalie did an impressive job, the accent bothers for the first 5 minutes, than you totally forget it and forget she’s Natalie Portman. I haven’t seen La La Land but i’d like Emma to win over Natalie because she’s in a musical (it would be the first best actress for a musical since Liza Minelli) and Natalie already has one oscar.

  5. kimbers says:

    She’s the definition of basic. Pretentious and very boring….

    • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

      The pretentious smug is very strong with her and thats what puts me off her performances, i find it difficult to see past that plus i have never really thought of her as a great actress – she average at best but not great or stand out.

  6. minx says:

    Pretty dress, but I’ve always found her smug and irritating, so I’m not objective.

  7. Amy says:

    Accents are most jarring to me when they are inconsistent. So as long as her accent is consistently weird, for me, it won’t be distracting. When the accent goes in and out, that’s when you lose me (see: Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle).

    That being said: please give Annette Bening her damn Oscar this year.

    • JulP says:

      Agreed about Annette Bening! I was rooting for Viola in lead until she switched categories, now I want Annette to win. She has been robbed so many times! But I don’t think she’s really campaigning, and the award always goes to who campaigns the most, so I’m getting myself ready for Emma Stone to win (she’s the new Eddy Redcarpet).

  8. Cee says:

    Does she even smile anymore? Is it the fault of the French?

    Lose the blazer – the dress seems fine.

  9. Anett says:

    There is some tremendous sadness in her eyes or coming from her rather. I can’t explain why I am feeling this when I look at her.

    • frisbee says:

      agree with you, she looks like a tremendously unhappy woman to me too… her eyes look desolate.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      She’s intelligent and aware, she’s a woman, she’s a Jew. Given the election of an unintelligent, unaware misogynist aided by a rabid anti-Semite, any one of those things could account for her sadness and sense of desolation. I’m glad I don’t have to get all dressed up and out there for my job right now. It’s hard enough doing daily activities.

      • S says:

        Totally agree. Also, I think she may be the kind who feels uncomfortable during pregnancy. I’m impressed by her – she’s very intelligent and educated. Anyway, I get to meet her in a few weeks so I will let you know!

    • Trashaddict says:

      She used to smile in older pictures, even when she was pregnant. I get the feeling that the state of her marriage is not good. She’s got that look right now. However if she does get divorced, she might become a more likable person paired with someone else…

  10. Catherine says:

    I have permanent thunder face too. I’ve never loved her more

  11. Chetta B. says:

    I love her dress but am more amazed by the fact that she can speak six languages.

  12. Saddie890 says:

    As a Canadian it will be interesting to watch Trump’s future fate in the role of President.