Kate Gosselin drew up ‘separation contract’ for Jon to keep him on camera

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Yesterday we saw a video on Radar Online that featured Kate Gosselin of Jon & Kate Plus 8‘s brother stating that Kate’s husband, Jon, told him the marriage was over six months ago. Jon and Kate were faking it for the sake of raking in the dough with their TLC reality show, Kate’s brother and his wife claimed. What’s more is that they said that Jon suspected that Kate was cheating with her bodyguard, a rumor she has denied.

The tabloids are out and they have even more quotes from Kate’s brother that show the extent to which she manipulated the situation and lied to the public to continue raking in $75,000 an episode for her show. Last season, there were 41 episodes which means she made over $3 million. That’s a lot of cash at stake.

Kate drew up “Separation Contract” – Jon could see other women as long as he showed for tapings:
Star Magazine, which is owned by the same company as RadarOnline, has more quotes from Kate’s brother and sister-in-law that make her seem like an opportunistic, money-grubber who will go to any lengths to keep the money flowing. When Kate realized her marriage was over six months ago, she drew up a “separation contract” that said that she and Jon could live apart and see other people as long as he came home when the cameras were there to play happy family:

[Kate’s brother] Kevin [says] “six months ago, Kate came to Jon behind the scenes and said, ‘It’s over!'”

Kate was ready to call it a day on their marriage, but not on their cash-cow show! “Jon had actually wanted off the series for a while, and this may have been the perfect opportunity for him to call it quits – but she wasn’t about to let him out with so much money at stake,” says Jodi. “So to keep up the sham that they were still together, she offered Jon a contract stating that they could live separate lives and he could even have girlfriends, as long as he agreed to come together for filming. Kate wants to keep the show going for as long as she can, and continue to generate opportunities for herself to write more books and become the spokesperson for different companies.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, May 25, 2009]

Kate kicked her brother and “aunt Jodi” off the show when she learned that TLC wanted to pay them
Kate is so money-oriented, says her brother, she kicked him and his wife off the show and out of their lives once she heard that TLC wanted to compensate them for their appearances.

Although the Gosselins reportedly earn upwards of $75,000 a show – season four had a whopping 41 episodes alone – that’s apparently not enough for Kate. To rake in even more cash, the mother of eight spends months away from home promoting her two books… and loading up on speaking engagements, for which she commands $3,000 an hour. She also charges fans $20 for autographs and $150 per person for special meet-and-greet tea parties. Kate’s lust for top dollar was also the factor that led Kevin and fan favorite Aunt Jodi’s sudden disappearance from the series after season three, they say.

When Kate found out that TLC had offered Jodie and Kevin compensation for their appearances on the show, she freaked out, her brother tells Star. “She screamed. ‘No one else is getting paid but us! We’re done!’ Her reason for pushing me and Jodi away was because the more people you split it up between, the less there is!”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, May 25, 2009]

Jodi also says that Kate doesn’t give much money to Jon and has tight control of the family finances.

What’s more is that both The National Enquirer and Star report that Kate has a nasty temper and tell of an incident in which she dumped a drawer out because Jon didn’t arrange it to her liking. She is also said to often sulk in her room while her poor kids are banging on the door, trying to get in. The tension is getting to the family, and is especially hard for all their kids.

How outrageous to cut ties with family members over money when you’re making millions already. Everyone could have benefited from that money, but Kate wanted so much of it to herself that she cut her children’s aunt and uncle out of their lives. This whole story sounds adults behaving like children, clutching their toys and screaming “mine!” while the real children suffer for lack of a responsible, loving parent.

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  1. goaheadandyellatme... says:

    Jon is a slacker who couldn’t hold down a job, and was incompetent with the orginization it takes to take care of all those kids. I always got why Kate was yelling at him, he’s a moron.

  2. Tess says:

    Jon and Kate, John and Elizabeth.

    Interchangable. Makes my head spin.

  3. Leah says:

    No that’s not true. John has a job, he does something with computers. He always tries to help but Kate was critical of everything he does.

  4. Marcie says:

    This whole story is very sad I feel very sorry for the kids. Sad when grown ups can’t be mature and responsible for the kids. What’s with Kate have to have all the money? She seems like a mean greedy b-tch. Now I understand they are not in a marriage and both Jon and Kate moved on. The show was a big sham that decieved the public. Some of that anger in the show was really marital break up fighting. I for one will never watch that show again.

  5. Kelly says:

    Is anyone really surprised at this? Really, truly?

    What can anyone possibly feel deceived by? (I mean, besides themselves for believing anything shown to them under the guise of “reality tv.”)

  6. Moore says:

    I find it funny how when it came out that Jon was cheating there was articles bashing him and now they are bashing her. No one in the family seems fit to really do the job as parent to all the kids. Aunt Jodie and her man are just as pathetic for jumping in. Time for this mess to be over with.

  7. EB says:

    Sorry, none of this is a surprise. Folks should really go with my assumption – all “reality” shows are FAKE.

    Why do people keep getting shocked?! These shows have writers (of a sort), editors, etc. They are simply unsripted dramas/comedies. They are no more real than soap operas or sitcoms. Get with it!

    Also, these shows attract a certain type of person – so I’m not surprised that this woman is as driven as she is, look at Octomom, lol!

  8. AC says:

    I will never watch their show again. Jon and Kate sound to be terrible parents (especially Kate).

    I will at least give Jon some kudos for wanting to end the show early, presumably to spend more time with his kids (we hope).

    But Kate is so greedy, she wanted the show to continue at any cost, even to the point of dumping her own brother and his wife off of the show. How selfish can one person be?

    I hope the public backlash against these sham parents will be great and the show will end for once and all.

    Then they can get back to focusing on what’s truly important in life, becoming better parents for the sake of their poor kids.

    In the meantime, I’m bidding good riddance to their sham show!

  9. paganchick says:

    I think its hilarious that people actually believe this nonsense. Kate was doing what she had to do to insure that there was enough money to raise 8 children on her own.

    And she didn’t cut ties with her brother over TLC wanting to pay them. She cut ties because her brother demanded she step in on his behalf to up his salary. It had nothing to do with him being paid separately and everything to do with his wanting what she had and was putting away for her 8 children.

    I love it. Octomom gets crapped on for living off the system to support her kids. And Kate gets crapped on for actually trying to earn and save money for hers.

    She married a cheater and did what she had to do to make the best of the situation for her kids. And the random gossip about her pouting in the room while her kids bang on the door is obviously planted by her ingrate brother and famewhore sister-in-law.

    I am sure there were times when she had to have a moment to her self (SHE IS RAISING 8 CHILDREN BY HER SELF), but this makes it sound like she is neglectful and its just not true.

  10. loldongs says:

    Jon is a first class mangina, and however contemptible that may be. I find the stories (if true) about Kate, to make her out to be far worse a human being.

    She’s basically trading on herself, her children, their family as if it were a commodity.

    She’s a shallow, darwinian opportunist.

    It’s absolutely revolting to see.

    It’s just another sign of the decline in our society.

  11. eternalcanadian says:

    You know what, I figured this was all gossip, whatever, but when siblings come into the mix, especially Kate’s brother and his wife who I’ve seen on the show several times then all of a sudden it was like they disappeared, I can’t help but wonder, ya know?

    I’ve always said Kate was real mean to Jon. He does his best, but she keeps belittling him at every step. He isn’t doing this right, isn’t fast enough, isn’t orderly enough, etc.

    He does have a job, he is in information technology, and works for a company that enables him to work from home. Most IT people can do their jobs at home since a lot of computer work is done on-line and if he needs to make on-site calls we never see him doing so.

    So it is no wonder he went outside the home to seek company of people and women that “appreciate” him for who he is and make him feel better about himself.

    Kate seriously needs some therapy and to re-evaluate her life because she is totally screwing it up not just for Jon but for her children. I think any parent that threatens their kid with “no mummy or daddy” if they don’t behave or do something is seriously in denial.

  12. UrbanRube says:

    Kate sounds greedy and as if she has some leftover damage from childhood. Jon does, too, only his seems to be in the area of not stepping up to the plate and being proactive about keeping the family’s daily life running. No matter how naturally organized she is or likes to be, it takes both parents working day and night to take care of those children that they chose to bring into the world. Now that his IT job is over because the show supports them, he should be working as hard as Kate is. Yes, it’s hard, it’s not as much fun as watching football or playing Halo 3, but it’s his moral responsibility to do a good job of managing, raising, and loving those children. He’s like Baby Huey (you younger guys can google that, if you’re so inclined).

  13. Kait says:

    Jon did have a job but around the time they moved to the new house, Jon made a comment on camera about no longer being employed and being able to stay home with the kids all day.

    It’s sad because from the very first television special to the end of this last season, you can see the family falling apart. Those poor kids…

  14. okay... says:

    Jon always struck me as sort of a frat boy slacker. Kind of a happy go lucky guy without much drive but who loves his kids. Kate knew what he was when she married him. She probably figured she could change him or at least get him to bend to her will. I think he tries, but really, who could live up to Kate’s standards? She doesn’t want to do the scut work herself, but no one else seems capable of even the most menial tasks. Kate is a control freak with a mean streak pure and simple.

  15. Melanie says:

    I’m not very surprised by any of this. I pretty much always knew they were doomed by watching the show. I just always wondered when and how it would all go down.

  16. kiki says:

    not surprised at all if you watch the show over time they grown apart to the point you can see kates resent Jon.
    Jon is a SLACKER he really is and Kate is a driven personality , these opposites attract I seen it in real life couples these marriages Never last because at some point the workaholic driven wife realizes she can make $$ than him and he is holding her back and beneath her. Thats is exactly what you have seen Jon and Kates relationship evolved on their show to.

  17. M says:

    I question the intelligence of people who believe everything they hear. Even a brother or sister will lie to get fame, money, or just stir up trouble. You all would rather believe that Jon and Kate are horrible people than believe that other people around them are lying.

    As for what you see on TV, trust me, I was in a reality documentary… it all has to have a storyline. There always has to be the “villain”, and there needs to be some sort of perceived drama for the show to be interesting.

    If Jon and Kate were so alike and didn’t clash at some points, this would just be a lovey-dovey show that people would then question the reality of anyways.

    Remember, the producers are sifting through hours of footage to put together something that is entertaining for the viewers.

  18. Samantha says:

    Until the “scandal” broke, I had no idea who these two people were. Wish I had done what I usually do and just not clicked on the article when I didn’t recognize the faces.

  19. anna says:

    “presumably to spend more time with his kids”

    If by kids you mean his new girlfriends, then yes, I think you presume correctly… mwahahaha

  20. Ria says:

    I’m sorry, no matter how mad I get at my husband, I never belittle him. NEVER. Especially in front of others – let alone a camera on national TV. I’m not saying he’s a saint – I agree, he seems awful frat-boy-ish. However, I honestly think he might try more if she weren’t such an OCD shrew. Everytime I see him try something, she corrects him or tells him he’s doing it wrong.

    Case in point, he took the kids outside to play while she made soup. He sat up a table to let them play with Play-Doh. She came outside and had a fit because they were dirtying up the yard and told the kids something along the lines of “I’m glad your Daddy likes to clean upthese messes he lets you make – uh huh, yup” or something like that while glaring at him. NEVER NEVER belittle a father in front of his children.

    I think there is a lack of respect on both sides of their relationship. I think their treatment of each other leads to resentment, then they treat each other worse. It’s a slippery slope. I see them talk to each other in a way I wouldn’t speak to anyone – let alone my husband.

  21. sarcra says:

    Wow, thank the Lord I don’t have family members like those of Kate and Deanna Hummel, whose brothers went to the media as fast as they could to spill the dirt on their sisters.

  22. Linda says:

    It is horrible the way Kate treats Jon. NO human being who supposedly loves another human being would treat that person in such a horrible manner. In all honesty, I truly think that Jon is the better parent as he appears to be more loving, attentive and caring towards his children. He gets that they are kids and that kids play and get dirty.

    Also, if Kate truly told Jon the marriage was over 6 months ago, then he really wasn’t cheating – Kate virtually ended the marriage but wanted the show to go on. Money changes people and if the show is canceled because of all of this – Jon and Kate will be finished because she will never get over it and NEVER let him forget.

  23. anastasia says:

    It’s a bad parenting decision to sell your children’s privacy for mass public consumption.


    These kinds of shows should go off the air, permanently.

    And I have the strange feeling Kate is not tucking any of this money away for the kids and college bills, etc. She’s going to need it, badly.

    I have no doubt this marriage has been a sham for quite some time. Jon said he wanted out at the end of season four and Kate said too bad. It’s her cash cow. And what she wants, she gets, apparently.

    Jon probably just wants to find someone who will give him some peace and stop coming after him all the time. They should have never gotten married, should have never had this buttload of children.

  24. Cinderella says:

    TLC is really stooping to the bottom if they keep this show going. Seriously.

  25. Kathryn says:

    Take them off the air!
    Their fame days are over. What makes her and that family any better or deserving of privilege. I would have more kids too if I might get that opportunity. Why was there a show about it anyway?? Were in a recession and she doesn’t work but collects that much money an episode. Come on. Does it have to be that high? Do a reality show on people living on welfare and surviving. She had all kind of help and money to boot. She should have been able to keep it together. I wondered where her family was??? How ridiculous. I won’t buy a book or watch that show. She’s a mother trying to be somebody for giving birth!!! Shame on the people paying for her services. She’s a nobody. I hate being like this but come on. That big house and 8 kids and she doesn’t work. He’s not the president. Doesn’t seem deserving and now they were deceitful!!

  26. GOMO1313 says:

    Oh I am so tired of all that is being written on this. Perhaps TLC should rename the series just Jon and Kate. As this is all that it seems about. The children are the ones everyone is interested in and concerned about and yet in any of the inteviews nothing on them is indicated. It seems like they have fallen off the face of the earth!
    I hope not as I just love the children. It is unfortunate that they don’t even have any other family members that they can stay with till this disturbance in their lives blows over and they can start all over again. Out of the public eye and no more show. I would miss them but I think this is the only answer for them.

  27. Ana says:

    Has anyone besides me noticed the differences between the Duggars and the Gosselins?
    I understand that every family is different and every child is different. But Kate is shrill and talks down to her children and they talk back and act out.
    Michelle speaks softly and quietly, she seems to explain everything to her kids and they are very well behaved. I know that Michelle gets a lot of help from her older children but still…there is a big difference.
    This doesn’t surprise me. There has been an article about this on blindgossip under “solved.” I know it’s still gossip but it fits Kate’s personality.
    I don’t think she ever learned how to properly talk to her husband. My husband responds best to “will you do this while I do that so we can get this done faster?”
    Jon hasn’t felt needed or wanted I imagine in a while. She gets angry when he doesn’t help but that is because when he does she says he is doing it wrong. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  28. Maggie says:

    OMG! i never thought that Kate would do this to her kids! i have always thought that she was a great mothter… that is until now. she is exploiting them! and this whole cheating thing! how will this impact the children? i dont think that Jon and Kate thought too much about their kids at some times, which doesnt show that they are really that great of parents.And the “cheating contract”1 that is SOOO WRONG! she just wanted the dough and didnt think of her kids AT ALL! i hope she reads these things, and i hope that she feels really bad for what she has done to her kids over the years, and i say over the years because this has been building up for years. i feel so bad for the kids.

  29. Cath says:

    I dont think I believe this. I think it would have been too easy for one of the 11000000 kids to let it slip that “Daddy doesn’t live here anymore.” Something like that.

  30. Ana says:

    Well the rumors are that he lives above the garage.
    Even if they did slip up, editing could totally get rid of it.

  31. j. ferber says:

    I don’t trust the Duggars either. Every other year the woman has a baby (which always makes the news), she home schools all of them (how can that be possible?) and the girls are always wearing dresses, as if the 1960’s debate of whether it’s acceptable for girls to wear pants never touched them. The kids never talk back, always cooperate and don’t seem to have one defiant bone in their bodies. Something is wrong. Is it even desirable to have kids like this? And if it is desirable for the parents, is it good for the kids?

  32. Wresa says:

    I I think that if Jon acted the way she does, he would not be demonized the way she is. Yes, she is over-the-top with her criticisms, but that doesn’t mean she is some evil, money-grubbing betch.

    And how do we know the money is ALL spent on her? SOMEone’s gotta pay for college, and I agree with others who have said he seems like a slacker.

  33. Shay says:

    I don’t know why any couple goes on reality TV anymore. You can probably name the couples that haven’t broken up on one hand. I can only think of Rev Run and his wife and the “Little People Big World” family.

    These reality shows are relationship killers!

  34. Chica says:

    I totally agree with Ana regarding the Duggars. I’m not advocating having a ton of kids but this family has a lot of simple respect going on. The parents, especially Michelle, are calm and patient. I just can’t picture her having a temper tantrum to get her way or screaming and berating her husband. Say what you want to about this family but I find them refreshing and genuinely kind

  35. czarina says:

    As a woman and a feminist I am pretty horrified by how all the criticism is directed at Kate–despite Jon being a proven cheater and a passive-aggressive manipulator.
    Everyone writes as if Jon is wonderful and Kate is continuously vile to him.
    Not true at all.
    I see this show.
    Jon is often impatient, makes snarky comments and has his “long-suffering” act down perfectly.
    Because Kate is a woman, she is supposed to “be good to her man” (I am paraphrasing what I have read in another post). For goodness’ sake, is this the 1950’s???? Kate is supposed to be the perfect “loving wife and mother” who makes her home a happy, loving, soothing place to be for her big, strong man…(painful eyeroll!)
    Any money the Gosslins have made, they BOTH made.
    How then is SHE alone the “greedy” one?
    They are BOTH getting trips and ‘stuff’ (Jon got his hair replaced) so why is SHE opportunistic and the one selling out the kids?
    I am not arguing that Kate is great and Jon is the bad guy (since people usually aren’t that simplistic) but I DO think that the main reason that Kate is being criticised is because people consider her behaviour “unfeminine”.
    I genuinely think that if Jon were the one being impaitent and critical, there would not be this huge wave of hostility towards him.
    How is it that a woman being percieved as “bitchy” is worse than a man breaking his vows and betraying his entire family by cheating and having his in-laws go to the media with his stories about his wife?

  36. Ted says:

    I think Jon had the right idea, they should have ended that farce of a show long time ago. Kate seems to be a greedy ho that’s hogging all that money for her and the body guard. I don’t think she care about those kids future. Bet a lot of that money went to pampering her self and hotel bills for her and the body guard.

  37. Ana says:

    Actually, I would like to have children like the Duggars not as many though. I think the reason the women wear dresses is because of their religion. Personally, I don’t agree with having that many kids but its their lives and they manage it well. Yea they are different but the kids are happy and respect their parents. I’m sure Michelle isn’t the perfect mom, but I like how she talks calmly to her children and explains things to them. I’m going to try to do that when raising my child(ren.) Would you want a defiant child? I’m not trying to attack. Would you really want a child that throws hissy fits?
    Or am I not understanding you? Are you talking about when they get older and are thinking for themselves. Bc I do agree it will be interesting to see if all the children stick to their values and beliefs. It’s not a bad way to live, no drinking, drugs and getting pregnant as a teen. Hopefully.
    I think as long as the parents are doing a good job it’s not important for a child to be defiant.

    I actually disagree with you czarina. I think she is getting away with a lot more than if she were a man. I think that her actions are not unfeminine but rather unattractive on ANYBODY. If it were Jon treating her the same way everybody would be telling her to get the heck out! I do agree that Jon seems to be lazy and unmotivated. He shouldn’t be stepping out on his wife but if the rumors are true then he hasn’t technically cheated.
    She choses to stay at home. She has a nursing degree and could work. Jon has wanted to quit the show but she continues on. They are both guilty of selling out their family.
    I know how frustrating it can be when a man can’t mulitask as well as you can. And I know that I’m not perfect to my husband all the time. But is it too much to ask to have respect in a relationship. Yes a wife should be good to her husband but a husband should aslo be good to his wife. I do not think that is something to scoff at.
    But this is just my opinion. Not trying to pick fights because I see where you guys are coming from.

  38. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Oooo, no, the Duggars creep me out to no end. I’ve watched when she “teaches” them and the older kids readily admit they don’t know any math beyond arithmetic and they don’t know how to write papers, essays, respond to literature. In fact, they don’t read literature. Everything she uses is this “Christian” curriculum and they have to be “shielded” from most of what every normal kid learns, both content and skills. (History, as you can imagine, is a disjointed mess with tons of holes in it.) They are all horribly undereducated. I just hope the shows keep going as a source of income for them as each child grows up and starts their own mega-family on the compound, because honestly they are never going to college, probably couldn’t graduate from high school in a regular diploma program. One or two of the girls want to be hairstylists, I hope they can read well enough to get their cosmetology license.

    I was a teacher for many years and am now a curriculum specialist. SOME homeschoolers do an excellent job. SOME are extremely pushy and pressurey and their kids are driven to extremes academically. And most? Are like the Duggars. The kids aren’t really learning much at all.

    And the whole thing where the man is the total 100% boss and she makes no decisions whatsoever, not even where it concerns her own body (in their particular brand of Christianity, she cannot ever refuse him sex). She HAS to have a baby every other year until menopause. Period. She doesn’t have to think, just have babies.

    The 100% obedience that you see is most certainly thanks to careful editing. There is no child, much less 18 children, who are 100% obedient 100% of the time, as they are depicted on the show.

    And they practice “blanket training” on the kids starting at several months old and that’s just a barbaric practice. For all her high-pitched voice and calling him “Daddy” and such, it’s actually a very unhealthy atmosphere.

  39. Ana says:

    I didn’t meant to start a debate on their religious beliefs.
    I have never heard of blanket training. I had to look it up. There seems to be several different ways it is used. I do agree that the people who spank the child with a spoon or paintbrush are barbaric.
    The other version is putting your child on the blanket and when it tries crawling off set him or her back. This would never work with my child. LOL. But it said that you could place a cookie outside the blanket and the child wouldn’t touch it. It reminds me of a pit bull my husband used to have. He could lay a piece of fresh bacon on the floor, tell the dog not to touch it and come back later to find it still there and the dog drooling. In case you’re wondering the dog always got the bacon in the end. But calling Jim Bob “Daddy” doesn’t weird me out. I call my husband Da-Da and often refer to myself as Mommy. The lack of education is horrible. You can’t sheild your children from everything.
    I have seen the kids acting very hyper and getting into stuff. But for the most part I like how they respect their parents. Have you seen how the Gosselin children act out? Esp. Maddy she throws a fit anytime something doesn’t go her way. I wonder where she got that sense of entitlement from. I do agree that some of their beliefs are def. iffy for me. I was just wanting to point out how Kate talks down to her kids. She puts down their Dad in front of them. They’re going to think this is normal. Parents have to work as a team and one can’t undermine another’s authority.

  40. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Oh the Gosselins are bad, too, no doubt. I honestly don’t think either family are good to model your own family after.

  41. right on paganchick, I totally agree. in the end, if they actually divorce, I’m sure Kate will have custody of the children and have to care for them while Jon stays with his mistress and visits every other weekend. Kate seems to be the disciplinary figure in the family, and the kids seems to do well with her. If they are both cheating on each other, they really do need to divorce.

    I really like the show, although it does seem artificial. I never understood why Jon and Kate aren’t in the least affectionate towards each other, lol. I don’t really understand why people would look at them as model figures as well, it is a reality show.

    I don’t really believe in this separation contract. I highly doubt TLC would allow that type of nonsense considering the children involved, besides there are too many witnesses, this would have come out as soon as Jon’s cheating scandal was released in the tabloids. Hopefully they can work things out, but I don’t blame her for working on her books and making somewhat of a career out of the show. She has 8 kids to look after and Jon doesn’t seem like the type that was dedicated to the show to begin with. Her brother and sister-in-law should be ashamed for berating her on shows for money. He is supposed to be family but would rather side with Jon, his brother in law for money.

  42. Zoe says:

    As a woman and a feminist myself, I completely agree with any criticisms of Jon AND Kate. Just because she’s a woman and a mother doesn’t mean she isn’t exploiting her family and manipulating them and she shouldn’t get a free pass because she’s a woman. That isn’t feminism, it’s reverse sexism. To the person who was stating that people who believe everything they hear lack intelligence, I don’t know that it’s intelligence they lack so much as independent thought which aren’t always hand in hand, but in this matter, what you see is what you get. I haven’t formed my opinion by reading tabloids, I formed it just from watching this show. None of this was a surprise. These people haven’t been happy for a long time now, some of those children are seriously unhappy, and in general I stopped watching months before all of this nonsense because of how disgusted I have been with the Gosselin’s behavior. They make $75,000 AN EPISODE and run around lying saying they are poor so sponsors keep sending them products and sending them on free trips. That is deception. More importantly, those children aren’t salespeople and they aren’t there to have their lives turned inside out for their parents benefit. Anyone talking about how these parents are saving up for their children’s education need to explain to me why: a) Kate Gosselin has a hairdo that costs several hundred dollars b) why they were spotted at five star celebrity restaurants dining c) why Jon bought a brand new sportscar d) why their kids can’t get grants and scholarships like every other kid without the money e) why it’s worth taking away their rights and privacy and destroying their lives for profit. Look up any other family of multiples whose parents made them celebrities and see how they turned out. The only ones here who are gullible are the ones who keep buying into the nonsense this family won’t stop promoting. As for OctoMom, in case you haven’t heard, she’s being sued for child exploitation by the state of California, which would happen if Jon and Kate lived in CA or NY where children are rightfully protected from garbage like this.

  43. liza says:

    Stupid pple are funny…To all you who defend Kate remember this…Years from now when her kids are haveing breakdowns and doing drugs to forget the pain there blood and heartbreak will be on your hands! I am happy with three great children and loveing parents and great brother…I put my children first and that is why they are A students and talented musicians and my oldest son is a brave Marine who joined to help his brothers and sisters fight for our feedoms..To bad Kate and Jon want do the right thing and fight to protect their childrens childhood! and if you believe what comes out of Kates mouth their are pple who can help…

  44. debby says:

    I think its shameful for kates brother and sister in law to get involved marriage is between 2 people and should stay that way

  45. liza says:

    AS long as Kates little sheep (fans) keep trying to lay the blame on her brother instead of her she can keep up her deception….Do you Kate fans even watch the show..can you not see her for what she really is??? you have got to be insane to say she is a role model when she has nannies and gardeners and cooks to do her work..thats why Jon strayed..she was to lazy to even make love to her husband…81% on CNN stated that the show should be cancelled and I agree with the majority of americans who thiks this is a sideshow with out the tent…

  46. whatever says:

    When this show first started, I loved watching these adorbable sextuplets. Things have definitely shifted over the last year. Kate has always barked at Jon, and although he is far from perfect, she treats him like yet another of her children. Are you saying there was no time the two of them could not talk off camera about how to treat each other with respect. Never mind when to end the “gravy train.” Kate admits on camera, she pushed to have the full second set of children, Jon clearly states he was opposed to having more kids beyond the two kids they had. Yet Kate persisted beyond their agreed upon date (how disrespectful can you be- by in vitro) and probably convinced Jon she would handle it.

    Kate seems to drive the boat, and I know I could not handle her treatment. Jon has most likely given up on trying, as nothing he does pleases her – more criticism. I don’t blame him.

    He has made it clear, it is not his choice to be on TV or famous, with his wife treating him like crap on camera over and over again. She constantly cuts off his opinions on camera and it completely a dominating, selfish, insensitive person. I hontesly wonder how much input Jon had on her desire to have six more kids by in vitro. I guarantee Kate pushed this by guilt.

    I think Kate’s decisions to push ahead with her greed, and all of the perks, have completely pushed Jon away. And it is not like she did not have a chance to see what a shrew she was on camera, but always made excuses, none of which Jon agreed with or was allowed to fully comment. A control freak like Kate would be attracted to someone she could control, and when Jon started standing up to her, never mind her criiticisms of him aired nationally, Jon probably realized what a huge mistake he had made in marrying her or trusting her. And has now had enough and wants off the show. Although Kate likes the gravy train.

  47. Stephanie says:

    Kate is such a bitch, I hate her and I wish she’d drop dead. I think Jon is alright.

  48. danielle says:

    jon’s a slacker, but as for as their marriage, i just feel that it’s hard on ANY marriage when children are invovled, so add 8 CHILDREN all around the same age, you got a DISASTER. i’m surprised they lasted this long. yes, kate is a yeller, but jon is such a slacker it’s like he wont do it unless she yells. they are both great parents, but in different ways. i just see a lack of apperication, which happens so many kids and not seeing each other. i think they focused on the kids and rarely on their relationshuip. who is married that doesnt understand that,

  49. danielle says:

    and they have 8 CHILDREN. someone has got to bring in the dough and ya know what, if i had 8 CHILDREN, i would do whatever the hell i had to save up money. so if that means tours and shows and lying to people that watch a reality show and should know it’s partially fake, then SO BE IT. what would you do. seriously. with 6 children that will be going to college at the same exact time. and 2 that will be going too. what would you do if you were kate? i dont believe what her brother says. he probably just loved being on t.v. and got crazy with the power of it all.

  50. KELLY says:

    she is the one having the affair, asked for the open marriage and is now sharing her hotel room(s) with her bodyguard every chance she gets…..including when the kids are with her! sources for the hotel in detroit laugh at her affair denials when you could hear them from the hotel hallways, same for west coast contacts She is a chronic, perpetual liar and the truth always comes out