Amy Winehouse’s exhaustion was a drug overdose

In sad but not shocking news, Amy Winehouse’s hospitalization for “exhaustion” turned out to be the celebrity synonym for exhaustion, “drug overdose.”

The tiny hard-partying singer, who has disappointed countless fans by repeatedly missing gigs and now canceling the rest of her tour, was dragged into London’s University College Hospital yesterday by a female friend and her husband. She was rushed in for treatment after receptionists saw the state she was in.

Her stomach was pumped and she was given a shot of adrenaline.

Tattooed Amy, whose stick-thin frame and sallow complexion has worried friends and fans alike, was given an adrenaline shot in the early hours drama. And she had her stomach pumped…

“She was with a female friend and a bloke who I think was her husband. He was wearing a trilby.

“They came in and went straight up to the reception desk. Her friends looked really worried about her.

“The bloke was holding her up because she couldn’t really stand on her own. Her girlfriend was doing all the talking and the receptionist seemed to be listening very carefully.

“That’s when I realised Amy must have been really ill because although there was a big crowd of people in the waiting area, she was rushed straight through.

“A nurse came over and helped Amy into the main part of the hospital.”

[From The Sun]

The Sun notes that Amy’s new husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, jokes about crack use on his myspace and lists his occupation as “rent boy.”

There was a blind item yesterday that suggested that Winehouse was doing crack in the bathroom at Lollapalooza. Before the news came out that she suffered from “exhaustion” I was speculating that she might die young. It’s not something that you want to think about, but this woman seems hell bent on self destruction. Commentor h said on that post:

it’s amazing what behavior will be excused because someone has talent. will anyone be surprised when she overdoses?

I wonder if they’ll mention Winehouse’s overdose in the October issue of Vogue? She’s due to be featured on the cover.

Header image is of Winehouse’s husband at their house with flowers yesterday. Thanks to WENN. Image below is of a performance on 4/14/07. Thanks to PRPhotos.


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