Marc Anthony’s career is to blame for his split: he lives like a bachelor

Hot on the heels of the announcement that Latin singer Marc Anthony separated from his third wife, Shannon De Lima, more theories have emerged as to why the couple decided to call it quits. Surprisingly, the reason for the split doesn’t rhyme with “Hennifer Glowpez.”

48-year-old Marc and the 28-year-old Venezuelan model were married back in 2014. She was a no-show when Marc received the Person of the Year Award at Thursday’s Latin Grammy Awards ceremony, where he and ex-wife Jennifer Lopez shared a kiss on stage. Speculation that the smooch may have contributed the split ran rampant after the ceremony, especially since the couple announced their separation the very next day, but it seems that Marc’s celebrity lifestyle may be what drove a wedge between the couple. A source told PEOPLE Magazine,

“Marc is so busy with his career, touring and recording that he distances himself from his relationships without even knowing it. Even with his wife in tow, she can feel like he is on another planet.”

“Marc likes to have a woman at home but he also likes to live like a bachelor. This doesn’t work for very long.”


Marc is allegedly beside himself over the separation. A source close to the singer told Hollywood Life, “He wants to take a break from women and dating all together and just focus on himself and being a father for now.” That’s good news for Marc’s eight-year-old twins, Max and Emme (along with 3 other kids from his previous relationships) but, I don’t know how well he’s going to do at the “taking a break from women” part as he is not only sharing custody of the kids with Jennifer, but the pair are also working on some new music together. I wonder if Marc can separate business from pleasure.

A representative of the Miami music scene told PEOPLE that Marc has really never gotten over Jennifer, saying that he was “devastated” when the couple ended their marriage in 2011, but recognized that “he will always be a part of her life because of their similar backgrounds, their kids, and their love of music and performing.“ The source added that the singers “seem better together now than any time in the past few years” and, when asked if the two could rekindle their romantic relationship, said, “I don’t know if they will ever reunite as a couple. But I would not rule it out.”

I don’t know. They made a good couple, and the kids are adorable, as evidenced by the photo Jennifer recently shared on Instagram of the kids in their Halloween costumes. There are, however, just some people who shouldn’t enter into relationships, and it seems like Marc is one of them. But now he’s single, Jennifer’s single, they both understand the celebrity lifestyle, and they’re about to spend long hours in the recording studio together. Will they make more than music this time around? We’ll have to wait and see, but I can only imagine we’re going to get some very interesting songs from this collaboration. And with that, I am off to Florida for Turkey Day – the lone holdout in my family of Trump supporters. God give me strength. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

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  1. SnazzyisAlive says:

    Good luck with the family Corey!!
    When else fails, just have a shot everytime they say something that you find upsetting 🙂

    • Amy Tennant says:

      I’m there with you in spirit. My blue self and blue kids in a sea of red. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Agapanthus says:

    Weren’t there Lainey blinds that he was physically abusive to Lopez? If so, she’s better off without him.

  3. anonymous says:

    I’ve always liked Marc and Jennifer as a couple, I wish they would get back together.

    • doofus says:

      Agree, I think that he was her best match as far as all of her companions over the years…

      …but there was a reason they got divorced, so I hesitate a bit…

  4. OSTONE says:

    Lainey thinks him and Jennifer will be back together.

  5. hey-ya says:

    …dont really get that marcs voice is actually interesting while on j lo tracks I tend to admire the backing singers….

  6. Dani says:

    I hate that he’s so ugh only because my dad and I danced to his song ‘my baby you’ at my bat mitzvah and I always had a soft spot for him because of my dad, who is no longer with us. Don’t ruin it Marc!!!!

  7. Luca76 says:

    They were friends for years before they married and J-lo basically decided one day she was ready to go there and he dropped everything for her. It wouldn’t surprise me if history repeated itself but longterm i just can’t see it lasting,

  8. QQ says:

    Marc as much as I love his oeuvre seems to be an *sshole to women, point blank. I do think this was more him than her and it has probably not little to do with Jennifer being single as well.

    Also I’m giving the performance of my life acting like im sad im not doing anything for thanksgiving cause me and my bf have to work the next day ( partial Lies, I have Massage – he works) thus I cant go and leave him alone, we aren’t gonna do sh*t but be fat and eat take out and possibly be high and have sex. I’m so glowed up on the inside about this!! only one more family occasion to endure from this (we rarely ever gather for NYE)

  9. jerkface says:

    I hope I never see this dude naked.

  10. Stacy Dresden says:

    He is SO ugly. Is that mean?

  11. starkiller says:

    So this guy was on his third marriage, with a woman two decades his junior, allegedly acting single for the duration, and he is “beside himself” that it didn’t work out? Is he daft?

  12. DesertReal says:

    He looks like a malnourished wet Chihuahua.
    Just sayin’
    As for this holiday, its the first Thanksgiving ever that my husband and I won’t be hosting any other friends or family! I work 8-2 tomorrow and 8-4 Friday, but he’s doing a dry rubbed smoked pork shoulder on the smoker, I’m doing greens, truffle mac n cheese, and sweet potato pie. Lots of whiskey and wine will be consumed, video games will be played, as well as some other choice toys.
    Cannot wait to get home tomorrow lol

  13. Theozstuff says:

    I hate to admit it… but this drowned chihuahua dude is FIRE when he performs live. I didn’t didn’t think so before. But if he sang to me… I would tear it up!! Happy holidays! 😉

  14. Boxy Lady says:

    I’m in the minority; I have never thought he was ugly. He is definitely skinny and a lot of times he looks like he hasn’t slept but I never saw him as ugly. He has a lot of charisma and talent and I have heard he is a nice person. He definitely has a great sense of humor. He always says his dad told Marc when he was a child,”Son, you and I are ugly. Work on your personality.” Marc said that was the best advice and that he knew his dad was right because he had to look at his dad’s face every day growing up, lol. Yep, if I had the chance, I would take it!