Iggy Azalea thanks her plastic surgeon for her boobs and nose again


I’m starting to wonder how much of a discount Iggy Azalea gets every time she throws a shout out to her plastic surgeon, Dr. Ashkan Ghavami. I’m all for giving credit where credit is due but Iggy can’t stop talking about the work she’s had done. When she first had her breasts augmented, she told anyone who’d listen how in love she was with them, which is great and they do look good. Next she threw out a holla to Dr. G when she stopped by for a Vampire Facelift following her split with Nick Young. Sunday, she sent this out for his birthday:

She obviously seems to like him and I guess if someone was holding a scalpel over my face, I would prefer them to be hilarious, talented and progressive (not sure about the eclectic part: friend = yes! plastic surgeon = maybe notsomuch).

Dr. G, in turn, reposted Iggy’s birthday wishes and declared her an inspiration. Again, this is all very nice but it’s just a birthday greeting, right?

Amber Rose and model Tainna Gregory also seem to be Dr. G’s clients and have appeared on his Intstagram as well. I guess get your name out by any means possible. I’d post a tweet or two for a facial. I don’t even want to ask myself what I’d do for a new nose.

Or maybe Iggy just doesn’t have much else to talk about these days. Even though she says her second album, Digital Distortion, is completed, it’s still not coming out until 2017. She does promise a new single in January and gave some inside details of what to expect SPOILER ALERT:

She says it features another girl singer. No really, that’s the news.

I had no idea this was only her second album. The New Classic came out in 2014. The reason the album is taking so long, according to Iggy, is because being a judge on Australia’s X Factor took up all her time. Unfortunately, that’s another topic Iggy likely wants to skim over as the ratings were so low, it looks like they won’t get renewed. Fellow judge Guy Sebastian said Iggy was the problem, claiming she never connected with the other judges and that, “she’s a bit of a weirdo.” Adam Lambert, also a judge, told Sunrise that he had no personal issue with Iggy (which is evidenced by this gift he gave her, I guess) but that she was definitely a diva who showed up late. Well, at least she looked good doing so, thanks to Dr. G.

This is Iggy at the GQ Australia Men of the Year Awards (for which she won Woman of the Year.) I usually don’t care for the shirtless suit look but I’m loving this.

I am not loving this, however


Photo credit: Instagram, Getty Images and Fame/Flynet Photos

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10 Responses to “Iggy Azalea thanks her plastic surgeon for her boobs and nose again”

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  1. Pandy says:

    Is he responsible for her filler face as well? Not seeing any shout outs for THAT work!

  2. Grant says:

    Oh Lord. She’s done. But at least she’s honest about the work she’s had done.

  3. ria says:

    I watched online, some really good singers, one good judge, Guy, one fantastic judge, Adam, one ok judge, Mel and one judge that was checking out the single male singers, Iggy.

    Adam told in one Interview that he see the Problem for Iggy on a casting show, that it is a show for singers and not rappers, so it is not the kind of music Iggy is doing and know of.
    Not that Iggy is a good Rapper in my opinion.

    It is a shame about the Ratings, the winner is really good, smooth Bariton.
    Isaiah Firebrace, 17 years old, from a aboriginal tribe.

    The first time i watched a casting show and lucky me they really have some, not all, but some quite good singers.

    (Things i do for Adam)
    My husband was laughing his behind off, because i normaly hate Casting Shows, due to our own ridiculus Version here in my Country.

  4. Hannah says:

    It features another girl singer = it features her new face.

  5. Birdie says:

    I think she is pretty. I also liked her old face. As long as she is happy, who cares. Also, I like that she is honest and not a pathetic liar about obvious plastic surgery (like every single member of THAT family).

  6. minx says:

    I guess no one has their original nose or boobs anymore.

  7. me says:

    How is she an inspiration? She honestly didn’t need to get any work done.

  8. teacakes says:

    Ok so where’s her shoutout to whoever built/injected her ass?

  9. Julie says:

    She looks really pretty in the picture with her doctor. Her new face looks better with her hair down.

  10. PamelaJudy says:

    It’s sleight of hand. By being honest about getting her nose and boobs done, she thinks we will believe that is the butt she was born with. Cause she’d admit it otherwise, right?

    I was at the taping of one ep of Xfactor. Her behind looked freakin ridiculous. Like she’d stuffed a shoebox down her pants. She had to perch on the front edge of her seat. Couldn’t possibly be comfortable.

    She was rude to the audience. There were fans of hers there that were desperate for an acknowledgment from her. Guy was super friendly and interacted with the fans. Adam was also quite responsive and Iggy sat on her fat ass, with her back to everyone for HOURS before finally half turning, small wave and that was it. She had nothing of any value to add to the critique of the people who sang, admitting that the other two judges were better able to give technical instruction. Yet when they had people rap, (which, obv, total set up – only did her songs) she STILL had no feedback other than “well done”.

    Pfft. No time for her at all.