Is Ashlee Simpson pregnant again?

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz just marked their first wedding anniversary this weekend, as Ashlee’s dad reminds us through Twitter. If Star Magazine is to be believed, and the validity of this story is pretty much a coin toss, Ashlee and Pete might have another reason to celebrate. Star claims that Ashlee is currently pregnant with her second child. This story seems to be based on a single Twitter message she posted about how she wasn’t going to the doctor’s office for whatever reason, but it’s possible Star has an inside source. They claim to have “multiple” sources, so it could be true:

Multiple sources tell Star that she and Pete Wentz are adding another child to their family! Ashlee is “beyond thrilled” to be pregnant again so soon after having Bronx just last November, says an insider. But “she’s just a few weeks along and doesn’t want to tell the world for at least two more months.”

Although she had hoped to keep her big news a secret, Ashlee, 24, just couldn’t contain her joy when she dropped a small hint on her Twitter page. “No medical visit for me today,” she teased on April 23.

The new little one (Ashlee is hoping for a girl!) comes at a time when she and Pete, 29 – who celebrated their first wedding anniversary on May 17 – could really use a reason to reconnect. As Star has reported, the Fall Out Boy bassist misses the single life and was caught partying with scantily clad dancers in Las Vegas in April. “When it got back to Ashlee she was so upset,” says a source. “But she loves Pete, and she wants to hang on to him. She believes this second baby will really cinch the deal.”

One pal says Pete is not ready for more children. “He loves Ash and Bronx, but he also loves his freedom. He thinks a second kid could change things for the worse. He doesn’t want to be tied down and stuck at home all the time.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, May 25, 2009]

Pete and Ashlee seem really devoted to each other and although Pete can be massively immature, it does look like he’s going to stick with Ashlee for the long term. That incident with the dancers was probably just a blip in their relationship and it’s doubtful he was doing much more than just partying. If this is true, congratulations to Pete and Ashlee! It might be a lot of work to have another baby so soon after their first, but I’ve also heard that it’s easier to have them closer together.

Alas, it might not be true – Ashlee’s dad Joe also tweets that it’s “totally not true” that his daughter is pregnant, although Ashlee denied her last pregnancy until it was obvious so you never know. Ashlee also wished Pete a happy anniversary on Twitter, saying “@petewentz eat me.. drink me.. happy anniversary.” Nice Visual, Ashlee.

Ashlee Simpson Wentz and Pete Wentz are shown on 5/14/09. She doesn’t look pregnant at all. Credit: There’s also an adorable picture of Bronx from 4/28/09. Credit: Bauergriffinonline

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  1. CandyKay says:

    I don’t think the music world would be missing much if Ashlee decided to devote her energy to raising a family instead of breaking our eardrums.

    That goes for her sister, as well.

  2. Kat says:

    LOL @ CandyKay.

    Pete has permanent douchebag face. What’s up with that?

  3. Neelyo says:

    Ashlee’s just happy to be in the news again.

  4. HEB says:

    Pete didn’t let the first baby tie him down, I doubt a second one would.
    Someone’s gotta make the money in that family though, I think Ashlee understands that…

    Plus she just started Melrose Place, I don’t think she’d get knocked up and mess up that opportunity.

  5. anonymous says:

    The only thing worse, than a reality show star, which is a bottom dwelling no talent way of life, is a sister, that makes a career, out of Jessica Simpson’s 15 minutes of fame. .. No wait! it’s just as bad when, a daughter, uses 15 minutes of fame, that she doesn’t have, for something, she doesn’t do, because her dead father, became famous for defending a brutal murderer. These people are not celebrities, and Ashlee, Simpson has absolutely no talent. Lip Sync the words, get out of show business, and that’s what her so called career is. Low self esteem brat!

  6. stewie says:

    look at the body language in the above photos of them.

    arms around each other, but all sorts of distance between them…she’s leaning into him but not so much him into her.

    and, no, another baby won’t “clinch the deal”. Band-aid babies NEVER WORK.

  7. ash says:

    sry, but these 2 won’t last… that boy already looks like he wants out

  8. Michelle says:

    I could honestly not care less. I just pray that they have mercy if/when they name their potential new kid. I can’t imagine many names worse than Bronx Mowgli, but I’m sure these two idiots would find a way.

  9. Anoneemouse says:

    “…But she loves Pete, and she wants to hang on to him. She believes this second baby will really cinch the deal.”

    C’mon now, is there really ANYONE left in this world that still believes a baby will patch up problems in a relationship? I guess that’s the problem with babies having babies.

    On another note, if Pete really “is not ready for more children” he should slap something on his manhood so “mistakes” don’t happen. There’s enough of those in this world already!

  10. notso says:

    The tweet she sent him was a reference to their Alice in Wonderland themed wedding, I believe…

  11. Hells Dreamer says:

    Look, I’m happy for them that they had Bronx,(love the name Bronx btw)but from what I’ve seen they aren’t ready for another baby and babies won’t seal the deal if that’s what she wants. Babies just make it that much harder. Pete may or may not want out, whether or not they still need to take care of Bronx and maybe baby number 2 if it exists…Best of wishes to them, I’m a big fan of Fall Out Boy and Pete Wentz so I’m not looking forward to upset.