Kelly Osbourne to LGBT crowd at the Trevor Project: give Trump a chance

TrevorLive Fundraiser 2016 Gala
The Trevor Project is a group focused on suicide prevention among high risk LGBTQ youth. They have a very good reputation and are one of the organizations I donated to instead of giving too many gifts this season. (As I’ve mentioned before, see John Oliver’s list of groups to donate to, the Trevor Project is on there.) It’s though that Trump’s presidency will be particularly difficult on gay youth, since his Vice President, Mike Pence, likely supports the brutal practice of conversion therapy, aka abusing gay people to convince them to act straight. (Pence’s spokesperson denies that Pence supports conversion therapy, although his long record of anti-LGBT legislation speaks to the contrary and he at least supports it tacitly.) So people of all minority groups, including the LGBT community, are understandably skeptical of Trump’s administration, particularly because of their horrible rhetoric and their equally appalling voting records. It’s going to be ok though guys, because Kelly Osbourne says we should just give Trump a chance! She said this at a TrevorLive event while accepting an award for her contributions to the community.

“We’re living in a time when we might not have the future president that we wanted in this country,” Osbourne told the largely LGBTQ audience. “And as an immigrant who can’t vote, I don’t really get to say much. But tonight, I do. People voted for him. So just like they gave us a chance to love equally, we will fight to keep that.”

“But we have to give him a chance,” said Osbourne. “And we do it by spreading love, not hate.” In an emotional acceptance speech, Osbourne, who has been active with the West Hollywood-based Trevor Project LGBTQ youth crisis prevention group for years, said, “Thank you so much to The Trevor Project, not for this award, but because of what you do. You save so many lives.”

[From The Hollywood Reporter via OMG Blog]

Kelly Osbourne, taking it upon herself to lecture a group of people who work with at-risk LGBT youth about how they should give the new administration a chance to take away their rights and the rights of their clients, neighbors, friends and family. This is shockingly tone deaf but I guess we wouldn’t expect anything less from Kelly “‘who will clean your toilets‘ if Latinos get kicked out” Osbourne. The people urging us to give Trump a chance to enact his fascist agenda are the ones who will be least affected by it, the one who are insulated from the concerns of everyday life. They want us to give these a-holes a chance to burn down everything our parents and our grandparents fought for. That’s what Kelly and the “give them a chance” people are advocating. At least she doesn’t have to worry about health care, because it’s free where she comes from.

If someone proposed a ban on looking like a Q-Tip you know that Kelly would give up that “let’s all get along” bullsh-t she’s spouting and would come out swinging.
Airbnb hosts its 3rd annual community gathering Airbnb Open

Airbnb hosts its 3rd annual community gathering Airbnb Open

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  1. NastyWoman` says:

    Is she effing kidding? He chose a virulently anti-gay VP. There’s nothing left to say.

    • Megan says:

      She is appallingly stupid. No, we do not stand by idly to see if someone who promised to take away LGBT+ rights actually follows through.

    • MC2 says:

      It’s crazy to me what people will defend and how people will defend nut jobs becasue they know them personally or had dinner with them or whatever. Her mom was on the Apprentice with Trump so we should all give him a chance! Omarosa was on the Apprentice so he is not a racist (ignore all the racist things he has said and done- her op *trumps them all).

      But we knew that, right ladies? People will defend people against proof because they liked them once and say “he couldn’t have beaten his wife, he is a great neighbor! Takes my trash out every Wed.” or “He didn’t rape that girl. I know- I work with him & he could never do something like that.” F- those people.

      *need to find more synonyms for the word “trump”

    • kimbers says:

      Indiana is a state i loathe traveling through. Listening to people speak is disgusting, because they think opinions and BS are facts. Example: the bathroom controversy that transgender people assault children more than hetro men i heard on their local radio spewed as fact. The fact of the situation is donald trump already was given a chance ….then he started filling his cabinet with hateful people.

      • LoveIsBlynd says:

        Search the media matters website for the great explanation of the trump cult of fear. Fox news sensationalism won such high ratings that copy cats of the alt right neo nazis sprouted up everywhere. They preached mistrust of mainstream media to gain viewers. The kind of senseless prattle that veered into white supremacy is shocking. I knew a trump supporter who listened to these conspiracy stations so often, she was shocked when I asked her “why do you think Hillary is a crook” as if I said, “why would you breath oxygen and not water?”. These trump supporters are completely brainwashed a la the cultural revolution of china. No trust in facts- only “just give him a chance” BS like of the racist variety “latinas clean your toilets” Kelly White Priv Osbourne.

      • Stephanie says:

        You think just traveling through Indiana is bad? Try living here. As a mother raising a child with my partner, we’ve had to deal with so much crap that it’s ridiculous. It was hard at times before, but we didn’t let it get to us. We wanted our son to know that there’s nothing shameful about having two moms. Now, though? There are days he comes home from school crying because people feel that they can get away with saying what they really think about LGBT issues. They’re finally showing their true colors.

        It’s gotten so bad that we’re looking into moving.

    • jwoolman says:

      She should talk with people in Indiana.

  2. MsGoblin says:

    WTF, Kelly? Your white, hetero, affluent, privileged, cocooned life is showing.

    • EM says:

      Exactly this – she most likely relates to him thus her opinion. She share many traits…. talentless, hypocritical, loudmouth, liar, in the public eye due to her daddy’s $$$..

    • Jillbean says:

      And isn’t she an immigrant?

  3. Darkladi says:

    Have several seats. And a glass of STFU.

  4. Talie says:

    After Fashion Police, it seems like her and Kathy Griffin have both been blacklisted from TV.

    • BJ says:

      What do you mean been blacklisted from tv,I have seen Kathy four or five times on tv in the last week,The View,Steve Harvey,Fallon or Kimmel,etc

    • MrsBadBob says:

      Both have continued on TV, you’re not watching what they’re on, but they’re both working. At least Kathy earned her place, she wasn’t just handed a microphone because her father is Ozzy.

  5. Kitten says:


    • JudyK says:

      Trump’s choices are OUTRAGEOUS, and now he has named Scott Pruitt as head of the EPA. Pruitt is currently suing the EPA and, like Trump, doesn’t believe in climate change. Talk about a self-serving choice. I am so, so afraid for the welfare of our country.

      • Kitten says:

        YES. I mentioned him on the other thread.

        Are you an alarmist? Because I am not.
        But I am alarmed, I am incredibly alarmed. I really don’t think you can overstate how disastrous this administration will be. And believe me, it will be a huge relief if I’m wrong about this.
        But all signs are pointing to a catastrophe.

      • JudyK says:

        No, I’m not an alarmist, just a realist.

        My monthly retirement income is from an oil/gas interest, so I should be pleased that neither of these blind fools think climate change or the results of fracking are creating real, life-changing issues, while I live in a state with more earthquakes than anywhere in the world.

        I agree with you that all signs of this upcoming Presidency are pointing toward a catastrophe.

      • Tate says:

        I have a pretty calm personality but I am terrified right now.

      • Izzy says:

        I am not an alarmist. But I was hysterical on election night, and when I woke up the next couple of mornings to stories of swastikas being painted, I felt sick. And scared enough that I took my mezuzah down and put it inside so it wouldn’t be visible to anyone passing on the street.

        For what it’s worth, I read a post recently from a woman whose grandfather (I think) was an Allied soldier and because he spoke fluent Hebrew and Yiddish, was one of the first ones into the camps. And HE just told her to take down her mezuzah too.

        So no, we’re not alarmist. We’re ALL scared and for various reasons have EVERY right to be.

        G-d, this is just such a dumpster fire. Can someone hurry up and colonize Mars so I can just move there?

      • KWM says:

        I feel like this is all a game he is playing. I feel like he is putting out the worst of the worst so when they do not pass confirmation hearings and he puts up the next horrible person but by comparison that person is only slightly less horrible we will all say, yes please confirm them they are so much better.

        Like Kasich, everyone was all Kasich would be better lets go with him, while he has just as bad a track record as Pence when it comes to womens rights. But compared to Dickwad J Fuckface he seemed so much better.

      • EM says:

        I am so angry, sad and disgusted. I know this is naïve but it just kills me that these really horrible/evil people are going to ruin the lives of millions and further ruin our environment for the giggles of it. It’s so not fair that ‘pay for play’ was even uttered about Clinton and no one cares about his WWE appointment, his personal dealings with Taiwan, Japan, hotel ….

        I actually convinced myself that he couldn’t be as bad as I thought he was going to be and every nomination is a kick to the head. I actually lost sleep last night because of the Pruitt nomination – what do we think will happen in ND after his inauguration.

      • Greenieweenie says:

        I know I’m speaking from the position of someone who won’t be affected directly by Trump, but I do wonder if evangelicals (like MP) finally get their chance to enact their every socially consevstive anti-civil rights dream legislation–they may end up pushing forward radical change faster? Because society as a whole has moved forward.

        I also wonder if some radical evangelical agenda will force evangelicals to become more moderate. You can pass legislation and hijack the Supreme Court, etc etc, but you cannot control social movements and protest. I think evangelicals forget that they are NOT representative of the country at large, and that their tiny protests don’t hold a candle to large social movements for change.

      • jwoolman says:

        Trump is doing what Ronald Reagan did, except even Reagan’s choices were not as extreme. Reagan put a lot of Pre-Millenialists into government but I don’t recall any outright fascists and white supremists. Lots of damage was done as Reagan attempted to fulfill his promise to dismantle the government. His Education Secretary was all set to trash programs, but he looked more closely at them and decided they were worth keeping. He was replaced…. Remember the Pre-Millenialist in his Cabinet all in favor of selling off lands supposed to be preserved because he expected the Second Coming and Rapture any day, so why conserve anything? Companies violating EPA regulations – the solution was to change the permissible limits so they were no longer in violation. Safety inspectors were reduced for our aging railroads and aircraft. Reagan broke the air traffic controller’s strike that was mainly calling for safer practices, and before long the replacements were making the same complaints.

        I guess Reagan was a test run for Trump. The media back then couldn’t keep up with Reagan’s bold lies, either, both during his campaigns and during his Presidency. But things were pretty gruesome in many areas. I rememver a Chicago Tribune article reporting that protein deficiency was being seen in Chicago kids after he cut social programs, private charities couldn’t keep up. When I visited relatives in the D.C. area, the newspapers were full of stories about the increasing number of soup kitchens trying to feed hungry people no longer eligible for government assistance.

        Then as now people just didn’t believe Reagan was really going to follow through so drastically with his campaign promises and voted for him anyway, but he did. Trump is a much more dangerous person (I think he himself is actually more or less a fascist and white supremist, it’s not just his friends) but like Reagan- he and the Basket of Deplorables gathered around him will be able to do a lot of damage in a short time if not blocked.

    • susanne says:

      I’m going to look for a This Is Not Normal tshirt, but wearing it may not send the message I want to convey. Maybe if it had a rabid ferret on it?

  6. paolanqar says:

    she always misses a good chance to shut up. Plus she never has anything intelligent to say.

  7. minx says:

    F*** this obnoxious, spoiled, uneducated, useless brat. No, I will not give Trump a chance.

    • Little Darling says:

      Yep. This girl has proven herself to be a real top notch asshole. I mean, she SUCKS SO BAD.

      • Aussie girl says:

        She’s an spoilt privileged idiot. If she’s about ignoring a persons actions, than come on Kelly give your dad’s mistresses a chance. I mean, your dad picked her and just like your dad gave her a chance to love, maybe you should’ve given her a break by not online trolling her. And we do it by spreading love Kelly , not hate.

  8. BJ says:

    I read that people told the Jewish community to give Hitler a chance.
    When people show you who they are,believe them.

  9. Rapunzel says:

    Stupid Kelly. The LGBT community already gave Trump a chance. It was his campaign. They didn’t vote for him because they felt he wasn’t worthy of being Pres. You can’t change that!

    So sick of this nonsense. You don’t have to give anyone a chance till they’ve earned it. Trump hasn’t.

  10. Jessie says:


    I had to unlike Jack Osbourne from Facebook because he was JUST as tone deaf.

  11. QQ says:

    JESUS F*CKING CHRIST.. Really?!??!?! I .. Cant Do this sh*t today I really can’t and won’t

  12. bread says:

    I’m really sick of rich, white people telling me to give that hateful liar a chance.

  13. Scal says:

    This is not the time to give Trump and his followers a chance. This is a time to listen to what Trump told us he believes and believe him. I’m exhausted of all these 1%’ers telling me that I need to respond with love. And by love they mean, “be quiet. Don’t argue. Listen to these bigots” NO. No I will not.

    There is more to love than the kind of passive, feel-good, platitudes and symbolic kind deeds that these folks want from me. The kind of love that we need is challenging and revolutionary and active, and saying ‘be nice. those poor bigots are angry!’ is garbage.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      I agree, “play nice” isn’t the appropriate response.

      What’s more, it’s not about love, it’s about justice.

      Why do we overlook justice?

      All of these movements are about justice, because there is great injustice being done, with the threat of more to come.

      • susanne says:

        I think it IS about love. If we all acted from a place of love and respect, none of this would be happening. I acknowledge that this is unrealistic, but I truly believe that we can make changes happen in a peaceful, powerful way.
        Perhaps we had to hit rock bottom as a culture to see how bad things really are. I don’t know about you guys, but I didn’t feel this fire under my ass over the last 8 years. Racism and sexism still ruled, it was just more underhanded.

    • Kitten says:

      Seriously. What is happening now is TERRIFYING. If I have to listen to one more out-of-touch ahole tell me to “wait and see because Trump might surprise you” I will punch a f*cking wall.

      So far, Trump has not done one single thing that has surprised me. This man made no secret of what an arrogant, bullying, unqualified, hateful heap of garbage he was when he was running for POTUS and has continued to reveal how regressive his administration will be with every cabinet choice. Why the F*CK should we pretend that this will be anything but awful?
      Why should we greet a hateful administration with love? F*ck that shit…If I’m going out, I’m going out guns blazing.

      • susanne says:

        Just to clarify, I do not accept el cheeto with love. Not at all.
        The one thing I know is that matching threats of violence is the wrong way to go.

    • MC2 says:

      This! I know I am not giving Trump a chance but what you are saying about his supporters rings true to me. Asking us to give him a chance is telling us to be complacent- yeah I’ve seen that in history & how that goes for people. Nope. That is one thing that makes America special- our right to protest & resist our government. I think we should all pick up the tools that our grandparents left for us in the closet & dust those f-ers off. No time for sitting while they actively take our rights & his cabinet choices are proof of him rolling out the red carpet to invite every racist, sexist degenerate he can.

      So why are we even having these convos with people and responding to give him a chance?! I am convinced that a lot of these people who supported Trump are not sane right now and they are victim to the propaganda ala the German people circa WWII. You couldn’t have convinced a Nazi at the time to not follow Hitler and you won’t convince a Trumper to give YOU a chance. I heard a family member call Trump “Moses, leading his people to safety” and the others call him “THE Donald”. Wow- I remember studying the word “Fuhrer”. The word and the history of it……I know where this is leading & I’m finding the back door to run from. I advise you all do the same.

      I am not going to waste time on them- every time I want to fight on fb I will just say “his cabinet is proof” and then spend the saved minutes by signing a petition or something…..

      • Kitten says:

        Your description of Trump-supporters has been my experience as well and as I said, I really do see a clear parallel drawn between cult members and Trumpies.

      • MC2 says:

        Yep- it’s crazy to be living in this time, huh? These people just keep getting crazier & digging in their heels. It’s turned into a pissing contest & now he really CAN shoot someone on 5th Ave & not lose support. The normalization of him- as you pointed out- ugh. I am glad to have some outlets of respite, like this place.

      • EM says:

        Yes – every single appointment except for 1 is absolute proof that he is for sale and cares nothing about actual Americans. He is awarding positions to those that purchased them through contributions or were “loyal” during his campaign. What that means is that he will 100% go after every single person that insulted him – his vindictive nature has always been apparent but with his “positive” reinforcement we know penalties will begin soon. I kept saying that this is what would happen and I kept predicting Martial Law and see it happening in our near future.

  14. Pedro45 says:

    He had his chance. It’s known as “campaigning”.

  15. Luca76 says:

    She’s scum plain and simple.

  16. Merritt says:

    I’m really tired of all these people saying that he deserves a chance. No he doesn’t. He has already shown us how things will be under him. You don’t choose known white nationalists to be part of your administration without the intention of it being an intimidating move. He wants people to be scared. And given the recent surge in hate crimes, people are right to be scared.

  17. Deanne says:

    Every time she opens her mouth, something idiotic comes out of it. Rich, white, straight, talentless product of nepotism. has the nerve to lecture a LGBT organization about accepting and loving an administration that openly hates them. STFU Kelly.

  18. Ramona says:

    Truthfully though, LGB are probably the safest minority under Trump. He has prominent gay donors and alt right spokesmen and has said that he wont challenge marriage equality. The concession he gives his Bible thumping supporters is that he will leave the decision making at state level. But public opinion in all states is shifting rapidly to pro gay. His supreme court choices will be conservative but thats to target Roe v Wade which he has railed about. I’m not saying that it will be heaven for LGB, I just think that they’ll do better than most other minorities. Trans people, I think will struggle too. Kelly needs to shut it though.

    • ria says:

      The Problem is for the different colors in LGBTQ.

      To think that she has gay friends and still don’t understand the life of them.

      She gets a trophy from one of the best Organisations in the LGBTQ community, helpful to all colors and all religious Backgrounds, all united in their wish to help the young ones and the desperates, and don’t even understand the struggle most of them have daily.

    • Hohoho says:

      Exactly. The lgbt community is the only group of people that Trump supports under the sun. For all the reasons you mention. A lot of powerful white gay men supports Trump and I don’t think he wants that fight on his hands, he knows he would lose.

    • Kitten says:

      Except there are issues precipitated by the mere existence of Trump’s political ideology/policy that greatly affect the LGBTQ community. For example, when/if they dismantle the ACA, transgendered people will no longer have affordable access to transition-related care.

      When it comes to issues that threaten the rights of the LGBTQ community, I tend to look to them as a voice instead of listening to Trump, because we all know this guy lies for a living.

      This is a helpful resource:

      • G says:

        Also the grand majority of us aren’t rich. A good portion aren’t even white. Plenty of people in the LGB community are going to suffer for this just like any other minority. It’s just not going to be those rich donors.

    • Original T.C. says:

      But neither did Trump say supportive words about the gay community AND he hired the worst type of anti-gay person as his VP. Symbolism like that is what gay teens (at highest risk for suucide) will see. They won’t feel reassured that Trump is being supported by super rich, White, gay men who can leave this country and fly to their private islands to escape prosecution.

      Trump has enabled a sub-group in America who is only for the straight White males and women of our society, excluding all others. If I were a middle-class 15 year old white kid, I still would be scared as hell.

      • Hohoho says:

        @ORIGINAL T.C. I have trouble taking fervently anti-gay people seriously because history has shown that often times these people are closeted themselves. This ” hatred” often comes from a place of self loathing and envy that they’re not the one getting the peen(lol) instead of actual hate like say the KKK vs. People of color.

    • MC2 says:

      This is not just about the politics in Washington though- hate crimes since election day against LGBTQ community have skyrocketed. Why we ponder about the laws in the future, someone is getting a called a f** or told that they should be shot by some Trump supporter who feels full of themselves right now. Maybe the laws won’t change but day to day life will and has.

    • MrsBadBob says:

      “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Socialist.

      Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Jew.

      Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

  19. Insomniac says:

    WHY is she even still a thing? What does she even do these days beyond showing up at the opening of a can? Sheesh.

    And give Trump a chance to do what — show that he’s every bit as appalling as people were afraid he would be? He’s already doing that, honey, and he’s not even in office yet.

  20. Miranda says:

    I’m done playing nice, and I think the Democrats as a party should be, too. Obama tried for 7 years to play nice and compromise with the Republicans, and they denied him at every turn, refusing to let our country progress (I’m glad he finally realized that he wasn’t getting anywhere with them, and is now in the “IDGAF” stage of his Presidency).

  21. Green Is Good says:

    Really, Kelly? Really? 👿

    Such sound advice from a spoiled rich adult child.

  22. Hohoho says:

    I don’t think the LGBT community should worry because it is the only group that trump didn’t hate on. I always wonder why that was? Is it because he knows the almighty and powerful White Man is also part of that community? While no one give an f that he is a mysoginistic butt hole, I don’t think he would be elected had he come out against the lgbt community and he knows it. IMHO despite popular belief, the lgbt community is a powerful group because they count white men among them and we all know that white men are the only people trump respects.

    • BJ says:

      There has been a rise in hate crimes since he was elected,most of them are anti Muslim,but many are anti LGBT.So just because he didn’t target them doesn’t mean they aren’t being impacted by the hateful tone he encouraged.

    • ria says:

      They have other colors among them,too.
      They have other genders among them, also.

      • Hohoho says:

        Right. But the point is the clout they get from having white men among them will end of protecting their rights as a whole regardless of gender or ethnicity. For example, look how FAST gay mariage has been made law compared to say Roe vs. Wade. When Its just “women’s rights” nobody gives a crap. But LGBT right was treated as a pressing human rights issue(because of white men in imo) and got taken care of very quickly which ended up benefiting the women within the group. Hope that made sense😊

      • ria says:

        Do you really fault the LGBTQ community for making the best out of the Fact that there are white men among them and they have it a tiny bit easier of changing unfair laws for the LGBT then other colors or genders among the community?

      • Hohoho says:

        I didn’t fault the LGBT community for anything in my comments. I was merely making a point that compared to other minority communities, LGBT folks are generally better off because they count white men among them. White men regardless of sexual orientation DO rule the world. So the LGBT community has benefitted from that white male privilege. I don’t think for a second that they will let Trump or anybody take their rights.

    • Neelyo says:

      White gay men aren’t exempt from racism. If anything some use it to prop themselves up (‘at least I’m not ???’).

      Don’t think for a second that Peter Thiel and the like give a shit about the rights and protections of any LGBTQ people outside of their lily white circles.

      • MC2 says:

        And lets not forget sexism. I worked with a white man who was gay who straight up said that women should only be in certain positions and never trusted with anything financial (he recommends people for jobs so he acts on this crap). He also had the habit of throwing out a nice pile of steaming racism into the room. He is not indicative of almost all the gay men I have met but he is indicative of people in general. There are bad apples in every bunch & we shouldn’t forget that. The guy I knew gave himself a pass to be horribly sexist & racist because he was gay (and so did our bosses) and that just……nope.

      • Neelyo says:

        @MC2 – sounds like you worked for Peter Thiel. he’s against the 19th Amendment.

      • ria says:

        Sadly some like them are also in the community.
        Bad Apples.

      • N says:

        A LOT of bad apples…more than you think… and yes, you should absolutely be afraid

    • GMonkey says:

      The rich white men who are part of the LGBT community can buy their way out of oppression. It’s not like they will have the same restrictions upon them as a black lesbian couple in Alabama. These dudes will continue to live in NYC, LA, San Francisco and can afford to have lawyers handle domestic partnerships, attend liberal hospitals, etc. They are unlikely to even find themselves in an environment where they won’t be catered to, and could find themselves victims of hate crimes.

      They don’t have to worry about what happens to trans teens forced to use their birth certificate assigned public restrooms. They don’t have to worry about the plight of a couple of average means stuck in a red state, possibly getting fired from a job, refused emergency services, beaten up by angry and empowered locals.

      They can remain largely insulated….until the empowered bigots continue to spread.

      Betsy DeVos has largely been against any environmental regulations, until one day she and her hubs were kayaking in their favorite fancy part of Lake Michigan and wouldn’t you know it–they came upon a whole bunch of garbage and pollution. Can you believe it? This is the affluent town by the lake and yet the junk could somehow spread so they’d have to see it. Suddenly they said, oh gee, lemme see what I can do to protect the environment in my little enclave, and the areas that can flow into it.

  23. Radley says:

    This is just word soup. I guess she wanted to say something hopeful and uplifting but that was a massive fail. Give him a chance by spreading love not hate? What does that even mean? How do you spread love to someone who’s actively positioning people to roll back your civil rights? I doubt you can love them out of it. You have to expose the hate, not pretend they don’t really hate you. You have to gear up for a fight.

    Geez Kelly. I don’t know why this utterly unaccomplished woman is continually given a forum to speak. Why?

  24. prince says:

    At least trump doesn’t take money from countries that flog women for leaving tge house without covering their face or from countries that push gays from the roofs of tall buildings.

    • Kitten says:

      Ah here we go. “But Hillary..!!!”

      LOL you guys are hilarious. Cling to that sh*t because it really is all you have left at this point.

      • Madailein says:

        It’s actually not “hilarious” at all that Hilary Clinton chose to support (and take millions from) Saudi Arabia, even as she championed Women’s Rights. When confronted w the terrible record for women’s rights–there are nearly none–in Saudi she said that we must “learn to respect other people’s cultures.” Really?? Some feminist…putting her own greed before the rights of other women. Look, I voted for Hilary, she would have been *far* more humane and sane and effective than Trump, and most importantly, far less of a bigot, but I don’t fool myself that the woman was some kind of deity. She was and is a hypocrite who actually historically has put her own self interests first, at the expense of others. Politics is as ugly as its players, and to me Hilary does not stand out among them whatsoever.

      • Kitten says:

        Yeah you missed my point by a longshot.

        My point being a pretty simple one: HRC is NOT president so why are we still discussing what she did 5, 10 years ago? How is that even remotely relevant to what’s happening with the incoming president, you know that pesky guy who wants to destroy this country?

        Here’s the answer: it’s NOT relevant, it’s merely a distraction and a handy device for Trump-supporters to bust out anytime they want to deflect from the current reality. The time to dissect and critique HRC’s political history was when she was running as a candidate and that time has PASSED.

        So if you want to waste time with “But Hillary…” when we have a PEOTUS who is assembling a cabinet full of horrors, then have at it but please do not reply to me expecting that I will entertain your commentary about HRC’s political history because I have bigger things to worry about at the moment and quite frankly, so should you.

    • SilverUnicorn says:

      I doubt he does not support Saudi Arabia. Try again.

      • Joannie says:

        Well Canada supports the Saudis. We are selling them military vehicles so ppl in Canada have jobs. There is not one politician who works for the people anymore. They work for the multi national corporations and have for years. We are merely their little peons controlled by the cops/soldiers/bureaucrats to get the job done. Trump is no better, no worse. He simply has a different approach. He won the election. People voted for him. Black,white, latino, intelligent and stupid rich and poor. I voted for Trudeau knowing full well he was full of shit. He just had a better delivery.

    • Hohoho says:

      How do you know? Because he released his tax returns? Or said so himself? We all know how Trump is a great beacon of truth, amirite? *Sip tea*

      • MC2 says:

        This! We don’t know about his financials- unlike every other president he won’t release his taxes – so stfu with saying that we know anything about his money or ties.

        But beside that, this crap of the “not as bad as” logic actually has a name and has been studied in the brainwashed & idiotic! It’s called the fallacy of relative privation and I read up on it a few weeks ago. We will be hearing this A LOT in the next while as they widdle away our rights and tell us to be happy that we aren’t being thrown off roofs or flogged. Sure, Betty, sure.

    • Miranda says:

      Trump is a Putin fanboy, and didn’t have any qualms about taking money from Russia, one of the most homophobic countries in the world, where gay people are routinely attacked and killed.

      • ria says:

        I am anti Putin and it is absolutley true that gays are way to often attacked and hurt in Russia but they are not more often killed than in the USA.
        Most of them who are open about their sexuality are reduced in their rights and treated worse than the heterosexuell people.
        Quite a lot of the young ones are driffen to suicide after attacks or because of their family.
        There are some time killings, but not often.

        Same like in the USA.

        Russian gay rights are now, like the USA in the
        70ies and it is hard for the LGBT in Eastern Europe but there are tiny steps orward.

        I know enough people from Countries were killing gay is seen as absolute normal AND ONLY RIGHT WAY to “deal with them”.
        Countries were there is still death sentence for being gay, and it is not Russia among them.

        Just to be clear Russian law is evil to LGBT and a lot Russians are also as People attack and treat LGBTQs cruel but seldom they go the last ultimate step of Horror. But yes gay life in Russia is awful and cruel.
        Military there has ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’, every year more people seems to be anti gay, but still Russia also has hope.
        It is not a country with death for gays by Law.

        Uganda has death as Law.
        Iran has death as Law.
        Saudi Arabia has death as Law.
        Yemen has death as Law.
        Somalia has death as Law
        Nigeria has death as Law.

      • Miranda says:

        Thanks for the info (not being snarky!). “Routinely” was poor word choice on my part.

      • ria says:

        I don’t want to make you feel bad.
        One of my best friends is Russian and still involved in the Gay community there, he knows a lot of the shitty Stuff going on there but he always is hopefull that in future it will become better in Russia.
        Now it looks bleak, he is still hoping for a Stonewall Riot in

    • Lightpurple says:

      Have you seen his tax returns? Then you don’t know, do you?

    • GMonkey says:

      Oh right. Ha ha. Actually that Softbank deal with Japan is Saudi money. Nice try though.

      Also, we can’t believe a single word he says about any money he’s taken because he won’t release his tax returns.

  25. bleu_moon says:

    Rich, white, privileged kid preaches conformity and obedience. Yawn. Next.

  26. Miss Jupitero says:

    Go kick yourself in the crotch, Kelly.

  27. Rapunzel says:

    I don’t get this “LGBT shouldn’t worry, cause Trump didn’t hate on them” attitude I’m seeing on this board. LGBT folks should definitely, definitely, be worried. How naive to think otherwise.

    The GOP has always been bad for LGBT rights. Trump will be worse cause he has Pence on his ear. And Pence represents the most extreme anti-LGBT faction of the GOP.

    Muslims and immigrants, even undocumented, are probably safer under Trump’s administration than LGBT people. The GOP needs them for scapegoats and won’t really want them gone. But they have no use for LGBT people.

    Think Trump won’t be party to this? Think again. His appointments are all horrible. He will rely on the advice of folks like Pence and Ryan cause he’s on over his head. If you don’t think his choice for SCOTUS will be anti-LGBT rights and set back the movement and strip rights from that community, you are fooling yourself.

    Be afraid, be very afraid.

  28. Beatrice says:

    Seriously, Kelly? There is NO reason to believe that President-elect Donald Trump will stand up for any interests but his own once he takes office in January. Should we just hold our noses and watch every civil liberty trampled? Of course not. This is no time to watch and wait from a comfy chair. This is a time to decide what our freedom is actually worth to us! Donate to the causes you believe in. Demand that your democratically elected state officials represent the interests of ALL of their constituents. Don’t leave the protection of our natural resources to a man who doesn’t even believe that Climate Change is real. Don’t leave the revitalization of our cities to a neurosurgeon. And certainly don’t wait for Donald Trump and Mike Pence to show any real support for the LGBTQ community. Wake up and make some noise!

  29. Argirl says:

    I used to find her distasteful. Now, I find her appalling. It would have been sweet justice for someone to take that award from her after those idiotic remarks.

  30. Lisa says:

    I think not, Kelly.

  31. HK9 says:

    I know she’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer but I can’t get on board with the casual way she speaks about the real possibility of minorities loosing their civil rights. I find her stance just maddening and really out of touch. Acknowledging people’s concern is not tantamount to “not giving him a chance”. On the contrary, people know exactly what they have to lose. You can’t put a smilie face on this-this is serious.

  32. McBeanerer says:

    Because ya know, love will matter if actual legislation infringes upon civil rights? It will, obviously, but laws are laws. And apparently privledge is privledge.

  33. Chef Grace says:

    she is so misinformed and delusional. wish she would just find her rock and crawl back under it.
    She is not the one who will be living the nightmare the next few years.

  34. robyn says:

    Trump should be in court about his collusion with Russia, which helped him win the election. No chance at all should be afforded this pussygrabbing constantly lying conman. And where are his taxes, by the way?

  35. Eric says:

    Who is Kelly? Irrelevant, that’s who.

  36. Surly Monkey says:

    Someone posted this on social media, and I apologize for not getting the proper information to credit them, but I bears repeating over and over again….

    “If you’re not part of the victimized groups, you don’t get to decide whether or not those groups are allowed to be afraid.

    Let us say that again.

    “If you’re not part of the victimized groups, you don’t get to decide whether or not those groups are allowed to be afraid.

    Take another seat, Kelly.

    • MAC says:

      That’s what is so sad. Kelly is part of the victimized group (one of them). She is a female who is in the childbearing age. I personally think Trump is anti all women not just women’s reproductive rights.

    • MrsBadBob says:

      And it’s time for us to speak up and stand by our threatened friends and family, people I know are afraid, and I want to reassure them that I am on their side. I will stand with the people against this cheeto-colored buffoon.

  37. susanne says:

    “If someone proposed a ban on looking like a Q-Tip you know that Kelly would give up that “let’s all get along” bullsh-t she’s spouting and would come out swinging.”

    This is the best thing I have read in a while.

    I say no to normalizing. I am looking forward to a peaceful, strong, loud protest that doesn’t stop until this insanity is over.

  38. Neo says:

    A chance to prove himself a liar? Seriously, that’s what she asking for. Because that’s pretty much what we’d have to believe to think he won’t be a ruinous president. And by the way he’s stacking his cabinet, I’d say that he’s had enough chances.

  39. Katherine says:


  40. LadyElenor says:

    shame on you, Kelly.

  41. tan says:

    Couldn’t stop laughing at looking like a Qtip

    Hypocrisy and ignorance is always the tool of the privileged .

    Remember, Marie Antoinette saying, Let them eat cake

    • MrsBadBob says:

      Marie Antionette never said it, no matter how many times people repeat it. And it’s perceived privilege and ignorance from the 18th century compared with actual, straight from the horse’s mouth, 21st century privilege and ignorance. Marie Antoinette never had the opportunity to become informed, what is Kelly’s excuse?

  42. PaulY says:

    Speaking as a gay Latino man, please sit down, sweetie – I didn’t ask for, nor do I need your not-so-helpful advice. Please find your way back to your bubble of privilege.

  43. Eener says:

    Maybe she will be deported?

  44. Timbuktu says:

    Where did she immigrate from? I always thought they were American.

  45. Ladykatan says:

    It’s amazing that she would quit her job over an comment made by a co-worker over Zendaya’s hair.. But when the real possibility that the President elect may take away the personal freedoms of LGBTQ people, POC, women, Muslims, refugees, all immigrants, veterans, etc.; we should all suck it up and “give him a chance”? F her!
    She’s no ally. She’s a rich (now skinny) white woman who will be perfectly fine after a Trump/Pence reign. I don’t care how much “work” she supposedly does for the LGBTQ community, attempting to stifle or trivialize other people’s very legitimate fears makes her the worst monster there is. And let’s face it, the only real reason she does anything for the gay community is to make herself some kind of “gay icon”. Which she is not..