Irina Shayk & Bradley Cooper are so happy, but barely spending time together


It’s been a week since we learned that Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper are expecting a little Mini Cooper. And I still haven’t gotten used to the idea/reality. Irina debuted her “bump” during the Victoria’s Secret show in Paris last week, and she reportedly let VS know about her pregnancy, because they changed her outfits so she wasn’t wearing anything too revealing. She’s also reportedly in her second trimester already. Does anyone else think it’s weird that Bradley hasn’t made any kind of official or unofficial statement? I smell drama! But the drama will have to wait, because it seems like Irina is pushing a happy-family narrative to People Magazine and E! News. From People:

Bradley Cooper, 41, and his girlfriend Irina Shayk are expecting their first child, and while “being pregnant hasn’t stopped [the model] from working hard in Europe,” a source says Cooper “seems more protective” of her.

“He has been spotted dropping her off at the airport with kisses as she is about to take off for another job,” says the source. “They are just a very sweet couple.”

Despite the time apart, the source says, “Bradley and Irina both seem very independent and supportive of each other’s careers.” With their hectic careers, it always helps to have family close by. “They also are very close with their families,” says the source. “After Bradley’s dad passed away [in 2011], his mom Gloria mostly lives with Bradley in L.A.”

Cooper’s mom and Shayk, 30, already have a strong relationship and have been spotted hanging out together on multiple occasions.

“Irina was quickly introduced to Gloria and the two seem to get along great,” says the source. “They even spend time without Bradley. They take walks, go shopping or share long lunches.”

The Russian model is also “very close” with her mom, who the source says will “often travel with her on work trips.”

[From People]

Bradley’s mom Gloria is a constant presence by his side, and Gloria has had to spend time with other girlfriends like Zoe Saldana, Renee Zellweger and Suki Waterhouse. I don’t see how Irina is suddenly “the one,” or how she’s even gotten Gloria’s approval, but maybe that’s what the surprise pregnancy was about.

E! News also has a source talking about how Irina is doing with her first pregnancy. She’s “doing pretty well. She has some food cravings because she’s pregnant. She is not the kind of woman to count calories, but she has been taking it easy. She’s also exercising in moderation.” She’s also “more tired than usual” because she’s been “traveling a lot and hasn’t had time to see Bradley but plans on seeing him very soon. They are in communication a few times a day. They are really happy and can’t wait to have their baby.” Sure. I would like to hear him say that though? Because it feels like she got pregnant and he’s still working out his feelings about it, and they’re not really spending any time together. Oh, my favorite part of this E! story is this though: “Engagement or marriage may happen under the radar because they are very private people. They see themselves spending their lives together and building a family with more than one child.” Nothing says under-the-radar like leaks to People Mag and E!. Yeah, I still smell drama, but we’ll see.


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  1. nikkisixx says:

    I think she’s gorgeous and seems like a fun Russian lady but she has an awful taste in men. Me thinks Bradley didn’t want this and was probably ready to dump her and continue on aspiring to be Leo. Cristiano is a self obsessed cheater and Bradley has some not so nice rumors about him. Also I saw Suki Waterhouse, his ex, on a subway once and she looks and dresses like a teenager.

    • D says:

      I always thought that she was just a beard for Cristiano

      • nikkisixx says:

        I don’t think he’s gay. He definitely loves women. He probably loves men too.

      • Tatjana says:

        I think she is just beard for Bradley

      • Nancy says:

        He remind me of Seacrest. Have the pretty girl on one arm and mom on the other. No arms left to hold the baby.

      • Scar says:

        I’m about a 100% sure Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro is not gay. Rihanna was the first person who labelled him gay and the story is out there somewhere. Cristiano and Irina were together for over five years and Tigriski (as he calls her) basically mother ed Junior with help from Cristiano’s mother Dolores and the boy took their split hard. Irina is a rich woman who doesn’t need to beard for anyone. If she were a beard, she wouldn’t leave because she got cheated on now, would she?

      • D says:

        @Scar Unless you know him personally there is no way you can be a 100% sure. I don’t know either, but I still think he’s gay though (not that it matters, of course)

      • Lex says:

        Unless you exist inside someone’s mind, you can’t say 100% sure they aren’t gay. They could tell you point blank they aren’t (or even are!) and that doesn’t mean it’s true. Even if he had sex every day with men, still might not mean he is gay!
        Actions and attractions are different.

  2. MC2 says:

    That’s the only way I could stomach being with BC- by spending all our time apart.

  3. burnsie says:

    I don’t smell drama, I smell a contract

  4. Nancy says:

    They spent enough time together to make a baby. Oops, BC doesn’t seem like daddy type material. His relationships don’t have a history of longevity. Poor baby.

  5. SilverUnicorn says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Bradley Cooper would have more chemistry with a rock than actually a human being? I don’t even want to imply he’s trisexual or some tripe like that, he just doesn’t seem to care about any of his partners. I don’t even think he will care about the baby.
    Oh wait, maybe he’s only a self-involved, self-important pr**k

  6. Rachel says:

    Despite some of the “colorful” conspiracy theories in the comments section on other websites, this story is such a non-entitity. Bradley has publicly stated he doesn’t wear a condom with his girlfriends. It was only a matter of time before one of them got pregnant. It just so happened to be the girlfriend it seemed like he was ready to dump several months ago. Big whoop.
    The only real interesting aspect to this story is why Holly Cooper (Bradley’s sister) is posting on fan sites that she doesn’t believe the pregnancy stories as Bradley hadn’t made her aware. You don’t tell your sister they have a niece or nephew on the way? Hm.

    • Sigh... says:

      “The only real interesting aspect to this story is why Holly Cooper (Bradley’s sister) is posting on fan sites that she doesn’t believe the pregnancy stories as Bradley hadn’t made her aware. You don’t tell your sister they have a niece or nephew on the way?”

      Hmmm, is right. Hmmm, indeed….

    • jinni says:

      That sounds messy. What sites has his sis been posting on? When did he say he doesn’t use condoms? I know Adam Levine admitted that but never heard of BCoop. Eww what is with these raw dogging men and the women that mess with them.

      • Rachel says:

        Jinni – He made the comment during one of his appearances on Howard Stern. Don’t remember the year, but it was during the Suki era. Holly posted to her Twitter and on the BC Facebook UK fansite that the pregnancy was tabloid gossip. Then doubled down with Irina must have either period bloat or food bloat when presented with the bump photos. I felt second hand embarrassed for her. Assumed she and Bradley were close. Guess not.

      • jinni says:

        @Rachel: Thanks for the response. Wow when you have family members denying it like that that really makes one wonder what is going on. I wonder why the tabs haven’t picked up on this yet. And eww at him not wrapping up. It’s because of people like him and the women he sleeps with that gonorrhea is now becoming penicillin resistant. Just gross.

      • Melanie says:

        That Howard Stern interview was actually in 2012, before he met Suki.

    • Melanie says:

      I actually kinda hope his sister is right. To me, Irina really doesn’t look pregnant(it looks more like a food baby), especially since she is supposed to be in her 2nd trimester.

      • Andrea says:

        Isn’t it possible some of them could have been on birth control in the past? I don’t use condoms in a monogamous relationship with a boyfriend when I am on birth control.

      • Lex says:

        Whose messy attention seeking sister goes and posts comments to the public about stuff like this? Yuck.

  7. Lacia Can says:

    Am I the only one who thinks he’s waiting for a paternity test before he says anything? That’s no shade on her, btw. BC just strikes me as the type to demand a test even if he were married to her! And given that they might have been breaking up, BC’s probably not too thrilled about the pregnancy. He doesn’t strike me as the daddy type anyway. More of a playboy.

    • Rachel says:

      Nope! I think so too. If you notice, all of the “sources” sound solely from Irina’s camp.

  8. Annette Ryan says:

    Why can’t the naysayers be happy for BC and IS on their happy event. I wish them all the best and hope they marry soon.

  9. Melanie says:

    I definitely think it’s odd that he hasn’t confirmed this pregnancy, and I agree that the sources sound like they are coming from her team. Why in the world would he stay quiet during all of this?

  10. wheneight says:

    Come on, I thought it was a well known open secret that he’s closeted? The baby may be real, but this relationship is not.