Katherine Heigl up for an Emmy – for real this time (spoilers for last Greys)

Katherine Heigl, who made a lot of people very pissed of last year by pulling her name from the list of Emmy nominees after deeming the “material” on Grey’s Anatomy not award-worthy, is up for another Emmy. This time the nomination comes after her character may or may not have died after undergoing surgery for a brain tumor.

Ladies and gentlemen, Katherine Heigl has just declared game on!

After a firestorm of controversy erupted around her decision to remove herself from Emmy consideration last go-’round, the Grey’s Anatomy heroine has reentered the gold derby this year, sources confirm to me exclusively.

Natch, cynics will snark that the 2007 Best Supporting Actress winner is back in the race because of the tensions that allegedly sprung up between her and series creator Shonda Rhimes after she took herself out of the running. (The movie starlet, you’ll recall, said at the time that she didn’t have material with which she could compete.) But I think — and I think you’ll agree — it’s likelier that even she knows that, whether viewers loved or loathed the Izzie’s-got-a-brain-tumor story, she played the frak out of it. She’s already earned one high profile endorsement…

“I think she did beautiful work,” Rhimes raved Thursday immediately following the season finale. “I think she always does beautiful work.”

[from Entertainment Weekly]

Katherine Heigl just keeps burning bridges. She was poised to be the next big thing with movies like Knocked Up and 27 Dresses, but she is generally regarded as a diva and no one wants to work with an entitled co-star. She’s now starring with Gerard Butler in The Ugly Truth, but I can’t see her getting much farther in her career with thatr attitude.

Congrats to her on the Emmy nod, but no one is going to be able to talk about this without bringing up her de-nomination last year. What do you think? Does she deserve an Emmy nomination? Or does she deserve to get snubbed?

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  1. Demspey says:

    Katherine could have had her emmy back in 2007, but she was being a snubby snob thinking she is all that. This round, she is slathering over that emmy which she will not win because the persnickety attitude of entitlement mars her beauty and talent.

  2. rbsesq says:

    I really liked the episode when she had the interns diagnose her. She was very good, but if anyone deserves an Emmy this year, it’s Sandra Oh. I really only watch Grey’s anymore for the Christina/Owen storyline. That and Eric Dane!

  3. michellle says:

    Too bad her character didn’t die.

  4. Ria says:

    I’m sorry – she’ll always be Izzy from ROSWELL to me.

  5. photo jojo says:

    ITA w/ rbsesq. Sandra Oh is amazing!

  6. Ling says:

    She doesn’t deserve it, but not for her attitude last year. She just wasn’t that good.

    I agree with rbsesq, the person who deserves the nomination is really Sandra Oh. The only reason I watch Grey’s is because of Kevin McKidd (and the reason I squeal “oh, lucius!” every time he’s onscreen), and their interactions are just legendary.

    I thought Sara Ramirez was great too.

  7. Ana says:

    Really? Seriously? I thought she wasn’t that great. I thought she was outshined by T.R. and he was missing for most of the season. (On purpose I believe according to an interview with Shonda.)

  8. Mairead says:

    I think Katherine played a blinder on what episodes I’ve seen this year – although a nomination for Sandra Oh would also be very well deserved.

    As for her attitude – I remember some years back Charlize Theron coming out with self-aggrandising quote after quote about 10 years ago. I’ve since suspected that the reality isnt that bad, but carefully choreographed for column inches.

  9. Dolkite says:

    She could always do My Father the Hero Part II.

  10. TinaWithPom says:

    Sandra Oh is the biggest reason I’m still watching this series.

  11. Ursula says:

    I am so over her. I have been for quite some time.

  12. Sara says:

    Either Sandra or Chandra should win this year. They were both fantastic.

    I don’t blame Katherine for withdrawing her name last year. Her material really was poor, it’s the HOW she did it.
    She came down on Isaiah pretty hard for his big mouth when hers is not that smaller.

  13. Jen says:

    Primetime Emmy nominations aren’t out yet. The article is only saying she’s submitting herself for consideration, not that she was nominated for anything yet.

  14. alisa says:

    i think people are frightened of people who can speak for themselves, and it’s especially frightening when a CELEBRITY speaks up for themself. Katherine had my heart the moment she stuck up for TR, and even when she pulled herself out of the Emmy noms last year, i thought, good for her. Izzy’s storyline in 08 was weak, and we all know it. these last few episodes in 09 have more than made up for it. Here’s to hoping she wins again!