Sarah Paulson in Vera Wang at Critics’ Choice: lovely or goofy?

Ariel Winter at The The 22nd Annual Critics' Choice Awards in LA
The People vs. OJ Simpson really cleaned up at last night’s Critics Choice Awards, hosted by T.J. Miller for the second year in a row (why?). People vs. OJ won for Best Movie Made for Television or Limited Series, with Sarah Paulson getting the award for Best Actress in a Movie Made for TV, and her costars Courtney B. Vance and Sterling K Brown winning Best Actor and Supporting Actor in the category. Like Sterling K Brown, who won his category right before her, Paulson said Ryan Murphy’s name a bunch of times during her acceptance speech, all his actors seem to love that guy, and thanked him for changing her life. She also thanked all the actors she worked with and kept it short saying “I love you, thank you bye.” It was cute!

Ariel Winter at The The 22nd Annual Critics' Choice Awards in LA

As for Paulson’s fashion, she was in this white Vera Wang ensemble featuring large pearl-like embellishments and a peplum. On anyone else, I would hate this but Paulson really pulls it off. There’s something clever about it in that the pearls are twice as big on the skirt and they have the same pattern. Plus I appreciate that she chose an opaque/lined version of the skirt. The Fashion Court has the runway version of this look and the skirt was originally see-through, which would have added a layer of tackiness this doesn’t need. Also, as an aside I’m thinking of getting my hair cut short like this. See also: Rachel Evan Wood.

Ariel Winter at The The 22nd Annual Critics' Choice Awards in LA

I think Amanda Peet was Paulson’s plus one, or they at least posed together on the red carpet and then sat near each other. I like how they coordinate without looking matchy. Paulson’s partner Holland Taylor was in NY, they were tweeting to each other.

Ariel Winter at The The 22nd Annual Critics' Choice Awards in LA

Ariel Winter at The The 22nd Annual Critics' Choice Awards in LA

Sarah Hyland was also in Vera Wang, in this very deep black v-neck gown with a large zipper at the bodice and a bell skirt. I’m not fond of this cut of the bodice and wish this trend would die out already. At least she went goth with the accessories but overall I’m not feeling this. Modern Family was nominated in three categories but didn’t win anything this year.

22nd Annual Critics' Choice Awards

22nd Annual Critics' Choice Awards

Sarah’s costar Ariel Winter wore Uel Camilo and I’m including a few shots of the gown in the gallery so you can appreciate just how ice skater fug it is. It’s got side cutouts, a very low back with a nude mesh overlay and circular sequins and pearls in little squiggly clusters. Her styling seems to go perfectly with the look, I’ll put it that way. At least her fringe is clip-in and she doesn’t have to live with that look. That’s more than I can say for Jessica Biel.

22nd Annual Critics' Choice Awards

Bella Thorne was in Steven Khalil, in a gown which was half sheer and half silver and black sequins with little spikes creeping to the side. I actually really like this gown, and it looked great on stage. Yes it’s revealing and showy but it covers enough, it’s unique and interesting and she looks great in it. Her styling is toned down enough to show off the dress too. Overall this is a win.

22nd Annual Critics' Choice Awards

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  1. Kate says:

    I prefer the sheer skirt version of Paulson’s dress. The weirdly sewn peplum makes sense with the sheer skirt, without that it just looks like a frumpy belt.

    • coconut says:

      all i’m thinking is how on earth can she sit on those humongous pearls under her butt.
      uncomfortable is the name of the game

  2. minx says:

    The peplum makes her look thicker around the middle, and she’s so skinny.

  3. Flahoola says:

    I’m really not into frocks that show you’re not wearing any underwear.
    Not a prude, it seems unhygienic to me?!

    • Lex says:

      They make stick on knickers to cover your downstairs for dresses like this.
      But anyway, the non undie wearers likely haven’t eaten or sh*t in days so it’s perfectly clean 😏

  4. Josefina says:

    TJ Miller is so unfunny. He males me feel awkward. Ariel’s dress on the other hand is hilariously tragic.

    Love Bella’s dress, but what’s with that Olivia Munn wax face?! She’s not even 20 yet!

  5. trollontheloose says:

    super fug but god does Rachel Evan Wood’s suit rock! I want. she’s beautiful and she owned it.

  6. Anon says:

    First two were grumpy and second two were tacky!

  7. Kristen says:

    It’s Evan Rachel Wood, not “Rachel Evan Wood.”

  8. Alleycat says:

    Wow, Bella Thorne looks a lot like Kim Kardashian in that dress.

  9. smee says:

    Paulson’s dress looks like something you’d wear to work – with added pearls and padded belt. Both add unnecessary bulk. Yuck.

    There’s a reason Modern Family didn’t win anything this time – the writing sucks. They need to end it. Sarah’s dress looks like she’s wearing something several sizes too big – it’s a shame, she’s a pretty good who looks good in almost anything (but that). I’m not body-shaming Ariel, but that dress is ultra unflattering (no matter who is wearing it). It gives the impression linebackers shoulders. Her hair looks fake and once again it’s the wrong shape for her.

    Bella Thorne’s dress by far the best – too bad about her hair.

  10. Rae says:

    I disagree, no one could pull off that hideous Vera Wang. If it makes a stick thin actress look thick wasted and frumpy, it would be downright horrible on anyone else.

  11. lucy2 says:

    I kind of like Sarah’s, not sure why. She has an off beat style that works for her.
    Ariel’s whole look is so off, I didn’t realize it was her at first.
    That silver one…I’m so over the whole sheer thing.

  12. Fallon says:

    I wish Ariel Winter would go away.

  13. Sarah says:

    2 of the 3 thirstiest girls on the internet in one post (Ariel and Bella). Emily J being the 3.

  14. giulia says:

    SP: hate it. All I can think is how uncomfortable sitting on the huge beads must be. Also, that’s not her blonde.
    AW: the ice capades illusion netting-especially with the enormous zipper in the back-is just bad.

  15. kri says:

    No. Just no.

  16. I Choose Me says:

    Sarah pulls it off and her styling is fantastic here. I love her earrings and that shade of lipstick.

  17. JFresh says:

    Sarah Paulson’s look is surprising and kind of whimsical. Have to say it’s fun to look at that dress.

    The two Modern Family girls along with Bella Thorne were fashion tragedies at this event, the likes of which I haven’t seen in recent memory–

  18. Sara says:

    Ariel Winter has bad taste.

    • JFresh says:

      It seems like her beauty and her sexuality are a power she doesn’t know how to handle.

      She’ll get it eventually though. Meanwhile we get to watch her journey, bless her along the way.

  19. KatM says:

    How did she sit down? Please tell me that was not on reverse side. The design is fine and she can pull it off. I just do not understand how one sits down in that?!

  20. QQ says:

    I’m gonna be Odd Duck .. I don’t quite understand why/how (the mechanics of seating? Peplum? I hate peplum!?!?) but GOD I swear Sarah Is tickling all my pleasure centers there is something very very cool and modern about how she is styled and the dress itself is like not offensive though wildly out there? I can’t explain it but I do truly love it, you can see craftsmanship to that

    I have nothing for the rest of them girls though

  21. Nancy says:

    Sarah looks like mother of the bride who missed her hair appointment. Who cares though, she is an actress, not a model.

  22. hey-ya says:

    …fantastic outfits on the 2 Saras…love the 2 size pearls & Ive always admired a structured sack…the others …..just same ol same ol…

  23. Anare says:

    Another set of fugly dresses. I hate all the split down to the navel necklines. It’s tacky looking. I thought extreme cleavage was out. Ditto the weird bib top dresses. They just look gimmicky. I can’t say that I liked any of the gowns at the CCA. They are all awful. Either ugly colors or hideous designs or both. 😕

  24. Brittney Buckley says:

    Sarah and Amanda!! Getting Studio 60 flashbacks. Still miss that show.