Meghan Markle flew to London on Sunday, went Xmas-tree shopping with Harry


I thought this to myself but didn’t write it because I didn’t want to sound so conspiratorial, but I bet you $10 that Meghan Markle avoided her costar’s wedding in California because she knew she was going to be flying to England to see her royal lover. Meghan was in Toronto over the weekend, we know that for sure because she was pap’d going to a yoga class. She made a point of not attending Patrick Adams’ wedding, which was held in California. And now we know she didn’t go to the wedding because she quietly flew to England on Sunday. She chose “banging a ginger prince” rather than “showing up to a friend’s wedding.” I can’t say I really judge her for that, but still. It’s worth noting. Anyway, Meghan and Harry went Christmas-tree-shopping together. Aw.

Trimming the tree together! Prince Harry and Meghan Markle bought a Christmas tree during the Suits actress’ visit to London. The UN Women advocate, 35, flew from Toronto to the U.K. on Sunday, December 11, and is staying with her beau at his Nottingham Cottage home at Kensington Palace. A source tells Us that Harry arranged for someone to pick her up from the airport when she arrived.

First on the agenda? The couple went shopping for a tree at Pines and Needles in London’s Battersea Park on Monday, a shop staffer confirms to Us Weekly. They quickly picked out a modest 6-foot Nordmann’s fir, which cost around £56.95 (about $72.50 in U.S. currency), during their 15-minute stop at the Christmas tree lot. Instead of having the tree delivered to his royal residence, they took it home themselves.

Sources tell Us Weekly that Markle’s trip was spur of the moment, and they weren’t scheduled to meet up until a one-week romantic getaway they’re planning later this month. “Harry and Meghan weren’t going to see each other until the vacation, but they really wanted to see each other,” the insider said. “Meghan had an overwhelming few days in Toronto — cameras wherever she went, feeling like she was being followed. … This is all very surreal to her. She feels safe with Harry.”

[From Us Weekly]

I think it’s interesting that her reaction to getting pap’d in Toronto is to fly into the storm, to London, and promptly step out with her ginger lover for tree-shopping. From what I’ve seen of how the paparazzi operate, London is a much bigger paparazzi-hub than Toronto. I’m assuming the Christmas tree is for Harry’s London home, which is his cottage within the Kensington Palace property. As for their reported getaway at the end of the month… we’ll see. Some people believe an engagement announcement will happen by Valentine’s Day, if not sooner. Some people believe this whole thing will blow over and Harry will be a singleton again by Easter. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Melly says:

    Aw Christmas tree shopping (and general Christmas shopping) with a newish boyfriend can be so much fun.
    If London is filled with paparazzi, then why are there no pics of them together? I want pics, damnit! =)

  2. LAK says:

    She’s going to need better disguises to avoid paps if she stays at KP because the DM offices are a skip and hop from it.

  3. Hmmmm says:

    Still no pics? All that paparazzi in the UK and not one single photo of this “couple”. Weird…

  4. Nicole says:

    Yea figured she wasn’t avoiding the wedding because of her benevolence. Smh

  5. detritus says:

    I want to see them get married and make beautiful babies together and Meghan will be the Royal favourite and I will forget about how much I hate the Royals spending my maple syrup tax money from over seas =)

  6. Spaniard89 says:

    The day of the wedding she was pictured in Toronto with a friend so if she didn’t attend it wasn’t cause she was already in London

  7. Luca76 says:

    I really want them to work out but that being said you don’t just decide to be a world famous member of the royal family after 6 months of dating.

  8. QQ says:

    Ayee! these two ain’t playing, Huh?!

    • Onerous says:

      Agreed! As a full blown adult you don’t play at homemaking. Christmas decorating clearly connotes a level of seriousness not yet seen in a Harry relationship.

      • WeAreAllMadeOfStars says:


      • sarah says:

        How long did he date Chelsey for? I think they probably decorated a tree together.

        And that line about how he makes her feel safe – eeeewwwww. Poor little snowflake, needs her big man to protect her. Yeech.

      • Ravine says:

        Well, she wasn’t the one who expressed that. An “insider” did, perhaps without giving it too much thought. We can’t take random sources’ interpretations of other people’s emotions too literally.

      • Emily says:

        Also, I kind of feel like if I were ever to be hounded by the papparazzi (hahahaha…it’ll never happen), it’d be comforting if I was with someone else. Sort of like misery loves company. And as someone said above they must still be getting away with it when she’s with Harry in London because where are the pictures?

  9. C says:

    How is she paying for these trips?

  10. MrsBPitt says:

    I had never heard of Meghan until this “romance” with Harry! She looks like another actress, but I can’t think of who it is. Does anyone else thinks she looks like someone else??

  11. SkyLP213 says:

    I think she probably was thinking, “Well if I’m going to get papped I might as well hang out with my boyfriend and weather the storm together.”
    Especially if she feels safe with Harry. He’s very used to it and she probably feels much more secure going out with him than being alone in Toronto getting photographed going to yoga. The UK has tighter restrictions on paps and the royal family too.

    • Molly says:

      I suspect that Harry traveling with (possibly) armed, military-trained guards helps her “feel much more secure.” It sure would me!

    • Emily says:

      I said the same thing in reply to another comment before seeing yours. At least if they’re together they can be hounded together!

  12. Alleycat says:

    I think she wasn’t invited to the wedding because they aren’t that close. I’m not sure why people are trying to make it like seem like she’s a bad person because of this. Harry finally picks a girl who has her own career separate from him, someone who enjoys giving back, someone who actually is intelligent, yet people are still ripping her to shreds. What do people want from Harry’s significant other?

    • Guesto says:

      It’s a mystery, isn’t it? I guess we’ll just have to put it down to bitter begrudgment that it’s her, not them. It’s the only rational explanation.

    • Amy says:

      People are ripping her to shreds because she’s milking this for all it’s worth. She is loving the attention.

      If she hadn’t leaked the relationship to the press, posted suggestive images on instagram and remained discreet, people would have liked her. Everything with her is staged. Even her so called humanitarian work.

      Funny how she manages to get photographed 3 days in a row by herself but never once with Harry.

      • Kitty says:

        @Amy I agree. I think it would be a big mistake if Harry and her got engaged.

      • Melly says:

        Yeah, she spent years doing humanitarian work knowing one day she would meet Prince Harry and they would date. That sounds reasonable. There is no evidence that she leaked the info to the press. I think if she did, Harry probably wouldn’t still be with her. Why can’t she have a normal instagram? Why can’t she be excited about a new relationship? I don’t get the hate. She seems nice and Harry is a big boy who can choose who he wants to spend time with.

      • Guesto says:

        @Amy – Well, you seem to be proving my earlier theory. Thanks for that and best of luck with finding a way to deal with your irrational dislike of a woman who either (a) has done something very bad to you or (b) is shacked up with someone you want to do very bad things with. ;)

      • MellyMel says:

        Someone’s bothered! :)

      • ViXi says:

        I doubt Harry would break up with a girl, just because she leaked their relationship to the press. That seems extreme, shallow and narcissistic. Also can you imagine the backlash he would have gotten if he did break up with her because of that. They would have blamed him for being a racist for not acknowledging going out with a black woman. Similar thing which Leo DiCaprio is accused of. They will pay this out as long as they can and blame it on the hardship of long distance relationship.

      • Amy says:

        Erm, nice try Gusto, but I have never found Harry attractive nor do I dislike her. I just call it like I and majority of people see it. She’s loving the attention and constantly leaks stories to the press.

        She’s been in Hollywood for 15 years and just recently started doing charity work. Her trip to Rwanda earlier this year was arranged by a pr firm where she did a photoshoot.
        Staged and disingenuous. That’s why she is heavily disliked.

        Anyone who criticizes this relationship is jealous or a racist? Grow up, Gusto.

      • Elaine says:


        You don’t actually know if she’s only started doing charity work. Because, I assume, you aren’t her stalker and don’t know what she’s done her entire life, 24/7.

        She’s now easily papped because they know where she lives and she like to -on occasion- leave the house.

        Were she “milking it” she would have attended the opening of her clothing line. It debuted when this entire Harkle hoopla (Harry+Meghan Markle) began. But she stayed home.

        All I see is a woman enjoying her Ginger boyfriend every moment she can :-)

      • Lady D says:

        “If she hadn’t leaked the relationship to the press, posted suggestive images on instagram and remained discreet, people would have liked her. ”
        No they wouldn’t have. Nice try. They would have just found another reason to slag her.

      • Guesto says:


        It’s Guesto, not Gusto. And I never mentioned racism. That was you.

        So I’m concluding that the ‘majority’ you imagine dislike her is just you being a racist and wanting your racist views to be a majority. :)

      • Olenna says:

        Give it up, Amy. That spiteful “milking” comment might work elsewhere, but not here.

      • Amy says:

        Olenna, aren’t you the one who’s always playing the
        r-a-c-e card when it comes to the reasons she is so disliked? Give it a rest.

        It’s been well documented that she recently got involved in charity work. When this relationship was first announced, the general view was mostly positive. People were saying that they deserve privacy and should be left alone. Since then, the constant attention seeking and leaking of stories by Meghan is why the public has turned on her.

      • Olenna says:

        No, Amy. I’m not playing anything. I call it like I see it and you can go back and look at my comments again since you seem to remember them so well. It’s obvious she’s disliked b/c of her race, her career, her family, and just for existing and dating PH. Again, your vehement comments are indicative of someone who has taken a personal dislike in her despite knowing she has every right to broadcast their relationship to the world if she wanted to (but hasn’t).

      • milla says:

        Nope, no one would like her. No one liked Cressida or Davy. Eventually, she will get tired of the witch hunt like the ones before her and Harry will eventually marry a robot.

        People hated Kate long before she married William. No one is good enough for the royals which is hilarious considering their behaviour

    • TheSageM says:

      @alleycat: “Harry finally picks a girl who has her own career separate from him, (…) someone who actually is intelligent” – Chelsy is a lawyer with her own career. Arguably she is intelligent too? I have nothing against Harry’s current girlfriend, but you make it sound like all his exes are bimbos.

      • Pleaseicu says:

        IA. Harrys long term significant relationships have been with educated, independent women. That’s actually been his problem–he doesn’t go for the Kate types who want nothing more than to wait around and marry him and will give up everything to make him their entire world.

        Chelsy has an economics degree and a law degree and when she wanted to start her own business went to trade school/classes in the chosen field to educate herself. She then went on to start her own business. Cressida has an undergrad degree and went on to post-graduate education/training in dance. She continues to work as an actress. Both women are involved in various philanthropic/charitable endeavors. Both women have a loyal group of friends who they’ve been friends with that pre-dates Harry and who they continue to be friends with during and after Harry. No giving up friends for the boyfriend.

        Their independence and desire to pursue their chosen professions is pretty much what made them not suitable for a royal life but they’re hardly bimbos. Yes, they both grew up with wealth and privilege and run in aristo circles but I’m not sure why that makes them supposedly lacking in substance, education, or intelligence.

      • NatalieS says:

        I think Meghan’s his first serious girlfriend who didn’t come from money? Chelsy and Cressida aren’t lying about doing nothing, but Meghan is also a self-made woman.

      • sarah says:

        Really. This Meghan worship above all is silly. Meghan is his first intelligent girlfriend? I think becoming a lawyer is a bit harder than acting in a TV show in which you take your clothes off. Which is why I still think Harry will not end up with her. Not because of race, or even her career, but what she’s done during that career. It’s pretty racy for the royal family. I’d be shocked if she is any more than a fun distraction for him.
        And unlike Chelsea or Cressida, didn’t Meghan say she would give up her career to be a princess? Doesn’t sound like much of a career woman to me.

      • Ravine says:

        “(…) didn’t Meghan say she would give up her career to be a princess?”

        Citation needed.

    • notasugarhere says:

      +1 Alleycat. When a place like RoyalDish shuts down a thread about her because it is so unabashedly negative? You know there is something odd going on around discussions about these two.

  13. Olenna says:

    Kaiser, I’m loving your shrug ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .

  14. trilby227 says:

    So there’s no photos of them “Christmas tree Shopping”? So who leaked it to USWeekly? MMMMM..let me think…..

    • FrostedFlakes says:

      Its all over Twitter and the British newspapers. No one had to leak anything to US Weekly. The person who served them was American who didn’t even recognise her/them. The entire staff has been interviewed

  15. Beebee says:

    This is all so strange! Why do the royals want to push this relationship in our faces? We wouldn’t know any of this happened if it weren’t announced by the Royals themselves. What is really going on here? Are they sacrificing privacy to distract from something else?

    I don’t get it, this was never Harry’s MO.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      Pushing it in our faces OR getting the public slowly used to the relationship?

      • Kitty says:

        Well it has backfired hasn’t?

      • Amy says:

        It’s backfired big time. She went from being pretty much unknown to heavily disliked and Harry’s popularity has taken a huge dive.

      • Odette says:

        It hasn’t backfired. A lot of people like Meghan. Only the conspiracy fringe, (who, granted, happen to have a strong Internet contingent), have a problem with this relationship. A whole lot of people dig them together.

      • HappyMom says:

        How is she being “heavily disliked”?

    • FrostedFlakes says:

      Because he’s now a GROWN man, been to war 2x, travels the world on behalf of the Queen and his charities and he’s in love with MM. Cress Bonas was a fragile stripling, do you really believe that he could have some naive, insecure, airhead as his wife next to him when he speaks with President XYZ, or Prime Minister PQR? He is choosing and choosing wisely

      • Trixie says:

        “do you really believe that he could have some naive, insecure, airhead as his wife next to him when he speaks with President XYZ, or Prime Minister PQR?”

        Well, William does, so…

      • NatalieS says:

        I wonder if Michelle has texted Harry a thumbs up on Meghan? I like to think of the two of them being texting buddies and Michelle checking on him from time to time.

      • sarah says:

        That’s pretty offensive. Cressida, who also graduated from University and actually wants a career, is “some naive, insecure, airhead as his wife next to him,” but Meghan, a woman who makes her living by playing make believe and taking her clothes off for her show is not naive, insecure or an airhead? You know nothing about Meghan, except that she said she’d give up her “career” as a third rate actress to become a “princess.” Wheee!!! She’s so amazing!!
        I think there’s some blonde girl hating going on here. Talk about stereotyping. Very offensive.


        @Sarah, you’re awfully sensitive for someone who’s all but called this poor woman a slut. You’ve been harping on and on and on about her love scenes, one would swear she’s done hardcore porn. She’s barely shown anything that you wouldn’t see at your local beach. So unless you think all women who wear bikinis in public are unmarriageable whores, give it a rest.

        As for your defence of Cressida, hypocritical much? Isn’t Cressida trying to make a living “playing make believe”? Why is her dedication to something you think is so frivolous commendable? Lastly, if Meghan is such a third rate actress, what does that make Ms Bonas?

      • Natalie S says:

        @Sarah, you keep refering to Meghan “taking her clothes off.” Cressida is pursuing acting so she’s also going to earn a living playing “make believe” and maybe taking off her clothes as part of a role. Will that affect who Cressida is to the point that it needs to be referenced repeatedly?

      • Leah says:

        Sarah, you find the above comments offensive and that makes you want to offend Meghan.. Ok then..
        Also you’re being hypocritical
        “Cressida, who also graduated from University and actually wants a career”
        Note: both graduated from University, Meghan actually has a double degree in international relations and drama from a top US university. They both wanted careers. So far so good.
        “Meghan, a woman who makes her living by playing make believe”
        How ironic,considering Cressida is persuing an acting career
        “A third rate actress”
        well if you want to play that game, um i have quite a few friends who are actors, they trained at top drama schools such as LAMA and Central. I can tell you right now that Cressida does not really have the kind of stellar drama school training that is expected of most actors in the UK. She was most definitely helped by her posh connections and the attention she got through dating Prince Harry. The show she did at a small london fringe theatre had a lot of attention in the papers. Pretty funny because that is a venue that never gets any from national newspapers, its not exactly first rate, obviously the only reason the papers were interested was because it was starring Harrys ex girlfriend. So lets not pretend someone didn’t get a major push in her career of ” playing make believe and taking her clothes of” as you like to call it through dating the prince. ;)

    • notasugarhere says:

      Living their life together is pushing things in people’s faces? Are they supposed to go live in a cave so no one will be offended by proof that their relationship exists?


    Hahaha I cackle like an evil disney hag every time new tidbits come out about these two :-D The tears of his bitter/racist/classist/ageist fangirls warm my cold black heart. My faves are the delusional psychos who still insist that they’re not really dating.

    • Joannie says:


    • Elaine says:

      …or the ones who insisted that Harry flew all the way to Toronto to end it with her.

      Yeah right sugars. End it like a fox ;-)

    • Amy says:

      Everything is not about race. Believe it or not, there are many other reasons for disliking a person. Most people had no idea she was part black. Drop the race card.
      If they were really together and Harry was smitten as her people say, why does he hide her like a dirty secret? He stepped out in public with his previous girlfriends. So very telling

      • Lady D says:

        Hide her like a dirty secret? Seriously?

      • Amelie says:

        @Amy: you clearly don’t like Meghan for some reason and that’s fine. But Harry is NOT hiding her like a dirty secret so please stop making nonsensical claims. He issued a press release to the whole WORLD confirming they were dating and for people to stop making baseless attacks against Meghan since it seems the media was even harassing her family. People with “dirty secrets” don’t do that. He never did that with his previous girlfriends–not with Cressida, not with Chelsy (who he dated on and off for about seven years). He is NOT hiding his relationship with Meghan. Pictures of the two of them will eventually surface. It took awhile for pictures of Cressida and Harry to show up. It’s still a new relationship so they’re probably doing the whole cloak and dagger routine but that will end eventually.

      • Olenna says:

        Amy, it appears you’re here to vent like some of the others who’ve shown up recently b/c the Meghan hate thread on their royal forum was shut down. Well, have your say but realize most of us know what your vehement, coded argument is really about.

      • NatalieS says:

        I’d like to be Harry’s dirty, dirty secret. Oh, that’s right, I’m married. Never mind.

      • Maria says:

        How is he hiding her? He has come to Toronto two or three times just to see her.
        He has made a statement about her. I’m not sure that people dislike her. She is educated, smart, and earns her own living. I am rootin for her.


        Amy, you’ll notice that I mentioned a few other ‘isms’, it’s interesting that racism is the only one you’re protesting. The lady doth protest a little too much. In my experience, people who use the term “playing the race card” are almost always whitesplaining casual racists, you’re not doing yourself any favours with that one.

        Meghan is no saint, I’m sure there are plenty of valid reasons to dislike her. The people who hate her never seem to produce any that hold water though. Only racist/sexist dog whistles.

        As for that last bit, yikes, thanks for being kind enough to demonstrate exactly the kind of delusions I was talking about. :-)

    • Lady D says:

      I think it’s funny, too.

  17. Pokerface says:

    No one leaked this outing , the woman who sold them the tree spoke to people’s magazine

  18. Freddy Spaghetti says:

    She is so pretty and I love them together! I don’t get the hate at all. If I was with Harry, the whole world would know. Compared to how I’d react, I think she’s remarkably low key about being with him.

  19. Tough Cookie says:

    I was just wondering if they had a celebrity couple name and saw @Elaine call them Harkle. I love it!! Nothing will ever ever top “Tiddles” in my book but I will Honk For Harkle.

  20. Rae says:

    Ride that hot prince.

    /my input to the debate.

  21. Meg D says:

    Ugh, is Meghan going to be yet another tedious “Kaiser celeb girlfriend hate target”? There’s zero evidence she was ever invited to the wedding, or that she’s friends with the actor who got married.

    • Nic919 says:

      I think that there is a strong contingent supporting Meghan here. Posting cuddling bananas on Instagram isn’t a sin in my book.

  22. TOPgirl says:

    She got her white prince…why would she ever choose anything else over that.

    • FrostedFlakes says:

      What do you mean by “She got her white prince”? Sorry but I do need to state the obvious. Her FATHER is actually white as well, so was her husband and her Chef boyfriend? Harry is no different in that regard.

  23. Illya says:

    Race, Race, Race everything is about race these days it’s become a running joke. If you don’t like or disapprove of something you are automatically racist, what tripe. At last census, of the worlds population white people have become a minority. as we travel so much and are so multicultural most relationships these days are interracial ones. I myself am in an interracial relationship. I personally think Donald Trump is a conman and an opportunist, but my American in laws who are both African american and had no problem welcoming me into the family voted for him, and there not racist, I think the more race is shoved down peoples throats the more they rail against it. Harry’s statement was stupid and as someone who is in PR there is no way a legitimate PR person would have advised that, that statement be released, the second race was brought into it he lost the public as a BRIT, his popularity has plummeted. He would have been better addressing if and when they became engaged and did an engagement interview. Word on the street is that it is her law that went to Kensington and thus the statement that is why there is a lot of Americanisms in it. KP are dumb but there not that dumb. FYI you can be black and a racist to, racism isn’t synonymous with being white.

    • Illya says:

      Most British people are also in interracial relationships, it is the norm here in Britain, peoples biggest problem with this relationship is that the second you hear of an american divorcee you instantly think of Wallis and Edward, and it still leaves a bitter taste in peoples mouths. I personally wish them the best but as someone who has lived through Harry’s many relationships I’ll be surprised if he ever marries, I’m still shocked William married Kate. Full disclosure I believe in becoming a Republic.

      • seesittellsit says:

        @Illya – I know this is going to come as a shock, but Britain is still over 80% white. “Most” British people are NOT in interracial relationships. Many may be, but “most” is an absolutely unsupported statement. You can look up the population breakdown on Wikipedia.

        But that said, I will agree that there is a more relaxed attitude toward mixed race couple in Britain. If Harry were first in line, and his older brother weren’t already married with two additional heirs produced, it might be more of an issue, but the second son whose kids don’t stand any chance of inheriting the throne? I doubt they care.

        However, unless I’m mistaken, Markle IS Catholic and divorced, and if that is the case, wouldn’t Harry have to give up his place in the line of succession, and thus his kids, as well?

        Would that change if she agreed to convert?

      • LAK says:

        As of March 2015, religion, even catholicism, isn’t a barrier anymore.

        Being divorced is also not a problem – see Charles and Anne who are both divorced and married to divorcees.

      • seesittellsit says:

        @LAK – they got rid of that?! Well, I missed that one. Thanks for it.

        Not to quibble, though, but Charles was remarried after his former wife died. He was divorced from her, but she was no longer living, and he and Camilla had to have a civil ceremony with only a “blessing”, not a full religious service.

        So, next question, let us say that his intended (assuming Markle is The One) being divorced and Catholic doesn’t mean Harry has to give up his place in the line of succession – can they still have the Big Royal Wedding in Westminster Abbey? Or has the CoE also changed its position on divorce?

  24. seesittellsit says:

    Ooohhhh, Xmas tree shopping together, now THAT sounds serious! I wonder if Kate is having anxiety attacks?

    I still think she’s a bit too much in the “celeb” mold, but hey, I’m not marrying her.

    I figure an announcement would be due around February. I’d give a lot to be a fly on one of the many, many walls in Kate’s and William’s 21-room “apartment”.

    • LO says:

      Honest question…

      Why do people think Kate cares so much about who Harry dates and/or marries? Kate has everything she wants: status, endless money, multiple homes etc. She is the wife and mother of future kings. As time goes on and as William and Kate have more kids and those kids grow up, Harry and his wife become less and less relevant. That’s how being a spare goes. Their best case scenario is to be like Edward and Sophie, successfully married and get little to no coverage of their duties. Worst case scenario is Andrew/Sarah divorced and hated.

      • Meow says:

        Because Waity has shown herself to be completely irrational/death stare-y towards any other rival woman in her sphere.

        This is why she has 0 female friends (discounting her mother and Pippa).

      • seesittellsit says:

        @LO – ah, if only it were that simple . . . because that’s human nature. Sure, the long game in terms of preference and rank goes to Kate and William, but people like Kate and in Kate’s position are always on the lookout for other royal s.o.’s who might outshine them – the media floodlights being what they are today, especially. And I have no proof whatsoever of this (this is a gossip site after all) but I suspect Kate is, like her mother, and like most peasants who make it to the top of the social pyramid, of being a feudal snob. Those who aspire to those circles usually absorb their values. I can imagine Carole M. face-palming in horror at the idea of her royal grandchildren’s cousins being part black. Her own grand-pappy being a coal miner, of course, is a different story.

        seesittells it admits to rubbing hands together maliciously at the prospect of this engagement.

  25. LO says:

    Why are people being so extreme about this relationship? I don’t get it. People on both sides are acting like they know Meghan and Harry personally.

    • Joannie says:

      She’s American.

      • FrostedFlakes says:

        That’s not really all there is to it, is there? People were excited at the prospect of Harry hooking up with Elizabeth Marks, the Invictus swimmer, remember her? Let me point out a few similarities here… please note: both are American divorcees who met Prince Harry while they were in relationships

        Elizabeth Marks: Mixed race (??) not entirely sure but I think both her parents, or at least her mother is definately Latina Hispanic; Divorced; American; born August 7; from West coast USA (CO); soldier, “celebrity athlete” – almost household name in the US, unknown in the UK; totally unknown before Invictus & Harry “relationship potential”
        Meghan Markle: Mixed race, mother African-American; Divorced; born August 4; from West coast USA (CA); Actress – almost household name in Canada & USA; unknown in the UK before Harry relationship disclosure

        Now tell me, what stands out for you here?

  26. shura says:

    I don’t find him at all attractive (no honks for Harry, sorry) and Meghan I’d not heard of before this story. She’s pretty. Seems like a typical HW bit player. Neither here nor there. I imagine she’s a real breath of fresh air for him though, and definitely a bump up for her. Mutually beneficial. They’re both no doubt having a great time. Just impressions based on admittedly little evidence. That said, my money is on “singleton by Easter”

  27. Tina says:

    I am irrationally pleased that I bought my Christmas tree in the same place. It’s not really a shop, just a pop-up in a car park in Battersea Park.

  28. Meow says:

    Wow all the Kate sugars turning up in these comments. Just cos Megz is a natural stunner with a career, unlike your Waitybot ;)

    • FrostedFlakes says:

      I will defend Kate… my fellow Capricorn… and I do GET her. IMHO, all that mean-spiritedness that was directed at her before the wedding, remember that, and the vitriol which is STILL directed at her??!! – she like Meghan, is an Outsider, not Blonde, not from a posh aristocratic background, her mother from a Council Estate, air stewardess, bitchy extended family.

      Kate is just CALLING IT IN now… yeah, bow to me b**ches… yeah, think you can get access to my children??, F you, its not happening … who’s common now??… peasants!! Yeah, if you step to me, you had better come CORRECT, and make sure you have my TITLE right, its HRH Duchess to you… yeah, make sure you DON’T EVER FORGET THAT… b**tches!!!

      So, yes, I get her, completely…

      And one more thing, her parents may be going through a divorce, she’s probably holding up her family right now. At least a year ago, I noticed that her father looked a lot different from before the Wedding. He could be ill… you NEVER know what happens away from the spotlight and behind closed doors.

  29. Starlight says:

    I have a Capricorn friend very insecure spends loads on clothes and wears lots of makeup and loves sunbathing. significantly determined to stay one step ahead of everybody else, would be a force to be reckoned with if anyone made an attempt to steal her man, and if she gets the man of her dreams won’t stop to be by his side in a sort of look at me type possessive way, desperately secretive and rarely has friends to her immaculate home unless you make an appointment weeks in advance. Extremely competitive regarding siblings they have to be good at everything to stay ahead of the game. Can be a helicopter mum especially regarding daughters will be always seen out shopping and by their side.
    I would also say not sure if it’s a good idea to be bosom buddy mates if you have something she wants ! Go on tell me I am right.

    • FrostedFlakes says:

      I have 2 female cousins – Capricorns – who you probably have described. But you are generalising massively though. Kate Moss, Ellie Goulding, Michelle Obama, Sienna Miller, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark are also Capricorn, I think Princess Michael of Kent may be Capricorn… very grand women of substance, and yes, we can be raging “down to earth” snobs. We expect only the best and demand that of others. Jealous, no, competitive – yes, but not obviously so… that would be so vulgar.

      We are passionate about our causes, and feel things deeply. Yes, we are sticklers for standards, and in keeping up appearances but we are also quite sensitive and protective of our inner selves until you cross us… you would never know what hit you.

  30. Starlight says:

    … regarding the no to jealousy – I think Capricorns set such high standards it’s not necessary for them to be jealous because by being immaculate in every way no one can compete because I their minds their standards are so high and achieved. What though I have noticed is with my friend is if she wants something I have she will try and get it by Copying but getting something better and not telling under any circumstances that she is going to get something equivalent and better. It’s like down the road it happens, and your left scratching your head. It’s like I am not in the remotest interested in getting into a competive fight with her but it happens because she has to stay top dog. It’s difficult to explain but didn’t Ellie Goulding have a hissy fit because she was not allowed into a party recently.

    • FrostedFlakes says:

      Are you sure that you are her…. friend?! Doesn’t sound that way. Trust me if she ever had the slightest idea that’s how you feel, she will cut you off faster than you can say, hello. It was reported that Ellie Goulding had thrown a fit. However, we weren’t there to see the circumstances… did the bouncer embarrass her? or was disrespectful? or ignored her invitation? or.. whatever. Doesn’t matter… Capricorns don’t really make a scene unless we are REALLY riled up about something… given that it was a party and she’s a public person, that sort of behaviour is inconsistent, but we don’t know her personally. BTW, ever heard of the diva strops which Jennifer Lopez, Reese Witherspoon and a few others have thrown, famous words… “Do you know who I am !!??”