Andy Cohen still can’t get Kim Zolciak to admit she’s had a nose job

On Wednesday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen had Kim Zolciak and her currently free agent football-playing husband, Kroy Biermann, as his guests. Their discussion drifted to probably the only topic of any real interest with these two, Kim’s plastic surgery obsession. The (cough) 38-year-old (cough) has been quite up front about getting some work done, even filming a visit to her doctor in Los Angeles. Heck, she even shared video of her recent cellulite-taming butt injections not once, but twice. But when it comes to her nose however, she refuses to own up to getting any work done.

On WWHL, Andy tried to get Kim to confess that she’s had some work done on her old sniffer, but she wouldn’t bite. Andy put up a split screen of Kim from RHOA’s first season (which debuted in 2008) and her now, and, even without my glasses, I could tell that one of these things was not like the other. Andy asked, “You don’t think that nose is a little different, Kim?” he asked her. “The tip is not different?” and Kim immediately went on the defensive, asserting, “There’s no makeup—look at the nose…everything’s kind of changed,” to which Andy sarcastically replied, “Yes, it sure has.” (The shade of it all!) Kim added, “If I’m going to have a nose job, it’s going to be a hell of a lot shorter.” Sure, Kim. Kroy even tried to stick up for his wife but Andy stuck to his guns. When Kroy tried to defend Kim’s honor, Andy came back with, “I’ve known her longer than you have. And she had a different looking nose!” Check out the clip below. The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

This isn’t the first time Andy has tried to get Kim to cough up the truth about her schnoz. Back in August of 2015, Kim was still in denial mode, telling Andy, “I’m very honest with plastic surgery. Obviously I’ve never hidden anything. We all know I do Botox, I’m a big fan of it. My lips are definitely overdrawn.”

I don’t get what the big deal is. Kim has been more than forthcoming about her plastic surgery, telling E! she’s had a boob job and a tummy tuck – and she’s probably around 75% filler in her face by now. Who cares if she’s had a nose job? In this day and age, there’s no stigma about any kind of plastic surgery, so it’s hard for me to understand why this is such a sticky topic with her. Unless, of course, she thinks if she keeps denying it, Andy will keep having her on his show. Hmm….




Kim Zolciak and her daughter, Brielle Biermann, depart from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Photo credit:, Fame Flynet

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32 Responses to “Andy Cohen still can’t get Kim Zolciak to admit she’s had a nose job”

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  1. Juluho says:

    I think she was a beautiful woman before all the work.

  2. paolanqar says:

    Is she for real?
    I mean.. we do have eyes. Nothing on that face (or body) has not been touched/plumped/reduced/tweaked.

    She is so dumb. Poor kids. Those poor poor kids.

  3. cleveland girl says:

    This woman freaks me out, I used to love on RHA, but after she met Kroy and got her own show her whole persona changed…and not for the better. Anyone can clearly see that her nose has been tweeked…as has her forehead, jaw line, eyes, lips, bust, and body.

  4. RussianBlueCat says:

    I know that there is enormous pressure to stay young looking in the entertainment field. But after a certain point are some of these women( and a few men) becoming addicted to these procedures? The photo of Kim and her daughter their lips look swollen to the point of painful

  5. Julia says:

    Ironically all that (very obvious) work makes her look older and much less attractive. Same with the daughter.

    • Dayle Hudson. t hudson says:

      Kim’s daughter looks terrible with her lips done and overdrawn. Her mom also wants her to sleep with guys before marriage to see if there private part is big enough. Kelly did not agree with that one

  6. JoJo says:

    Andy also grilled her about her lips and whether she’d had even more injections, and she vehemently denied it. And then he told her she needs to “stop” (with all of the work/injections.) She looks ridiculous. She’s starting to look like the tiger lady.

  7. bluhare says:

    She should have stopped halfway ago. Now she looks like sex doll.

  8. Lynnie says:

    Looking back on trends and fashions, I used to think the early 2000s was pretty bad in style, but the mid 2010s are slowly, but surely, starting to look pretty tragic as well. At least back then there was some variety in the awfulness lol. Now everyone looks like overfilled melting messes. The pendulum back to natural cannot swing fast enough

    Also Brielle should have never let her mother talk her into doing that to her face 😪

  9. Talie says:

    It’s funny to see season 1 Kim…Housewives don’t look that way on camera anymore. Back in the day, you could aways see the evolution from first season to second. Now they are too savvy and have professional hair and makeup + surgery before they even start.

  10. Murphy says:

    It is strange to me that she is all “heyyy I’m getting a full body tuck makeover after the twins” but won’t admit to the nose job. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t like the result of her later one (I believe she had the original in 2009/2010 and another one in 2015/2016). The first one was an improvement, the second one paired with the rediculous lips just makes her look like a fem bot

  11. Lalu says:

    I cannot believe there are men or women out there that think this fake look is attractive. It blows my mind. I could never even sit down with someone that looks like this and have a meaningful conversation. I couldn’t take them seriously. I guess that might sound mean, but it is the truth.
    Her daughter is way too young to look like a housewife. Blah.
    I suppose plastic surgery done right and limited to a few things is a great resource for some people, but when I see someone like this… I just think “bring on the wrinkles and the grey hair”. My 85 year old grandmother is far more attractive than this woman, because she is real. For me real is way hotter than this plastic look.

  12. Tammy says:

    Kim is a LIAR!! Of course, she’s had work done on her nose. And that’s not the only thing. She’s raising an ENTITLED mini too. Brielle is so dumb. She’s lazy AF, & has no life skills. Someone cleans Brielle’s room, Tracy cooks for them & Brielle doesn’t work. I literally can’t stand Brielle. She thinks she’s better than anyone. If I was Kopech’s mom I would steer him in the other direction.

  13. Jinxycat says:

    Kim needs a reality check. She looks so hideous from the top of her wig to the bottom of her feet. And to see the nose and wig oh and face transformation it’s scary. This lady has some real ish going on with her. And she wants more kids. That cat should be fumigated. And Kroy you got yourself a old lady who’s patching g her body up.
    I’m just saying

  14. Grant says:

    Does she think we’re blind? Or just stupid? She used to be beautiful, like a young Faith Hill. Now she just looks like an alien Real Doll.

  15. QQ says:

    The forehead looks like those sci fi movies where some ominous creature is about to break the skin surface and kill the host of sayd creature or from underwaters?? Just Ripples on ripples

  16. Mar says:

    She is more fake than Kim K if that’s even possible

  17. deevia says:

    Eh – she looks fake AF both before and after. Just scary and plastic, only difference is moving from a Texas- to L.A-styling.

  18. Erica_V says:

    Remember when she was adamant she didn’t wear a wig or a hair piece either? Good times.

    • Cocoa puff says:

      What happens when she can’t afford the regular treatments?! That is the next chapter. They were rich, not wealthy!

  19. Anilehcim says:

    I am 10000% convinced that she had that nose job to look more like her daughter. She is OBSESSED with her eldest daughter, Brielle. She posts tons of pictures of her and after she got her nose job she began posting pictures of their faces in profile writing things like “we have the same nose! see haters, it’s real!” She also recently posted a picture of the 2 of them together at an airport and the caption was all about how they’re twins. She’s a complete loon.

  20. Dayle Hudson. t hudson says:

    Brrielle is rediculous. What was with her wearing that long dress and heels around the house. The thing with her bringing that puppy home was just stupid.she doesn’t think ahead just like kroy said. She doesn’t have a plan. She wants to start at the top of a job and an expensive car and apt. Kim would have been all for it. She can’t even take care of her own kids. She makes the older ones do it.she wants more kids. I thought we were smarter than the animal kingdom.

  21. LyleLovit says:

    These slores all look like cheap hookers. The poor daughter never had a chance, she looks like a 30 something porn wannabe. What the heck is wrong with these people and why do they keep getting elevated in society. Enough already!

  22. DesertReal says:

    Shes had at least 3 jobs.
    The original original wider and pointier one pre-2008 or early 2009.
    Then the tip of her nose was adjusted to the one we saw on most of RHOA.
    Then early this year/late last year she went full f**kin Michael Jackson with an even shorter, tapered, pointy, stubby little odd little thing.
    So bizarre.

  23. Pasquale says:

    99% of these “Real Housewives” look like drag queens.

  24. Perpetua says:

    My theory is that if she admits to the nose job, which is arguably the biggest alteration shes made to her appearance, she sees it as admitting she didnt find herself attractive before, or at least as attractive as she pretended to find herself. She probably also knows how creeped out people would be seeing her duplicate her daughters very different looking nose onto her own face.

  25. Lady D says:

    Does anyone know what colour of hair dye she uses in the pic with the white top?