Mick Jagger & Melanie Hamrick named their son Deveraux Octavian Basil


More than a few celebrities have chosen the name “Jagger” for their babies. But what if the original Jagger chose to name his child after the celebrity he most admired: the late Rue McClanahan??? That’s certainly one explanation, isn’t it? As we discussed a few weeks ago, Mick Jagger welcomed his eighth child with his fourth baby-mama in early December. Mick, 73, and Melanie Hamrick, 30, welcomed a baby boy. And now we know the kids name: Deveraux Octavian Basil Jagger. Deveraux as in Blanche Devereaux, the iconic sex-maniac from Golden Girls? While the baby name isn’t spelled exactly like the character’s name, I still have hope that Mick Jagger has secretly been a Golden Girls super-fan this whole time.

Mick Jagger, 73, welcomed his eighth child about a week ago, and it appears his newborn’s son’s name has been revealed. A photo of Mick’s newborn baby appeared on Elizabeth Jagger’s Instagram account, and in the caption Elizabeth introduced his name. “My beautiful baby brother Deveraux Octavian Basil Jagger,” she wrote, according to reports, but the picture has since been deleted. Elizabeth is one of the Rolling Stones rocker’s other children.

Basil was Mick’s late father’s first name, though many knew him better as Joe. Octavian means “born eighth” in Latin, which is all too perfect considering he is Mick’s eighth child. He welcomed Deveraux with girlfriend Melanie Hamrick, 30.

[From E! News]

I’m so dumb, I never put the “Octavian = eighth” thing together before now. That’s sort of interesting, although I feel sorry for Melanie that she had to think that hard about how this is Mick’s eighth kid, enough to want to mark it in some way. In truth, I don’t think Mick Jagger was making a Golden Girls reference. If I had to put money on it, I think Melanie probably chose the first name and then Mick got to choose the middle names. I would be willing to bet that Deveraux probably has some significance in her family, maybe it’s even a family name. Plus, the kid gets the nickname as “Dev,” which is a great nickname. Dev Jagger sounds like the cool kid who wears a lot of scarves to his political science classes.


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  1. yunkai says:

    Wow, poor baby :/

  2. Esmom says:

    I’m less bothered by his name than by his parents’ age difference. I don’t think I really registered it until just now. Yikes.

    • LoveIsBlynd says:

      A friend of mine is w a man 30 years older. They suit each other’s temperament and mannerisms, but he is controlling of her so that’s concerning. She said he “watches everything she puts in her mouth”. No. Thanks.

  3. justsaying says:

    Well, Melanie is set for life.

  4. hmmm says:

    Well, la-di-da.

  5. AnotherDirtyMartini says:

    That’s a mouthful of a name.

  6. Angel82 says:

    Mick has a thing for ballerinas :) I know he’s Mick Jagger but I just couldn’t, for many reasons….

  7. minx says:

    What a pretentious name. Poor kid.

  8. suze says:

    What a lovely, unpretentious name!

    Of course he probably needed something with some gravitas. It’s hard when your nephews and nieces are in their teens and your great nephew is a year older than you.

  9. Carol says:

    I like the name. Its a little long but I like the nickname Dev too

  10. Lynnie says:

    When did the pretentious name trend for celeb kids start. Like geez, they couldn’t give him a decent middle name at least lmao

  11. Boxy Lady says:

    Fifth baby mama, actually. Dang. That’s a lot.

    • manta says:

      I knew reading the post that Hamrick couldn’t be only the 4th. Then I checked:Marsha Hunt, Bianca Jagger,Jerry Hall, Luciana Gimenez. So yeah, 5th (that we know of).

  12. LadyT says:

    I’m going to go against the grain here- I love the name! If you find it pretentious I understand your dislike. I just find it unusual and for that reason I give it high marks. All my children have distinctly different family names and I nor they have ever regretted it. I personally question why there should be dozens of kids in a high school with the same name. That seems like the poorer choice.

    • Valois says:

      That is pretty unlikely though. Even the most popular names are less common than the most popular names decades ago, which means that even if Isabella might be a super popular name, there won’t be hundreds of Isabellas running around in the same college class (or school or workplace).

  13. Arpeggi says:

    That’s an unfortunate name! I hate when last names (or names that sounds like one) are given as first names!! I dig Octavian though, I think it’s a funny way to recognize the situation. My great-great-grandparents totally lacked imagination and named their kids Primo, Segundo, Tercina… My great-grandma was the 10th and thus named Decia; I think it’s an awful thing to name your kids 1 to 10, but it sort of works as a middle name.

    Anyway, I’m sure the kid will be alright regardless of its name.

  14. Cidey says:

    Mick IS a Golden Girl.

  15. Potato_Chip says:

    Baby would be better named: Deveraux Octavian Pecunia Basil J.
    Pecunia? Latin for money maker, as in ‘Pecunia non let’, or ‘money does not stink’ (unlike Sir Mick).

  16. KiddVicious says:

    I like the name. I love Dev and Basil has always been one of my favorite names. I even like Octavian.

    Not too long ago I finally realized the name Quentin means 5th child. I asked a kid whose name is Quentin if he’s the 5th child, he said no, I’m the oldest. Why? Apparently his parents hadn’t figured it out yet either.

    • Arpeggi says:

      My ex-boyfriend’s older brother is named Benjamin. It always bothered me: Benjamin for your 1st born, really?! Don’t you know what it means?!?

      • Incognito says:

        What does it mean? I know of a Benjamin who is a first born son but it was because it was the only name both parents could agree on.

      • Arpeggi says:

        Benjamin was the name of the last (and 12th!) son of Jacob and Rachel. Because of that, it’s given to the youngest kid (or one of the yougbest) because of that. I know it’s an old testament thing, but it still sticks around here (in French it even got turned into an adjective to qualify the youngest kid boy or girl).

        But I’m very opinionated about names and many make me cringe. One of my best friends is an elementary school teacher and when she tells me about the kids’ names at her school, I scream (since when is Princess a name?!). A few years ago, I had to repress a cry when an ex-colleague of mine told me her nephew’s name was Anakin… I just wanted to remind her that things don’t end well for A Skywalker :/

      • Valois says:

        If Benjamin was my top choice for a boy, I wouldn’t care about the bible aspect because I don’t care about the bible in general

      • Incognito says:

        Thanks Arpeggi for the explanation! I don’t think they took that into account and just went for the name they could both agree upon.

  17. Ama says:

    Are they still a couple?

  18. Voldielocks says:

    What is wrong with me that I don’t hate the name Deveraux? 😨

  19. Bobby the K says:

    I’m the youngest of eight. So now ‘Octavian’ will become an oft used screen name.

  20. Pam says:

    She looks a bit like a young version of Mick’s girlfriend designer L’Wren Scott who committed suicide not so long ago due being in debt. How does an incredible fashion designer worn by celebs get to this point it’s sad. Would Mick have helped her? Did he know? He always looked so happy with her in pictures.

  21. moo says:

    His dyed eyebrows are almost as horrible as his dyed hair.

  22. Redgrl says:

    Poor Mick, Keith got all the pretty ones…