Kirstie Alley wants to lead march against “Mother’s Act” bill


Kirstie Alley is on the Twitter warpath. Alley, a Scientologist, is rallying against the Mother’s Act, which just passed the House of Representatives. The Act is meant to provide screening, diagnosis, and follow-up services for pregnant and new mothers for postpartum depression. However, because depression is often treated with psychiatric drugs and/or psychiatric therapy sessions, the Scientologists are all over this one. And predictably, they’re flaming mad, and hiding under one of their intentionally innocuously named organizations, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights. Sounds so vague you’d never think it was just another Scientology organization, would you?

Alley is Twittering about all the bad things she believes will happen if the Mother’s Act is passed. This includes things like FORCING women and babies to take psychiatric drugs and squirting Prozac in babies’ eyes. Yes, she really said that. Here are a couple of her Twitters since this morning.

I have to get you all info on THE MOTHER’S ACT. this is this lousy BILL that would give BIG BROTHER the right to force you to drug ur kids

AND MANDATE that when you are pregnant, YOU MUST take drugs if a Dr. tells you to. THIS is BIG BROTHER at his finest. More on this soon moms

I am organizing a MILLION MOM MARCH to protest this BILL. It just keeps rearing it’s head. BACKED 100% by BIG PHARMA. MOMS UNITE!!

@Kathy_in_Fla I want to tell you all about this. It is not really tweet format. I am furious that mothers and BABIES could be force drugged

BABIES HAVING PROZAC squirted in there eyes at birth to prevent depression later on. HELLO 1984.. I will keep you informed. It is brutal!

@SandieMN My opinion is that TAKING MEDICAL DRUGS is an option, not a MANDATE by anyone.Especially GOVERNMENTS…

@scarrieann I am serious. PROZAC in babies eyes! And this is not a FUTURE scene, it is done right now every day.

@XEROUZA Yes this is true. I will get you all the data.Can you imagine? Being forced to be drugged and having our baby drugged?

The goal is to PRE-SCREEN pregnant mothers for depression. If they fit the bill, it is mandated ‘TREATMENT” which is DRUGS.and for her BABY

It is called GENETIC PROFILING and it will be in full force if THE MOTHER’S ACT gets passed. I beg U to help stop this..I will get U info

[From Kirstie Alley’s Twitter]

The words “force” and “drugged” are all over the place, along with lots of references to Big Pharma and Big Brother. Here’s the thing: there are other, non-Scientology groups (including pro-life groups)that are against this bill. Most of their arguments have to do with special interests, pharmacy lobbyists, and lack of following the informed consent laws. They claim the point of this bill isn’t to look out for mothers, it’s to create more business for Pfizer et al. And there are feminists groups that are absolutely for it, hoping that it will protect women by increasing treatment for postpartum depression.

But there is nothing in the language of the billthat stipulates mandatory drugging of women or babies. There’s a lot of legalese and a lot of vague language, and it’s safe to assume much of it would be interpreted by courts over time. But writing about squirting Prozac in babies’ eyes – which I can’t find any mention of, anywhere – and mandatory drugging is irresponsible. Kirstie’s trying to make it sound like she’s all for choosing treatment, her issue is with having it forced on people. It’s a leap to say there’s anything in the bill that indicates force.

It talks about testing and making resources available. I’m not going to argue for or against the bill or the pharmaceutical industry. Nor would I ever presume to know how the bill would be enacted. But Kirstie is presuming to know that women and babies are going to be forced – even against their will – to take psychiatric drugs, taking away all their choices. That’s a huge, irresponsible leap, and saying that it’s in the bill is either a gross misunderstanding on her part or an all-out lie.

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  1. I think its great. So many new mothers suffer from post-partum depression and it goes untreated. Kirstie Alley and the rest of the Scientology buffs are freaks.

  2. kiki says:

    this woman is batshite crazy.

    wonder if her new diet plan has some sort of mega vitimins stuff in it.

  3. Embee says:

    She sounds (reads) like a loon, but in light of the recent judicial ruling (that a child be given chemotherapy against his and his parents wishes) this is a particularly timely piece.

    I am alos concerned that gov’t is getting WAY too involved in private matters.

    Thanks JayBird.

  4. K.L. says:

    I’ve suffered from depression for years and am pregnant with my first child. Im all for this Act to pass so that my child and myself will have the resources for our well-being mentally as well as physically. This is the main problem I have with Scientology, where it’s portrayed that the members that follow this “religion” are somehow more enlightened than the rest of us, and therefore don’t have the same problems as us “weaker” folk.

  5. Mairead says:

    Has she come forth with the “data” that Prozac (but no other anti-depressant) is being squired into more than one child’s eyes at birth to prevent depression later on?

    No? Thought not. :roll:

    I mean, if taking one dose of Prozac into the eyes (where the tear ducts will likely wash it back out again) was enough to prevent depression for months, if not years. then “Big Pharma” would go bust in a year. Why bother with pills when a simple eyebath will cure what ails yeh?

    This from a woman who swallows every contradictory rant by a man who forced his wife into having a home-made abortion administered by him. Yup – real “mom-friendly” policies there.

  6. the original kate says:

    so obviously the way to deal with depression is NOT to take medication that may prevent you from killing yourself but to eat doughnuts until you burst. or maybe that’s just kirstie’s way of coping with depression.

  7. drm says:

    I have always thought if Kirstie Alley “dealt” with her issues her weight wouldn’t be such a problem. Her weight fluctuates wildly (as can be seen by her appearance at the moment) so this isn’t your standard “I need to lose 10 kilos” paradigm.

    If you are depressed its a really smart move to get treatment. Whether its counselling, medication or a combination of things its all good.

    Kirstie Alley telling anyone what to do is a scary thought…

  8. alecto says:

    Hello!! If Andrea Yates would have had this option I think there would be 5 babies alive!! Instead she was TRYING to get help and her insurance company said “So sorry you’ve spent enough of our money.” and DENIED her treatment. Kristie Alley’s only experiance with post partum depression is from one scene in a movie that was making fun of it. She’s not even a MOTHER!! So this is NONE of her business. By the way this crock religion is doing her so good in over coming whatever issues she’s trying to bury with food!!!

  9. EduBois says:

    Kirstie can’t conceal the truth about being a Scientologist. They have a pathological fear of psychiatry/psychology and don’t really care about the actual cost to human lives. If you can’t get well on their vitamins, then there’s something wrong with you. It’s circular reasoning.

    Anyway, Ms. Alley would be better served concentrating on her own issues – perhaps Scientology can help her control her own body better – rather than leaping to try to control others.

  10. ! says:

    Leave it to a $cientologist to care more about destroying psychologists than they do about a woman’s mental health and her life and the lives of her children. As a former sufferer of post partum depression, I can tell you the *best* thing we can do for these women is test and screen for it as often as possible. Let them determine their treatment but hey if they want drugs give ‘em drugs. Only *you* can know and determine what treatment option is best for you. Prozac made me irrational, so I approached my issues with therapy and tons of exercise and getting as much help as possible from my parents. No one has the right EVER to tell someone else how to deal with their medical problems (unless intervening in the case of an abused child). EVER. It is that individual’s own business.

    Luckily, I stopped listening to people who didn’t know what they were talking about long ago. Scientology helped her overcome drug addiction but I see it did nothing for her food addiction, which can also be a manifestation of depression. I used to like her, but the woman is batshit insane now as far as I’m concerned.

  11. Annie says:

    Obviously you guys are not “with it”.

    I mean, we squirt drugs into baby’s eyes ALL THE TIME.

    Nyquil? Squirt in in their eye (that’s what she said..)

    Tylenol? Squirt it in her eye! (that’s what she said..)

    As a former sufferer of post partum depression, I can tell you the *best* thing we can do for these women is test and screen for it as often as possible.

    Hear hear! I’m glad you overcame it!!! :) (no sarcasm at all. I’m really glad you did :) and I’m glad that people find ways to overcome something that’s hitting a lot of mothers all around.)

    EDIT: I just read on the Scie-cho, I mean, Citizens commission…anyway, I just read on there that they’re claiming a woman was electro shocked right after giving birth? WTF. Yea right. When will their lies end?

  12. TaylorB says:


    While I do understand what you mean about government intervention or lack there of, this issue as with many others are a very slippery slopes… in every direction. These issues are so far from black and white it is astounding that so many people try and boil it down to just that, not that I am suggesting that is whay you are doing. It is just interesting to watch/read these stories. Seems to me there is no right or wrong answer. That being said, Ms Alley does sound like a loon and as JayBird said either didn’t read or didn’t understand the bill, no one is trying to force this on women but just keep them aware so that people can get help if they would choose to do so.

    As for that boy in Sleepy Eye,MN, ultimately, with or without government intervention, it is the parents choice if they want to treat their childs (at this point treatable)cancer, a choice which the parents made when the mother ran off with her gravely ill child, and whether we like it or not, agree with them or not, or argue about this choice until the cows come home, they will be the ones who have to live with that decision for the rest of their lives and they will be the ones to have the sight of his gravestone etched in their memories forever.

  13. SolitaryAngel says:

    @ Mairead: “This from a woman who swallows every contradictory rant by a man who forced his wife into having a home-made abortion administered by him.”

    WTF? Could you explain this to me, maybe show me a link to the story? I hadn’t heard about this one! Thanks!

    I agree with Alecto, and all of you who’ve said that Kirstie has way too many *obvious* mental issues herself to be talking about anyone else. I really don’t understand the why behind the CO$ reasoning that psychiatric help is evil?

    I’ve suffered from depression most of my life, and it did get worse after my son was born but thanks to meds I am still alive and as close to *normal* as I can be. At least all those of us who seek help for depression are actually ADMITTING that there IS a problem—CO$ just insist there isn’t. Dangerous nutjobs, all of them.

  14. Alex says:

    Kirstie is insane! Her tweets were some of the most mis-informed, uneducated pieces of trash I have read in a long while.

    My friend has spend the last 3 years going through non-stop post-partum depression after two children and one miscarriage (twins in their 20th week). After trying 5 different types of anti-depressants she finally found the right type and dosage and is feeling happy and normal for the first time in 3 yrs.

    Post-partum depression almost destroyed her marriage. She spent 3 years feeling like she didn’t love her own children, barely showering, and barely getting out of bed.

    I am 150% for screening for it and supplying a treatment for those who need it! People who are depressed can barely get out of bed let alone ask for the help they need.

    A big middle finger to Kristie and her crazy cult!

  15. Aleksa says:

    I think screening is necessary. I also think this woman should be put in care, she´s loca!!Prozac in babies eyes??? How would that stop post-natal depression anyway?? Ach.

  16. daisy424 says:

    She needs hormones = menopause.
    Or is that against her ‘beliefs’?

  17. lilly says:

    Good, she could use the exercise. because she’s really fat and stuff.

  18. Alison says:

    If you read Kirstie’s recent People interview, you know she’s completely wacked. She thinks that at age 58 she’s going to lose 100 lbs. and have the body of a 25 yr old showgirl. She put it out there that she wants Jamie Foxx to come to her house for a booty call (her words). The main thing she revealed in that interview is that she’s absolutely crazy. People mag. must have been ecstatic.

  19. Polkasox says:

    First of all, medicating the kid would have NO effect on the mother’s depression.

    Second of all, prozac eye drops aren’t in existence! Apparently Kirstie is in the lab at Pfizer & has the newest info.

    Kirstie, if you’re gonna rant about something, don’t make things up, it ruins any validity you might otherwise have in your argument.

  20. Anon says:

    “@SolitaryAngel: WTF? Could you explain this to me, maybe show me a link to the story? I hadn’t heard about this one! Thanks!”

    L. Ron Hubbard, Jr, the son of L.Ron Hubbard, the creator of Scientology gave an interview with Penthouse magazine in 1983. LRH, Jr. had his name legally changed to Ron DeWolfe because he wanted no association with his criminally insane father:

    Here is an excerpt from the article re: Abortion:

    In 1983 an interview with L. Ron Hubbard Jr. was published, and it contained this horrific description of Ron Jr.’s witnessing his father attempting an abortion on his mother:

    “Hubbard: … I have a memory of this that goes back to when I was six years old. It is certainly a problem for my father and for Scientology that I remember this. It was around 1939, 1940, that I watched my father doing something to my mother. She was lying on the bed and he was sitting on her, facing her feet. He had a coat hanger in his hand. There was blood all over the place. I remember my father shouting at me. “Go back to bed!” A little while later a doctor came and took her off to the hospital. She didn’t talk about it for quite a number of years. Neither did my father.

    Penthouse: He was trying to perform an abortion?

    Hubbard: According to him and my mother, he tried to do it with me. I was born at six and a half months and weighed two pounds, two ounces. I mean, I wasn’t born: this is what came out as a result of their attempt to abort me. It happened during a night of partying –he got involved in trying to do a black-magic number. Also, I’ve got to complete this by saying that he thought of himself as the Beast 666 incarnate.”

    Link to full article at:

    Scientology: Its WORSE than you think.

    Learn more for yourself at ,,

    or Google Lisa McPherson, Paulette Cooper, or Operation Snow White.

  21. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Uh, they need to STOP. What do they care if people take meds to treat depression? I suffered from severe PPD for the entire first year after my daughter was born, but that was back before we understood as much as we do about it now and when there was still quite a bit of stigma. I was actually afraid if I told a doctor how depressed I was, they’d take our baby away! Now, I can’t believe I ever thought that, but depression is a very sad and dark place.

    I applaud this bill, there needs to be MORE education about PPD. I give my pregnant friends information in advance and support and I encourage their husbands or partners (if I know them well enough) to be supportive, too. No one needs to suffer like I did and for as long as I did, it’s senseless.

    These scientologists can shove it, as far as I’m concerned.

  22. ! says:

    The saddest thing, as I’ve said before, is that they’ve more concern for destroying psychology ’cause L Ron Hubbard said so, than they do for the women and their children’s lives. That should tell you a lot.

  23. Gabe Smyth says:

    Scientology can’t take advantage of healthy functional people. That is why they encourage the depressed and mentally ill to stop taking their meds.

  24. Mairead says:

    @ Solitary Angel – I’d heard mention of this a few different ways, but the main source of the information was Ron DeWolf (aka L Ron Hubbard Jr) interview to Penthouse in the early 80s

    However, there are court transcripts from various lawsuits carried out involving L Ron Sr. His first wife testified that she was beaten black and blue and that when L Ron wanted rid of her he conducted a complete smear campaign against her – accusing her of neglect, alcoholism- you name it.

    Interestingly there are YouTUbe interviews from the mid-80s where Ron expresses his concern over a then-22 year old David Miscivage.

  25. mE says:

    As for the squirting meds in babies eyes, we already do that to newborns. It used to be silver nitrate now it is erythromycin (sp?) drops. Unless you request that they not do this, it happens in most hospitals. Why? They operate under the assumption that moms have gonorrhea at the time of delivery, even if they have tested negative for it.

    It is truely absurd because if a baby has been exposed to it, they would require more intervention to avoid serious fallout from it, like blindness. And treatment is not without its own risks so giving it no matter what and usually not discussing it with mothers ahead of time seems pretty unethical to me.

    Having said that, KA comes off as a real nutbag. I honestly don’t know enough about the legislation to say one way or the other but I would tend to think that you can only save people from themselves so much, big brother and all of that. I know that with my youngest child, even now at 18 months, mothers are routinely given mental health screenings at well baby appointments.

  26. Gurutoo says:


    I think what Mailread was referring to was this interview with L Ron Hubbard’s (founder of scientology) son, L. Ron Hubbard Jr., that he did with Penthouse

    “Hubbard: … I have a memory of this that goes back to when I was six years old. It is certainly a problem for my father and for Scientology that I remember this. It was around 1939, 1940, that I watched my father doing something to my mother. She was lying on the bed and he was sitting on her, facing her feet. He had a coat hanger in his hand. There was blood all over the place. I remember my father shouting at me. “Go back to bed!” A little while later a doctor came and took her off to the hospital. She didn’t talk about it for quite a number of years. Neither did my father.

    Penthouse: He was trying to perform an abortion?

  27. Onanymuos says:

    Thanks for pointing this out. I escaped the Church of Scientology years ago. I’m really sick of seeing their front groups trying to worm their way into places pretending not to be Scientology. Their only goal is power and money!

  28. ChristinaT says:

    one has got to ask though, why does thsi need a bill to provide treatment? as far as i know, if you feel the symptoms of depression, then diagnosis and treatment are currently available. informing people about postpartum depression seems like it would be a better cause.

    this just reeks with the potential for abuse. i’d be cautious.

  29. anon says:

    incomprehensible that some of these comments discount her obvious concern over a potentially invasive bill because of her weight. the key word in her tweets was that treatment remain an option. this is america. home of the free etc.

  30. jayem says:

    Uh, alecto, KA does have kids. 2 with Parker Stevenson. But they are adopted, so she didn’t give birth to them, if thats what you meant.

    And I think the reason the MN case happened is because refusing to have your child treated for a treatable disease counts as child endangerment.

  31. imominous says:

    I attended the Scientology/CCHR anti-psychiatry rally in San Francisco to protest the Scientology presence at the American Psychiatric Association convention at Moscone Center. Our side was ebullient, light-hearted and fun. We were singing and dancing.

    The Scientologists were grim, strange people stalking about, shouting prefab slogans and taking pictures of protesters.

    The psychiatrists wandering by were bemused.

    Google Jeremy Perkins and Linda Waliki to see what kind of “treatment” Scientology teaches. Both of these second generation Scientologists developed serious mental problems in their late teens, and wound up killing family members. The Scientology organizations in their towns subsequently denied that they were members.

    Kirstie Alley could probably benefit from a little treatment herself. Her recent media appearances have been rife with insecurity and a tendency to wolf her food. Remember, she is a high level Scientologist, an Operating Thetan.
    OTs are supposed to have power over Mass, Energy, Space and Time. (MEST)

    Yet, people who monitor Scientology repeatedly see tragic stories of disease that could be cured or controlled by modern mental health methods.

    I only hope that people have the good sense enough to not be influenced by Kirstie Alley and CCHR’s fearmongering, and unsubstatiated nonsense like Prozac eye drops!

  32. lolcat says:

    WOHOO! Go, Kristy, go! She’s with the same crowd that blames psychiatrists for 911. The more she publishes this wacky stuff on Twitter, the more she makes her own cause look even more like a bunch of loons that no one should listen to. DON’T DISCOURAGE HER! The anti-scientology movement is incredibly helped by her writings. I love the bizarre, fictional ranting style of her Twitter postings. The more she writes in such a loony manner, the less credibility she gives to her own “cause”. I think the leader of Scientology, David Miscaviage, might not appreciate her screwing up Scientology’s ultimate ulterior-motive purpose this way. Those of us who are against this cult just absolutely love how she is unintentionally helping us here. “Prozac eye drops”? HAHAHA! GO KRISTY GO! :)

  33. aleach says:

    wow, the article in penthouse is really disturbing.
    these scientologists are just insecure people looking for a “purpose” in their lives, like any other cult member in the world. very scary that KA is so ill-informed & spouting off all kinds of ignorant rants.
    how exactly would drs make anti-depressants “mandatory”? you cant force someone to take something they dont want to…im not following this.

  34. SolitaryAngel says:

    Wow…thanks for the wealth of information, everyone–I feel like I’ve just gotten a wake-up call. It’s terrifying, the things this cult has been doing all this time. And to lolcat, I said the same thing a couple months ago about Tiny Tom–the more he rants, the crazier he acts, the more he makes our (non-believers) point.

    @ Kirstie Alley: Potato bitch, please!

  35. czarina says:

    The fact that KA is a complete nut, doesn’t seem to stop her ignorant, uninformed nonesense from hitting the public.
    Sadly, there will be people who actually read her crap and believe it (same people who read In Touch headlines and believe them 100%–they are out there!).
    So, you will have people who literally think this bill is going to force women to take meds or to have prozac put in their newborn’s eyes.
    She does not deserve to have this kind of attention paid to her opinions.

  36. Trashaddict says:

    Every time I hear a hysterical rant about any proposed legislation (from either side) I make it a point to try to search out the original resolution and the wording.
    That generally leads to a pretty good understanding of which way things are slanted.
    At least KA hasn’t biologically reproduced, we can be thankful for that.

  37. teehee says:

    The only way I dont like it is in the fact that i dont like antidperessants in general; misused/overused. Prticularly for postpartum it is more of a homronally derived situation and should be treated more at the source and not bandaged with an antidepressant; really my opinion is that healthcare overall in the US needs to be more wholistic and cooperative with the body rather than combative against it.

  38. Roma says:

    @Trashaddict, “At least KA hasn’t biologically reproduced, we can be thankful for that.”

    As someone who is adopted, I find that wickedly harsh. Crazy or not, her children are her children.

  39. Cece says:

    Someone should tell her to concentrate more on her weight fluctuation because that can cause diabetes and we are all aware of how well she takes care of herself. She’s bound to lose a limb. Besides…who in the world would turn away from a helping hand? Oh yeah…weirdo scientologists.

  40. Kathleen says:

    Bitch has some nerve. When she does pry food away from her hole it’s to say something useless and ignorant! She should MIND HER OWN BUSINESS…which is her exploding weight. Shouldn’t her concern be her OWN MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES (which are many)?

  41. stewie says:

    you all bring up a good point.

    if $cientology is so all powerful and can cure addictions and mental health problems, why is she still such a whale?

    why did she turn to Jenny Craig (or whatever) instead of turning to her church?

  42. imominous says:

    After I saw this article, having just returned from watching cult madness at the APA convention in San Francisco, I did some more research and wrote this:

  43. Anon says:

    Perhaps they can shoot some Hydroxycut in Kirstie’s eyes.

  44. jojo says:

    If Scientology is supposed to be the answer to everything (drug addiction, depression, ect), then why is Kirstie so damn FAT?! They can audit you to see why you are a drug addict and cure you, but they can’t audit her to see why she overeats and then help her to lose weight?!

    If I were Scientology, I wouldn’t want the public to know she is a member, because she is walking proof that they are full of crap!!

  45. Anoneemouse says:

    Maybe if she had some intensive type counseling or therapy herself she could get at the root of her eating problems. Guess it’s better to be a 320 lb scientologist with one foot in the grave because of obesity then addressing the problem head-on. Kooks!

  46. Ivy says:

    I appreciate most of the comments, particularly those of Alecto, Edubois, Alex, Polkasox and Anastasiabea. Also got a few good laughs from a slew of others, which I needed after stumbling upon Kirstie’s loony rantings on Twitter. All just another way for her to get the attention she wants. As a PPD survivor, I far from appreciate her greatly irresponsible rantings! As many of you pointed out, she should mind her own business, or shall I say issues, rather than trying to block something that can benefit mothers through education, public awareness, research, improved treatment options (including alternatives), and support services.

  47. Green Is Good says:

    Why do CULT FREAKS like Kirstie give a crap what drugs somebody else puts in they’re body?! I loathe these CO$ ass-hats. They’re so damn smug and self-righteous.

    Hey Cult Freaks! TEAM XENU! And I hope your Body Thetans smother you in your sleep.

  48. Magsy says:

    She’s lost her big fat mind. How dare she try to take something away that could help some women. What gives her that right? If she’s so anti-drug than try losing all that damn weight naturally honey, no pills, no slim fast, just put the fork down and move that ass!

  49. Sergei says:

    If you read Kirstie’s current People interview, you know she’s completely wacked. She thinks so as to by the side of age 58 she’s free to lose 100 lbs. And tolerate the body of a 25 yr old showgirl. She locate it out cold nearby so as to she wants Jamie Foxx to occur to her igloo on behalf of a booty call (her words). The focal incident she revealed in so as to interview is so as to she’s entirely crazy. People mag. Duty tolerate been ecstatic.