What should we think of Kim Kardashian’s ‘high fashion grunge’ ensemble?


Kim Kardashian stepped out with Kanye West and Kourtney Kardashian yesterday in Calabasas for lunch. Whenever we go a while without seeing Kim up close, in paparazzi photos, I always wonder if she was off having some work done. My suspicions are usually met with visual evidence, because Kim always comes out of hiding looking “different.” Kim’s post-robbery hiatus was, I believe, legitimate, in that she was truly traumatized and looking to change the way she conducted her business. But I also think that in between therapy sessions, she was getting some nose work and a hell of a lot of Botox. Plus that thing on her lip.

All that being said, I do miss covering Kim’s terrible fashion. This casual outing was another classic sartorial catastrophe from Kim too – the combo of those awful jeans with the red flannel and the gold jewelry is just… hilariously bad. Like, I think she’s trying to go “high fashion grunge.” Minus the jewelry and the lip ring, I probably would have worn this outfit in 1995.

As for Kanye and the state of the Kimye marriage, the new issue of Us Weekly reports that Kanye convinced Kim to recommit to their marriage over the holidays, basically. Kim was seriously considering divorce but Kanye promised Kim that he would start taking better care of himself and he “swore he was going to continue with intense therapy. He really wants to get better and will do whatever it takes to get healthy.” They’ve been doing date nights and Kanye is listening to his therapists and Kim is a lot happier.

This also interested me: Kim and Kendall filmed cameos in the new Ocean’s Eight movie. The plot of the movie involves a jewel heist and there are scenes at a “Met Gala,” which I think is where Kim and Kendall turn up. Media outlets are making a big deal about the fact that Kim is participating in a film about a “jewel heist.” Whatever. I’m more interested in the idea that Kim might have interacted with Cate Blanchett.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Clare says:

    Why am I loving the lip ring?!

    • milla says:

      I’ve had it. Miss it but had to remove it cos you know…age…work

      • applepie says:

        I’m 45. Still got mine…but it’s a stud. Can understand removing cos of job. However, do what you feel, not what’s expected! I bet you nailed it 😙

      • Kay dee says:

        Yeah, I feel you here. My little inner rebel smirks however, as I twirl my nipple piercings!

      • Wurstbonbon says:

        I love this ring aswell and I have it, too.

        @milla: i’m hitting 40 and I still have mine. Nobody cares. Either rules are different in IT, or in europe. Either way: try putting it back on and see what happens. I cannot imagine it to be that bad?

    • Hannah says:

      Kim actually looks nice with this look.

    • Locke Lamora says:

      I love it too. It would be even better if it was a bit off centre.

      Her outfit would look prett decent if she had converse on instead if these awful shoes.

      • Detritus says:

        Yes. For sure it would be better off centre.

        Also would be better if she matched gold to gold, silver to silver. I don’t like the silver only lip ring when the rest is gold.

        I lived through an era where I wore a tight white tank, cut off jean shorts and flannel over top. If you got hit roller blading you tied the flannel around your waist. Im glad to see she’s not trying to do the long sleeve tee under the short sleeve tee thing.

    • Yup, Me says:

      I’ve loved those lip rings for years- ever since this outfit was in, probably.

      I had a labret piercing for a while but got tired of drool seeping out of the hole and feeling like my chin was moist. Super cute to look at, super gross to have.

  2. CidySmiley says:

    I HATE saying this because theres no such thing as an outfit being too young for someone, age doesnt have anything to do with your clothes but … this looks too young for her. She looks like a mom trying to fit in with her grunge teenager. And the fake lip thing is offputting. Now I feel like a terrible person.

    • atorontogal says:

      Come sit beside me, we can sit in shame together because I totally agree. I’m a terrible person too I guess.

      • Ladybird83 says:

        I must be sitting at your table too because my first thought was “is she trying to look tough so she won’t get robbed again?” I know… I’m a jerk.

    • minx says:

      It looks stupid. It’s not like she just threw clothes on to be comfortable and run an errand, like I would . You know she carefully plans everything she wears.

    • Detritus says:

      I’m with you.
      ‘Too young for you’ is BS made up by people who want women to stay young forever and look good for THEM.
      Eff that. I wear what I want for ME.

      Granted I am reasonable and there are things I will not wear for Tweeness. Those mini skirts that are all tiered ruffles for example. That seems to have died out thankfully around here though.

    • Kitten says:

      Yeah this is a tough one….
      I tend to dress really young for my age but having just turned 38, I’m FINALLY starting to accept that there are certain things I just can’t wear anymore. It sucks but you don’t want to be that lady that tries to hard to look young. You want to be the woman that embraces getting older and knows what looks classy and sexy at the same time.

      No more denim mini skirts, Kitten ….

      • I Choose Me says:

        I say rock your denim mini skirts. It’s all about what you pair the skirt with. Oh and the accessories dahling.

      • Nancy says:

        You’re starting to worry me Kitten! You’re still on the light side of 40. I have no plans to eliminate anything from my wardrobe and I’m your age. It does get worrisome when my daughter rolls her eyes, but I’m staying true to who I am cause I’m still a Nasty Woman lol. Keep the damn skirts!!

      • Happy21 says:

        I’m 39 this year and look damn good in a denim mini skirt, not ass showing and classy with flat gladiators or cowboy boots. I say rock it.

        I think things that women shouldn’t wear over a certain age are t-shirts with cartoon characters or marvel characters on them (unless it’s a workout top or something) and certain trends and fashion that are meant for teenagers. There is nothing worse than a woman over 35 wearing almost the exact same thing as her 14 year old daughter…
        I don’t think that Kim is dressing too young here but that lip ring has got to go. She looks SO try-hard with that. I’d wear doc martens instead of heels with that outfit but I think she looks fine. (or rather as fine as KK can possibly look).

      • selery says:

        There is a line somewhere for age appropriate clothing but I think far too many women in their 30′s fall down the slippery slope of mom clothes. Like 90%. That’s the bigger danger if you ask me.

        As for Kim, I think this is age appropriate. The flannel isnt covered in cut out stars and emojis… which I have seen… and the shoes kind of pull it together into a grown woman outfit.

    • Cacec04 says:

      Agreed. She was also a teenager when grunge first came out and even though I loved grunge I can’t bring myself to re-wear that fashion. It makes me feel and look like I’m 15 all over again.

    • applepie says:

      If I had that sort of money, no way would I be wearing that stuff. Ball gowns and prom dresses at breakfast! That would be me!

    • Nc says:

      I hate facetious, “Sorry but….”

      Just own your ageist remarks or don’t bother saying them.

  3. Pantalones en fuego says:

    As a 90′s girl who lived through and participated in the original grunge movement I al highly opposed to and offended by this ensemble.

    • Embee says:

      I graduated in ’96 and all of us girls dressed like this too. We may have, but I’m sure Kris wouldn’t let her daughters walk around like this! If she never did, that makes her a wannabe

    • Liberty says:

      I wear something like this (a) if I am home alone super sick with a fever and chills, because my dad’s old ancient flannel shirt from some old Maine men’s store is warm. And (b) if we are landscaping our yard in the wet cold spring.

      Sans jewelry and heels,. and with actually non-90s jeans, and w my —-

      —no wait, so actually I don’t even wear this when sick, or helping Mr L unload mulch. :-/

  4. swak says:

    The lip ring looks like an earring that she put on her lip to look cool. Also, saw pictures from the shots of Oceans 11 and she is wearing a see-through dress with no undergarments and you can pretty much see her lady bits. We’ll see how long this new image lasts.

    • Konfused says:

      Of course she’s had work done. Of course she gonna be in a movie about a jewelry heist. Just like of course their were “leaked” stories about how the weren’t filming at the end of last year but surprise suprise they turned the cameras back on just in time to catch her ‘reaction’…….to being robbed at gun point…….and the reasons they give is always “we’ve already shared so much of our lives..we don’t wanna hold back..this is who we are forrealz”

      • Crimson says:

        I wonder what her “therapist” says about this? Won’t it make her experience the trauma of the robbery all over again? No, wait. This is probably a form of therapy prescribed by her therapist. Hah.

  5. Jaded says:

    Cate blanchett and KK should never be in the same sentence let alone in a movie together.

    • rocio-gt says:

      Why not? They share a love of cosmetic fillers (Cate’s cheeks have been a smudge away from being Madonna-ish for a while now). They could compare their dermatologists or something.

  6. Macscore says:

    “What should we think of K.K.’s .. ensemble”, you ask? Preferably nothing. Nothing at all.

  7. Shambles says:

    I actually don’t hate the outfit itself but the fake lip ring makes me mad. I’m all for normalizing piercings, I have a nose ring and a philtrum piercing and I love them. But Kim Kardashian wearing a fake one to be “high fashion” grinds my gears.

    • HappyXamp says:

      I have never seen a lip ring that tight (for lack of a better word). Also why the center of her mouth? Every lip piercing I’ve ever seen is off to the side.

      • Hollz says:

        I had my lip ring in the centre. But then we use to call the side ones “C*ckrails” (even if the person only had one, haha)

      • Bashful says:

        My lip ring is dead center, and I wear it snug because sandwiches. It makes it easier to bite properly for me.

    • I Choose Me says:

      Yeah labret piercings can be cool but that lip ring just doesn’t go with her. I like to see some philtrum piercings and I love the lip rings on both sides of the lower lip. I think they’re called snake bites, if I remember correctly.

      The outfit itself is not bad but she needs some better boots.

  8. Louise says:

    Today’s pics in the Daily Fail are bad! she has changed so much.

  9. Lora says:

    Tragic! Her nose is just to small for her face… why would someone do this? It looks so strange

    • doofus says:

      she seriously needs to stop. her nose has been to small for a while; it’s very noticeable as the space between her nose and upper lip is too big. it makes the rest of her features look “too big” and it looks weird.

      and honestly these are the first pics of her I’ve seen where I can say she is NOT as pretty as she used to be, and it’s all of the tweaking. the problem is you tweak one thing and now the rest of your face “doesn’t go with” whatever you tweaked so you have to do more, and more and more to “keep up” and then you just look weird.

    • Kitten says:

      She also looks like she’s had voluma or implants in her cheeks to give the affect of cheekbones. It just looks really harsh, especially with her tight face and the Cousin It hair.

      • Sumodo1 says:

        I see a problem with injection site swelling or a “floating” left cheek implant dangerously close to her eye. Whatever Kim is doing, that left eye needs attention, fast.

    • Chicagogirl says:

      With the puffed up face and stick straight hair, she looks just like Cher. I’m Kim’s age. This look complete with fake piercing was all the rage when I was 12. I cannot see myself wearing a literal copy of the trends from my childhood. Maybe some inspired pieces here and there, but she looks like one of those trashy moms who cannot evolve beyond their high school years.

  10. Nopity Nope says:

    I call it…DERELICTE!

  11. Crox says:

    Now she looks like me 20 years ago (minus big butt, high heels and lip-ring). I feel weird.

    But I’ll give her props: This looks better than most of the stuff she was seen wearing lately.

    The shoes are one of Kanye’s inventions, aren’t they? Those never fit her right.

  12. JustCrimmles says:

    um, where the docs?! those shoes are the wrongest of wrong choices. but when has a kardashian ever went for authenticity…

  13. Lingling says:

    She’s just in a rebellious phase. I’m sure that she slams a bunch of doors and no one gets her too.

  14. TrueStory says:

    She messed up her beautiful eyes….

    Her cheek eye area looks too tight and small

    • Meg says:

      Agree- one of her eyes is a permanent squint now

    • prettylights says:

      I also agree. I think years ago (maybe around 2006) she had something tightened or removed around the bottom of her eyes because she had large eyes and natural bags under her eyes. Now her eyes look smaller and squinty. Then along the way I think she had her lips plumped, cheek implants or injections, injections in her nasolabial folds and smile lines, a chin reduction, lots of botox, and several nose jobs.

      She was so naturally gorgeous. Now she is still beautiful but so plastic looking.

  15. Snowflake says:

    Her face looks jacked! So much filler in her face, her eyes look tiny! Now they’re going to be in a movie! Omg! Are they EVER going away?

  16. Tiffany27 says:

    Well isn’t she a cool mom!

  17. Gaby says:

    She used to have a beautiful face.

    • Heat says:

      She really did.
      Am I wrong in my thinking that she’s had even more work done recently? Possibly during her recovery from the robbery incident?
      KK is starting to look like Cher.

  18. whyme says:

    Forget the clothes, her face is really weird, it’s freaking me out. How does this family get face work done so often?!? Should that even be medically allowed? I feel like she’s going to have to go the way of Michael Jackson soon and start taping it and wearing a mask because it’s going to fall off. Scary and pathetically sad.

  19. kimbers says:

    The look is cute minus the shoes they take this from grunge trendy (which is over and kinda 2015) to tri2hard. Her energy is giving off an old vibe and not a vivacious youthful energy that is ageless.

  20. Loula says:

    She looks like Cher

    • Anastasia says:

      Yes! I’ve been saying that! I think she needs a complete do-over. Get rid of those straight extensions/wig and go with a sassy curly bob! Stop wearing 50 layers of airbrushed makeup. Try to make natural facial expressions again. Look happy! And she’s not even 40, she shouldn’t look as worn out as she does–she needs to get a fresh new take fashion wise. I see women in their 30s looking totally cute all the time.

  21. Syko says:

    I like this look better than her usual sheer-with-arrows-pointing-to-the-crotch ensemble.

  22. Maria says:

    it might be the make up or the new work done, but for the first time I also think to myself ‘she looks old’…..

  23. Margo S. says:

    I actually love this outfit! I was too young during the grunge era and always wished I could have dressed like the “cool kids.” Alas, my mom wouldn’t let her 7 year old dress this way. But now I can!! And I love the lip ring!

  24. Anilehcim says:

    I believe Kim got robbed, but I do think she took the time to alter a lot of things about herself. A lot of people were saying when those Halloween pictures of her dressed as Jasmine came out that she had lipo on her stomach.

    I saw pictures of her in a tiny, skin-tight mini dress in Dubai and her ass is about 50x’s smaller than it was in those pictures of her on the beach on vacation with that one piece white bathing suit on. When those photos came out of her in that bathing suit, even her die hard fans were horrified by what her butt looked like… her ass implants were sagging so badly and it just looked so, so ridiculous in comparison to her little skinny legs.

    I guess now that she’s wearing the grunge look that’ll be the new fad her fans commit themselves to. I still can’t believe how many women I see wearing Vans sneakers now all because Kim and Kourtney began wearing them. People can say what they want, but this family does influence people. I 100% blame them for the selfie culture, and the amount of young women who now film themselves on Instagram saying and doing nothing except mugging for the camera while music plays in the background (Kylie started this wretched trend). It’s a sad, unfortunate truth but their narcissism has spread like a malignant tumor.

    • African Sun says:

      Lots of interesting nuggets in your comment Anilehcim, and yes I agree, Kylie is responding for people lipsyncing to random songs on Instagram and Snapchat.

      I would go further to say the Kardashian family were the first real influencers of the social media generation. They been doing this for years so it’s nothing new to them.

      They have incredible reach and I think they are unique because the majority of people who follow them on social media don’t buy their products, yet the people who buy their products are not really online but they enjoy knowing what they are up to.

      I knew the Kardashians were truly here to stay when I was driving through my city (I live in an East African capital city) and I saw a salon called ‘KARDASHIAN SALON’. It was just a standard beauty shop doing eyebrows and hair.

      If Kim and her sisters can be famous in a city where most people cannot speak English fluently, trust me they are here to stay.

      They have gone beyond LA, the US – they are global celebrities now.

    • Erica_V says:

      I have been saying this for weeks – she 100% got her butt reduced. I know CB doesn’t see it but to me it’s SO clear. She butt used to sag down and look heavy but now it’s just gone. She posted a pic of Kanye like “fixing” the back of her dress and her butt is super small and high up and does not look at all like it did before the robbery.

  25. Aminah says:

    “I’m more interested in the idea that Kim might have interacted with Cate Blanchett.”

    I don’t know why Cate Blanchett is held in such high regard here. She’s worked with Woody Allen and named her son after Roman Polanski. We’ve got to be more consistent: if Blake Lively catches hell in almost every post about her about working with Woody Allen, why not Cate? It just seems weird seeing her venerated as the pinnacle of principle and class when she’s just another actress with a flawed decision making process.

  26. huh says:

    Kim is a worse actress than Megan Fox. And that voice..!

  27. tw says:

    I agree this outfit is a mess, but anything that hides her weird fake butt is a relief.

  28. Velvet Elvis says:

    She’s starting to look like Big Ang to me.

  29. cakecakecake says:

    her leg in the first pic, Im convinced that they are fake bolt on legs, smh.
    that lip ring is fake and its just a clip on one, Ive seen them in stores.

  30. RN says:

    She’s definitely been messing with her face again. She is really starting to veer into Wildenstein territory. I’m always amazing at the ever-growing gap between her nose and her top lip. It’s going to be fantastic looking at her appearance in ten years, lol. Her 40s and 50s will not be kind.

  31. Ally8 says:

    Well, I love that she’s dressing more comfortably now. She and Kanye now match in this photo. Used to make me nuts to see him dressed in his jammie-wear while she was struggling out of the car in some Spanxy, sheer nonsense. I’m hoping this means she has put her foot down and is refusing to be his ridiculous dress-up dolly anymore.

  32. Libra girl says:

    She looks cute but no with the lip ring.

  33. Pimple says:

    Sigh. If someone told Kim that wearing a tin foil dress with galoshes was high fashion you can bet she’d be wearing it for the paparazzi the next day. Wear something you like that makes you feel good instead of just embracing trends and looking ridiculous. The woman needs to learn the difference between fashion and style.

    And yes, I am perfect. :)

  34. Amanda D says:

    Well… at least she’s wearing clothes that fit for once…

  35. Louisa says:

    Those jeans do not want to be tucked in those awful shoes, which do not make her tiny legs look longer, because of that flannel shirt that’s too long.

    Yeap, everything’s wrong and nothing’s working together in that oufit, bravo Kim, you wonderful hobbit creature.

  36. A Fan says:

    This fool had some work done during her hiatus. Face & boobs. Boobs are smaller and higher – obvious in pictures from Dubai.

    [*Family plan at the plastic surgeon.*]

  37. Anare says:

    Nothing wrong with jeans and a flannel shirt but her look is hilarious. She is such a poser. She never has her own look she just morphs into whatever she thinks she is supposed to be or whatever she is getting paid to hawk. This is her way of saying “oh look at me, this month I’m all normcore”. But usually that look isn’t accompanied by 10 layers of airbrushed Hi Dom makeup. Those boots are so fug and the lip ring is gross. No disrespect to all you folks with facial piercings. I’m just not a fan.

  38. Anastasia says:

    That fake lip ring. Eyes squinted just so. Mouth slightly open. Leg turned in in an aren’t I so precious way.

    Yuck. She’s so fake, I don’t know anymore if she was ever real.

  39. Tessa says:

    After 25 years with a lip ring, all the fights at work to keep it. NOW IT HAS TO GO