Kate Hudson is on a soup cleanse: yum or trendy and unnecessary?

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I generally pay attention to Kate Hudson’s health tips. Like CB, I think Kate has a healthier approach to fitness and weight loss than most and she is incredibly fit. But I stay away from cleanses. Part of it is I don’t really understand them and part of it is I know that some can be questionable healthwise. So when I saw Kate was doing a new cleanse, I wasn’t too excited. And I’m still not about the cleanse itself, but I am all geared up about ‘souping’ now.

Hudson’s plan, called The S.O.U.P. Cleanse, is a five-day program designed by LA-based holistic nutritionist Elissa Goodman. The all-organic meals (including some salads)—which come labeled so you know what day, and in what order to eat them—are free of dairy, soy, gluten, and added sugars.

But is doing a soup cleanse really such a good idea? According to Health’s contributing nutrition editor, Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD, souping is a better option that stricter “detoxes.” Nourishing soup can help you slim down, she explained in a prior story for Health.com. However, she pointed out, “you certainly don’t need to limit your entire diet to liquid meals to take advantage of its health and weight loss benefits.” 

One of the biggest perks of soup is that it fills you up. A study in the journal Appetite found that people who ate a low-calorie soup before lunch ended up eating around 20% fewer calories overall. Other research has shown that solid food snacks before a meal (such as cheese and fruit) don’t have the same appetite-curbing effect as soup.

[From Health]

According to Health, soups, particularly smooth soups, work better because they cause the stomach to expand a little more than solids. Also, soup is normally eaten slower and slowing down your rate of consumption usually means less consumption overall. I am all over this. I love soup, I could absolutely switch my snacks to soup. And they are pretty easy to make and keep on hand, either in the fridge or the freezer. Unfortunately, the killjoys at Health say you can’t eat things like Cream of Bacon and see results but a nice butternut squash purée can hit the spot nicely in its stead. I suspect I should leave out my usual grilled cheese accompaniment as well. Sacrifices, people – it’s all about sacrifices.

Slightly off topic but the sample menu on the website lists ‘Healing Bone Chicken Broth’ for all five days. I don’t know how many of you are familiar with The Katering Show (you all really should be) but I can’t help thinking of ‘The Body Issue’ episode and McKellen’s bone broth ice cubes.

But I digress, if you want to try Kate’s S.O.U.P. cleanse specifically, it will set you back about $350 a week plus delivery for five-days’ worth of meals. S.O.U.P. stands for “Soups, Salads, Super Foods/100% Organic/Uniquely Designed/Prepared with Love,” which just tells me they spent way too much time trying to make that acronym work. Elissa Goodman seems to be a cleanse devotee, she has three available for purchase on her website. I suppose if you have the money, it would be nice to have someone show up on your doorstep with a week’s worth of food. Especially if you are a beautiful Hollywood starlet who is already in perfect shape. Tell you what, for $350 a week, I will show up at your door with my own personal liquid diet (corkscrew and straw not included but the gossip is free)!



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  1. detritus says:

    More people need to know about the Katering Show, about an intolerant foodie and a food intolerant. The girls are hilarious.

    Anyone with food intolerances needs to watch it for a good laugh.

  2. Don't kill me I'm French says:

    Cook yourself your soup,it will be less expensive and as effective as Kate H’s soup .

    • trollontheloose says:

      I was about to say the same thing. It will be wayyyy cheaper. Nothing like shopping your own veggies and fruits at the open market and making your own with your own flavor. Whenever I make some I like to share with my friends. Sometimes we all get together and prepare our own meals for the next few days or so. Now we started to make our own jams and I wonder why I didn’t get in there sooner. Give me $350 a week and I will feed a army.

  3. Greata says:

    Girl needs to cleanse herself of those fillers in her face.

  4. Bridget says:

    Except you’re also supposed to chew your food – it’s part of what sends signals to your brain that you’re satisfied. That’s also the issue with shake diets. Eat soup if you like it, but it’s not magic.

    • detritus says:

      There have been studies that show adding soup to your diet, or before a meal, decreases calorie consumption. More than just water, more than water plus equal calories, so that is interesting.

      These studies were done in conjunction with eating solid food though, not as a replacement, so I’m wondering if there’s an interaction there.

      • Meme says:

        Having soup is definitely a diet trick of mine. I love to eat a warm meal is my problem and soup can be incredibly flavorful and satisfying – I tend to eat less when I have a tasty soup option.

      • Bridget says:

        Adding soup: yes. Just soup? Probably not.

      • Danielle says:

        That’s what I’m thinking. Not chewing for 5 days would make me pretty crazy.

  5. Meme says:

    You could go out to Eric’s Deli or a local vegan cafe every meal for soup and pay less than this in a week.

  6. KittyKat says:

    Thank you for the Katering Show – I love it!

  7. Dizzie says:

    “Tell you what, for $350 a week, I will show up at your door with my own personal liquid diet (corkscrew and straw not included but the gossip is free)!”

    Best cleanse ever- I needed that smile today to cleanse away, oh you know.
    Thanks Celebitchy today and everyday.

  8. Spiderpig says:

    This is so stupid.
    No wonder Kate has no time to audition for acting roles, between spreading rumours about Brad Pitt and shilling tacky diets on Instagram.

  9. Happy21 says:

    Sorry but I just rolled my eyes so far back in my head I think I saw my brain.
    She really annoys me.

  10. brooksie says:

    I love her and think she is harmless.

  11. Alix says:

    I pity these women who think their bodies are in a perpetual state of toxicity that needs constant cleansing.

  12. M says:

    I’m sure it’s free for her to do it as long as she promotes it on her social media. She should really put the AD hashtag with that pic.

  13. Nimbolicious says:

    Sounds like a rehash of the Cabbage Soup Diet from the nineties.

    • swak says:

      Cabbage soup diet was around in the late 70’s also. A friend of mine was on it while we were at college.

  14. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    I wish people would stop using the euphemisms “cleanse” and “detox,” and call it what they really are – liquid starvation diets. These extremely low calorie diets are to lose weight, and do NOTHING else to “benefit” your body — in fact, they are harmful. The next time a celebrity talks about “cleanse” or “detox,” I’d like the headlines to more accurately say, “So-and-so is on a crash diet again.”

    • Danielle says:

      I’m terrified of messing up my metabolism. I think crash dieting does that at least temporarily.

  15. Aileen says:

    I’m going to end up on a soup diet this week, but that’s because my kid just got braces. I make my own, though…

    • swak says:

      Soup, pudding, jello, applesauce – anything you don’t have to chew! I remember those days and not too fondly.

    • Lex says:

      Hahah I read that as “braces are expensive, so it’s soup for me for a few weeks” but then read the above comment… DUH braces make teeth hurt. Haha I am a fool

  16. Tanakasan says:

    $350/week??? Good god, someone is making millions scamming really dumb people. Soup is one of the easiest and most affordable things to make. Recipes are forging and flexible, it freezes well…. If I even spent $50/wk on soup I would have some fantastic soup. For $35o I want soup with lobster tails and champagne!