Michelle Williams in striped Louis Vuitton at the SAGs: fancy circus tent?

23rd Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG)

When Michelle Williams arrived on the SAG red carpet in this Louis Vuitton, people were immediately like, “Oh, honey, noooo.” Not even Giuliana Rancic could muster up something nice to say. To be fair to Michelle, at least she didn’t do her patented Civil War Ghost cosplay, like she did at the Globes. And to be fair to Michelle, she does have that Louis Vuitton contract and LV’s current line is basically the worst. She didn’t have that many choices, I think. But still… this is a disaster. Something nice: I don’t hate her hair here. It doesn’t look white-blonde and she didn’t slick it down to the sides of her head. Yay?

23rd Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG)

Sophie Turner also got a Louis Vuitton gown and hers isn’t much better? Like, I don’t mind that she’s attempting an old-Hollywood glam look. I don’t mind the red, I don’t mind the hair or makeup. She looks great for the most part. But the dress… eh. The bust is throwing everything off.

23rd Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG)

Claire Foy – star of The Crown and winner of a SAG – wore this Valentino gown. I haven’t watched The Crown (don’t hate me!) so I don’t really have an opinion of Foy in general. But judging from her red carpet interviews, she seems like a cool young woman and she’s very pretty. I like the fact that she’s taking some fashion risks, but I would love it if she was one of those British actresses who consistently wore British designers to awards shows. This Valentino is anticlimactic. It’s also kind of ugly? That collar, you guys.

The SAG Awards 2017 Arrivals

The SAG Awards 2017 Arrivals

Meryl Streep’s Valentino was pretty simple – just a light, pretty gown with little birds on the fabric. Like, is it the best thing she’s ever worn? No. But she looked good. She looked like she knew she wasn’t going to win anything and she was just there to have a good time, I guess.

23rd Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG)

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  1. Hannah says:

    It is very weird how Michelle Williams, face of Louis Vuitton, always gets the worst dresses.

  2. Daisy says:

    Claire was the best dressed of the night. Lovely dress, perfect hair and makeup and I love me a dress with a collar.

    • Locke Lamora says:

      Foy was by far the best dressed. And she looks like a cross between Alexis Bledel and Emily Blunt.

  3. Ankhel says:

    I don’t hate Michelle William’s dress? It’s not great, but it’s fun and it fits. Sophie’s is worse, it looks like it was made for a smaller person, and the bodice is bad. Add the cliche styling, and…

    • Jesie says:

      Yeah, it’s nothing amazing, but it’s fine. Could have done without the stripes, but they aren’t ruinous.

    • Nancy says:

      I kind of like it. It works for her with the pixie hair. Sophie needs to go back to the drawing board. Gah, it must be so hard for these women who get all dolled up only to get critiqued. There’s no business like show business, lol

    • lannisterforever says:

      I think it looks cool too and I normally don’t like LV or Michelle’s style!

      • NeoCleo says:

        I agree with you. The fit, the colors of the stripes and her hair go together really well. The only thing I don’t care for is the neck stole. I think some interesting chunky, funky gold necklaces would have been better.

    • QQ says:

      Same for me, Sophie’s offends me more with that weird top situation

      Also The Crown is so Magnificently expensive, I liked it very very much and it tickles me she is getting all the prizes

    • Coop says:

      Unpopular opinion… I think the dress is fab

      • DiamondGirl says:

        I’m with you – I like it! None of the others, though.

      • chaine says:

        I like it, too. It looks good on her. I hate how her hair is styled, though. It looks very “schoolboy school picture day” to me and does not complement the sexy dress at all.

  4. ell says:

    i’ve been a fan of foy for years (she’s fairly well known in the uk), but i have zero interest in yet another white, british posh drama. i just want to see my country make other stuff.

    she’s lovely though, and i love this dress.

    sophie is very pretty, and michelle too, but LV makes the ugliest dresses.

    • dodgy says:

      i have zero interest in yet another white, british posh drama. i just want to see my country make other stuff.

      Preach. Especially since said accents make me think of Tory politicians at Westminster and then I think about Brexit and get angry!

    • Cee says:

      She was fantastic in Wolf Hall.

    • ichsi says:

      I like Claire Foy and she’s a good actress (whenever I see her I can’t stop thinking about that time I saw James McAvoy pretty much hump her on stage though) but ye, I fully agree on The Crown. Just not interested.
      Also agreed on the LV dresses of course. It’s a pity because Sophie’s had potential, especially on someone like her, but the end result is sad.

  5. tegteg says:

    Meryl looks like she’s wearing a nightie.

    And I don’t particularly like Williams’ look (though her hair looks cute), but I though Michelle Dockery looked more like a circus tent!

  6. Rocio says:

    Sophie Turner reminds me of Jennifer Lawrence and that extraordinary Calvin Klein dress. Excellent choice! Claire Foy is soooo beautiful. I love her look. It was one of my favourites.

    • Locke Lamora says:

      And Jen’s dress looked exactly like ScarJo’s dress from a few years before. It’s nice, but not mindblowing. Sophie looks very generic in gerela, especially with blonde hair, and this dress doesn’t help.

  7. Farah says:

    Kinda surprised you haven’t watched The Crown, Kaiser. I thought your Royal gossiping heart would be all of it. It’s really good. I can see why people would find it dull, but I didn’t really know much about Elizabeth’s beginnings. I knew her uncle abdicated, but that’s about it. I did come away from the series thinking Philip is the WORST.

    • DianaB says:

      I love that show. I can’t imagine anyone finding it dull. It is so well acted and the music is the bomb.

  8. squeezeolime says:

    I LOVE Michelle’s dress but I hate her in it. That dress needs so much pizzazz (and funky eyeliner) and she has none. Why wear a dress that loud when all you want to do is blend in and disappear?

  9. OriginallyBlue says:

    I think Michelle would have been fine-ish without the scarf? But I don’t know many who can pull off multi-coloured disco ball foil. She just looks so dull.

  10. Bex says:

    Louis Vuitton need to stop foisting neck scarfs on her, I think both this and her Globes look with that stupid bow would’ve been just fine otherwise.

  11. whyme says:

    I guess I’m in the minority, I loved Michelle’s dress and look. Hated Claire Foy’s dress and hair. Sophie looks beautiful to me but I don’t care for the dress or the color personally. I love Meryl’s dress, it looks so comfy too.

  12. anniefannie says:

    @Kaiser no hate for not watching ” The Crown ” just envy because you reeeeally have something to look forward too!! Don’t plan anything for after you watch the 1st episode because whatever it is you’re likely to cancel it , it should have a binge warning label!

  13. Kat says:

    I love Michelle Williams hair! The dress is odd, but at least not boring.

  14. Shelllley says:

    I don’t hate Michelle’s dress. I hate the scarf. Who thought that would be a good idea?

  15. teacakes says:

    I like Michelle Williams’ dress so much better than Dockery’s, the metallic stripes are A+++. NO to that neckscarf though.

    Sophie Turner…. boring generic starlet look.

    And I surprisingly love Claire Foy’s dress except for the weird neckline/boob thing, I really dig that she’s going for a different look/silhouette from everyone else. Though her Golden Globes dress was better, the person who described it as “disco Jane Austen” was spot-on because that dress was glorious.

  16. Lucy says:

    Really? I mean, sure, it wasn’t the best gown in there, but it wasn’t that bad either, I don’t think. As for Meryl, I loved seeing her fixing Ryan Gosling’s bowtie.

  17. serena says:

    You know what? Michelle’s dress would have been good with a different styling, try imagine it without that awful scarf (?) and much shorter.

  18. sauvage says:

    I really like Michelle William’s gown and hate Sophie Turner’s. To paraphrase a charming saying from my first language: Tastes and slaps vary.

    • HappyMom says:

      Ha! What language is that a saying from? I’ve never heard that before-funny.

      • sauvage says:

        It’s Austrian German! :-)
        (We are known for our dark sense of humour, which frequently takes trip to the outright morbid.)

  19. minx says:

    Fugly, all of them.

  20. Annetommy says:

    I like Michelle. I like her acting. I like her hair. And I like her dress.

  21. Anare says:

    I love Michelle Williams gown. It is just perfect. Love her whole look. I’ll come clean and admit I am a sucker for Brit shows like the crown and Victoria. Love that shit!

  22. bella says:

    On Fashion Police, they loved Michelle’s dress and Claire’s. I personally love Claire’s and can’t stand Michelle’s! I don’t love Sophie’s dress, but I think she looks great in it and she looks like she loves it, which I always appreciate it. It just elevates the look so much when someone really loves what they are wearing!