Brie Larson actually giggled to herself after she read Denzel’s name

23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

There was some hate for Brie Larson on my Twitter feed last night and it surprised me. Brie is currently doing the year-after-Oscar victory lap of presenting duties. She attended the Globes merely to present the Best Actor award, just like at the Globes, and just like she will at the Oscars. So her fashion choices this year have reflected that – she’s not there to be the center of attention, she just wants to present, shake some hands and have a drink with no drama or stress. And I think this Jason Wu dress reflects that, and I really like it. Some people hated the off-center neck, but I dig it.

23rd Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG)

Two more Brie-related items. One, everyone noted that Brie was so happy to give the SAG to Denzel instead of Casey Affleck. She actually giggled to herself after she read Denzel’s name.

Brie also took to social media to talk about her headspace these days. I guess people were yelling at her on Instagram or something.

Amy Adams was actually one of my choices for best-dressed lady at the SAGs, but I know a lot of people find her boring, or they dislike her style choices. Amy was notably snubbed for an Oscar nomination for Arrival, so I don’t even know if we’ll see her at the Oscars (the film and director are nominated, so maybe). So this is one of her few red carpets as a nominee. And she chose wisely – this Brandon Maxwell dress is beautiful, simple, flattering and stunning. The neckline suits her so much and I honestly think she does better when she keeps everything very clean and simple.

23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

Here’s Game of Thrones’ Nathalie Emmanuel in J. Mendel Couture. I actually love this dress and I wish there were more photos of it.

23rd Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG)

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  1. CarrieUK says:

    I used to do bikram yoga with Nathalie Emmanuel back in her early tv days, she’s very sweet and chatty.

    I find the off centre halter neck a bit awkward and can’t get on with it but I think the simple dress.

  2. Hannah says:

    If Casey “Sexual Harasser” loses the Oscar, Brie will dance and I’ll dance with her.

    • Rachel says:

      I somehow missed her little giggle/smirk(?) during the show. I might have just been too distracted in my excitement that someone other than Affleck won. I did however notice Brie did not hug Denzel, just patted his shoulder and walked away. It seemed so cold and dismissive I was shocked, but after reading this post I realize she may have just been so unable to control her elation that she had to step away quickly.

  3. Kasia says:

    I’m sick of rewarding lecherous and disgusting men too. Casey go home and write a letter to your idiotic President about how the mean woman in her twenties had the audacity to root against you getting a super, special award that ultimately means nothing. He’ll probably have her deported since he doesn’t seem to care what’s actually legal and what isn’t.

  4. QQ says:

    LOL Brie is Us, all of us!

    I didnt watch so Im about to see all the dresses, however these dresses arent bad, Middle of the pack safe/nice (except Nathalie’s dress which I Love even as it coulda been a schooch longer)

  5. DianaB says:

    Hahahaha, Brie was definitively having fun with that win. I thouhgt Amy looked gorgeous! absolute perfection.

  6. V4Real says:

    I’m so glad Denzel won over sexual harasser Affleck. But almost every person who reads the names of the nominees smiles or giggle when announcing the winner. Though I’m sure Bree is so happy it was anybody other than Affleck.

    • Lena says:

      Compare how she reacted when she had to read Casey Affleck name & give
      Him the award- I think there is an article on celebitchy. She definitely preferred giving it to Denzel.

    • someone says:

      Hmm.not sure Denzel has such a great reputation either…

  7. applapoom says:

    What a fantastic statement from her. Even as a regular person I encounter so many trolls online everywhere with the usual “libtards” “global elite” “cuck” rants etc. This crap is even brought into my Facebook gardening and science feed. It is so ridiculous. It is impossible to reason with them.

    Unrelated but wow…she has my dream body…she looks amazing.

    • smcollins says:

      Applapoom, get out of my head! That’s what I was going to write! It is ridiculous, though, isn’t it? How everything is turned into a us vs. them debate, no matter how inane the topic, complete with the standard name-calling. Drives me nuts.
      And, yes, I would kill for Brie’s figure. Gorgeous!

    • Shark Bait says:

      I got called a libtard and a cuck by someone on twitter Saturday and their profile picture had Pepe the frog, MAGA and American patriot were in their twitter bio, Donald Trump on a tank was their header picture and they had deplorable in their screen name. I felt like I hit the Trumpster lottery!!

    • mee says:

      She’s awesome. Loved that statement and love her authenticity. The dress was beautiful although it did make her boobs look a bit off. I love her though.

  8. Nicole says:

    She was definitely happy. She also posted a picture of her and Denzel from last years GGs recently as well.
    I believe the IG post is not about the SAGs at all. I believe it’s about the political things she usually posts. She’s a very active poster so I think it’s more related to that.

  9. Ellie says:

    Amy’s dress is reallllllly boring to me, but I guess when you to these things all the time, you don’t always feel like wearing a colorful or complicated or out-there dress. I feel like that most days just getting dressed for my civilian life, so I can’t blame her. Her head is beautiful as always, as is the jewelry.

  10. Becky says:

    Brie had a load of crap in the comments of her Instagram post the other day. The other post was in response to that.

    She posted some stats showing that 11,000 people per year get shot by other Americans, compared to a very small number by terrorism. The figures were an average over 10 yrs which commenters jumped on (Trump supporters obvs).

  11. detritus says:

    Amy is classy as always, the jewellery is interesting though, it’s different and I like it.
    Brie looks fine, I don’t like th asymmetric cut though. It makes her boobs look uneven.

  12. paolanqar says:

    Brie looks so skinny lately. She has lost a lot of wight. I know question if her boobs are real they seem far too full for someone who has lost so much wight.
    She is awesome though, I love her and I hope she is ok.

  13. teacakes says:

    I love how Brie has been so unenthusiastic about the prospect of having to hand over statuettes to the sexual harasser lesser Affleck and I love how passive-aggressively she’s been making it clear.

    I rather like her dress but I LOVE Nathalie’s, it’s glorious. Two thumbs up from me!

  14. Margo S. says:

    So funny. I had actually streamed Manchester last night (as if I was going to pay to see it) just to see if casey was in fact great. What in the actually heck. He’s just frowning the whole movie! No exception of energy at all except the two bar fights… Denzel was fantastic in fences. Mind blowing. He’s so unbelievably talented. I don’t get tnt so I googled the sag winners last night and when I saw denzels name I was so happy! Actors can see that their fans don’t want them awarding a creep like casey!

  15. ell says:

    ngl, the sag’s wins were faaaaar better than the golden globes and it was very nice. i love brie btw, she’s lovely. love the dress as well.

    nathalie emmanuel’s dress was one of my favs.

  16. Linabear says:

    Woah, I’ve never heard of Nathalie Emmanuel before but she is gorgeous!

  17. Lucy says:

    All three of them are beautiful and looked fantastic!

  18. CornyBlue says:

    Denzel’s win was the best thing to happen to me this week so I was grinning atleast as much as Brie was. I am so glad she did not have to honour Affleck. She also looks amazing and I so love perfectly tailored dresses.

  19. IlsaLund says:

    I loved watching Denzel win over Casey. Since the SAG is comprised solely of actors, I’m sure the female actors had a say in who won the award. If I was a female SAG member no way would I have voted for Affleck.

  20. Shell says:

    It’s not the neckline, her right boob looks a lot lower and about to fall out.
    Glad Casey did not win, I doubt the Oscars need or want another diversity drama after Nate Parker and the current mood in this country.
    Snickering is good!

  21. Kathleen says:

    Arrival has the most Oscar noms of any film besides La La Land and Adams is the star of Arrival. She will be at the Oscars whether she is personally nominated (she should have been) or not as it’s her film and she earned being there. Her dress is simple but beautiful. Odd commentary about Adams on this post.

  22. JeanGenie says:

    Brie’s had a breast enlargement, yes?
    Oh, Hollywood.

    • kathleen says:

      I didn’t notice it until you pointed it out. But yes, it appears she has had a breast enlargement. No way to hide a big padded bra under a dress that white and tight.

      That makes me sad.

    • Jeesie says:

      Perhaps years ago, but for as long as she’s been getting attention as an adult she’s had large breasts for her frame. Sometimes it’s not as obvious, but whenever she wears something that wouldn’t allow for a structured minimising bra underneath she looks a bit top heavy. Her Oscars dress last year for example almost had a matronly vibe because it made her look so top heavy.

      I feel like a lot of people don’t understand how, ‘versatile’ for lack of a better word, breasts in the large C to DD range can be. I can get mine looking like a small B cup when I want to, and then other times they can look like a porn stars.

  23. Shark Bait says:

    I actually really liked Machester by the Sea and Casey’s performance, but Fences and Denzel were amazing. I may have a soft spot for Fences since I read it in college and made sure to get tickets to see it on Broadway (also starring Denzel). I am all aboard the Denzel Oscar train… choo choo!

  24. Kaye says:

    I knew I didn’t like Casey Affleck going in to see Manchester on the Sea, but I have to give the devil his due: I thought he was fantastic in it. It would be nice if every actor who gives an outstanding performance was also a wonderful human being, but it doesn’t always work that way.

  25. Brit says:

    Haha I love Brie. On her insta, she’s been very outspoken against trump and I think she’s been feeling the heat from the drumph supporters. Hence, that insta post

  26. I Choose Me says:

    I love Amy’s accessories. Would have loved the dress in a jewel colour but she looks great. Brie has an enviable body but I don’t like her dress. Nathalie’s on the other hand, I covet.

  27. perplexed says:

    I didn’t notice anything really out of the ordinary. She looked the same to me as most people who announce a winner’s name. If she had said “I love my life”, I think I would have noticed a diss.

    Edited to name:

    On second thought, I think I did see a glimmer of “yes, Casey Affleck did not win!” in her eyes when she giggled. But I had to watch several times to see it. She was subtle about it, however, so I’m surprised people came after her about it.

  28. serena says:

    Nathalie Emmanuel looks stunning and gorgeous!

  29. Meredith says:

    I really like that Viggo Mortenson and Denzel Washington hugged as Denzel was walking to the stage. That was a nice moment. But even nicer is a sexual predator in Hollywood not winning an award *fingers crossed for the Oscars*

  30. Annetommy says:

    I recently went to a event with Dean Strang and Jerry Buting, the lawyers from the “Making a Murderer” show about the Stephen Avery case. It was fascinating. One of the points they emphasised was the importance of presumption of innocence. They referenced a judge who made it a practice to leave the bench to shake the defendant’s hand to underline to the jury that the defendant was innocent unless and until they were found guilty in a court of law. Brie Larson and many others seem to have decided there’s a better way.

    • Diane says:

      These people work in the same industry and know what did or didnt happen because its a pretty good bet word is all around the insiders, and many may have heard it from the two women involved who have apparently been in the industry a while. I am guessing there may be more than a presumption made?

  31. Lucy2 says:

    Amy and Nathalie look gorgeous.
    I would say the same about Bree but the asymmetry makes her look crooked. Very much like her social media post though. I honestly don’t know how any celebrity could stand to have social media, especially right now.

  32. jj says:

    i thought Nicole Kidman’s hesitant head shake before announcing “Hidden Figures” threw more shade than Brie Larson’s giggle.

  33. Maryscott O'Connor says:

    Didn’t see a giggle. She looked pleased — as pleased as anyone would who has been reprieved from handing an award to a predator. But no giggle. I watched it over and over — I’m not missing it, there was no giggle.

  34. AnotherDirtyMartini says:

    Yay, Denzel! I love him. Love Viggo too.

    Brie’s reaction was cute. Subtle