NBC accused of ‘whitewashing’ for replacing Tamron Hall with Megyn Kelly

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I have been following Megyn Kelly’s trajectory with some interest, just because I think she’s basically the canary in the coal mine for NBC shifting to more conservative-trending broadcasting. Megyn left Fox News and immediately took a contract with NBC News. We were told that she would get a talk show and probably her own magazine show (in the vein of 60 Minutes or Dateline). Then we learned that Megyn was actually going to be taking an anchor slot for the Today Show. Some media-watchers were like, “Way to normalize Megyn Kelly’s divisive and stupid faux-conservative politics, NBC.” It definitely feels like something larger is at play, like a major network news division is making a choice to pander to (let’s just say it) Deplorables.

Well, last week, Tamron Hall decided not to renew her contract with NBC. Tamron is often called one of the best anchors at NBC and MSNBC. On the strength of her MSNBC anchoring (she had an afternoon time slot), she was given a spot on the Today Show too. She’s well-liked and respected by colleagues and journalists and she does a lot of work specifically on domestic-violence awareness and race. She is also one of the few prominent African-American women at NBC News. According to sources, NBC didn’t push her out though – sources tell People Magazine that NBC offered Hall a “generous” new contract and they were “very surprised” that she didn’t take it. Following Tamron’s announcement that she was leaving, the National Association of Black Journalists had something to say:

The National Association of Black Journalists is accusing NBC of “whitewashing” after the network announced Wednesday that longtime anchor Tamron Hall is leaving the network. PEOPLE learned last week that Megyn Kelly, who left Fox News last month for a new role at NBC News, is set to host an hour of the Today Show, replacing the slot held by Hall and her co-anchor Al Roker. Though Hall was offered a new contract and insiders said the network expected her to stay in her other roles at the Today show and MSNBC, the anchor walked away from the deal.

In a statement released Wednesday, the NABJ shared its disappointment over Hall’s departure, which comes less than a week after PEOPLE learned that Hall and Roker would be replaced in the 9 a.m. slot.

“The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) is saddened by Tamron Hall’s departure from NBC. She broke ground as the first black female Today show cohost and was enjoying ratings success alongside Al Roker during the show’s third hour of programming,” the statement reads. “NBC has been a leader for diversity in broadcasting, but recent reports that Hall and Roker will be replaced by former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly are being seen by industry professionals as whitewashing,” the statement continues.

“Published reports suggest Kelly will be replacing Today’s Takes, the hour of programming led by Hall and Roker. Roker tweeted last week that the show leads the ratings in its time slot and consistently beats its competition. This achievement deserves praise, not punishment, as replacing talent often is associated with low ratings performance,” NABJ’s statement continues. “Kelly has a well-documented history of offensive remarks regarding people of color. On The Kelly File, her Fox News show, the host said then-First Lady Michelle Obama’s commencement address at Tuskegee University pandered to a ‘culture of victimization.’ ”

The statement concludes: “While NABJ wishes Hall well on her next move, NABJ requests a meeting with NBC leadership on the top-rated show’s dismantling. We look forward to dialogue and resolve regarding black journalists and their continuing roles at NBC both in front and behind the camera.”

[From People]

NBC released a statement that was basically like “let’s continue this dialogue” but I think the NABJ makes some great points. Did Tamron leave specifically because they were taking away her successful time slot… and giving it away to a white woman with a history of racial insensitivity (if not outright racism)? Was Tamron like “I don’t want to work with people who would do this”? I think that’s the case. And why is NBC so jazzed about Megyn Kelly? She’s a self-promoter and “people” believe that she’s got a big future in media, but she’s so overhyped and insubstantial. I feel sorry for Tamron.

Megyn Kelly signs copies of 'Settle For More' at Barnes & Noble

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  1. Nicole says:

    I feel bad for her because apparently it’s another case of the network not giving their employees a heads up. Which again is terrible. Luckily I think the Today Show is mostly awful and I can only stand GMA. Hall can do bigger and better things elsewhere

    • Maryrose says:

      Rumor is Live with Kelly has been cancelled, and GMA is going to 3 hours with Tamran Hall as co-host. She is falling up. She deserves her own show.

    • almondmilk says:


      That is so great to hear. I hope it’s true. I had dumped NBC because of how they treated Curry 4 yrs ago, but had gradually been coming back because of Tamron, Al and the Olympic coverage. This is the second time @nbc has f’d over a woman of color in such a humiliating and high profile way. I’m done.

      I swear it seems like Anne Curry has fallen off the face of the earth. This was a woman who was on the ground in Iraq during the war, and on many other hot spots over the years, interviewing troops and dictators alike then in her spare time she was making the occasional pie on the Today show. But white men in power said she had to go, so she went.

      I’m sure Tamron learned a lesson from the Curry debacle. Don’t take the money and sign their NDA, that gives the network the power to bench you forever and send you to former news anchor/reporter Siberia, never to be heard from again.

      Lastly, here’s the thing about Kelly. A network’s anchors and morning personalities are supposed to come across as having a moral compass. Someone who talks about white Santas and regularly has on Anne Coulter, while reporting on ‘new black panthers,’ that were actually fox organized instead of real police brutality against minorities and who was NOT the one who finally took Roger Ailes down (that was Gretchen Carleson) in fact, Kelly seemed to wait idly by and see what kind of goods Carleson had before she got more vocal and of course it took a deposition for her to admit he was scum.

      That’s not a moral compass, that’s opportunism, veiled and not so veiled racism. A Fox specialty. If that’s what’s coming to NBC. I’m done.

  2. Alix says:

    I hope some smarter network grabs Tamron and gives her mucho dinero. She’s great, and obviously takes no crap from anyone, which is even greater. Hell, she was besties with Prince, how much cooler can you be?

    Unrelated note (pic of Kelly with her book): why is it that, the more well-known the author, the cheaper and more basic the book jacket? Like they spent all of 30 seconds designing it? Blech.

    Second unrelated note: I can’t see the name “Megyn” and not think OB-GYN. Is it just me?

    • lightpurple says:

      Not just you. And I can never help but think she should be nicer to women given that her “gynecologist” is part of her name.

    • Barbra says:

      Can you believe it…. Tamron is going to Fox…..wow

      • almondmilk says:

        Hey guys can you tell the ‘bots’ who show up in these threads? They’re pretty obvious. Posts are a bit disjointed. They usually mention Fox too. Don’t know if they’re ‘russian’ or not like during the campaign, but it wouldn’t surprise. They’re pretty insidious.

  3. robyn says:

    Megan Kelly who wants to have her cake and eat it too. Won’t be watching her any time soon. She’s certainly not the role model for women she is selling herself to be. Can’t stand this fence-sitter who didn’t fess up prior to the election about what she later described as Trump’s threats.

    Tamron is super talented and will surely find a great gig for herself in future.

  4. Shambles says:

    Good, let the Today Show sink into a pile of self-important, mediocre white folks while Tamron rises higher. I hope she finds something much better than that steaming pile of garbage.

  5. Nancy says:

    What a wonderful idea to take away a time slot from a successful black woman and give it to the current flavor of the month. Tamron is the victim of the trump era and can stand in line with Ann Curry who was sent down the river for no credible reason. I stopped watching NBC newscasts years ago and hope with Megyn Kellly stinking up the network even more, that others will stop watching as well. I hope ABC will take Tamron in, as they are in my opinion, the only credible network left.

    • LinaLamont says:

      Curry was awful on that show. She wasn’t the viewers’ favorite until she was treated badly by NBC…then ,all of a sudden, she was everyone’s “favorite”. Curry is a good reporter, but, she was truly cringe-worthy on Today.
      Hall, on the other hand, had good ratings. I find her insufferable, but, she brought eyeballs.
      Obviously, NBC is trying to pander to everyone with Kelly. It reminds me of McCain picking Palin….because, you know, she’s a woman, and, even though she’s a right-wing nut-job, all women will vote for her…men will love her hotness…the right-wingers love her…the left-wingers will learn to love her. Kelly’s in it for herself. Kelly’s a self-serving POS.
      Also, HATE Matt Lauer and Al Roker….actually, the whole Today bunch.

      • QQ says:

        Lina ZERO lies about Ann Curry She was an Unmitigated disaster the whole of her tenure as co anchor she was an ok newsreader or possibly serious topic journalist but My God She flamed OUT so badly

      • Nancy says:

        @Lina: I didn’t mind Ann at all. In fact, when that shady twit Matt Lauer had her fired, I ran to GMA. Meredith Vieiera, the game show host and View reject was his girl. I didn’t see Tamron on the show, but by all indications, she was good at her job. I had to laugh when you said men would find Palin hot! The only time she is hot is when she has a fever! Totally agree that Kelly and the rest of the new right Today show sucks.

    • angie says:

      The Today Show has a history of mistreating its females hosts–don’t forget what happened to Jane Pauley, who has always been one of the classiest acts on TV. They publicly forced her out for a younger blonde “cupcake”, Deborah Norville ,( who actually is a pretty good reporter who got caught in the middle). The viewers hated the way it was handled so much that Norville also had to leave, which wound up giving Katie Couric the job. The show seems to be run by an unbroken chain of morons. Tamron Hall is also one of the classiest acts on TV, so of course they had to get rid of her. That’s what morons do.

    • jj says:

      NBC News doesn’t handle personnel changes well, look at Ann Curry and David Gregory. The network has the right to let people go per ratings, etc. but it can be more professional about it.

  6. QQ says:

    Ive been @ing NBC intermittently ( i mean I wanna name em and shame em but its also Sh!tty NBC we see what’s happening, they are aligning themselves softly with the new regime and I for one boycott til that apprentice shit is off the air) Tamron is too good, funny, pretty to waste her timet there I hope she goes get her good money beffitting somewhere else where they dont have a nazi barbie with teased Bram Stoker Dracula Hair usurping her time

    Also while we’re at it: No Country For Megyn(this fuck!ng name spelling ffs!) Santa’s White! Kelly

    • Matomeda says:

      I’ll admit that I don’t know really anything about NBC. But I wouldn’t call biting Megan aligning with the regime. Trump haaaaaates her and its mutual!

      • QQ says:

        What else would you call Matt’s reasonable “President as a friend of the show” chats and letting that kleptocrapt still get his Apprentice Coins Tho??

      • Emily says:

        So NBC gets to have their cake and eat it too. “Oh Megyn’s not REALLY a shrill for the Republican party because she got yelled at by Trump that one time!” Please.

      • cd says:

        She is still a bigot.

    • Fiorella says:

      Tamrons hair is worse to me! Megyn has a generic bob

  7. Ramona says:

    What a coincidence that Tamron “chose” not to renew her contract just as NBC was desperate to find a place for their Fox News refugee. Not. Buying. It.

  8. Louise177 says:

    Tamron probably left because of the way she was treated. She was basically forced out for the flavor of the month. Eventhough she may have been offered more money the lack of respect was likely a big issue.

    • pwal says:

      It seems to me that NBC tried to start rumors about Tamron’s ‘diva’ behavior months ago when Billy Bush’s job was hanging by a thread after the Trump tape. No one bought it then and if it gets resurrected now, I can’t help but think it’s an attempt for NBC to save face. After all, why would anyone, especially a POC turn down a $h!t ton of money to stay at the happiest place on Earth?

      Nicely delivered bit of shade, Tamron.

  9. Nev says:

    Booooooo Megyn!!!
    I will miss Tamron.
    If they touch my Hoda, I am out!!!!!!

  10. nemera77 says:

    Another reason not to watch. I really like Tamron. NBC seems to be shooting itself in the foot. Getting rid of anyone that is remotely likable on the show. Tamron should head over to CBS. They actually do NEWs.. not so much FLUFF.. and I get tired of all the celebrity kissy kissy. She was too good for them. And exactly what market research have they done or are doing that makes them think Megyn Kelly is going to bring in such a big audience.

  11. Barbara Derose says:

    As a loyal follower of fox,I never cared for Megan kelly. I glad she left.

  12. Vampi says:

    Megyn seems to be getting the face she deserves. (as the saying goes)… Yikes!

  13. adastraperaspera says:

    Forget it, NBC. At least after WWII Nazis had to move to Argentina and get plastic surgery to ever work again. But here’s Megyn Kelly jumping from the FOX flaming lily pad over to a safer network and we’re not supposed to notice who she really is. An example of Megyn’s fine work for racists:

    “On the June 8 edition of Fox News’ The Kelly File, Kelly questioned whether a white McKinney, Texas police officer’s excessive use of force while arresting a 14-year-old black girl at a pool party was a “race thing…where is the evidence that this is a race thing, not an excessive force thing?” Kelly added, “The girl was no saint, either.” [Fox News, The Kelly File, 7/28/15]”

    And another tidbit in case people wonder what NBC is really up to with this stupid move:

    “German non-Jewish newspaper owners replaced [journalists] in part with ill-trained and inexperienced amateurs loyal to the Nazi Party, as well as with skilled and veteran journalists prepared to collaborate with the regime in order to maintain and even enhance their careers.”

    • chick b. says:

      This. I can’t believe there hasn’t been more of an outcry to boycott NBC. I’m not much of a Tamron fan and NBC’s revolving door of hosts is ridic, but Kelly became a millionaire working for and with an organization that has no interest in news. I don’t care if NBC is attempting to add a “conservative” face because Trump was elected. It’s journalism – it’s supposed to expose politicians and their actions, not pander to a bunch of misinformed voters.

    • Neelyo says:

      Megyn Kelly is vile. She will always reek of Fox News to me wherever the goes. Can’t wash that off.

  14. Ana says:

    I honestly don’t think this is whitewashing, but just an attempt of NBC to get more ratings. Megyn Kelly is a controversial person, so they’d figured she’d attract more viewers.

    I’ll be sorry to see Hall go though, she’s great. I doubt she’ll have much trouble finding a better job though where her talents are truly appreciated.

  15. Jen says:

    The Today Show really seems to be in some kind of spiral. They were rated over GMA and then they lost Natalie Morales, Willie Geist and now Tamron Hall as anchors? Replacing them with Carson Daly and Megan Kelly? Very…interesting….decisions, to say the least. If they’re still in first, I would guess they won’t be for long.

  16. Natalia says:

    I only watch CBS This Morning. Only attempt at dignified news/infotainment in the morning. I love Gayle, Charlie and Norah.

  17. Radley says:

    I think this is an ill advised move by NBC in terms of journalistic integrity. But hey, let’s be honest, white mediocrity still rules the day. So NBC probably won’t suffer for it. I hope they will, but they probably won’t.

    Is it true Tamron quietly married Lawrence O’Donnell last year? If so they are progressive power couple goals and I wish them much happiness.

  18. Fiorella says:

    I like Megyns interview style and her wtf face when people are spinning. I agree that her comments about Michelle’s speech were wrong though. And I bet she wishes she was never assigned the black Santa and Jesus stories. I had never heard of tamron. Obviously Megyns fame is bigger. Terrible dress on tamron and awful pic of Megyns face especially the nose. Interested to see where tamron works next. I don’t watch today either way.

    • Millie says:

      I don’t think she has any regrets over the black Santa and Jesus story lines. On the contrary, she seemed absolutely gleeful to cry about how Christianity being attacked because of black Jesus being around. Forget the fact that some African Churches of the Orthodox tradition have been around for antiquity and have used iconography similar to the Byzantium Empire and yes the iconography of Jesus and the Saints are dark skin. Seems like Megyn incorrectly assumes that Christianity is and always was just for Europeans and Whites. As an anchor, you’d think she’d be able to fact check and realize that Jesus likely didn’t have blue eyes and blond hair.

      She is a racist plain and simple and hopefully no one watches her pretend to care about anything beyond herself.

    • cd says:

      Come on, she is a bigot, pure and simple!

  19. Angela says:

    Tamron Hall is one of the few TV journalists I will watch. I’m pissed NBC hired Megyn Kelly, a woman who withheld vital information from the American public until her book was released and who is obviously not up to speed on racial issues. I will follow Tamron wherever she goes, and I will not watch a second of Megyn’s dumbing down of Americans.

    • EsS says:

      Agree. After A. Curry left, I switched to GMA and never looked back. I do miss Sam Champion. I’ll watch NBC if Sam replaces Matt.

      p.s. Tamron deserves better than NBC. On to bigger and better.

  20. Rex says:

    Too many people turn the channel when Tamron comes on. If she was more popular and successful she would still have her slot. But of course she’s black so it has to become a racial issue as if NBC would replace a top rated host. Race baiters. Couldn’t possibly be that you weren’t good enough. People change the channel in droves when Tamron comes on. Time will tell if Megan will be any better. If not, she will be replaced after a period as well. It’s pretty simple people it’s black and white as it gets but has nothing to do with race.

  21. Hazel says:

    I stopped watching The Today Show after they dumped Ann Curry, who I though did a good job, but then she was from my part of Oregon, so I was always going to be rooting for her. Plus, I got tired of the Matt & Al show, they reminded me of boys in high school, always snickering about people (mainly women). I’ve been a GMA watcher ever since, but occasionally I tune in to CBS & always like what I see there, as well.

  22. Apples says:

    Purely business decision – Megyn is very popular and It right now. They are not in the same league of recognition and popularity byt that constantly changes. Tamron’s hour will come.

  23. Peggy Starr says:

    I for one will not be watching Megyn Kelly. She’s highly overrated and what they did to Al and Tamron is unacceptable. Megyn Kelly is too wishy-washy. I sincerely hope somebody picks up Tamron because she is hot stuff. One of the best in the industry

  24. David Hiles says:

    Kellys and NBC can go to Hell.

  25. Natalie says:

    I only watch Fox. Loved Greta but not enough to follow her over to NBC. Probably will never watch Megan there either. I’d love to see Tamryn Hall go to Fox. She’s a straight shooter and sweet. Very professional!

    • Bridget says:

      Which means that she’ll probably never go to Fox. Just because a network calls itself Fair And Balanced doesn’t mean it’s a “straight shooter”. Fox is infamous as being one of the most biased news sources out there. And that’s saying something!

  26. Bridget says:

    Something doesn’t seem right to me. Is NBC going to pay Megyn Kelly that kind of crazy money just for that kind of crappy 9am slot?

  27. Danny Rowland says:

    I only watch Fox news. You get correct news, you can take to the bank anytime. Tamron should go over to Fox news.She will definitely love it. we do not miss Megyn and will not follow Greta to MSNBC.

  28. Apples says:

    I feel like today’s tv host are taking themselves too seriously. When you are an athlete at least you can show proof of your value in numbers and medals whereas with TV it’s not so simple. I’ve seen Tamron before but I never heard of her the way I did hear about Megyn. Was Tamron lead to believe she would be offered the spot? Hard to say, but she was offered a contract renewal so obviously the network values her. She declined and that’s her choice. I hope she has something good lined up for her.

  29. Linda says:

    I think NBC sucks, the only reason I watched was to see & hear Tamron & Al..I hope their ratings sink faster than the Titanic!!

  30. David Lee Davis says:

    Keep race out of the discussion. TamRon is the better talent of the two. Kelly is arrogant simply put. Shallow – plastic – phony
    I am a 71 year white country country Trump Boy. I will say let Matt go he has run out of talent.

  31. Triple Cardinal says:

    Remember, it’s not only Tamron out and Megyn in at NBC, it’s Mark Halperin and John Heilmann out at 6pm at MSNBC…and Greta Van Susteran in.

  32. ALMETA DAVIS says:

    I just don’t understand NBC. I know they will regret this decision. It appears that they think because Trump won that they needed a conservative on board. All they needed to do was continue to tell the truth. Then to turn around an get rid of Tamron Hall @moneyinthebank. People don’t like it when they believe an b employer is disloyal to loyal employees. NBC if I were you I would be worried.

  33. Cinesnatch says:

    Wasn’t the Today Show the first daily morning show to give an host position to a POC? [Bryant Gumbel]

  34. mellie says:

    I guess everyone has their own opinions about morning TV, but I really, really liked Natalie Morales, more so than Tamron and they pushed her out the door…where was the outrage over that? They weren’t pushing Tamron OUT, they are just moving people around, as they do sometimes in many companies, seriously, they move us around in our jobs all the time where I work, I’m not leaving over it and I don’t make millions of dollars, not even close. Natalie Morales and Ann Curry were actually asked to leave…Tamron quit on her own. I’m not a Megyn fan at all, I won’t watch her, but I’m not really feeling sorry for someone who made millions of dollars and left on her own accord. She’ll land on her feet. And I’m with whoever said they better leave Hoda the he!! alone. I like Kathy Lee too, but I’m probably in the minority on that one.

  35. Iknowwhatboyslike says:

    Well this seems to be a trend with NBC and MSNBC. They are pandering to whatever structure was in power. When Prsident Obama was elected, the influx of black anchors and contributors was staggering. Why did this happen, because we had a black president. At the end of his presidency, they got rid of most of the black anchors and contributors, except for Joy Reid because their would’ve been a riot. Now, the tide has turned, so the show is getting rid of black faces to make the Deplorables confortable.

  36. bitchy says:

    They do all bow and bend over to Trump. Some of his most outspoken critics did visit him even before inauguration. Remember Dicaprio? Kayne West? Steve Harvey? CEO’s?? Bill Gates!!! Larry King!!! Mitt Romney!! David Petraeus!!!

    Even before the inauguration. Make no mistake, the elite doesn’t actually despise Trump. They won’t rebel nor revolution against Trump.


    So one might guess that employing Megyn Kelly is a way of bowing and bending over to Trump.

  37. Monique Thomas says:

    its the american way. #sadbuttruhistoricallyfact

  38. Bull says:

    Tamron, seemed to be one of the sweetest, most geniune human beings I have ever seen. I will miss her very much.

  39. Robert Velez says:

    Megyn Kelly will suffer the same fate as any self promoting bimbo would when her ratings go down the tubes and then start whining and crying that the network did not back her up! What goes around comes around! Tamron Hall would be perfect for CNN and take Ms.Kelly old time slot! Tamron Hall will be a star while Megyn Kelly will remind you as dust in the wind!

  40. MandyPurr says:

    Here me out! I don’t like the idea that Tamron was bumped for Meghan either because I don’t think Meghan is a good journalist, she’s used to spouting some garbage for Fox News (alternative facts). However, I think it could be good thing if Meghan’s reporting now has a liberal slant (aka actual FACTS) like we all know NBC is used to. The Fox News loving conservatives are familiar with Meghan and so long as she starts reporting actual facts it may be a good way to bridge the gap between fact loving folks such as my snowflake ass and the deplorables. It’s a stretch but I think it could work. Also, Tamron is awesome and has a much better journalistic range than Meghan so she will certainly be fine without NBC.

  41. MD says:

    NBC you suck at replacing your people on the “Today” show! Show some class and treat people like they should be treated. Keep doing what you’re doing and less and less people will be watching “The Today Show” — not because of the anchors — because of the way you treat the people you employ. I watched The Today Show everyday but because you did it again, I’ll be turning the channel. Megyn BE CAREFUL — as the saying goes “what goes around comes around” is VERY TRUE, especially on The Today Show. NBC is not above getting rid of you too — as they have with all the other females once the limelight is no longer shining on you too…

  42. holly hobby says:

    Wow Megan Kelly is so monochromatic that her facial features just blend in. That’s all I got.

    Never watching NBC.