Gwyneth Paltrow wants you to burn your bras, but not for feminist reasons

Gwyneth Paltrow attends Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch launch

Back in my youth (my late teens), I would go braless. Considering I was a C-cup at the age of 13, you can imagine that I’m not the kind of woman who should ever really go braless. When I did it back then, it was mostly out of a belief that no one cared, and why not go free? But these days… no, I can’t do it. Personally, I feel sloppy and that has everything to do with being big-busted and feeling too “exposed” without a bra. That being said, I don’t have a big bra collection. I’m always looking for the best brands to fit my size and I tend to just stick with the same brand/design in like three different colors. Decent-quality bras are expensive and I tend not to experiment, and I wear a good bra down to the very end.

But as we’ve learned time and time again, we are mere peasants and Gwyneth Paltrow is here to advise us on what we should be doing, bra-wise. According to Goop, we should be burning our bras. I’m shocked that this suggestion doesn’t come with some pseudo-science about bra-wearing leading to an allergy to carbs. No, Gwyneth says that we should burn our bras because of bad relationship vibes. As in, if you’re getting over a bad breakup, you should burn the bras you wore during that relationship.

On Thursday, Goop published an extensive guide to getting rid of your old lingerie, and, spoiler, it’s not just “throw it in the trash.” Suzannah Galland, a “life advisor and relationship expert,” says you should burn your bras, not as a feminist gesture, but because the ghosts of your old lovers are hanging out in there. “The lingerie you wore with past lovers can carry the toxic residue of those relationships, along with painful memories,” she writes. “While we might not think to trash lingerie that once made us feel so good — or that we spent a lot of money on — it’s a powerful, healing gesture to make.”

Here’s how she says to go about it:

1. Find a safe place where you can light a fire. (Why not invite a few close friends to join you, too?)
2. Before you start, you might want to write out a few words, or recite a prayer to help release and forgive.
3. Throw your needs-to-go lingerie into the fire one piece at a time.
4. Shout out the name(s) of the lover(s) you associate with each piece as you go.
5. Watch intently as the pieces burn. Know that your past is recycling into the ethers, liberating your future.
So if you happen to catch several different women screaming “Brad!” over a pit of flames this weekend, now you know why.

[From NY Mag]

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the symbolism and I’m not opposed to a ritualistic cleansing fire either. I’m all for burning photos, burning love letters, burning his favorite t-shirt that you “forgot” to return. But burning the bras you wore during the relationship seems like a step too far? Especially if you are one of those elite women who are at the core of Goop’s clientele. Surely they’re spending a lot on their La Perla bras and it’s ridiculous to burn them. WHY NOT JUST WASH THEM??? Wash away the bad boyfriend. It’s probably better for the environment too.

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59 Responses to “Gwyneth Paltrow wants you to burn your bras, but not for feminist reasons”

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  1. Juluho says:

    Oooooooo. I’m so glad. It’s been almost a fortnight since Gwen has told me how to live my life.

    Are the fumes from burning undies toxic? Acidic? Not Organic certainly?

    • Sirius says:

      Yea, I thought this was going to be about bras are toxic so don’t wear them . . . but the thought of burning a bra seems toxic to me. This is so totally dumb.

    • detritus says:

      I’m actually surprised she missed an obsessed with youth trick.

      There is research that suggests not wearing a bra reduces the sagging of breasts.
      I kind of side eye it though, and assume it’s for smaller breasted women (Goop) and not high impact situations.
      One of the few science debates I’ve been totally on the wrong side of the fence for, I refused to believe it u til someone presented me proof via journal articles. It just doesn’t make sense to me, It’s still not the strongest correlation, and I didn’t keelreview the stats and sample size, but I thought for SURE that’s what goopy would be going on about.

      • Jay (the Canadian one) says:

        The argument is that the bra takes over support duties from the muscles and so the muscles atrophy. There’s sagging with time either way but more extreme if the muscles don’t have to do the work.

      • TwistBarbie says:

        I’ve seen decent studies for both sides, but it’s not ever really going to be “hard science”, there’s so many variables that can’t be adequately controlled. Even breast shape; two women with the same bra size can have very different breasts, one type may have a larger “footprint” if you will, and be less likely to sag.

      • detritus says:

        Yeah, I think it may depend on the type of breast tissue too.

        There’s denser and looser breasts, denser tissue being more difficult to diagnose cancer and other irregularities in.

        @jay, I read that too, but I can’t remember the muscle, it’s not pecs because they don’t attach into the breast and for the life of me I don’t remember another muscle in there.

        @TB, imagine getting the funding needed for this. Yes, NIH, I would like to measure nipple height for the next forty years on 100 000 women. What will it prevent? Saggy boobs of course!

        Lol I think the original study come from France which I find hilarious for some reason.

      • Caela says:

        Just out of interest, can you remember the article title?

        There are no muscles in breasts, the pec major lies behind and doesn’t hold the breasts up. But there are ligaments, maybe that’s what they were looking at??

        However at a 30GG I won’t be experimenting lol, sometimes I even have to sleep in a bra…

      • Jay (the Canadian one) says:

        Yeah probably ligaments not muscles.

      • I thought they were called “Cooper’s Droopers”…

      • detritus says:

        Carla, yes exactly. Human physiology isn’t my strong suit, but I took a few anatomy courses and remembered nothing if the sort. This is why I was like, this cannot be true, even remembering it.

        Holly Wouldn’t got it right though, it’s ligaments, Coopers ligaments!

        I you want to read up on science articles about it, key words are breast or mammary ptosis (ptosis is drooping).'s_ligaments And brief mammary ptosis blurb.
        More info on the French study I was mentioning, not the journal article though, when I last searched this stuff out I had access to PubMed, not sure if it’s available free.

  2. mazzie says:

    Or… I don’t know – donate them to shelters?

    • Hannah says:

      Are you kidding? How is that something rich and absurd people could possibly do?

    • LadyT says:

      That’s the best idea. I had a yard sale once and hesitantly put out my bras that were basically unused because of fit. They were sold in the first minutes for 25 cents a piece. Very sad. Now I understand the great need and donate them- along with new packs of ladies underwear.

    • lucy2 says:

      IKR? There are a number of great organizations that provide gently used bras to women in need. My preferred brands is Soma, and they even have a donation program too.
      To suggest burning them instead is gross, tacky, wasteful, bad for the environment, and so completely Goop.

  3. Emmy says:

    Too much money and not enough common sense, that’s our Goop..

  4. Belle Epoch says:

    That smile looks very Botoxy! The upper part of her mouth and face can’t move. Does she use Botox?

    • Madailein says:

      I think it’s not Botox near her upper mouth but some sort of filler, since Botox freezes the nearby muscles and would cause her mouth to become paralyzed, making it impossible (for a few months) for her to smile or stop. ..Though, of course, that might well suit her–a phony smile frozen on her face.

  5. Lucy says:

    Um, nah, thankyouverymuch. I spent some good money on the ones I have, but thanks for once again illuminating us on how wrong we are living our lives, Goopy. Also, hystorical fun fact: I have recently found out that the alleged bra-burning demonstration never actually happened? As in, the protest did take place, and several beauty products were burned, but no bras were harmed during it.

  6. It'sJustBlanche says:

    There’s just nothing one can do to make her likeable, is there?

  7. amanda says:

    They should be more concerned with the toxic residue lovers leave on beds/couches/chairs, it’s much harder to clean. Burning furniture isn’t practical.

    • vauvert says:

      just thinking the same about bedsheets, nighties, cashmere sweaters… and what should one do with jewelry – received and/or worn?

  8. boredblond says:

    ..and then you, Monica, Phoebe and Rachel will chant and cute fire fighters will show up..yawn…

  9. Ramona says:

    Her real audience can afford to burn their expensive bras too, the rest of you moaning are just peasant gawkers. I saw Judd Apatows wife on one of the late night shows talking very earnestly about some detox diet she learnt from Goop and I’m sure she would host a catered bra burning party for her daughters first breakup. Thats Goops target reader.

  10. Shambles says:

    This just reeks of Eau De Out of Touch, as always. Because everyone can afford to burn every single bra they wore during a relationship and go buy new ones.

  11. minx says:

    I love the way she rushes past the part about “even if you spent a lot of money on them” because, of course.

  12. HK9 says:

    Burn my bras after a bad relationship like it’s the bras’ fault?? My bras have never done anything to me but hold up “les girls” and I thank them for their efforts. Bitch has too much time on her hands.

  13. MD1 says:

    She is ridiculous. Because we all have so much money that we can burn expensive and perfectly good clothing.

    • Lauren II says:

      My cup size is DD ( natural). I am size 0 from the waist down. No damn way i would go braless. My boobs would be resting past my belly button within a week.
      I used to like Goop, but since her divorce, she has lost her bloody mind.

  14. Slowsnow says:

    Next up: do some plastic surgery because your features carry the hateful gaze of your past lovers or your own self-hatred. Oh, wait…

  15. paolanqar says:

    I sometimes question her intelligence or the lack of.
    Seriously.. has she got nothing better to do than dishing out stupid tips on what to do or not to do?

  16. Merritt says:

    I hate this woman and all the bs she sells. The ghosts of past relationships are in a person’s head not their undergarments.

  17. Arpeggi says:

    But, but, bbbut! If you “consciously uncouple”, how can you have bad breakups? Those are for peasants! You’re so above all this and uncoupled in such a pure, beautiful way, there can’t be “toxic memories” leftover in your panties?!

    Seriously, that’s a whole new level of homeopathy; after the water memory, here comes clothes’ memories of your past bangs… I get that we can have bad memories associated with a piece of clothing, but the issue’s in your head, not in the fabric! Donate your old stuff if you can’t get over it, but creating waste is plain stupid.

  18. Harla Jodet says:

    Oh geez…

  19. annaloo. says:

    No one has time for this shit, not with the state of how the world is. This is beyond indulgent.

  20. Izzy says:

    This woman is ridiculous.

  21. Forestlass says:

    What was her last film again n why is she still relevant!

  22. L84Tea says:

    I’m just gonna say it. I am not taking bra advice from a woman with pancake boobs.

  23. my3cents says:

    How about we just stick to burning your cookbooks dear?

  24. kNY says:

    If he touched your undies, he touched your body. Why not burn that as well?!?!? Go big or go home, GP!

  25. tan says:

    Not that ridiculous idea.
    after my extremely bad breakup, I threw away all old clothes and bras ( did not burn, gave to red cross) I wore with my ex and he touched.

    Total cleanse.

  26. Eden75 says:

    I’m all for going braless, I have been lucky enough to be blessed with a (mostly) un-saggy set, even after 40 and 2 kids but I am not going to burn the bras I have, thanks but no thanks. Still gotta wear them to work and with most of my clothes and am not going to go through the pain in the a$$ of bra shopping for new ones. Granted, it has been over 20 years since my last break up, but even then I would have rather of had a Brazilian wax daily then go bra shopping.

    This woman is truly living on her own planet.

  27. Montréalaise says:

    Ah, but you left out the best part! Sure, you should burn your bras, but not just at any old time. Nope, according to Goop, it has to be done during a full moon, just like other (and I quote) ”full moon fire rituals”.

  28. G says:

    I really yearn for the times when wearing a bra becomes a choice and isn’t a hard norm anymore. I hate them with passion. I wish I didn’t have to wear them. I do wear them very rarely these days but it’s always a choice between decent and attractive because if I choose to not wear a bra, I need to hide it so that no one in the office suspects I’m braless. Is there a movement for this?

  29. Shiba says:

    I think the advice is about ‘sexy times’ lingerie…the go-to bits that put you in the mood.

    And I have wondered this too, seems weird to wear them with multiple, distinct partners.

    • Rachel says:

      Would the same logic apply to a dress you wear on date-night? Or any clothes you’ve worn to special events with your significant other? This is just a cheap-ass way of persuading women with too much money to buy more lingerie. Next week’s GOOP will probably be full of La Perla ads.

  30. Who ARE these people? says:

    “I’m gonna wash that man right out of my bra…”
    Nah, that doesn’t work.

  31. Lizzy says:

    Starting to think she is trolling, that she loves posting this ridiculous stuff just to get people viewing and talking about GOOP. Steaming your vagina, sticking a rock up it, gold-plated dildos, burning your bras to purge spirits of lovers-past…LOL!

  32. manda says:

    Omg, she is crazy! This is not a good idea, some of the things in bras will burn badly, and may be toxic.

    I hate bras so much though

  33. Miss Gloss says:

    These comments tho😂. Is it just me or does Gwynnie look like a young Duchess of Cornwall? Oh, Goopie!

  34. Bee says:

    Gwyneth Paltrow will one day be remembered…….for being a huge troll.

  35. Bread and Circuses says:

    Oh, f’ off, you wasteful pea-brain.

    Ahem. Sorry, everybody; I was talking to Gwyneth, there.

    I sort-of get wanting to burn the skimpy lingerie you wore for him, but to hell with that, because:

    1) Girrrrrl, you should be buying lingerie for yo’self, not any man. That silky sexy stuff is YOURS, not his. You keep it, sweetie.

    2) That crap’s expensive! Only an idiot with no concept of the value of money (see above, wearing the straw-hair and the lifelong eating disorders) would burn something of worth. Donate your (clean) bras to a women’s shelter if you really can’t stand the sight of them anymore.

  36. Lex says:

    Why bras exactly? Why not shoes? Or dresses? Or hell, HOUSES!?!??!