Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton at the BAFTAs: super-cute or tedious?

2017 EE BAFTA Film Awards - Arrivals

Michelle Williams has gone to every awards show this year knowing that she’s going to lose to Viola Davis. Still, she’s hustled and campaigned and worn an endless amount of Louis Vuitton (fulfilling her contract with the label). My guess is that Michelle knows it will eventually be “her time,” and she’s making sure people remember that she’s always been accommodating during the awards season. As for this LV look at the BAFTAs… I’m shocked that it’s not some kind of Civil War bride-cosplay. So… I’ll take it. Perhaps it’s one of her best LV looks this season?

2017 EE BAFTA Film Awards - Arrivals

Naomie Harris in Gucci. Oh, honey. NO. A few years ago, I was saying that Naomie was one of the most consistently well-dressed women on the red carpet. But she’s been all over the place during this awards season, and this might be the worst.

The BAFTA Awards 2017

The BAFTA Awards 2017

Noomi Rapace. I’m sort of speechless. I thought she was someone else, and I thought she was someone much older. That wig… not such a great idea.

2017 EE BAFTA Film Awards - Arrivals

Speaking of OH HONEY NO DON’T DO THAT, here’s Caitriona Balfe in Valentino. My God. No. Please, no.

Here’s Jamie Dornan and his wife Amelia Warner. I love her dress and I think they look fantastic together, which is odd for me because I usually don’t have strong feelings about them.

The BAFTA Awards 2017

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  1. AG-UK says:

    That Jamie seems so dull and not a good interview subject. He was on Graham Norton he might as well not been there. Keanu and Whoopi were on so he was lost on me anyway. I loved Michelle’s dress not so much Viola’s. Actually liked Emma Stone’s but I feel its going to be a La La Land season so better stop paying attention I liked the film but apparently not as much as everyone else maybe because I don’t care for musicals.

    • Shutterbug99 says:

      I am so with you on Jamie Dornan. Pretty but dull. The kind of guys I used to date until I wised up and realised that personality actually matters. Hey, I was young.

    • Diana B says:

      I adore musicals but La La Land was SO nothing special. Such an average movie. Its awards should go to Hidden Figures.

    • Ally8 says:

      But that was such a deep cut when Whoopi Goldberg was talking about never being asked to do sex scenes and Jamie Dornan said “Not even in Back in the Habit?”

  2. ichsi says:

    With the exception of Amelia Warner, everyone looks terrible here. Such beautiful women, such horrible dresses.

  3. Daisy says:

    For me, Michelle nas been one od the best dressed this award season, and this is no exception.

    • Locke Lamora says:

      Michelle looked great at every award show so far. Her style is quite unique and it suits her very well. And her hair is amazing.

  4. Lovisa says:

    Michelle Williams would suit a different hair color. Outside of a photoshoot setting the platinum washes her out and always looks unevenly toned. Her dress is OK for a Vuitton, but that’s a pretty low threshold tbh.

    Naomi and Noomi are both striking women saddled with awful clothes. This is a new development for Naomi, but Noomi has always had pretty bad style.

    Amelia Warner’s dress is lovely. There’s something galactic about it.

  5. Kris says:

    Both Gucci and ESPECIALLY Louis Vuitton need to stop making dresses right now. the Valentino one is hideous as well, but Louis Vuitton has been making terrible dresses consistently forever – there is not one good LV dress. They need to stop.

    • nem says:

      very few people succeed in pulling the current clownish gucci trend…maybe it sells,but it s awful.
      there has been a rumour of ghesquiere and louis vuitton parting ways last year but badly it didn t happened.
      his work at balenciaga was so lovely

  6. Crox says:

    Honest question: Do these people get to choose their own dresses or does the designer just say “wear this”? Because I can’t imagine some of these women looking at the mirror thinking “wow, this is perfect for me”!

    • Spiderpig says:

      It really depends. If they have a contract with a designer then often no. Otherwise it depends on who their stylist is and the stylist’s relationship with designers, and also the fame level of the actor. If you’re young and pretty and up for Best Actress Oscar then everyone will be falling over themselves to dress you and (unless there’s a deal) you’ll have your pick of dresses. If you’re less famous, don’t fit a sample size, or have a bad stylist, your choices will be more limited.

  7. Shutterbug99 says:

    Who put Catriona Balfe in that dress?! Talk about crimes against fashion. Same goes for Naomie Harris, although her look is not quite as bad as Balfe’s, which has to be the worst look of the night – or maybe the worst look ever.

    Amelia Warner is the best of the bunch here, although she always looks as though she doesn’t relish doing these red carpet events – and that’s putting it mildly.

    Michelle is not really doing it for me this awards season. Meh.

    Did you think that Noomi Rapace was Liza Minnelli? For a second there, I did!

  8. Becky says:

    Didn’t Michelle turn up late on the rc? She always looks incredibly thin to me.

  9. ell says:

    that valentino is so bad, i don’t understand. like i never watched her show, but caitriona balfe used to be a model and she’s just gorgeous, it takes a lot to make her look bad in anything.

    jamie dornan and amelia warren are just lol to me. he used to date keira knightley ages ago, and apparently they split because he couldn’t handle her career going well. amelia used to both acting and singing, but her career disappeared the moment she married him. i’m never fond of these actors dudes who only want women willing to give it all up to be with them.

    michelle and naomie’s dresses are proper ugly, especially michelle was underdressed. the baftas are a pretty big event in britain.

  10. mia girl says:

    Amelia Warner looks so lovely.

  11. Alix says:

    Cute AND tedious. Michelle never ‘sells’ what she’s wearing; she poses on the red carpet like a frightened doll.

  12. I Choose Me says:

    Eurgh and egads! to every dress on here except Amelia’s.

    Naomie my love, I love that you try to have fun with your fashion but you seriously needed to rethink this.

  13. Lexie says:

    Sorry, I love Caitriona’s dress. As soon as I saw it I smiled. It’s totally wacky and unexpected, eye-catching but not in the typical starlet skin-skin-skin way.

    Given the state of our world today, things that delight me like this get two thumbs up.

    • Esmom says:

      Yeah, I like it too. It’s twee in a cool way and seems to fit her style.

      Noomi looks like she’s in a costume.

  14. Tris says:

    Those shoes! Those terrible terrible shoes!

  15. serena says:

    I love Michelle Williams but I am so sick of her style, change it up!

  16. Lucy says:

    Jamie’s wife gives me Selma Blair vibes, very beautiful woman. I really like Michelle’s little number, and would probably even wear it.

  17. moon says:

    Michelle’s dress is cute but not a fan of the open toe shoes. Also wasn’t she growing her hair out, when did she cut it off again? She’s so much prettier with the long hair but I like the short hair on her, it suits her aesthetic and makes her stand out.

    And Naomi’s dress looks like an actual cupcake. I got hungry just looking at it.

  18. bella says:

    Noomi looks like she is in the movie Chicago. 1920’s gun moll. I don’t even know what to say about Michelle’s LV dress. It looks like ever other one and it is not cute, but she is gorgeous. The hair needs to be a different color. I can’t believe she has any healthy hair left, as all that bleaching is so harsh on your hair. Maybe she is lucky and can bleach her hair forever!

  19. Kristen says:

    I actually really love Naomi’s dress, and think she looks gorgeous. My bet is that this dress also looks way prettier when it’s moving – the sleeves and skirt would kind of flutter.

  20. ChocoChipDstryr says:

    Noomi looks like Ms. Swan from MadTV.

  21. brincalhona says:

    Jamie’s trousers appear to have had an argument with his ankles.

  22. susiecue says:

    I was ready to say the Naomi Harris Gucci was one of the worst dresses I had ever SEEN, then I kept scrolling and got to the Caitriona Balfe Valentino. They are both so horrible why why

  23. Spiderpig says:

    Noomi’s dress is stunning and beautifully cut, it’s just the accessories that are a bit Cruella.

  24. Tig says:

    Yikes! This is a true horror show of ill conceived frocks! Jamie’s wife Amelia is the winner out of this bunch hands down. I really don’t get it- folks at these fashion houses get paid to come up with these designs???

  25. Elsher says:

    Noomi looks like Mrs. White from Clue. Flames on the side of my face ….