Hot Guy Oscars: who was the sexiest dude at the 2017 Oscars?

The 89th Annual Academy Awards Arrivals

Here are the hottest guys from the Oscars, but this is just my opinion – obviously, I did not include Casey Affleck. And while I think Denzel Washington is The Man (especially for his epic bitchface during Casey Affleck’s speech), I’m not including him either. Ditto for Sting and Andrew Garfield, because I’m not into them at all.

So who did get an invite to the Hot Guy party? Mahershala Ali, of course. Ryan Gosling, whose ruffled shirt caused a new round of “Hey Girls.” Viggo Mortensen, who seemed uncharacteristically happy and engaged last night. David Oyelowo, who is always such a stylish dandy. Dev Patel, who should be our next Colin Firth-esque swoony heartthrob. Javier Bardem, who chose Meryl Streep’s performance in Bridges of Madison County as, like, his favorite performance of all time??? Gael Garcia Bernal, who is sex and righteousness. Lin-Manuel Miranda, who is pretty much the perfect person in the world. Chris Evans, who doesn’t get me all hot and bothered, but I’m generous enough to include him. Michael Shannon, also The Sex.

So who was the hottest guy at the Oscars? You decide. I say… Mahershala, Dev and Javier. Then Lin and Gael.

Scarlett Johansson at The 89th Annual Academy Awards in Hollywood

Scarlett Johansson at The 89th Annual Academy Awards in Hollywood

89th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

The 89th Annual Academy Awards Arrivals

Nicloe Kidman at The 89th Annual Academy Awards in Hollywood

The 89th Annual Academy Awards Arrivals

The 89th Annual Academy Awards Arrivals

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Chaine says:

    Chris. The blue tux struck me as dorky at first, but then I realized I loved it.

    • Mia4S says:

      Agree to disagree.

      Riz Ahmed’s blue tux >>>>>>>> Captain America’s blue tux. 🙂

      • Ayra. says:

        Riz was there? Why is he not in this post? That man is absolutely gorgeous.
        ETA: Just saw the pictures of him with Jackie Chan.. he really needs more coverage.

  2. applapoom says:

    I hate myself but Chris Evans. I obviously have not evolved from my twenties.

  3. Megan says:

    I loved Mahershala’s tux. I think this is his best look ever.

  4. Moon says:

    Mahershala ❤️️ Ryan is a close second. Viggo looks good for his age. Dev needs to cut hi hair, he was so much sexier without that Beatles haircut.

  5. ell says:

    mahershala and dev. once upon a time, back during the lotr days when i was like 12, viggo would have been my man of choice. the old lie of men being more attractive as they age it’s just that; a lie lol.

    • Tata says:

      “Men get more attractive as they age” – say old men, lol

    • Dolkite says:

      The same thing is true about women. I think it’s amusing how everyone falls all over themselves to claim that men are just dying to date some middle-aged cougar.

      • Elle says:

        Are you trolling, Dolkite? Most people say women are on the way out at 25!!

      • ell says:

        who says that? what i was pointing out is that the idea that men get more attractive as they age, while women just get old, is a load of tosh.

      • Dolkite says:

        I think it’s true for both. Wrinkles are more forgiving for men, but women also don’t usually have to worry about losing hair. I certainly don’t think men get MORE attractive as they age.

    • Tina says:

      There’s a sweet spot for everyone. ER-era George Clooney was much hotter than Golden Girls George Clooney. I think Rufus Sewell (49) is hotter now than he has ever been. It often comes down to bone structure, as young people naturally have rounder faces, and if the bone structure underneath is good, people often look better as they get older.

  6. Tata says:

    Honking for Dev and John Cho! Dev really did seem like he wanted everyone to like him ;)

    I also love love love David Oyelowo. He works a tux.

  7. Jenns says:

    Viggo looked good last night. Sometimes he has wacky fashion choices.

  8. paolanqar says:

    I am so disappointed Eva Mendez wasn’t at the Oscars. She would have brought so much more glamour to a very flat night fashion-wise.

    I would pick Chris all day long.

    • Millenial says:

      Agreed. I’m super bummed about the lack of Eva as well, and it makes me wonder whose decision that was. Sadly, I think he has all the cards in the relationship, so it was his choice and she went along with it. She would have gone, I think. Just speculating, though.

      • paolanqar says:

        I’m not sure she would have gone… he brought his sister, didn’t go alone. That to me means he wanted to go with her but she decided to stay at home with their girls and watch the Oscars cheering on him with them.

      • ell says:

        i don’t really care for either of them, but for the sake of gossip, there’s something a bit off in the dynamic with those 2. in the early days they used to pap walk, then she completely disappeared. i hope she’s fine, i mean maybe she’s dealing with depression or something. either way it’s weird.

      • paolanqar says:

        hI ell

        I think her brother just died and she maybe she has new priorities and wants to spend all her time being a mum and around her family.

      • Jess says:

        Eva has seemingly just dropped off the earth completely, she’s not in the Hollywood scene anymore. It definitely strikes me as odd, but most likely she’s into being a mom and wife, and wants to keep their relationship private. Hopefully that’s all it is and he’s not some controlling prick or she’s not deep into PPD and never wants to leave the house. By all accounts Ryan is a great guy, but you never really know what goes on behind closed doors!

      • Becky says:

        My 2 cents: Eva used to do regular pap walks, I assume to keep her profile, and they did do the odd pics together. There were rumours they split, then when they got together again, she disappeared and wasn’t working (though she was obviously pregnant by that time).

        Ryan has always been private, so I think it has more to do with him.

      • Bridget says:

        Eva got a LOT of hate for being with Ryan, and has gone through a lot personally. I’ve actually thought the privacy was driven by her, not him (he and Rachel McAdams never hid when they were together). She’s with the internet’s boyfriend, and isn’t exactly the lady that they would have chosen for him. I can understand retreating.

    • kibbles says:

      I sort of like that they choose to be private and not fame whore their relationship. If they wanted to they could get a ton of media attention. There was a lot of hate for Eva at the beginning but I feel that has waned as more people have accepted that they are together for the long haul and have two children together. Regardless of how Ryan’s fangirls feel, their relationship and their children are better off if they retreat from the spotlight unless it is for promoting a movie or going to an awards ceremony. If they break up down the road, it will be less messy as well if things are kept as private as possible. We’ve all seen what happens when power couples with lots of media attention decide to divorce.

  9. minx says:

    Dev, gorgeous, and he looks great in that tux.

  10. Ayra. says:

    and Chris, I blame the tux, I absolutely love it.
    Mr.Ali deserves a +1 too.

  11. catwoman says:

    I gotta go with Lin-Manuel Miranda and Dev Patel. That blue tux screams 70′s prom.

  12. grabbyhands says:

    Chris Evans, Dev Patel and David Oyelowo, whose voice I would like to wrap around me like a blanket.

  13. dr mantis toboggan says:

    Usually I would always say viggo, but Gael Garcia bernal…
    I’ll just have to choose both!

    • Lightpurple says:

      I chose both on last night’s thread.

    • maisie says:

      Bernal is such a wee man it’s tough to think of him as sexy (he is quite beautiful, though).

      Viggo still looks good, but for raw male beauty, I’d say Evans & Gosling (both impeccably dressed and groomed) dominated this awards show red carpet. Patel is getting more attractive as he ages, and John Cho and his wife were the Gorgeous Couple of the evening.

  14. Mia4S says:

    Ehhhhhhhh. I mean, I wouldn’t kick any of them out of bed for eating crackers but…..ehhhhhhh.

    It just wasn’t an A year in fashion overall. A weird weird year.

    Oh and early numbers suggest this might get even worse TV ratings than last year. Oh great…Emperor Babyfists will be tweeting. 🙄

  15. Whyme says:

    Dev Patel

    Ryan looked very handsome last night. Loved his reaction when he was on stage with the colossal screw up.

    • Whyme says:

      I have to add Mahershala looked so handsome as well. That man can wear a tux! And I loved how he went back and shook Jeff Bridges hand when he realized he patted his shoulder as he went by. Jeff Bridges still looks hot (damn remember him from Against All Odds?!?)

      But as someone else asked where is Riz Ahmed! He is hot!

  16. Frigga says:

    Mahershala and Dev and Gael…they look very yum.

  17. Rivkah says:

    Dev, Gael, Mahershala and David <3

  18. AG-UK says:

    They all looked good but Ryan Gosling needs to give back his 70′s tux shirt.. And Viggo looking good for his age !!! well he’s not ready for the grave ..but no he’s not 25-35.

  19. slowsnow says:

    Mahershala is for me the hottest of the hottest, followed closely by Viggo and a special prize for Dev.

    But by reading everyone’s comments, I am happier with the fact we all have such different tastes. I like a world with many shades.

  20. Mikasa says:

    Viggo is way older than me but I still would.

  21. L says:

    LMM for me. He’s adorably cute.

  22. eXo says:

    I love Javier Bardem, he’s so sexy.

  23. Dhavynia says:

    No mention of Riz Ahmed?

    • Elle says:

      For real! What does he have to do to get recognition? He’s ignored by so many of the major gossip outlets even though he’s gorgeous and Oxford educated and in Star Wars and works for a ton of charities!

  24. Aoife says:

    It’s Chris, Mahershala and Ryan for me. Dev and Lin-Manuel are super talented and seem to be lovely people, but they don’t get me hot under the collar at all. Viggo in the past…

  25. LolaBones says:

    Dev! I have a thing for that messy look.

    Btw are you ever gonna continue that Daniel Craig/Javier Bardem outside a gay club fanfic?

  26. robyn says:

    Ryan Gosling for me. I think his vibe and mirroring emotions in the movie helped Emma Stone get that award.

  27. Cerys says:

    Javier for me with Viggo in second spot. The others are too smooth and plastic looking. javier looks slightly crumpled and more rugged.

  28. Livealot says:


  29. Paula says:

    I’d also include Tarell Alvin McCraney, who won best adapted screenplay for Moonlight. Best tux of the night by far.

    Other than that, Mahershala and Ryan all the way. I love Lin, he’s crazy talented an charismatic, but he falls on the “dorky bf” category for me.

    • senna says:

      YES!! I CAME HERE TO FIND THIS COMMENT! Tarell’s tux was by far my fave. I love an all-white tux and the material pattern was so cool. I would have added a pocket square but the tux really stood out against the mostly-classic black tuxes. I have to give a mention to Pharrell’s amazing coat-tails and necklace combo, though.

    • Coconut says:

      Glad to see some other Tarell fans! He had no competition at all! Yes, white dinner jackets are the bomb!

  30. Squiggisbig says:

    Chris. Mahershala. Viggo.

    Also, after years of the hubs insisting Ryan Gosling is a regular looking guy (there are a surprising amount of other men on the internet who have this view), Ryan seems so blah to me.

  31. JEM says:

    John Cho, my forever charming and hot fantasy boyfriend. Then Mahershala, Dev, and Riz. Swoon.

  32. OSTONE says:

    Mahershala, Gael, Riz, Dev, Ryan and Chris looked mega handsome!

  33. Tan says:

    Dev looks so amazing!!

    And he brought his ma as his date and she looks gorgeous in the saree

    Then is lin for me

    And finally chris evans

  34. Onika says:


  35. Lucy says:

    All of the ones you’ve listed, honestly!!

  36. Margo S. says:

    Mahershala obviously!!!! What a man!

  37. Right says:

    Dev, John Cho and Gael are my top 3. They are just everything!

  38. Aqua says:

    I thought the guys did a better job on the fashion front than the ladies. The men all looked great.

    • Eden75 says:

      I agree. Guys in tux’s always look snazzy to me.

      If I had to pick one, from these pictures, I would pick Dev Patel. That smile is absolutely infectious. As I was scrolling through, I couldn’t help but smile when I got to his on the bottom.

      Ryan’s ruffles need to go. My dad wore those at my parents wedding. Yuck. Otherwise he looks great. Chris Evans looks fabulous.

  39. Joannie says:

    Ryan gosling showed he’s a true Canadian when he stood up and shook all of the tourist’s hands. It was cute!

  40. Abbess Tansy says:

    Dev, Mahershala, Viggo for me all the way. Honorable mention to David Oyelowo.

  41. Chem says:


  42. AnnaKist says:

    I’ve got no idea of who’s who (I don’t watch movies), but the fella in the second photo looks a bit of alright.

  43. Madpoe says:


    I’ve realized Viggo got knocked down on my list, I am fond of men with scruff.

  44. An says:

    Best: Mahershela Ali.
    Worst: Ben Affleck — his jacket was so small.

  45. Elle says:

    RIZ AHMED. Ryan. Mahershala.

  46. Gene123 says:

    Hi, I will take one of each please.

  47. Dal says:

    Dev is adorable. Viggo always reminds me of a manly looking woman but love him anyways. Ryan just a regular looking guy

  48. Laura says:

    Mahershala, hands down. Not even close!!!

  49. manta says:

    I just find amusing that Di Caprio, the heartthrob of the late 90′s was actually there and on nobody’s hot guy list.
    How time flies. Who would have thought almost 20 years ago that he could attend the ceremony and not be one of “hot guy Oscars”?

  50. Lolo86lf says:

    Chris Evans was the sexiest dude at the Oscars 2017 hand downs! He is so sexy even straight men lust after him. Straight men start to doubt their sexual orientation when they look at him. Chris Evans is so hot even gay women get turned on by him.

  51. Snotface says:

    Viggo all day :) . That’s a good looking 58 year old.

    Anyone know what the bird lapel pin was for? Is it the symbol of his book company?

    Javier Bardem is my second choice. He looked very handsome.

  52. Psylocke says:

    Missing the best ones: Riz, Aldis and Trevante Rhodes

  53. Ashley says:

    ANDREW GARFIELD!! And Dev. 😍😍

  54. Sage says:

    Riz Ahmed and Barry Jenkins.

  55. Lyla says:

    For me it’s Evans! 😍

  56. Tina says:

    Mahershala and Viggo, please. I don’t know why but Chris Evans does nothing for me (nor does Tom Hardy). I just don’t see the hotness. But that’s great, right, that we all find different people attractive.

  57. Adrien says:

    Easy, Gael Garcia Bernal – he went from a haggard Jon Stewart looking to the old wet briefs guy in Bad Education. Yum. Some serious grooming there. Hair dye does wonders.
    Dev Patel and Riz Ahmed. I don’t really care for Dev in Skins and Slumdog Days but damn he looks hot now. Riz too.
    Lin Manuel Miranda. You know last night I was complaining that this Malay host of this local SG show misidentified Lin as Diego Luna. Mmm, I can see it now.
    Some miss:
    Javier Bardem. I thought he was Guillermo del Toro at first glance.
    Casey Affleck. Casey, even fellow creep Mel Gibson was well groomed last night. I hate it when the ladies make all the effort to look their best and then criticized for their fashion and styling choices and here comes the dudes attending the ceremonies wearing unironed suits. Oh well, he won’t win Mr. prom anyway even if he hired grooming and styling experts.

  58. Froyo says:

    John Cho.

  59. zenkitty says:

    Dev! I love the messy long hair and white jacket :)

  60. MelB says:

    Gael, always and anytime Gael.

  61. Lisa says:

    Am I the only one who feels absolutely nothing looking at Ryan Gosling? He’s from my city and his character on Breaker High was my favourite. But after that, he left me cold. He seems like a good enough actor and a good guy, but I don’t know why everyone thinks he’s so hot.

  62. Bug says:

    MIchael Shannon and his beautiful rose. Sex & romanticism + you know he’s incredibly weird and funny.

  63. Parker says:

    Mahershala, full stop. So damn beautiful from the inside out. I’m also partial to Viggo and Javier. And not on the list, but Trevante Rhodes was looking fine too. And always a soft spot for Mr. Jeff Bridges. The dude has the best hair in Hollywood.

  64. Adriana says:

    Mahershala, Dev and Chris.

  65. margie says:

    Chris, then Dev, and then Gael. It would be Dev based on looks alone, but that tux on Chris is doing something to me.

  66. KL says:

    You know who was totally doing it for me? Michael Strahan, during red carpet interviews.

    God damn, that man can wear a suit.

  67. FoxyRoxy says:

    No contest. Viggo Mortensen! He’s still GOT IT! The King rules.