Enquirer: Newly single Naomi Watts has been dating Liam Neeson

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I’m leading with this story from The National Enquirer, even though it’s probably fiction, because it’s fun and I want it to be true. I want Naomi Watts to date Liam Neeson and for them to be a new NY-based Hollywood power couple. The Enquirer’s story is rather flimsy, this is the first I’ve heard of this potential coupling and while Naomi and Liam surely know each other through social circles I am not buying this one until it’s more widely reported and/or we get a sighting of them together. For what it’s worth here’s the relevant part of The Enquirer’s report.

Single mom Naomi Watts has been sharing cozy dinner dates with Liam Neeson…

According to a source who spoke exclusively to The Enquirer, the British-born beauty, 48, sees a lot to like in the Irish heartthrob, 64.

“The have a lot in common beyond the movie business… Naomi and Liev are both single parents to two boys and they’re both ex-pats living in New York.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, March 13, 2017]

As you know Naomi and her longterm partner and sons’ father, Liev Schreiber, split late last year. While this report of Naomi and Liam may be premature, we do have more solid evidence that Liev could be dating a longterm friend of Naomi’s, Minnie Driver’s sister, Kate. I was too sad to see that Liev had moved on so we didn’t report this when the news came out last week. Liev left an Oscar party with Kate and was seen with her earlier that day. The paparazzi got photos of Liev giving Naomi a goodbye hug while he was with Kate. It was weird and I don’t know if it was staged or not to show that there are no hard feelings, or if Kate just went as a favor to them, but there seem to be no hard feelings regardless. If Liev is dating Kate, who has been a friend of Naomi’s for years, they all are ok with it. It’s also nice to see Liev with a woman around his age. He could have gone for some young starlet, you know? Also, I would love it so much if Naomi Watts had something going with Liam Neeson. Please make this happen universe. Unfortunately a source denied this to Gossip Cop, saying “there is no ‘dating’ relationship here” which leaves me enough to parse to hold out hope.

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  1. anna222 says:

    I am so into this. Get it, Naomi.

    • tegteg says:

      +1 trillion

    • susiecue says:

      ‘Shipping it already. YES!

    • what's inside says:

      This would be awesome.

    • Lahdidahbaby says:

      Yes to Naomi and Liam! I. Want. This. To. Happen.

      As for Liev dating Naomi’s close friend Kate with no hard feelings, I saw Naomi’s stricken face in those recent pics. You just don’t date your close friend’s ex-husband. You don’t. Not just Girl Code, but also simple respect.

    • Fleur says:

      YES! Girl, consider the motion ratified!

      Apart from the devastating aftershock of a break-up with the husband of your children (devastating), superficially it would not be easy to move on after a relationship such a total fox like Liev. Naomi seems like such a sweetheart and I was sad to hear they’d broken up.

      Liam Neeson is a gorgeous, gentlemanly, devoted intellectual actor. What’s a 13 year age gap when you reach that age? They’d make a great couple.

    • Maria_ says:

      Go girl plzzzzzz!!!!!

  2. Esmom says:

    I get why people would want this pairing but I just can’t see it. Especially since Naomi’s kids are still so young. I could see her with someone closer to her age, dare I suggest Pitt?

  3. Alleycat says:

    Naomi is not a single parent though. She is divorced, but she still has the father as an active part of her kids life. She is a parent who is single. Liam is what you would consider a single parent. It’s such a pet peeve of mine and I have no idea why. Rant over.

    • HeidiM says:

      Yeah for sure, she has an active co parent to raise those kids. And by all accounts he in a very involved dad.

    • Moneypenny says:

      A huge pet peeve of mine too–glad I’m not alone. I was watching House Hunters yesterday about a single dad to a 13 year old. I was waiting to see if the wife had died or how there was no one else in the picture. Then they said that he was divorced and that he and his ex had joint custody and shared time with daughter 50-50. That really annoyed me–that is not a single parent.

      100%–Liam is a single parent.

  4. kaiC says:

    I could swear I read somewhere that Liev dated Minnie Driver’s sister before he got with Naomi. Am I making this up?

  5. Singtress says:

    Liam is known for having one if the biggest …uhh…you know.

    • tegteg says:

      I read on Reddit that a lot of Irish men have that trait *cough*. Don’t ask how I ended up in that thread – it was a callgirl AMA and curiosity got the best of me. SHAME.

    • Doodle says:

      Janice Dickensen said it was the size of a Perrier bottle. That’s really the only thing I remember from her book.

    • katy says:

      They don’t call it the Irish Inch for nothing.

    • Kronster says:

      *packing my bags and moving to Ireland* 😀

  6. Gaston says:

    I thought Liam is in a relationship?

  7. kNY says:

    I approve!

  8. smcollins says:

    Love Liam, love Naomie, and even if it’s not true, love this pairing!

  9. Mannori says:

    funny that we all took for granted that Liev would have gone for a 20 something starlet but we are all happy and unbothered that 49y. Naomi would hook up with 64y. Liam. Don’t get me wrong, Liam is absolutely amazing, I love him, but why is it that when a Hollywood actress in her 40’s or older gets divorced we all expect her to rebound or recouple with a much older guy? As I said I love Liam, but but genuine hope for Naomi is that she hooks up with a younger guy, have some fun, and just think about herself. Why is that perspective just allowed to men, whatever their age is?

    • Tilly says:

      I think in this case it’s positive. She doesn’t have to deal with all that mid life crisis drama.

    • Whyme says:

      Well, I just think to each their own and also think of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher and I feel he messed with her head a great deal. And then he went with someone so much younger after and proceeded to have two children right away. Now maybe Demi didn’t care but if I remember correctly she was spiraling after a while. People were making memes about her and being cruel. She’s just getting back to a good place. So dating younger people isn’t for everyone. And I will forever side eye people that date way younger like all the male celebs and Sam Taylor Johnson. That big of an age difference is too much. Naomi and Liam are only 15 years difference in age so not a big deal.

      • slowsnow says:

        I am always bothered when people are bothered by other people’s relationships. What is it to us? I understand that the patriarchal thing between old-men and younger women is here being applied reversely (with Taylor-Johnson and Aaron whatsisname) but in both cases, it really is no concern to us a all.
        It’s just an exterior apparent barrier, where there are other barriers between people that are just not that visible and therefore get no comments (like income disparaties, different religions or backgrounds etc).
        Which, indidentally, I find as problematic to bother anyone else than the people in the relationship and who are the only ones affected by them.

    • ellieohara says:

      Who is stopping her from hooking up with a younger guy and having fun if she likes?

      Maybe she wants to date Liam Neeson because she likes him? Honestly, the difference between 49 and 64 isn’t much. But 50 and 20s is huge.

      • Leah says:

        Oh i think 15 years is quite a big gap regardless of the age but its not like she a minor so its not going to bother anyone.

      • Dee says:

        Getting personsal here but here it is. My husband is 9 yrs older, We for married when I was mid 40s and he was mid 50s. No problems. Fast forward 11 years , he is closing in on 70 and is developing grumpy old man tendencies……doesn’t want to travel, meet new people, go to concerts, etc. I’m recently retired. Healthy. And I want to live large…..he’s a wet blanket. I have a friend a few years older than me who has lived this path, and she says it only gets worse. Just look s few years in the future…

    • loveotterly says:

      It’s tough to do better than Liam no matter how much younger the guy is. Younger doesn’t = better. If you cant tell, I have a major crush… and I’m 30.

    • jetlagged says:

      Wasn’t Heath Ledger the younger guy when he and Naomi dated? I can’t recall their age difference off the top of my head, but it was more than just a handful of years.

  10. Lucy says:

    Sure, why not? Nice to see Naomi and Liev are good, too.

  11. minx says:

    Ooh, I like this couple! If it’s true….

  12. Diana B says:

    Oh, please, say IT IS SO. I can’t believe how much this pleases me. Those two would be hot and good for each other.

  13. Odette says:

    Liam in the hottest! Someone hand me a fan! I don’t know what it is, but this man has always done it for me.

  14. Bex says:

    This is something I was not expecting to read but I could get into it.

  15. Whyme says:

    Whoa! I’m into this. He’s hot, she’s hot.

  16. Kiki says:

    If it is true, I am loving this couple.

  17. Jayna says:

    Liam is still with Freya. She was just on the set of a movie he’s filming a week or two ago with him. Her son was with them. There were photos.

    He was given some movie award in Ireland last year and Freya was with him at the event. There was a photo of them together.

    It’s just an Enquirer story.

  18. Cupcake says:

    Kate looks like the poor man’s Naomi. Also, 16 years is a significant age difference. I think Naomi would benefit from dating closer to her own age.

  19. KBeth says:

    Liev is hot but Liam is a handsome guy & seems like the loyal type so……upgrade!
    I think Naomi is so naturally pretty : )

  20. Rocio says:

    Naomi is so beautiful and classy. God, any man would be happy to be with her!

  21. T*ts McGee says:

    Sweet Baby Jeezus,
    I didn’t know I needed a Naomi/Liam kinda situation in my life…but now I NEED it. Too perfect not to happen.

  22. Ankhel says:

    Is it even possible to be “okay” with your long term partner and children’s father moving on to an old friend of yours? It’s not like it’s a long time since the break up either. I like to think I’m not jealous and controlling, but…

    … but I’d be arrested for throwing jam jars at her house at 1.am, is what I’m saying.

    • Wurstbonbon says:

      I’d be arrested for handing you the jars. Seriously, I admire her tolerance and kindness if those rumours are true.

  23. jerkface says:

    I thought she was Australian?

  24. Dttimes2 says:

    I approve this pairing..

  25. AlmaMartyr says:

    Minnie Driver said on Twitter that the rumours about her sister and Liev were nonsense – apparently they went to college together.

  26. EnnuiAreTheChampions says:

    I like this (probably hypothetical) pairing. That said, going from a Liev to a Liam is just asking to accidentally call out the wrong name during sex.

  27. Victoria1 says:

    I would date Liam! I’m 35, not married and no kids. So who cares in regards to age, what about having the same maturity level? I want her get it on with the Irish thunder and give us the deets 😉😉👅👅

  28. CF98 says:

    I don’t think its true but it would be nice if it were I like both of them and its nice he’s going for someone that isn’t old enough to be his daughter.

    • Anna says:

      Um what are you talking about? He looks like her father. Big age difference. Sorry, no. 16 years? Demi moore was 12 years older than ashton and people mocked her for that yet people here are happy? Yuck.

  29. raincoaster says:

    Sure, but does anyone have Liev’s phone number??????????

  30. Anna says:

    That’s a 16 year age gap. Gross. Naomi shouldn’t waste her time with someone much older. Why is it expected that “older women” in hollywood get with much older men but not the other way around? No, this isn’t age appropriate. I wouldn’t be happy getting with someone 16 years older, I’m 22 and I hope this attitude changes when I’m older. SIck of this double standard.

  31. Arne says:

    Liev went to college (Hampshire College) with Kate Driver. They dated back then and have been friends for many years, long before he ever met Naomi. And I’m sure before Naomi met Kate.

  32. Beer&Crumpets says:

    All I have to say is this: I’m 40, and Liam Neeson can GET IT.