Don’t worry, Kristen Stewart wasn’t ‘traumatized’ by Rupert Sanders affair

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It’s been more than four years since Kristen Stewart got busy with married director Rupert Sanders in the front seat of her mom’s Mini Cooper. That shiz went down in the summer of 2012, although no one really knows when it started. Us Weekly hired a photographer to track and follow Kristen because Us Weekly got a tip about Kristen cheating on Robert Pattinson. The whole situation blew up. Rupert Sanders’ marriage to Liberty Ross ended within the next year, and while Rob stuck with Kristen for a while, they could never really recover and Twihards have always had all of the feels about their breakup.

While Kristen took some hits professionally and personally, she bounced back with a series of relationships with women, a Cesar Award and a newfound status of “indie darling.” I would argue that her career seems to be in better shape than Rob Pattinson’s. And over the years, Kristen has talked a bit about everything that went down that summer, but she’s never said anything about the fact that her affair with Sanders ruined his marriage. Kristen covered this weekend’s issue of The Sunday Times’ Culture Mag and… the way she’s glossing over that sh-t really bugs me.

She knows she lost fans because of the Mini-Coopering: She joked that if you praise her on Twitter, you’ll receive some fury back – generally in the form of “f**k her”, after her high-profile split from Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson. “I don’t view the whole Twilight blow-up as being generally traumatic. It would take someone with a really unhealthy amount of ego to be upset that everyone doesn’t love them. It would be silly to say I don’t care what people think of my work and who I am, but stuff is polarising, period.”

She doesn’t regret doing Twilight: “I really never felt bogged down by Twilight. Every step turns you into the person you are, and yeah, [Twilight] shaped me enormously. Not just those movies, but the subsequent effect.”

Why she’s more open about her relationships now: Stewart’s winning Saturday Night Live debut last month saw her joke that President Trump won’t like her as she’s “so gay”, but she says she was never “hiding anything” when she was with Pattinson. “I didn’t talk about my first relationships that went public because I wanted things that are mine to be mine. I hated it that details of my life were being turned into a commodity. But considering I had so many eyes on me, I suddenly realised [my private life] affects a greater number of people than just me. It was an opportunity to surrender a bit of what was mine, to make even one other person feel good about themselves. When I was dating Rob, the public were the enemy – and that is no way to live.”

[From the Sunday Times via Digital Spy]

Do you see why I’m irritated? “I don’t view the whole Twilight blow-up as being generally traumatic.” Yeah, that’s because you weren’t Liberty Ross. Liberty had two small kids and she had uprooted her life in London to come to LA so Sanders could fulfill his dream of being a Hollywood director. And then he cheated on Liberty with a younger actress. It was traumatic for Liberty. And I know, I know, Rupert was the one who cheated, he was the one who betrayed Liberty, etc, and hey, at least Liberty moved on and she’s now married to a billionaire (Jimmy Iovine). But it still irritates me that Kristen is still so blasé and self-absorbed about the affair. She only talks about how it affected her and now she’s saying that she’s able to shrug it off. Well good for you, K-Stew. I’m so glad that you are so unaffected.

***FILE PHOTOS*** Kristen And Rupert Caught Cheating Together

***FILE PHOTOS*** Kristen And Rupert Caught Cheating Together

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Dtab says:

    I just cant take to her at all…she has gotten better as an actress but I just cant warm to her.

    • mia girl says:

      I really don’t believe that she gotten better as an actress… it is the material that is better.

      I mean, Stewart pretty much still acts exactly the same in every role… it’s just that her acting style is being used to better outcomes recently because she is working with better material and directors.

      • Diana B says:

        THIS!!! O.M.G. I feel like I’m the only one who sees she’s still a terrible actress! I keep on watching in the hopes of finding her amazing but nope, she’s still awful.

    • Classy and Sassy says:

      @DIANA B What are you talking about? All anyone goes on about is what a terrible actress she is. She’s monotone, but there are worse actors out there. She gets more flack than she deserves, imo.

    • Margo S. says:

      I think the reason people are put off by her is because she is so self serving and selfish. It is all about her. And she gives zero fcuks too. Just doesn’t seem very genuine. I wouldn’t say I hate her, but not quite sure I like her either….

    • ctgirl says:

      Sorry Kristen, bulls*t has been called. Directly after the “Twilight blowup”, known to the rest of the world as the Mini Coopering, Kristen locked herself away as much as possible and then showed up looking like hell and weighing about 95 lbs. at a film festival. Oh yeah, she was feeling the trauma and to pretend to be so cool about it now indicates a pathological lack of self awareness.

  2. Ayra. says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t her relationship timeline STILL overlap with her last 2 relationships?
    I’m shocked…with her history of caring for others, absolutely shocked.

  3. S says:

    didn’t read the whole article but the quote seems specifically addressing her breakup with RPatt, not the preceding affair

    • aenflex says:

      That’s what I gathered as well…

      • Cherrypie says:

        Exactly… I read that excerpt more than once searching for how Twilight = Mini coopering or Liberty Ross or Rupert Saunders…..If she was talking about Snow White and the Huntsman then maybe.

  4. Peeking in says:

    WTF? It wasn’t a “Twilight blowup”, it was an affair between a selfish married man and a bratty entitled woman who was in a committed relationship.
    I can’t with this woman, I just can not!

    • detritus says:

      You called it.
      Cheater is not upset they cheated and minimises affair, shows no self reflection, colour me shocked. As shocked as when she does it again to someone else.

      It’s just such a tone deaf thing to say. Of course you weren’t as traumatised as the man you cheated on, or the wife of the man you cheated with. Show some empathy KStew.

  5. Konfused says:

    This happens all the time, married man cheats on his wife with younger women than divorce and of course the married wife is the one that’s hurt the most. There is nothing new about this, maybe it evokes harsher feeing feelings and judgement because of how invested fans were with “Bella/Edward” and “Rob/Kristen”…either way nobody has a right to be “hurt” on Liberty or Rob’s behalf, everyone has moved on…the only one who hasn’t bounced back is that director, his outcome was well deserved.

    • Embragirl55 says:

      Sanders is fine. He’s directing the multi-million Ghost in the Shell film with Scarlett J.

    • Algernon says:

      He’s directing Ghost in the Shell with Scarlett Johansson. He’s fine.

    • jenn12 says:

      Yes, the director deserved harsh treatment because he cheated on his wife, but Kristin didn’t? She was living with her then partner in a committed relationship. She took the director’s kids out for ice cream in a big sister type of way, and then f—-d their dad publicly in the front seat of a car, and at least one of those kids was school age. They might be a bit traumatized, but what does Kristin care? She was with their mom in a film, and was friendly enough with her that Liberty allowed her to take the kids out. Kristin is disgusting. The comments she made about rape, teachers, etc…… how she is anyone’s darling is beyond me. I personally think her timing with dating women is suspect. She manipulates people both privately and publicly, and may think that the public will have sympathy for her finally understanding her sexuality, if that’s even what it is, and not some game for her. Not to mention she cheats on the women as well. Truly cannot stand her.

  6. Algernon says:

    That reminds me of Claire Danes blowing off the consequences of her affair with Billy Crudup.

    ETA: I’m still of the mind, though, that Rupert Sanders marriage was Rupert Sanders business. KStew behaved selfishly, sure, but so did Sanders and he should bear the weight of the destruction of his marriage, just as she bears the weight of the fallout wth Rpattz. (She might be past it *now* but she was obviously very upset in the immediate aftermath.) I would never ever expect Liberty Ross to give KStew the time of day, but I don’t expect Kstew to spend the rest of her life grovelling. Sanders, however, probably will spend a portion of his life, at least, explaining to his kids wth happened.

  7. Originaltessa says:

    Why are we associating “twighlight blowup” with Rupert Sanders, the director of Snow White? I don’t get it? I’m pretty sure she was talking about how being in a popular franchise may or may not be traumatizing.

    • EMc says:

      That was my interpretation of her comments as well. She wasn’t traumatized by the Twilight fan base turning on her and the hate she received as a result of ruining their fantasy.

      • Facts says:

        Hey now, no time for logical assessment here. Just a bunch of angree ladiezzzz jelly.

  8. Adriana says:

    At the time I remember thinking how strange it was that the pap pics of her with Rupert Sanders seemed staged.

    • sage says:

      I agree, I though the pics were staged too. Maybe that’s why she seems so nonchalant about the affair.

      • HappyMom says:

        Yes-something about this doesn’t add up at all. All the cheating that goes on in Hollywood-but that was captured? Hmmm.

  9. Ophelia says:

    BTW, first time I hear a man had his career crash and burning into a big ball of flame while the lady escapes unscathed. Not even Angelina Jolie can get a better profile than Brad (so much so she had to sustain any semblance of career in Cambodia far far away from Hollywood).

    Not sorry for Rupert at all. He must be looking at all the other men with jealousy.

    I have no thoughts on Kirsten. She has risen above it all. Even RPatz pales in comparison, and fading like Orlando Bloom, famous only for who he had dated or is dating in the past. Kirsten has a good head on her shoulders and I truly applaud her for that.

    • zxc says:

      His career is fine?

    • Peeking in says:

      Somehow Angelina gets trashed in a story about Kstew. No need to mention Cambodia or whatever to make your point.
      How is Sparkles career failing like Orlando Bloom, when his current movie has 90% rating on Rotten Tomato and he’s being praised by critics?

    • frankly says:

      All which other men? The one man Liberty Ross married or the none men that Kstew has dated?

  10. Jess says:

    I can almost give her a pass because she was SO young when she cheated with Rupert. Most people at that age are really self absorbed and don’t always see or care about the extent of their actions, hopefully when she gets older and maybe has a family one day she’ll understand how damaging it truly was for the others involved, but ultimately the blame goes to Rupert, he was almost twice her age and had a wife and two small children, he’s the one who knew better and the one who broke his marriage, I see him almost as a predator. I haven’t heard squat about him in years which I’m hoping means he’s disappeared from the business and got his karma.

    Edit-reading the comments above and seeing he’s still directing, damn.

    • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

      Immediately after–he pretty much got kicked from the sequel/prequel they were planning for the Snow White film………..and he seems to have built his career back, but it took a few years. The thing that was crazy to me was that that was his FIRST film, period. Before that he’d only done like commercials, etc. So it was crazy to me that he would literally risk his first foray into HW FILM, by sleeping with the lead actress.

      And IMO, she’s still just as self absorbed as she was when she was 20/21.

      • Jess says:

        Yeah she really does come across and pretty self centered and unaware most of the time, ugh.

    • imqrious2 says:

      Yeah, no Jess.

      As a child I was taught not to take things that didn’t “belong” to me. I knew as a teen it’s not right to go after other girls’ boyfriends, and as a young woman, I knew WAY better than to date a married man. She doesn’t get ANY passes on that one. And neither does he.

      • Jess says:

        I’m the same way, even in high school, but I still see so many women and men cheating! I don’t get it, once I found out someone is taken or married I was instantly unattracted to them.

  11. Luca76 says:

    It just shows a level of narcissism and insensitivity that is epic. Look Rupert was older and married and if she just didn’t talk about this at all or said something general about regret that’s one thing but this statement is the mark of a grade A A-hole.

  12. Sara says:

    Agreed, no empathy for the wife and children she embarrassed and broke up a family?

  13. Mikeyangel says:

    I don’t think her and Sparkles was even a real relationship, just a PR thing for the movies. I wouldn’t want her to come hang with my husband, but…if something went on between my husband and her that would squarely sit upon his shoulders. She seems self absorbed and what not but I don’t hate her.

  14. Andrea says:

    Is it possible she is more bi leaning or homosexual and therefore, doesn’t view her hetero relationships as being that big of a deal??

  15. Lolo86lf says:

    I am in no way condoning adultery or excusing Kristen for having an affair with a married man but I find it a little hypocritical that some of us are so quick to burn Kristen at the stake. Monica Lewinski did the same and she immediately got our sympathy. I realize it is not exactly the same as Kristen’s but is interesting how we are biased against some cases compared to others.

    • Peeking in says:

      You compared Kristen Stewart’s affair to Monica Lewinski’s? If you can’t see the difference in power dynamics, circumstances, and… you know what, nevermind. I’m out.

    • Merlin'sWife says:

      @Peeking in 100% agree.

      and @Lolo86lf not to mention, Lewinsky was just one in a long line of many- she didn’t ruin an already faithful marriage.

  16. mädchen says:

    Where exactly does she talk about affair in interview?
    She talks about crazy people who thought she was the wrong Bella, bad actress etc. and thought it was ok to harass everyone associated with her such as her colleagues, journalists who interviewed her or had written a positive review about her films outside of twilight. Journalists called them out many times.

    It’s ok to have a different opinion about her acting or anyone else’s for that matter.
    But it’s not ok to expess it the derogatory way.
    That’s what she’s talking about in this interview.

  17. ash says:

    the 1st to bottom picture is photog GOLD…. the body language the face…they whole thing is just like we did this movie and banged something serious and “seemingly” got away with it…EXCEPT NOT

  18. KiddVicious says:

    I think her answer is fine. If she had said she was embarrassed, or felt guilty, or anything calling attention to it, it would create all new headlines and drag all parties back into it. Her answer, while seeming to be selfish, blows off the question and doesn’t create much drama.

  19. Erica_V says:

    There is an empathy chip missing with this one. You can acknowledge that the situation was no big for you while also being aware of the ripple effect of your actions. She was a willing participant in the destruction of a family. What an a**hole.

  20. squeezeo'lime says:

    Not her wife. Not her problem. Might sound calloused but it’s true. Liberty’s husband is responsible for his actions and their repercussions, not the 20 year old girl. If he’s game with f*cking around and stepping out on his wife, then maybe let’s not talk about this girl like she’s Jezebel.

    • Another Anne says:

      Sorry, no. Of course the marriage is his responsibility, but it doesn’t absolve her from stepping in. She knew has wife AND HIS CHILDREN. It’s not okay to cheat with a married man. BOTH parties are in the wrong.

  21. Mallory says:

    This is such trash. Talk about taking the words from one interview & fitting them to a different narrative. I’m sick of these sites twisting the words of women to make them look awful. Pathetic.

  22. Kate says:

    I find it interesting that we still trash her for cheating on RPutz but no one has said a word about him cheating on KS with Harry’s new girlfriend while filming Remember Me. Women always make excuses for men. Pathetic.

    • Another Anne says:

      Uh, receipts? Never heard that before, not even in the tabloids. Megan had one small scene in that movie, was probably on set for a day.

  23. Tig says:

    She’s still tone-deaf. What folks here are forgetting is this all went down the summer bef the last Twi movie- all that hype, hoopla to make $$$. It amazes me that after all this time she just can’t say “mistakes were made, and no point revisiting it”. On some level
    she seems to relish it, as this is about the third/fourth time she commented on it.
    I hate the career comparisons- they both seem to seek out films that aren’t slated to do big BO ( Lost City of Z is the exception- it is being marketed that way at least), and thanks to Twi $$$, they can prob do just that the rest of their careers.

  24. Innocent bystander says:

    I really don’t think her career is in better shape than his though. She won the Cesar but she’s had a string of critical and box office flops with movies that were aimed at mainstream audiences – American Ultra, Equals and Billy Lynn all crashed and burned, and Cafe Society, while well reviewed , didn’t make back its costs and didn’t even make as much world wide as the god-awful Magic in the Moonlight. All of these movies were in the $30-40m budget range, and had a lot of hype – AU, BL and CS all had TV campaigns and Equals, CS and BL all had a lot of festival promo. in fact BL was supposed to be the big hit of NYFF but it was Pattinson’s Lost City of Z that got the praise. So far neither one of them has proven that they can draw audiences post-franchise, but the fact is that she’s had multiple shots outside the art house genre and they’ve flopped. And non of her art house movies have made any money either – COSM cost $6m (before marketing costs) and made $3 worldwide. PS is opening on only 2 small screens on NY and made less than half a million in France, which for an Assayas movie is really awful. Seems to me that the hype around her as always been disproportionate to the reality. That tag on the magazine being a case in point – “best actress under 30.” Really? Better than Brie Larson, Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, Alicia Vikander, Emma Watson, Keira Kneightly, Saorise Ronan? Please.

    • Kate says:

      Typical Pattinson fan commenting on the entirety of her career. I think it’s really funny that you can devote the amount of time it took to review each & every movie she’s been in like you are a fan. Seriously. This hatred of her is ridiculous & your devotion to knowing so much about someone you don’t like is beyond pathetic. Get help, lady.

    • Sarah says:

      LMAO. You sure know a lot about her career for someone that doesn’t really think she’s a good actress. Your name, Innocent bystander makes me laugh because you’ve clearly compiled quite the bio on her movies like it’s your job to post on every article about her. LOL.

      Her acting is really good & I’m thankful that there are a lot of actors & actresses out there in her age range & older. Perhaps you should get a hobby.

  25. Keaton says:

    Kristen has grown on me the last few years. First, I appreciate that she doesn’t trash the franchise that made her famous. I have no idea why so many actors do that. It doesn’t endear me to them. It makes me think they’re ungrateful twats. Second, I appreciate what she said about sharing her personal life to help others feel better. That’s very sweet.

    I’m still a little taken aback by that headline though: “The Best Actress Under 30”? Nah. She’s good but she’s not THAT good.

    She looks so happy and relaxed. I think she’s come into her own

  26. Jenny says:

    Maybe she wasn’t traumatized by the mini-coopering but I sure was and I didn’t even know who she was before it happened. But seeing a hygenically challenged hipster making out with a grown-up married creep in a MINI COOPER will be forever burned into my brain and not in a good way.

  27. Dissa says:

    A lot of judgement in these comments. She was young … sheltered … in many photos (not the most famous), he was the agressor.

    Liberty Ross got an upgrade, as far as I’m concerned.