Thandie Newton would rather be naked than in Westworld costume

As I keep complaining about, Westworld isn’t coming back until 2018. There are plenty of other good shows to watch in the meantime and I’ll probably rewatch Westworld at some point too, which I’m fixated on because it’s just superb. Part of that are the incredible performances, particularly by Evan Rachel Wood, Anthony Hopkins, Jeffrey Wright and of course Thandie Newton. She really is the standout for me and I hope she wins all the awards in the years to come. I also hope they keep her front and center in the plot. Anyway Thandie has some new quotes which she gave in a conversation with an executive from her show on BBC1, Line of Duty. I’m not really getting the context, but she does give some food for thought and I’m imagining her saying this as Maeve in her matter-of-fact badass way. Maeve can say anything and I would nod and believe it.

‘I found myself more empowered naked than I did with the saloon outfit on

I was more comfortable naked because the costume was the most potent objectification of a woman, with the boobs pushed right up, the tiny waist. It’s an invitation for sex,

The fishnet tights, the little heels with the laces… It’s all about sensuality. It’s about eroticism. It’s about “Look, but don’t touch”.
‘It’s all there to make the invitation for sex as provocative as possible and then the promise of satisfaction is practically just there.’

A staunch mouthpiece for gender and racial equality, the British star explained that acting in the busty costume garnered a kind of unwanted, lude attention on set, while her nude scenes saw her treated much more respectfully.

Her Line Of Duty role, DCI Roz Huntley, sees her tackle an empowering female character in a different way.

‘I realised we were going to do something horribly, diabolically real. I found the most horrible shoes and pop socks that I would insist on pulling up so you could see them,’ she said of the part, which sees her play a law-enforcing professional mother, whose costumes were far from revealing.

‘Every woman will recognise the frustrations,’ Thandie said of Roz, who is a mum of two being investigated for possible corruption by AC-12.

‘In every role, in every job, every line of work, as a mother you just have to be twice as good and if you’re black you have to be twice as good on top of that,’ she went on, addressing race.

‘She’s a Senior Investigating Officer and she’s taken five years off, to raise her family and has to claw her way back to where she was. It’s a very real problem, what is most degrading is the sexual abuse that goes on whether it’s verbal or whether it’s physical it’s very tough on women.

‘Roz is under a hell of a lot of pressure and the audience sees that pressure and that allows the audience to be judge and jury, which I think is fantastic.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Taken at face value I didn’t really understand how she could be more comfortable on set naked than in costume, but if she was getting unwanted attention from crew and coworkers in that outfit, and they shut up and were nicer to her when she was naked, that makes sense. I also like what she said about having to work harder as a woman at work as I could relate to that. I’m a white woman and can’t imagine what it’s like for women of color as she mentioned. Apparently the show she’s joining, BBC1’s Line of Duty, is in its fourth season and she hadn’t seen the previous three seasons before signing on. Her agent told her to take the role as it was a great opportunity and so she started binge watching it and couldn’t stop. And now I have another show to look forward to. It’s on Hulu, yes!




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  1. QQ says:

    Why she would feel that way for one it’s probably a smaller crew for second the remaining people in the pool are probably actors and professionals that know better than to ogle and stare at her for second they will probably not shoot her certain ways linger stare or touch her in unseeming ways also with the costume it’s all about seduccing lingering shots, tits.. i get it

    ‘Also this: In every role, in every job, every line of work, as a mother you just have to be twice as good and if you’re black you have to be twice as good on top of that,’ she went on, addressing race. <— That is a handy rough guide to the Black experience anywhere and let me tell you something don't let You be "uglier" /"darker or less graceful for less quiet because I assure you your own parent at that point in time will function as a tool of white supremacy and make sure to always keep you in please make sure to always tell you pretty much vile things about yourself you were there to keep you in line and tell you how it's going to operate I know that because my mom with that person for me she told us things growing up that we're still on doing now in order to tell us what a woman should and shouldn't look like to keep a man/be successful etc

    • QQ says:

      Ugh Never Voicenote your comments to Siri ^^. 😒😣

      • LolaBones says:

        Lol I thought you were dissing her, thought you were hacked or something. But coming from a hispanic family I can tell this all too well, theh can be really rough but it sadly prepares you for what you can actually encounter out there.

        On a totally unrelated and unimportant note I think I read somewhere else youre from Venezuela. I dont know how much you care about baseball but congratulations on making it to the aecond round on de WBC, I hope we can mercy rule you guys again 😀

      • QQ says:

        No Lola Just SIRI playing tf outta me.. But YES YES on Hispanic Parents being the Creme of the Crop at just Breaking tf out of your spirit by means of “steeling you for outside” my parents, Undefeated I tell you!

        YIIIISSSS I’m pressed from afar!! (cause Baseball makes me more Sleepy that Football and that is quite a ways!) Of all the terrible things ever happening in my country ( adult malnourishment/rampant kleptocracy/no goods to buy if you even had the money) Somehow, Improbably we still make Beauty queens and Baseball!! LOL and that Means a Shitton to people back home

  2. Sixer says:

    Line of Duty is a fabulous show. I recommend it to all. One episode last season spent almost its entire hour on one interrogation with no physical intimidation or anything like that, just painstaking logic traps for the baddie. It should have been the most boring hour of television ever but instead it was one of the most gripping I’ve ever seen. It’s fabulous stuff and you even get Lennie James as the antagonist in season one!

    I get what Thandie was saying – we’ve moved on far enough for fools on movie sets to realise that nudity might be sensitive but not far enough to realise not every woman is chuffed that blokes fancy her when she’s got a corset and suspenders on.

    • Tia Maria says:

      @sixer I’m so excited for the new series! I think I will binge watch the last series this weekend.

    • detritus says:

      “we’ve moved on far enough for fools on movie sets to realise that nudity might be sensitive but not far enough to realise not every woman is chuffed that blokes fancy her when she’s got a corset and suspenders on”

      yes to this all day. I’ve been complimented and hit on enough in my life that I do not need male validation to feel good about myself. It makes me feel uncomfortable most of the time, constantly worried someone will get the wrong impression.

      I don’t wear highheels at work for this reason, or a ton of eye liner or lip colour, I have to be careful I don’t show ‘too much’ cleavage, I used to not wear makeup either, but the social rewards are too high to stop fully.

      I find with each step I conform, I get more attention, from people listening to me to opening doors to straight out giving me free stuff. I work with graduate students and faculty so it can be kind of inappropriate.

      The ‘hotter’ I look, the stupider they think I am, but the more they pay attention to me. It’s a weird line and it sucks because sometimes i’d like to look super done up and wear heels and a lip, some days i want to come in no makeup and my best spandex dress pants.

  3. Anatha says:

    It’s probably that when she is naked people are embarrassed to look at her, because they don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable. People don’t know how to behave and if it is okay to look and that gives her a certain amount of power. If she is in the barmaid clothes people are probably not afraid to oggle her and think it is okay, because she is “dressed”.

    • detritus says:

      Definitely. I think we codify certain modes of dress as ‘sexual’ or deserving of sexual attention. Bustiers, highheels, tight skirts, low cut tops, red lips, certain makeup and jewelry, it all codes for ‘i’m sexy and available’ by playing into the male gaze.

      When she’s dressed as a saloon worker, she’s dressed with all these messages, it allows the people around her to feel they are owed, or able to do certain things, despite the fact she didn’t even choose that mode of dress.

      Naked is powerful sometimes. It’s stripped down of the embellishments, and I wonder for Thandie if it’s powerful because she is just her when she’s naked. There is no window dressing for someone else’s desire, nothing to hang it on, other than her. So people hide it better. They do not ogle her because when she’s naked they know better, they know it’s Thandie, not an actress, not a character, a person. Once she puts on all the clothing symbolising sexiness, they feel ok indulging, because “she’s asking for it”.

      It’s an interesting observation from a very bright and thoughtful woman. I always love what she has to say.

      • Anatha says:

        I love what she says to. She is very intelligent and observant and doesn’t shy away from speaking her mind.

  4. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    Oh, Daily Fail,

    “Lude?” Really? Really?

  5. Kit says:

    I couldn’t get past the first episode of this show. The whole juxtaposition of sex and violence and gratuitous nudity, it’s getting so old and unimaginative. There are so many shows to choose from now, I wish they’d lift their game. Maybe the series improved but I will never know.
    I think Thandie is great, LOD sounds more interesting than WW.

    • Maria_ says:

      i was like you but in order to understand why this show is so popular, skip chapters till 6 or 7 THEN it comes de good.

      ps: i still watch it to see Rodrigo Santoro naked (guilty guilty guilty )