There’s a shady video of Prince William’s drunken dancing in Switzerland

Duke of Cambridge, Patron of SkillForce, officially launches the charity's new award programme, The Prince William Award (PWA), while visiting a primary school in Wales

A lot of people – myself included – often frame the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s marriage in terms of “he had no other options, she chased away all the other girls.” Either that or all of the other girls got a good look at William and thought “no thanks.” It’s probably a little of Column A, a little of Column B. In the wake of William’s latest terrible PR blunder, I’m feeling more compassionate towards Kate, merely because I think he should be grateful that Kate agreed to put up with him and all of his shenanigans. I honestly don’t believe William and Kate are very bright, but I would hope that Kate at least had the good sense to realize that going skiing in Switzerland on Commonwealth Day is not a good look. Perhaps that’s why she stayed home. Plus, she knows William’s drunk dance moves very well and if she has to see him dance like that one more time, she’ll never be able to get the image out of her head. Behold, William’s drunk dance moves in Switzerland:

YIKES. This is perhaps the worst part of Work-Shy Will’s latest PR mess. He was literally doing Dorky Dance Moves as the rest of his family made a stoic visit to Westminster Abbey to observe the connections between the Commonwealth nations.

It’s worth noting how some of the royal-beat-reporters reacted to the news of William’s ski holiday too. The Daily Beast’s Tom Sykes said the vacation “feeds into a persistent and damaging narrative that William is workshy” and Sykes also brought up the fact that “William has been accused of not pulling his weight in his day job as a helicopter rescue pilot.” As in, William has two jobs – pilot and prince – and he sucks at both of them. Sykes also pointed out the sheer stupidity of William vacationing at “one of the most expensive ski destinations on earth” on Commonwealth Day just as Brexit is upon us and Britain is looking to strengthen ties with Commonwealth nations. Meanwhile, Richard Palmer at the Daily express spent much of Tuesday tweeting about it and interacting with other royal reporters and readers. Things got shady.

And here’s further evidence that William and Kate’s press office is inept and they think everyone else is too: in the wake of The Sun’s exclusive on William’s ski holiday, Kensington Palace tried the world’s worst diversionary tactic by announcing a slew of NEW engagements. So obvious.

2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards Press Room

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  1. Shambles says:

    I maintain that I’d be pissed as hell if my SO went on a trip alone, specifically not inviting me because it was supposed to be a “boys only” trip, and then it turned out that other people brought their girlfriends. It’s either hurtful because he doesn’t want to be around me, or shady because he wants to party up with other ladies.

    I’m sure this is par for the course for Kate though.

    • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

      I don’t think the other guys brought their SO’s – one of the blondes worked there and I think the other girl in the photo’s was her friend.

    • Goats on the Roof says:

      It would vex me if I was left at home for a ‘guys only’ trip that turned out to be co-ed (either by design or by picking up with girls there).

    • lavnbb says:

      He has always treated Kate like crap and she accepted it. He knows he can do as he pleases and she will put up with. Anything for the title and material comforts that come with. She will ignore this, like she once told Chelsy to and like Carole her mother told her to for the title.

      William once dumped Kate in the middle of a ski holiday with a group of friends during the Univ years. He ended the relationship half way through the ski holiday and ignored Kate the rest of the trip. The photos look so uncomfortable for her. He looks perfectly happy having dumped her, having a great time with his friends. He’s at one end of the table in one photo she’s at the other trying to fit in with the rest of the group and ITS so awkward because everyone knew he dumped her, he did it in front of the group. She Hung around the rest of the holiday trying to get him to talk. He has always treated Kate like crap, imo. He knows he can do as he pleases and she will put up with it,

      I’m beginning to think the Palace pr is getting tired of covering for him.

      • Shambles says:

        Oh god, that’s horrible. It reminds me of a middle school mission trip I went on right after my first ever boyfriend and I broke up, and he was on the trip too. It was childish and awkward as hell. Except this instance sounds much, much worse, because the breakup happened during the trip, in front of people that were all his friends. That’s just peak awkward.

        I want to feel bad for her, and I sort of do, but she seems like such a doormat.

      • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

        @Shambles – that is just one story. There is also another story that he asked her to join him on vacation at the last min; she turned up, stayed an hour and then left. Not sure the exact details but I recall that he told her to go home as soon as she arrived, she was seen in tears at the airport.

        As others on these threads have said – she and her family will put up with anything he throws at them as their ambition outweighs their self respect, esp Kate.

      • Shambles says:

        G*d Damn, Betti. That stings. I used to be a doormat, when I was 19. Guy I was in love with invited me over for a booty call, only to be a asleep with the door locked by the time I got there. Locked out on the porch. I did grow up and gain a sense of dignity, though. These people have none, it seems.

      • lavnbb says:

        That’s the time he had her come up to one of the royal residences, because he had the weekend off. It was the same weekend of her supposed best friends wedding and she dropped out of going to the wedding at the last minute because William called and she thought it was going for be a full weekend, but he met her for a few hours and sent her home. She was seen walking through the airport or train station looking sad.

      • detritus says:

        I knew he was a turd, but i didn’t realise quite how turdy.
        I feel a little bad for Waity. Her mom pressured her so hard to get after it, and she did. Now she doesn’t do well in the role and the guy is a cad.

      • Melly says:

        Something I’ve been wondering is if Kate left William today and they divorced, wouldn’t she still keep her title and get a fair bit of money? She still would have a royal connection because of her children. Wouldn’t she be set for life?

      • LAK says:

        What about the boys only cruise during a uni break where she discovered that William had specifically asked for an all female crew and when Kate objected he dumped her. IIRC, that was the first breakup of their relationship.

        Melly, divorced = loss of status no matter that you are mother of the future King for a couple of reasons;

        1. After Diana’s HRH shenanigans during her divorce, the present Queen added cavest to the letters patent that govern these things that all divorced in-laws automatically lost the HRH. In the royal club, that HRH is all important. Moneywise, there is no guarantee that she would be given lots of money. Exhibit A: Fergie

        2. Being parent (whatever gender) of future monarch doesn’t automatically grant you special status after the marriage. The Queen Mother and Diana fought to keep / retain their status after their marriages.

        Kate would have to get a shark of a lawyer who was aware of all these little things on top of the usual divorce considerations to walk away with a good deal. Fergie was badly advised, Diana had a shark. And the Queen Mother loved her elevated position and refused to be downgraded into widowhood.

      • notasugarhere says:

        In regards to a possible divorce settlement. William doesn’t support his wife, they live in grace-and-favor homes owned by the people or by his grandmother, the taxpayers (Duchy) pay their bills. Her clothes, the furniture in their homes doesn’t belong to them. It is either Duchy property or borrowed from Crown collections.

        Any divorce settlement would likely be based on William’s inheritance and income (the one he supposedly donated to charity but we never heard a followup on it). If he used a chunk of his inheritance to help his in-laws buy their bigger home, that would be counted against KM in a settlement I’d think. Diana’s settlement wiped out Charles’s personal funds and did not (as rumored by some) come from the Duchy of Cornwall. He even had to borrow personal money from HM.

        Likely she’d be allowed to live in a grace and favor home on either Sandringham or Duchy of Cornwall, or one of the smaller spaces at KP, but own nothing. Stipend and security (with a limited budget), but no big money payout. Once the kids were over 18 and if she remarried, I’d expect her to be moved out of any royal property.

      • Melly says:

        Thanks for responding. I had no idea about any of this stuff! With this whole list of “sh!t Will did to Kate” I don’t know what is stopping her from getting a TEAM of sharks lawyers and a good PR team! She could come out looking pretty damn good publicly and she could shame the royals into giving her enough hush money to last a lifetime. The optics of a financially struggling mom to the future king could play so well in the press and force the royals hand. Also, you KNOW she has dirt of Will.

      • TheOtherOne says:

        Waity needs Katie Holmes team of attorneys.

      • HappyMom says:

        If she was such a doormat before to get “the prize” there is NO way she’d divorce him. She wants to be HRH and have all the perks. I see no evidence that she’s grown any kind of backbone or is unwilling to put up with his crappy behavior.

      • LAK says:

        Happymom: i’ve always felt that she will never divorce him. If he wants a divorce, or even a formal separation, he will have to pursue it, but going by her media tour 2007, she will fight to stay with him.

        No divorces in this marriage and not because the monarchy is invested that outcome.

      • LucyHoneychurch says:

        Where can we read about this ski trip dumping and see the photos?

      • loveotterly says:

        Is it possible that she doesn’t care anymore? She got the title and the cash and lets him do whatever. No point in getting divorced. Keep up public image and do whatever. She has to KNOW what a douche he is by now. I’m really hoping she has a bit of crumpet on the side.

      • notasugarhere says:

        That appears to have been their deal before. He could cheat as long as it was hidden and didn’t embarrass her. That seems to have been how the relationship runs – she is away with mummy much of the time and he does whatever he wants. Getting caught publicly is the problem.

        Melly, she has no public goodwill on her side. Three nannies, two homes, luxury vacations, and she knew what she was getting after 10 years. The public will not side with the Middletons in this.

      • WendyNerd says:

        My question for LAK and other experts is, given the level of machinations that went into getting Will in the first place, isn’t it likely that the Midds (like, say Uncle Gary) have acquired enough dirt to keep him in line to SOME degree, perhaps to even prevent the pursuit of a divorce and such? Not just dirt on Will himself, but the BRF in general? While it’s definitely true that one of Diana’s greatest weapons was the public goodwill she accrued, something Kate certainly lacks, I find it hard to believe that the Midds wouldn’t have some sort of insurance policy on Will. I know the collection of dirt can go both ways, obv, but if anything, Kate’s lack of popularity already gives her and the family less to lose, and anything that comes out about the Middletons (that isn’t already on public record) is far more likely to incriminate the BRF than vice-versa. Like, even if Kate herself hasn’t personally scrounged stuff up, I find it hard to believe that Carole and Uncle Gary haven’t managed. Given Will’s personal run of bad publicity, I doubt it would be that hard to transform him from “Diana’s Son” to “Charles’s son”, relationship-wise, in the eyes of the public. Especially when one can easily use Harry in contrast. Not to mention the bad publicity for other branches of the BRF recently concerning the Buckingham Palace Renovations, Air Miles Andy, and the poor response to the floods in York, etc. Yeah, the Middletons could come out looking bad, but playing things right, they could potentially just make Will compound the Diana fallout (which so many still haven’t gotten over, anyways), and take the BRF down with them, in their eyes. Or, at least, one of the generations that stands between George and the crown. Sure, Kate’s unlikely to be capable of such a thing, but she’s a puppet anyways. I just find it hard to believe that the Midds don’t/wouldn’t have any insurance aside from some current misbehavior.

      • LAK says:

        WendyNerd: You make a very good point. Given the way they’ve used the media to yank him back into line, i think any hint of divorce talk from William will be met with a well orchestrated media campaign about poor, put upon Kate per your speculation.

        I think media tour 2007 showed us that Kate isn’t easily chucked out of the royal circle and she won’t go quietly.

        It will be worse than the war of the wales, and William will cave because he is both pathological about his privacy and doesn’t seem to have the grit required to fight.

      • WendyNerd says:

        @LAK: That’s been my thinking, too. One thing you can say about both Charles AND Diana is that they are/were both tough as nails. Diana’s upbringing was awful, and everything I’ve read/heard/seen about Charles’s upbringing suggests he wasn’t exactly coddled. Especially in contrast with, say, Andy. He takes after both his parents. You can see that in his work ethic, too. Hell, there are videos of Charles being shot at and basically just responding with “Oh, my cufflink is askew…” Charles has always had a ton of wherewithal. If he were easily put out about public image, he’d never have married Camilla. William, otoh… Can you imagine William marrying Kate if something like the tampon tape got out when they were dating?!
        I’ve always gotten the impression that he’s been especially coddled his whole life. And it’s not just because his parents wanted him to have a happier childhood than they did (I mean, look at Harry). But I think Charles has always had some extra guilt where William is concerned, because of the whole heir thing. I honestly doubt Diana was alone in the whole pressuring-Harry-to-always-support-his-big-brother-the-heir bit. But it’s given William all of the entitlement and hubris that Charles nearly destroyed himself with in the first place, without any of the iron will that got his father through the fallout and spurred him to try and make up for over the last two decades. I honestly think while Charles learned a good, hard lesson from the Diana fiasco, all that William learned is, “I’m the beloved son of Diana, everyone should pity me, and I am teflon.” And any crack in that is not something he can cope with. It just would make him so much easier to manipulate. And he likely takes the Middletons for granted every bit as much as he does everything else, and thus has probably let a LOT of shit spill over the years. And they’ve always had reasons to encourage that. I honestly doubt they’d have hung on for ten+ years if they weren’t taking measures to stay at the top once they got there. Hell, after the shit they’ve put up with, I’m willing to bet they’d take outright glee in showing their hand. And if it knocks down the BRF in any way beyond William, even better. It’s not as if they haven’t pulled the “Poor Kate” thing before. Perfect example: The York/Blood Princess BS. Sure, it’s been protocol for years, but the US Weekly covers were still all “The queen HUMILIATES Kate!” I’d be shocked if there hasn’t been a contingency plan of “Diana vs Charles Pt. 2″ for a while. And it wouldn’t just be Will who’d want to do whatever it took to prevent that. I mean, they call that family “The Firm” for a reason. But at this point, I think the Middletons are a “firm” in their own right. And I doubt Will or the kids are the only cards they hold at this point.

      • ABC says:

        If a divorce were to happen it wouldn’t surprise me if the Middletons sided with William. It’s him they have been after from the start, getting Kate to take him back each and every time and allegedly supporting William every time there is a quarrel. This family basically pimped their daughter out for 10 years to get their hands on the ‘prize’. It feels horrible writing it but I do think they are invested in keeping this together at all costs and, should Kate finally get the nerve to walk away from this humiliating mess (not going to happen), the kids and the Middletons will be with their Prince and to hell with the optics of the situation. This is also why I think Mike Middleton always looks a bit uncomfortable. Carole is calling this and there is NO WAY William is going without her. I’d feel sorry for Kate but she’s an adult, she needs to get out and stop being so controlled.

    • Cee says:

      I’d be so pissed off he would be afraid to come home LOL. William is a douche.

    • Alexandria says:

      I’m not too sure about that because I don’t think these were girlfriends that the guys brought. I think they live or work there? It’s fine (to me) even if they go clubbing or drinking. Some married men (not saying William) are capable of controlling themselves and perhaps some of the men in the group are single. This is because I think if it was the reverse for me, I’d be annoyed at my husband cos I’m just hanging out having harmless fun. If I have single pals in my girls’ night out, I’m ok if they happen to meet new people and mingle (of course not to the extent of dismissing the rest of the girls). So for me at least, the bigger issue here is him skipping Commonwealth Day. As for the rumours that he’s never been faithful, well I think that’s separate from having a harmless boys’ night out and he can cheat anytime he wants anyway without having to go away. Note I’m just specifically addressing a boys’ night out regardless of how William treats Kate. That one is a separate issue.

    • Chrissy says:

      I definitely think Kate is pi**ed and she called Carole to deal with this. William humiliated her and he gets it bacvk 10 tenfold. Kate has done before. Sic Carole the rottweiler to expose him publicly for all his gutless, selfish actions.

      • lavnbb says:

        but Carole and the Middleton’s would rather have the public think THEY are enough for William. The stories that he loves chatting in the Middleton kitchen over cocoa with mum Carole and can’t get enough of the lovely family unit of the Middleton’s is part of their public relations. This boys weekend without Kate and him being around models, dancing until the weezy hours and drinking, WEAKENS that image for the Middleton’s.

        In this instance, I honestly don’t think Carole would want this boys weekend with the ladies out now, especially after years of the pr work the Middleton’s have done painting him as happy married man and Kate the ONLY love of his life and Middleton’s as irreplaceable to him.

        Even though it’s most likely false PR.

      • bluhare says:

        I tend to agree with you lavnbb. If anyone leaked it deliberately I don’t think it was the Middletons. Who would gain if Charles’ side of the family looks bad? Hmmm. . . . and he was skiing at Verbier too! :D

      • TheOtherOne says:

        Sarah Ferguson (who was still allegedly in town). The Fail had an article about her celebrating her birthday. Not sure if it was a repeat cause TL;DR but if it wasn’t a repeat, she looked jovial and happy. I thought when I saw her picture, “someone just got paid.”

        Though if I am honest, I think it’s Chuck. All the original articles made sure to mention Sophie and Anne were on official engagements. It also threw in the Katie at home with the kids narrative to make it seem like a Middleton leak. But who else could really get a quote from Robert Lacey but BP or Clarence House. With Harry in love, showing up and working WITH his father, Will no longer has him as a buffer between Will and Chuck. Further, not showing up to Commonwealth Day is and was a public embarassment to the Queen. Period. In my head, Chuck is about to publically and methodically straighten his son out and I can not wait. 🍿🥂

      • Megan says:

        My money is on Sophie Taylor. Monday she was a topless model no one had ever heard of. Yesterday her 15 minutes of fame officially began.

      • Tourmaline says:

        That’s weird if Sarah Ferguson was celebrating her birthday…because her birthday is in October. I think Eugenie’s bday is March though

        I have my money on that “model” Sophie being a source. How else would they get a positive ID on get so fast. Although if she is an employee somehow of Guy Pelly you’d think she would be in hot water if she leaked to press

      • LAK says:

        TheOtherone: is this the party you are talking about?

        It seems to have taken place on tuesday in London.

      • TheOtherOne says:

        @LAK. Yes. That would be the day the news broke, no? But I stand corrected, I knew it was a birthday party of some kind. Anyway, hopefully she got a cash payment. 😀

    • detritus says:

      You summed this up perfectly.
      It’s not the idea of a boys only trip, its saying I’m either a) not fun enough to come party, or b) just straight up lying to get rid of me.

    • Maria says:

      Aren’t all of the guys also married?

    • Emily says:

      I don’t think it would bother me, necessarily…but I’m not married to a prince. We’re just regular old Americans, and if he’s on a guys trip it’s probably a special occassion like a bachelor party. There would not be pictures of my husband with other women being printed up and spread around the world, even if he was talking to one. There would be no video of his drunken dance moves (except maybe posted on Facebook by one of his less charitable friends. Even then, very limited number of views). There would be no implications of cheating by newspapers/people on the internet. So I think that’s what’s upsetting if I’m Kate. He had to have some idea how this would look and he did it anyway.

    • Eleonor says:

      It depends on how the relationship is build: I do trips with my girlfriends and my SO does the same: he has the one night at pub with his friends, or goes on skiing w-end. It depends.

    • lavnbb says:

      Alert there is Daily Mail story, new footage of William putting his hand around a woman’s waist,

      “video clip he started to talk to a woman wearing a black dress who appeared to tap him on the back before he put his hand on her waist.

    • lavnbb says:

      Anyone awake out there, it’s late here. lol ….Daily Mail going full throttle , released another video William and a Brunette. I had not seen this earlier. It’s another aspect of the dance night, he engages with a Brunette

      ANOTHER Video from dance night

      • LAK says:

        The new videos just show more of his bad dad dancing. His stills from the video make his interaction with the woman look bad, but it’s quite clear he is only leaning in to talk to her and in the process puts his hand on her waist as she puts her hand on his arm. The video shows a split second interaction and not some sleazy encounter. You can’t keep your distance whilst chatting in a nightclub. You have to talk right into someone’s ear. There is nothing in that particular encounter that reads as sexual desire.

    • Sarah says:

      I would be furious, too, especially cause it seems as though it wasnt just lunch. Reports say the model and friend joined them for dinner and dancing later. And he sure seemed flirty in that pic where they are giving each other the high five! So even if this was all innocent, it looks terrible, publicly embarrasses his wife and mother of his children and shows that he is a terrible dancer.
      I also found it odd that as the dork danced alone at the club, no one was dancing with him or even paying attention to him. Maybe the way he likes it? And lots of talk about his drinking – hinting at an issue?
      He will absolutely be the end of royalty.

  2. JaneDoesWork says:

    I am so glad I’m not a citizen of the UK. This would infuriate me. That said, I’m stuck with the Donald…. so…

    • Shirleygail says:

      As a citizen of one of those Commonwealth countries (we send them money, I believe it’s just under $7.00 per person in all of Canada) I’m choked. I’ve always been a royalist, because my mum and dad are from England originally (I’m 1st generation Canadian) but this man is FAST closing my mind to a continuation of the relationship. He’s a fool. There, I said it. Oh, dear, have to go back and edit…..He’s acting very foolishly (I don’t support name-calling, even when I’m the one doing it).

      • Melly says:

        “He’s a fool. There, I said it. Oh, dear…..He’s acting very foolishly (I don’t support name-calling, even when I’m the one doing it).”

        That is one of the most Canadian things I’ve ever read! =) You Northerners are so nice!

      • Ravine says:

        We don’t “send them money.” There are obviously costs associated with the Governor General (salary, residence, staff, travel, etc.) that Canadians pay for. We also pay when a member of the royal family visits Canada, though that’s no different from when any other dignitary drops by, and remember that royals visit lots of countries, not just Commonwealth ones. This idea that any outside country, in 2017, pays for the Royal Family’s upkeep in the UK is false. (I think you mean Realms specifically — most Commonwealth countries are not monarchies.)

      • Vox says:

        I’m not a royalist per say but I do like the tradition, I suppose (also have an English parent/grandparents/extended family, so maybe that’s a fairly strong factor). I don’t want my country to leave the Commonwealth for the time being.

        I am still 100% against William. I don’t want to be his subject, and I will definitely be anti-monarchy when/if he takes the throne. I’m too much of a realist to believe he’ll try to pass his title to Harry or slip the bit and abdicate, so I expect my feelings on the royal family to change dramatically in the future.

    • noway says:

      So true, I would much rather have William. I think this video is hysterical. Granted tone deaf and stupid, but funny too. The only funny I get with the Donald is SNL, and we can just incorporate William instead. I bet we are spending more money on the Donald and his family than you guys are. Come on lets do a trade? William is oblivious, but I don’t think he is actually mean, now the Donald well don’t think I can say that. He is oblivious and mean.

  3. V4Real says:

    Drunk dance? I know quite a few people who dance like that sober.

    I’m tickled pink that he was dancing to the song 5 on it. A song about buying weed. Go Prince, get your Grove on. I will take you over Trump anyday.

  4. Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

    These 2 are making me a Republican. The video and inept reply from their PR team has made it worse, they might have been able to gloss over the photo’s. Wanna bet they either take the kids to France at the weekend or do something Diana related in Paris – I would not put it past him to do something like this.

    Chuck really needs to take over their PR but then again Big Willy Dancer thinks he’s a PR genius – wonder if he will sue TMZ. Plus its the French paps case next month – wonder what gems that will bring.

    I just can’t get over those dance moves – total posh boy dancing.

  5. Shelley says:

    Give up the heir status already. When WillKate finally implodes. he will be left angry and bitter like his grand uncle. Unfortunately,the mystery and allure of the monarchy is long gone, and he and Kate are definitely not real world adaptable. I give it a year after Charles is on the throne. They are just too lazy and dumb to simply keep up appearances on the big days and disappear to play on the other days.

  6. ell says:

    this is so not entertaining to me, since i’m the taxpayer funding his drunk uncle in ugly trousers dancing. he’s ridiculous though, i watched this video in slo-mo and couldn’t stop laughing.

  7. Sarah says:

    The Daily Mail has a lot of articles about this story. They’re not holding back anymore and comments also show that many have had enough of the Dolittles.

  8. MunichGirl says:

    He’s really bored of Kate and the kids, isn’t he?

    • lavnbb says:

      This latest outing in Verbier is William doing what he probably always does in private but it gets hidden. Tanna once hinted a few years ago, that the press has known several times, he was at friends parties without Kate, having a grand time,, but the press chose not to report it.

      Remember the day Kate had to be rushed to the hospital for early pregnancy HG pains. She was staying at her moms and PW was staying at one of his Aristo-friends home for a weekend party. Carole reportedly was livid and told Kate to call William and get him back to the Middleton home to drive her to the hospital. The Midds would not drive her to the hospital, they waited for William to come back even though her pains were supposedly so bad.
      Reports at the time were that several things were in play with this move… 1. To make William come back from the weekend-party and pay attention to his newly pregnant wife. eg: Carole telling him to get his priorities straight, wife comes first. 2. Kate was angry he had taken off and spent the weekend at a Aristo friends house party*allegedly girls were there and lots of flirting was going on by William. 3. To save his image, it would have looked bad if PW did not take his wife to hospital and he was known to be staying at a friends weekend houseparty.
      Still at the time the weekend houseparty news leaked out to a few choice Daily Mail reporters,*some believed Carole and Kate leaked it with the HG story details, to try to shame him) but it was swept away in the news that Kate had HG, so most people ignored or never heard that William was spending the weekend away at a friends home-houseparty while pregnant Kate spent the weekend at her mum’s house. There have been rumours since the marriage that Kate spends most of her time with her family and mum while William does whatever.

    • Maria says:

      Kate must be totally fed up too. She should have given up during the Waity years, when she realized he didn’t want to commit. Honestly she could have done better, marry an aristo with gobs of money.

      • Cate says:

        Seriously! It seems more and more that Pippa is coming out with the better deal re: marriage. TRJM seems to have all the dough necessary to fund her lifestyle, but no obligations or scrutiny to accompany it. Surely Kate could have bagged someone similarly well-off and gotten to basically live her current life minus the publicity?

    • Maria says:

      Kate must be totally fed up too. She should have given up during the Waity years, when she realized he didn’t want to commit. Honestly she could have done better, marry an aristo with gobs of money.

    • notasugarhere says:

      It shows (again) what the Middleton Family have coddled and enabled for 15 years in pursuit of fame, money, status.

  9. Guest says:

    He’s a gift to all the Republicans out there.

  10. LD says:

    Brexit is about to be activated without an plan how to deal with consequences. World as a whole is incredibly unstable nevermind the economic struggles people have in the UK and Europe and this tool skips his work to ski in the most expansive ski resort.

    Shit like this is why French Revolution happened. And it will get worse.

    • ell says:

      ah, i wish! unfortunately i feel most people in britain are just sitting on their arse, waiting for the whole nation to crumble into pieces, while wills busts his moves.

    • Sixer says:

      David Davis (Brexit Minister) being questioned this morning:

      DD: No deal and a WTO Brexit would be fine.
      Panel: Have you done a financial impact assessment?
      DD: No.

      Incompetence, delusion, reckless self-regard.

      • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

        Urgh – i avoided PMQs this morning as its not a good thing for my anxiety and stress levels but the one silver lining is that they are scrapping the NI increase for the self employed.

      • Sixer says:

        I’m pretty much work-free until Friday so it’s the allotment and a self-harming addiction to worldwide political debacle for me. I need to find some self-care mechanism or other because it’s like an addiction to the horrific.

      • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

        I’m in between contracts at the mo so with you on the self harming addiction thing, you really can’t walk away. Terrible!

        I think I’ll go lose myself in Hyde Park, I can’t clean my flat any more as its the cleanest its ever been – you could eat your dinner off the inside of the oven. LOL. I’m one of those people that cleans when stressed.

      • Sixer says:

        Have another:

        Panel: UK citizens will no longer have access to the EHIC health card?
        DD: Probably right. Haven’t looked at it.

        And another:

        Panel: Loss of passporting rights for fin services?
        DD: Uncertain. Expect so.

        And another:

        Panel: So UK will no longer be part of US-EU Open Skies agreement?
        DD: One would presume that would not apply to us…

        Literally NO answer to any question. And not even “it’s a secret negotiation so I’m not telling you”. It’s “haven’t bothered looking at that”. WTF? What has he been doing since June?

      • notasugarhere says:

        Seriously, put a good audiobook on your player and take at least an hour-long fast walk a day. Works off a lot of angry steam. Or as suggested on here a year or two ago, hang a speed ball in the garage and take up boxing practice.

    • dodgy says:

      Yes, that’s been the most shocking thing today, and Davis admitting that May put forth that we were leaving the EU without a deal if the deal wasn’t to their liking was because she was feeling bullied (not in so many words).

      I am absolutely horrified. How are the Tories the party of business and good government again?

    • Sarah says:

      And let’s also comment on Harry travelling across the ocean to go to a rich friend’s wedding, looking drunk and staying another week (?) with his girlfriend while having absolutely NO job at all to come home to.
      Really, I like Harry, but he gets a huge break from people here, while Wills gets crucified. Harry has NO job. At least William has a make-believe job. (And i think Wills is an entitled idiot, but I don’t think Harry is really any better – just a bit more charming.) they are both adult males who really have NO jobs, and a few weeks work on his charities on Harry’s part doesnt make him some kind of responsible adult. He goes on plenty of vacations such as Norway and everyone here thinks that is swell.

  11. Indira says:

    I wonder how Carol Middleton feels about all the Rexit comments which have increased during the past few months. I mean her goal is that will be Queen Consort one day.

  12. Prince says:

    He will never learn. He’ll throw another tantrum, whine and say how mean the press is to him.

  13. Jenns says:

    This guy was born into one of the most privileged positions in this world. All he has to do is show up. That’s it. And he can’t even do that. Plus, he’s a total bore. He’s just a lazy, boring dud.

  14. Catesby says:

    This is like the saddest video ever. This is supposed to be some super exclusive nightclub, in the poshest ski resort in Switzerland?! Really?

    Its like some woman stuffing around in Mom jeans, a couple of third rate hoe’s and a Prince in self destruct mode. Saddest nightclub ever.

    (no offense to the hoe’s ;-)

  15. squeezeo'lime says:

    Just abdicate already! No one wants you!

  16. Emily says:

    I feel sorry for the random model. I love a good royal affair as much as the next person, but there’s nothing to suggest that anything inappropriate happened between her and Normal Bill.

    If it wasn’t for the whole skipping Commonwealth Day thing, all of this would be pretty harmless IMO.

  17. IMO says:

    Unfortunately, George and Charlotte will be as lazy as K&W.

  18. RuddyZooKeeper says:

    That was so uncomfortable. I do not think that was drunk. It felt like straight sober gettin’ it.

  19. Sushi says:

    Meanwhile 2 good articles about Prince Harry. What is going on?.

    • lavnbb says:

      Harry is maturing and went through a twenties emotional growing up period with mistakes and got to know himself a lot better than Prince William did imo. So Prince Harry is much more comfortable with himself now. jmo

      Whereas William latched himself to a family of users/sycophants/opportunists(Middleton’s) in his early twenties through to marriage and sycophants who tell him he can do as he pleases or do no wrong. I don’t think William has had the same emotional growth that Harry has, even though Harry made mistakes I think these mistakes helped him grow and discover more about himself on an emotional level. jmo

      Also notice Prince Charles had Harry attend royal duties with him, while William was off in Verbier. I don’t think that was just chance.

      • Maria says:

        It’s happened before. The second son becomes king. And not that long ago either.

      • HappyMom says:

        I also think serving in the military and seeing action helped him mature.

      • Betsy says:

        “Also notice Prince Charles had Harry attend royal duties with him, while William was off in Verbier. I don’t think that was just chance.”

        I can’t help but hope. I enjoy the Royals. I don’t pay their taxes or anything so I can just enjoy them, but I do not care for William. Lazy slug. So I hope your line is correct, that Harry is being groomed on the chance that Willie abdicates.

      • Jeesie says:

        I haven’t really seen anything that suggests Harry’s grown much. He works little, parties a lot and has kept all his unpleasant friends.

        He also made no effort to further educate himself (which given his frankly shocking results really should have been a priority if he had matured) and he gave up on working in real job at the first obstacle. He’s also prone to throwing tantrums about media intrusions only when it suits him, just like his brother.

      • Sarah says:

        I think we all give Harry way too much credit, myself included. He is in his early 30s, has no job, doesn’t work much more than Wills, does a few weeks for his charities a year, but because he is charming and seems more engaged than Wills and Kate, we act like he is the second coming of Ghandi. He’s not. He is another spoiled and entitled man-boy who had a temper tantrum at the press when they found out about his girlfriend, who then shrugged his girlfriend’s advances off at the wedding because he is either tired of her or having another hissy fit about the press. If the latter, then Meghan’s concerned soothing makes sense, but he isn’t an 8 year old his gf should have to soothe. Poor Meghan!
        So maybe give that Wonderful Harry storyline a bit more thought, because he is a vacationing, worldwide visiting, entitled man-boy, too.

      • suze says:

        I agree that Harry has as many issues as William does.

  20. Bichon says:

    It could be Kate was glad to be rid of him for a bit too.

  21. Rocio says:

    Fellow British people, get rid of the d*mn crown! If my taxes were going to these lazy free loaders do nothing people, I would have set the BP on fire! (Not literally)

  22. Deedee says:

    Where are the sugars this morning? Perhaps there really is no excuse for this behavior.

  23. Balea says:

    I think the British monarchy has no chance after TQ is gone. Prince Charles may profit from his mother’s popularity but the others won’t and I don’t think it matters whether William or Harry sit on the throne – people are just tired of the monarchy.

  24. cindyp says:

    Ugh; can’t get past the pics of his too tight pants. Do we have to look at that? As an American, have to ask if this is a Brit thing. I worked with a Brit (VP level) who frequently wore tight leather pants that left nothing to the imagination.

  25. Alexandria says:

    Lol don’t hate me…actually found the dorkiness endearing if that’s just some guy. I can think that without dismissing all the serious issues this man-child raises, yes? I don’t want to go to therapy…

  26. suze says:

    It really doesn’t matter how you would feel about this personally, if your SO were doing it. He is different from you, there are expectations of him.

    Dumba** has a job. A not hugely burdensome one. He doesn’t do it well at all, and his PR game is abysmal.

    Also, where are the commenters who claim Kaiser’s Will Kat coverage is skewed because she doesn’t take into account the responsibility the Cambridges have in raising their kids? Seems to me whenever they are caught skipping royal duties, they are off having fun, not tied to home and hearth.

  27. NatalieS says:

    I’m guess videos and pictures like these are sent to reporters every time W and K vacation. This time, the press actually chose to publish them. Interesting.

    • Montréalaise says:

      I get this feeling that the press are just champing at the bit to publish everything they have on Will and Kate but have refrained from doing so out of respect for the Queen. Once she passes, it will be open season on the Dolittles.

  28. perplexed says:

    Did TMZ get the scoop first? If so, I’m wondering why he thought international media would be nicer to him…

    Maybe we’ll get a new sighting of George and Charlotte.

  29. Kitty says:

    Well it proves to me he does not want to be King.

  30. JA says:

    Hahaha that video! Spoiled frat dad being a douche with friends, who also happens to be a Prince.

  31. Dttimes2 says:

    His dancing looks like Tom Cruise playing that producer Les in Tropic Thunder

  32. InsertNameHere says:

    He looks like that drunk guy wedding guest who yells at the DJ to play the Electric Slide.

  33. HoustonGrl says:

    As someone who doesn’t really believe in traditional marriage, I would have no problem with this. However, skipping Commonwealth Day at a time when diplomatic tensions are so high, well, that’s really in poor taste.

  34. Anastasia says:

    Dancing by himself in a sad looking club.


  35. Nancy says:

    Oh come on, it is like the world’s shittest club, he’s obvs got his booze on and had a wee dance, by himself by the looks of it – he isn’t exactly snorting coke off a hooker’s arse is he? If that had been my husband I would have mocked him :)

  36. MaryJo says:

    This guy will be the end of the monarchy. Not because of his lack of rythm, but because he’s an entitled moron.

  37. Grey says:

    If I was Kate, which I am clearly not because I would have kicked his ass to the curb a loooooong time ago, I would have stood up straight, dressed smart, put my hair up, dressed my kids super cute and went to the services with the Royal Family, just to make him seem like more of a dud. The best revenge is living well.

  38. Mimz, says:

    besides the ill’advised timing of his trip, in this video I found no evidence of:
    1 – Being drunk
    2 – Embarrassing himself – I’m black, african and i know and love me some rhythm, but dude is just enjoying some music in a club, no girl humping him , nothing. Why does this determine his inability to rule the kingdom? His lazyness, yes, but I mean, Charles was a sleaze ball when married to Diana, and cheating on her left and right, and though I was a kid i dont remember him being such a memorable prince in terms of behaviour. Besides, until the Queen passes, and Charles takes over, and then gives the crown to William or also passes, It’s gonna be another 30 or 40 years! He has plenty of time to redeem himself, as he probably will, but he won’t be young forever.
    That being said, if he keeps spending taxpayers money and being irresponsible and lazy, of course, protest!
    I’m probably saying this because I’m not british so I know nothing, don’t really care, but that’s how I see it.

  39. vespernite says:

    Did he say the public engagements are “coming thick”??? Lord someone get that guy an editor stat! LOL

  40. goplacidly says:

    I get that William comes across as a self indulgent bit of fluff, which he may well be, but I would like to point out that he isn’t king. He isn’t even next in line. Just because there is extreme interest in him does not mean he needs to be constantly representing the crown. He has a grandmother and a father doing it full time now and his day of relentless duty will come.

    At what other point in the history of the monarchs has there been four living heirs?

    • Jessica says:

      Queen Victoria with her son, grandson, and great-grandson (QEII uncle I believe).

    • corporate stepsister says:

      He needs to be ready at any time since his grandmother is old enough to become seriously ill and start deteriorating rapidly. Charles is Heir, but it’s not fair that he shoulders so much at his age. The spoiled pig needs to be fully acclimatized to public life so when he is called on to become Heir, he is more than ready. He has no business skiving off. He has no business being a party ski bum when HM could drop of a heart attack at any time during the night while sleeping.

  41. Jessica says:

    This is going to sound weird but this is why I wanted George to be a girl. Women are held to a higher standard since birth; girls don’t get 35 years to grow up (we pretty much get 18, maybe less). This is like people going crazy over the Malia Obama partying antics even though she’s at the perfect age to have fun and blow off steam. If she was a boy it would be nothing. As for William, a woman would have been told to get her sh!t together a decade ago. I just can’t believe at this stage in her life QEII had already been a monarch for 10 years with 2 pre-teens and a toddler with another coming while William is still finding himself. I mean seriously the path is laid out for you; act interested in your role and duties or give up your title.

  42. HK9 says:

    You know, when Will & Kate got married there was so much good will from the public and they’ve squandered it all. I actually don’t know if Will will ever “get it”. If Will did some work no one would care where partied. (and I know the lazy sod never thought about going to Commonwealth Day and going to the vacay after…nooo only working people think about doing their jobs)

    Where Kate’s concerned though, for someone who followed so many of the things Diana did, she still doesn’t know that she needs to take her charity work seriously. It doesn’t matter how long it is before she becomes Queen Consort, she needs to work now. All those years she waited to marry Will are going to come to nought if she doesn’t get moving-the UK will be a republic if they keep this up. Girlfriend needs to get herself a speech/deportment coach and get going. Missing Commonwealth day was foolish, because it would have shown people that although the family doesn’t really like her she’s willing to do her bit and people would respect her for it.

    Now people are going to ramp up the scrutiny of every vacation/shopping trip & whatever else the forget to do and you know what, at this point, they deserve it.

    • HappyMom says:

      Yeah-it’s crazy to me. It would have taken so little effort-as it is they were cut major slack for a long time. Skipping an event that is really important to the Queen, with all other senior members of the royal family there, for something so frivolous is insane.

  43. Ari says:

    lol he’s dancing by himself and loving it come on now

  44. Alison Ryan says:

    He is such a loser. What an embarrassment! Do your job. Can you imagine saying that he is the head of a church? Not with those moves. It’s actually very sad.

  45. Disco Dancer says:

    Wonder if some part of Will resents Kate because he knows that she hung around and married him mainly for his Royal connections? That the only woman will could get to marry him, didn’t marry him
    For his kind personality, his sparkling wit or his heartthrob good looks!

  46. Megan says:

    I think there is nothing wrong with going on vacation and enjoying yourself. However, William has judged the timing of this very poorly and so have his staff. If he was offered advice not to go, he clearly ignored it. Nobody minds the Royals having fun once in a while – he has two kids, it’s nice to let your hair down occasionally. But he has to remember that his privilege comes with responsibilities, and he needs to think very carefully about how the public perceive him and his family. I say this repeatedly but I’ll say it again – all the Royals have is the public opinion of the British people. The minute the majority of the public no longer like the Royals and no longer want to pay taxes towards keeping them, they’ll be gone. It doesn’t take much to sway a country into becoming a Republic.

    They currently only exist for historical reasons and most people in the UK don’t mind them. However, if they can’t keep up their duties and behave appropriately then there is no reason for them to exist. The majority of people in Britain are struggling with lower-than-inflation income and higher-than-ever living expenses. The Royals need to stop behaving like entitled celebrities. They have not earned a penny of the money they have. William needs to realise this and behave accordingly.

  47. Mini Jack says:

    I just wanted to add that I’d heard that KM had signed a serious prenup before the mariage. This entitles her to very little should the mariage end and she must walk away from her children. They would remain within the royal family and they would hold custody.

    • notasugarhere says:

      I don’t know if she did. There were stories touting the fact that they did not sign a prenup.

      William doesn’t support his wife. They live in homes loaned to them by the taxpayers (KP) or the monarch (Anmer Hall). In the event of divorce, I think she’d only have access to William’s salary and trust fund. If William used a chunk of his inheritance to help his in-laws buy their new house, her financial payout would be much lower.

  48. SK says:

    I just noticed #Kate and thought whatever happened to her insisting she be known as Catherine?

  49. Gippy says:

    I do feel bad for her. It’s like she never had anyone tell her she was worth being treated with respect – big part of the blame falls to Carol. William is a product of never being told no. He’s not that smart, but he always manages to manipulate Diana’s memory and his favor – it’s disgusting.