Chris Brown posts video: people are “haters,” “I am not a monster”

Chris Brown has recorded a new video plugging the album he’s working on and mentioning that he has a new single coming out this summer. Up until now, Brown has only issued one statement to the public about his brutal attack on then-girlfriend Rihanna in February. Brown’s statement at the time was one that many people considered inadequate. He claimed to be “sorry and saddened… over what transpired” but added that “much of what has been speculated or reported on blogs and/or reported in the media is wrong.” He said he couldn’t say more due to his pending legal case, and that’s understandable but he definitely could have been more contrite about beating and choking his girlfriend. The language just seemed detached, like he was obliged to issue a statement and wasn’t sorry at all.

Now we can rest assured that Brown really isn’t sorry for “what transpired” when he tried to choke the life out of Rihanna. He said in the very casual video that people are haters and he’s not a monster:

We ain’t goin nowhere. Everybody that’s haters, they’ve just been haters. All my real fans, I love y’all. I aint a monster. (throws peace sign quickly.)

Brown’s case is still in court, with his attorneys trying to work out a deal with prosecutors to get all charges dropped due to the leaked photo of Rihanna’s bloodied face. In April he plead not guilty to felony assault and making criminal threats. I’ve found at least two stories claiming that there’s another hearing in his case either today or tomorrow, Thursday, but it’s hard to tell if they’re accurate as this news hasn’t been widely reported. If that is the case, Brown isn’t doing himself any favors by calling people “haters.” Maybe he’s just cocky because his lawyers have told him he’s about to get off scot free.

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  1. Polkasox says:

    Hopefully he’ll get a little jail time and someone will show him what it’s like to be on the other end of that violence.

  2. Iggles says:

    He’s such an a–hole. To use the words of the fabulous Wanda Sykes, “I hope his kidneys fail!”


  3. Candi says:

    He’s not a “monster”,yet he beat and choked Rihanna,and left her for dead.

    Yeah,it’s such a role model.

    Never liked his music anyways,and he sounds like a real douchebag.

    If he had any kind of decency(which abusers don’t),then he would take responsiblity and ownership for his actions,instead of making up excuses for his behaviour.

    It’s safe to say his career is over.

    And he is rumored to now be dating Natalie from Girlicious,so that girl better be careful,or she might end up like OJ Simpsons deceased wife.

  4. Bet says:

    Well, no one knows what happened for sure. There’s been a lot of hints that violence started from her side on a regular basis (some women have dangerous temper – the media always make it seem like they don’t do violence – they do some major damage too). They both need help, not just him. And, it’s still super unclear as to what happened, or if there were other partied invovled. She’s been super quiet about the details.

  5. and your point is? says:

    Bet: ummmmm NO. He beat the sh*t out of her and could have killed her. I don’t care what she did NO ONE (but Chris Brown) deserves that to happen to them. You are just an obsessed Chris Brown fan so you will see no wrong in what he did because you hate Rihanna anyway. It is disturbing that people like you exist and think it’s ok for a man to beat up his girlfriend because he is famous and “cute”. She may have a lot of issues but that does not mean that he did wasn’t wrong.

  6. sarcra says:

    That’s an album I definitely will not be purchasing.

  7. Jag says:

    If she abused him, she was wrong. He abused her and was wrong. They both definitely need help.

    I don’t think his career is going to tank because he will get off – that’s what good lawyers do and the photo was leaked – and people will take that to mean he was innocent and didn’t almost kill her. Certainly, I’ll think it’s disgusting if a leaked photo somehow is more important than the fact that he beat, strangled and could’ve killed her, but who am I to sway a judge’s view when in the “grace” of a celebrity? In a perfect world, he’d have a judge who cares about justice, but we’ll see if this one does.

  8. KateNonymous says:

    Yes, you are, Chris.

  9. sarcra says:

    If the case gets dropped because of a leaked photo… wow… that’s awful. Way to go, TMZ.

  10. Exterminator says:

    Men have greater muscle mass than women. Period. A man should never hit a woman for any reason. If she hits you? She is a psycho, and you leave her, then and there. Period.

  11. mark says:

    Another HipHop Douchebag…

    If I never saw his ass again, it would be too soon.

    Take him and Kanye West and drop them off a cliff.

    Bor Ring…
    Like just go away.

  12. naynay says:

    chris — the healing starts when you apologize for hitting a woman — not the way you apologized: for, as you put it, the way things happened or whatever you said.
    Be a man, Chris and stand up and say I did it. It was wrong. I was wrong. And I want to publicly apologize to Rihanna and to women all over, and to my fans — especially the young ones who look up to me.

    If you had one tenth the maturity of Kiefer Sutherland, you’d take responsibilty for you what did — not plead innocent and try and squirm out of it. Take it like a man. that is if you are one.

  13. shona says:

    The comments on that youtube video are scary. So many clueless girls.

  14. Terrian says:

    Why do you guys think he needs to make a public statement to us about being being sorry. The only person I believe he should be explaining his troubles are a judge, counselor, and Rihanna.

    You all need to lighten up. He’s doing what he was expected to do as far as legal issues go. And he is NOT a monster. You need to also stop calling him an abuser. I hate how Americans get so emotional over issues instead of using their heads.

  15. nick says:

    Who wants to watch you picking at your arm?

  16. ajkul007 says:

    I hope he ends up cleaning trays at Sonic.

  17. anonymous says:

    LOL@ left her for dead, trust me when i say she was nowhere near that arena. He’s not a monster. HE IS WRONG AND SHE IS WRONG.
    Women shouldn’t hit Men and MEN shouldn’t hit Women.
    God knows if he was my son and she hit him she would have been a mess on the floor.
    HATERS common vernacular for people who dont like someone or say negative things about a person.
    Personally I dont care if his career tanks or not although i would hope not since she is 50 times more useless than he is.
    And he honestly doesn’t owe the public an apology or explanation (and neither does she)maybe he and Robyn resolved their issues already.

  18. ! says:

    Would you delusional Chris Brown lovers PLEASE stop talking about Rihanna being violent like its a fact. There is absolutely no evidence to support it! No evidence like, say, blood splatters in a car and a severely swollen and bruised face. Its just another way to TAKE THE BLAME OFF HIM

  19. Bet says:

    hypocrites all around in north america… chris is despised and threatened for a bit of bruising he caused (allegedly) but the lorena bobbits of society are found not guilty and set free… give me a break, such a sexist society we live in, disgusting

  20. terrian says:

    why don’t you go back to your country if you can’t stand Americans?

    this guy chose a career in show business. if he wants to keep his fans, he better think twice before he beats a woman up.

    i’m guessing you’re all for beating women up. you sound like a real low-life yourself.

    you don’t like it? go ahead and leave!
    there’s more like you waiting in your country! or did you leave that place because you don’t like your own people?

  21. *T says:

    Me thinks the Lady beater doth protest too much.

  22. anonymous says:

    Would you delusional Chris Brown lovers PLEASE stop talking about Rihanna being violent like its a fact. There is absolutely no evidence to support it! No evidence like, say, blood splatters in a car and a severely swollen and bruised face. Its just another way to TAKE THE BLAME OFF HIM

    ^^^^^ LOL calm down. You dont need to be a “Chris Brown lover” to not hate him. you said there no evidence to prove that he was hurt well uhhhhhhh there was no evidence to prove that he wasnt. The police report and affidavit is only what Rihanna recalled not the actual police invetigation.
    I just think their is a huge double standard and people (in reference to adults) should keep their hands to their f’n selves male or female.

  23. Samantha says:

    Regardless if the photo was leaked or not, it is a clear image of the damage he did to her. Sorry that the world had to see how disgusting you are, Chris, but that leak shouldn’t be what gets him off. Its still evidence of his violence. Whether Rhianna was herself violent or not is not the point. We saw his ugly mug after the attack, and anyone claiming that she deserved to be beat bloody for maybe leaving a scratch on his arm is totally misguided and should seek help. This guy knows martial arts! This guy grew up in a household where domestic abuse was common! He has gone on the record numerous times condemning these things, and then he turns around and does the same thing and then expects the world NOT to see him as a monster?? He is an woman beating HYPOCRITE who needs to spend less time making stupid videos and more time in counseling dealing with his f-d up childhood issues.

  24. anonymous says:

    LOL people are hilarious. Doesnt woman beater imply that he beats woman on frequent occasions? <—- serious question. Because then Im a man beater.

  25. Magsy says:

    It’s in his eyes he has a temper. Too bad, he had a promising career but he f*cked up and whatever the outcome is of the trial, if there is one, it doesn’t matter in the court of public opinion.

  26. Bet says:

    TERRAIN, calm down you racist. FYI I’m white, in north america and a woman… woah! Bet that blew your mind lol what a creep, I bet you’re all nice to everyone in their face and take your racist frustrations out on blogs LOL it’s funny how desperate and full of hate you are. calm down and find some love, you sound unloved. peace my angry little racist

  27. not_a_strawman says:

    You Chris Brown apologizers make me sick. Let some one smack YOU around or your DAUGHTERS. Then tell me whether he’s an ABUSER or not.

    He’s a bast@rd who should be someone’s b1tch in prison. He’s taking no responsibilities for what he did. They shouldn’t let him off on a technicality. Should he be locked up the next time (yes there will be a NEXT time) he beats a woman? Or should we wait until he’s kills a future girlfriend?

  28. not_a_strawman says:

    Yes, and Sean Penn “allegedly” kidnapped and beat on Madonna.. Oh and, William Hurt “allegedly” slapped around Marlee Matlin..

    Cause we all know if you drop the charges, the abuse never happened. It won’t escalate and get worse.

    You know, just like OJ “allegedly” killed his ex-wife.

    You have proven nothing!

    *rolls eyes*

  29. Ophelia says:

    God the CB defenders creep me out. Like chills running down my spine kinda creeps.
    And whichever stupid celebrity invented the word “hater” needs to be killed. It’s such a passe excuse. “Oh, you’re just haters,” they all say.. No, you’re just not well liked and you’re too stupid to explain yourself so instead you deflect. Real mature. I thought his music was crap anyway. Before he beat the hell out of Rihanna.

  30. Terrian says:

    @Bet: When did I say anything racist?

    Don’t attack me unless you can come up with a coherent argument and learn how to write.

    Oh okay I see it… Someone else copied my username. Well, I wouldn’t type or say that. Whoever moderates this page should easily be able to show that I didn’t make that second comment.

  31. TT says:

    terrian: you are a loser. i was the one who, not copied, but used your name to address your comment — my error. nothing i said was racist. go crawl back in the hole you live in.

    you must be a women beater. you wouldn’t defend one otherwise.

    sorry loser — that is who you are. you match the loser who beat up Rihanna. perhaps you are Chris Brown in spirit — someone who throws the blame on others.

  32. Hieronymus Grexx says:

    No Chris, you’re a cowardly woman beating scumf*ck- that’s worse.

  33. hypocrites!!! says:

    Lol so if a guy hits one woman, he’s a woman beater? Cause if he hit any others I bet they’d be coming out in hoards now. Btw who are all the Americans defending Rih Rih’s accountability becasue not much caribbean ppl are talking on her behalf. You know why? Lol because we beat men our so ummm shut up everybody and study it, why isn’t Rihanna not burying this asshole for what he did? Obviously because she is an abuser too and she’s afraid of being a hypocrite for fear that her bad deeds also come out. Which would you prefer in her shoes? Everyone bashing you for not speaking out on Domestic violence or everyone bashing you for being an abuser? She chose the lesser of two evils. Clearly she’s hiding something and that’s why she is remaining silent to the point of being subponaed. Why protect Chris Brown if he hurt her soooo bad? Because she doesn’t want the dirty secrets to come out.

  34. Jaslim says:

    The Chris Brown fans scare me. Maybe they all need to know what it feels like being abused. He IS a monster, a savaged deadly monster.

  35. shanice says:

    I get feeling something is off about this whole situation.