Jared Kushner is probably in charge of the entire government at this point

Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner Take Their Kids Shopping In Aspen

Just FYI: Bigly Boy Donald Trump can’t stay mad at Jared Kushner. I like to think that Bigly started weeping when Jared arrived back in Washington last Friday. I like to think that Bigly cried, “Where were you, Jared? I needed you!” Jared went skiing with his wife and kids in Aspen during a pretty important week for the Bigly Administration, but Bigly can’t stay mad at Precious Ivanka’s husband for too long. Now that Bigly has closed the door on doing anything about Obamacare, Bigly is focused on tax and government reform. And Bigly has just chosen Jared to lead the team. Oh, God.

President Trump plans to unveil a new White House office on Monday with sweeping authority to overhaul the federal bureaucracy and fulfill key campaign promises — such as reforming care for veterans and fighting opioid addiction — by harvesting ideas from the business world and, potentially, privatizing some government functions.

The White House Office of American Innovation, to be led by Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and senior adviser, will operate as its own nimble power center within the West Wing and will report directly to Trump. Viewed internally as a SWAT team of strategic consultants, the office will be staffed by former business executives and is designed to infuse fresh thinking into Washington, float above the daily political grind and create a lasting legacy for a president still searching for signature achievements.

In a White House riven at times by disorder and competing factions, the innovation office represents an expansion of Kushner’s already far-reaching influence. The 36-year-old former real estate and media executive will continue to wear many hats, driving foreign and domestic policy as well as decisions on presidential personnel. He also is a shadow diplomat, serving as Trump’s lead adviser on relations with China, Mexico, Canada and the Middle East.

Kushner is positioning the new office as “an offensive team” — an aggressive, nonideological ideas factory capable of attracting top talent from both inside and outside of government, and serving as a conduit with the business, philanthropic and academic communities.

“We should have excellence in government,” Kushner said Sunday in an interview in his West Wing office. “The government should be run like a great American company. Our hope is that we can achieve successes and efficiencies for our customers, who are the citizens.”

[From WaPo]

Sometimes I feel like every dude who moves from the business world to the public sector is an absolute moron. I know that’s unfair, but seriously – guys who come from the business world usually have zero clue about how government functions or how to work with a team on behalf of constituents or how to even run a panel. That goes for Trump and that goes for Kushner. As for Bigly getting Precious Ivanka’s husband to run this… God help us all. Again, imagine if a President Hillary Clinton had hired Chelsea’s husband to lead a taskforce to eliminate a third of the government. The Republicans would have strokes.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post also did an in-depth story about how Jared and Ivanka’s new neighbors absolutely loathe them. Ivanka and Jared are renting a home in the Kalorama neighborhood of DC and the Secret Service detail is apparently pretty excessive. The fact that this kind of oppressive Secret Service detail is being given to an adult child of President Bigly… well, a lot of people have issues with it.

Update: Kushner has to give testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee because of his ties to Russia too. Ha.

Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner Take Their Kids Shopping In Aspen

Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner Take Their Kids Shopping In Aspen

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Psu Doh Nihm says:

    I’m not familiar with this particular brand of baby carriers, so I could be wrong but that looks incredibly uncomfortable for the baby. I use a Tula and baby would be turned around facing mom in this instance.

    • trillian says:

      Seriously. This is not only uncomfortable but also bad for the baby’s hips. If he wants to look around he’s old enough to be carried on the hip.

    • susanne says:

      They put lot of stress on baby’s hips. There are plenty out there that are ergonomically designed.

    • Laughy saphy says:

      It’s an Ergo, I have one, tried to use it when my preemie was big enough, poor guy loathed it, and now I’ll have to burn it since ivanka uses one.

    • Runcmc says:

      I mean ..after reading this story and its political implications, is mommy shaming Complicit Trump for a baby carrier your first thought?

      Mine is- I really hope this week is the week we get some definitive proof to get that disgrace out of the White House.

      • Original T.C. says:

        IKR? After reading that a part of the US government might be run as a banana republic by unqualified family members, the family’s baby carrier from one picture is the primary concern? Not corruption, not our Democracy or our tax money being wasted? Wow, our country is definitely in trouble.

      • susanne says:

        Of course the issue is not the baby carrier. The same goes for comments about Bigly’s tiny hands and anus mouth.
        I am terrified about what is happening to our country. It’ s possible to focus on the real issues and be a judgy shallow person at the same time. I multitask.
        Jeez. I was going to comment that Jared’s jeans look good on him….good thing I kept that to myself.

    • Beth says:

      It looks very uncomfortable. What baby would feel comfortable hanging their legs spread eagle? Must be better ones they might be able to afford

      • Anitas says:

        Actually, this is ergonomic for newborns and babies – the natural position of their legs in relaxed state is frog-like (the spread-squat-position). That’s why they say you shouldn’t swaddle them with their legs straight, as it’s uncomfortable and might lead to hip damage. Their bone structure and body proportions are quite different from adults, so what looks uncomfortable to us doesn’t mean it’s uncomfortable for the baby.

    • Shirleygail says:

      STOP RIGHT THERE~ Please, please can we agree not to mommy shame. THAT’S not cool. It’s similiar to blaming someone for the face they were born with. Please, just stop w/that bull pucky attitude. This artlcle has some serious issues we need to be alert to. It’s not about what kind of baby carrier the mom is using. Puh-lease.

      • kate says:

        The woman I work for (I babysat her 1 year old daughter) told me it was bad for the baby’s hips. So I do not think it’s similar to blaming someone for their face. It can be easily helped by turning the baby around.

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        It was just an observation by the OP. And I have NO qualms about mommy shaming Ivanka f*cking Trump. I can’t muster up the energy to feel even an ounce of sympathy/empathy for this type of … person (I guess). She and her entire family are dangerous, corrupt, greedy, I don’t have time to list all their terrible attributes. They’re a disgrace. So whoever wants to mommy shame her, have at it. Her father hates women and she supports him. The only people off limits in that family are those under 18.

      • WeAreAllMadeOfStars says:

        Well at least we can say that her daughter is pretty and poised, although she definitely wouldn’t be allowed on a plane in that outfit….IVANKA. Sorry I had to.👍

      • geekychick says:

        This has nothing to do with babyshaming. this kind of position, even in ssc’s (the best kind of baby carriers, in opposition to the ones with narrow base like Stokke or BabyBjorn) is not ideal, and even in this kind of carrier, it shouldn’t last more than half an hour.

      • Pandy says:

        Ivanka isn’t really a mom anyway. She spends an hour a night with the kids then goes back to work. The nannies will carry the blame for the kid’s hip dysplacia lolll.

      • JustBitchy says:

        Shirley girl, I will shame Complicit Ivanka any way I want. She puts herself out there and now puts the kids legs out there (irony intended) . Anything she does is up for ridicule. Also she’s had a ton of stuff done to her face, want to go down that road? She needs to own what she has done, what she allows to happen and what she will allow to happen. Open season on ridicule of her is straight on. You want faces look,at Kellyanne Conway aka #AFaceForRadio. I could go on and on and on

    • Wiffie says:

      the spread isn’t the issue, kids are built different. his knees need to be higher than his hips though. I have an ergo for my 2 year old but she’s on my back usually so she can see and look around, but also lay down and sleep.

    • Lightpurple says:

      The baby is one year old today and she tweeted a picture of the day he was born. Whenever dad or grandpa are in trouble, tweet pictures of the kids.

      • Belle Epoch says:

        I resent Ivanka releasing the “aren’t we a loveable family” photos whenever Bigly screws up. I also remember all those articles about her spending ONE hour with the baby in the morning and ONE hour at night. By now she must be down to five minutes per kid. No wonder she doesn’t know anything about making babies comfortable.

    • Somegirl says:

      I have that exact carrier. It’s actually a very well reviewed product designed specifically to be ergonomically comfortable for baby. My husband carries my son in it, and he always seems very happy and content. We use it outward facing when he’s awake and wants to look around and inward when he’s sleepy. I did a LOT of research before buying and chose this one specifically because it’s supposed to address a lot of the positioning issues babies can have from them. There’s SO MUCH to criticize the Trumps for, but I would say this isn’t one of them.

    • geekychick says:

      It’s ergo. ALthough I ABHORE forward facing, narrow seat based carriers, this is one of the best ssc+s on the market. The adapt line (which this is) is made to include forward facing position-but for half an hour tops! I wonder if Ivanka (or Jared, no matter) ever read the instructions.

  2. Jayna says:

    Let’s not forget the evil Bannon.

  3. trtgfc17 says:

    I have morning sickness. Thank you for helping me get my Barf of the Day out of the way and done with. I can no longer look at these pictures.

    • INeedANap says:

      I don’t understand how a real-estate agent from NY is in any way qualified to be an ambassador for the government or to update the Veterans Affairs office. But I guess I am a dirty SJW feminazi for wondering why demonstrably unqualified people get to run our government.

      • someone says:

        Smart people, regardless of background are qualified for government. That was the intent of the founders. Why is being a real estate agent less qualified than a community organizer? That’s the beauty of it. PEople with a wide range of life experiences and qualifications can strengthen our government. Just studying for a masters in public policy doesn’t mean anything, besides knowing how to be a bureaucrat.

      • addie says:

        But you need to be able to think in the public interest, not just your own. And citizens are NOT customers. To only be able to think in terms of ‘deals’ means that Trump and co cannot transition or adapt to wider spheres of influence, let alone understand public policy. Trump and co persistently show that their whatever business success they enjoyed was through bullying stand-over tactics, straight out lying and dirty dealing. In short, they a bunch of not-yet-jailed crooks.

      • Lightpurple says:

        @someone, being a real estate agent who has declared bankruptcy six times is an indication that a person should not be trusted with a dime of other people’s money. Gandhi was a community organizer. You’ve put down bureaucrats several times now. Bureaucrats are the ones who do the work. Or do only those jobs that entail ripping people off appeal to you?

      • Belle Epoch says:

        Arrogant smart people think they can do anything. Jared has a reputation for not listening to advice and then screwing up. But who cares? It’s a family business. Genuinely smart people are humble, not entitled. They know how much they don’t know. They respect others for their expertise. You can’t call in a “smart person” to be an enormously important person in the WH and just hope for the best.

  4. Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

    Am not surprised as he has said before in interviews that the gov should be run like a business. Between him, Trump and Bannon the world is fkd. I think the CB bar is going to be quite busy over the next few years.

    And yes, he looks like Tom Riddle before he become Voldemort – Ivanka is Barbie Bellatrix.

  5. RussianBlueCat says:

    So is Jared now on the government payroll? I was under the impression he was in a unpaid “advisor” role. Also with Jared getting a bigger role in the administration, does this mean Steve Bannon is being gradually moved out of Trump’s inner circle? I have read that Jared and Bannon do not get along. Does seem like Trump is closing ranks and only wanting family “working” with him

    • Fiorella says:

      Makes sense to me. And I think trump does want to be popular maybe he realized bannon isn’t helping with that

    • Megan says:

      Jared is a sworn adviser and was on the payroll from the get go. He made some modest biz divestment to make himself look legit, but nothing about this administration is legit, including Kushner.

      As for Bannon, his power and influence are as strong as ever. He simply has other fish to fry. Like starting a war with China to fulfill his nihilistic dream of the apocalypse.

    • mary mary says:

      “Jared is a shadow diplomat, serving as Trump’s lead adviser on relations with China, Mexico, Canada and the Middle East”.

      Never heard of this job before. Where does one sign up to be an invisible diplomat?
      Do they get paid cash quietly under the table, behind the drapes or in a White House foyer?

    • Bonnie says:

      I understood that Jared was a sworn adviser but took no salary in order to get around the anti-nepotism laws that were passed after JFK appointed his brother Attorney General. So now we know that the anti nepotism rules don’t apply if you’re too rich to need a salary.

      Regarding influence: Bannon and Kerryanne are allies of Trump’s ultra-right wing billionaire financial backers, the Mercers. Jared and Gary Kohn (Cohn? Sorry, to lazy to check), are from the less ideological New York ultra-rich faction, along with the other ex Goldman Sachs advisers.
      I’m watching, fascinated, to see if the orange Cheeto sticks with his ultra-right wing backers, (and their proxy in the White House, Steve Bannon), or, enraged that the Freedom Caucus crossed him and juuuuuust smart enough to see that their extreme agenda on health care will lose him the love of his followers, turns left and starts talking to the moderates and the Democrats. (We must never forget that Trumocare didn’t fail because it was too cruel. It failed because it wasn’t cruel enough for the Freedom Caucus).
      If he did, he would be utterly betraying the Mercers. But his life-long business plan has been to take out loans, reneg on them, and then negotiate pennies-in-the-dollar settlements, so why wouldn’t he apply that plan to politics?

  6. Lightpurple says:

    And Princess Plastic the Corrupt is going to attend a Women’s summit in Germany at our expense. Several senators have filed requests for information on exactly what Princess Plastic will be doing in that White House office with those White House phones and computers and how much it will cost us.

    As for innovation in government, the best people to ask are the staffers in the agencies who have to do the actual work while putting up with the crap that comes down from business people with no public sector experience who’ve been handed plush, cushy jobs for which they are spectacularly unqualified, to bring innovation to government.

    • Esmom says:

      Yeah, this “nonideological ideas factory” made me laugh. I know I’ve said this before but this has happened in my local government. When I was on the library board, a couple business people came swaggering into positions and without any knowledge of how our library or libraries in general work, they were shocked when their recycled/failed business ideas didn’t exactly work. And ideology was definitely at play — these people thought libraries were obsolete and a waste of taxpayer money. Trying to imagine this on a larger scale with Trump makes my eye twitch.

      • Lightpurple says:

        We saw it with Romney in MA. No clue how to do anything and went about picking fights with mayors. Couldn’t find any Republicans to run anything without giving them huge salaries, which required layoffs in the agencies to free up the money and couldn’t find anyone competent to head up the health and social service agencies and relied on the legislature and Kennedy staffers to write the health care program he slapped his name on

      • Esmom says:

        Sounds familiar, happening in IL with our billionaire guv right now. Although he won’t even end up with anything lasting like the healthcare plan Romney was handed.

      • swak says:

        Several years ago, when there was a shortage of teachers in my state, they wanted to certify business people to teach. No training, no classes that we all had to take, just bring them in and let them teach. And while doing that may work on a university level, it doesn’t work in elementary or secodary. Luckily they didn’t pursue that avenue. Did he not learn that you cannot run the gov’t like a business after the fail of the health care bill? Also read where this committee has been together for a couple weeks.

      • Abbess Tansy says:

        Esmom, I’m in IL too and Rainer is ridiculous, isn’t he?

    • AnnaKist says:

      Even as an outsider observing this schitt show from afar, it’s very scary. And yes, a very offensive team indeed…

    • Sarah says:

      On twitter, there is RoguePOTUSStaff, which is being questioned by folks as being a disinformation group and Rogue WH Sr. Advisors, which seems more real. Maybe. Both are entertaining.

  7. Shambles says:

    I’ve been listening to POD save America (thanks Kitten), and in their last podcast they made a point I totally agree with. If Hillary Clinton won, and was doing any of this, or really doing anything at all, there would be no one in Washington. Republicans wouldn’t even be showing up for their jobs. They are the slimiest of hypocrites, and I will never ever vote republican for as long as I live.

    As for Trump, I basically just shrug off everything he’s doing at this point. I’m like… yes, have fun. Amuse yourself playing president for a couple more weeks/months. It won’t last. That’s not to say I’m not paying attention to his policy decisions, because I’m still ready to resist. But it’s becoming clearer he can’t get anything done and won’t be president for a full term. So stupid crap like this, him giving Kushner a gold star, I’m just like.. whatever.

  8. Lolo86lf says:

    I like to read Politico.com and Salon.com and both papers were saying that the government cannot be run like a business because they are fundamentally different. A business is meant to be run to make a profit as opposed to government which is supposed to benefit all citizens. And all citizens means everybody not just the richest ones. We all know who Republicans like to benefit with their policies; the top 1%.

    • Esmom says:

      Yeah, the GOP and/or Tea Partiers are so disingenuous when they babble about this “run government like a business” nonsense. It’s basically code for “I don’t want to pay for anything that might help anyone else.” I used to be outraged and depressed about it. Now I think I’m just numb. I don’t know where we go from here.

      • Tig says:

        Along the lines of posters up thread -an acquaintance worked at a state agency that served abused and neglected children. Again, a person with “business experience” was brought in to “cut the fat”. At a staff meeting, he was beyond shocked that there was no way to predict/control how many children would require services month to month, as in “X” number of children get abused/neglected every month. His response-”We can’t get a handle on inventory?”. Typical.

      • Rapunzel says:

        Business puts profit first. Government should put people first. This is precisely why Government should not be run like a business.

    • I'mScaredAsHell says:

      Agree. Why that concept seems to sail over people’s heads is beyond me. The purpose of business and government are not the same and they cannot function the same.

    • Catb says:

      So well expressed and so easy to forget this in current ‘environment!’ Thanks. I find Politico useful as well.

    • adastraperaspera says:

      Agreed. The “businessman” is just the capitalist version of the perfect “strongman” (authoritarian). When men like Paul Ryan and Tr*mp/Bannon say that business principles should be applied to the government, what they mean is that the government as we know it should be destroyed. They want society to be ruled by patriarchal authoritarian figures from the big man on top on down to the man ruling in the household over women and children. They do not want their strongman business interests to be regulated by their social group. This is no joke. The GOP spearheads a world-wide push for the domination of the strong over the weak. They use business-speak or turn to Ayn Rand like Paul Ryan and the Mercers to justify the destruction of anything they define as collective or collaborative (read: democratic).

    • someone says:

      Both business and governments need to stay solvent and need to make their customers happy. Governments aren’t supposed to make profit in the conventional sense, but even a government needs to create value and be cost effective. IT’s time we started measuring the effectiveness of our governments. It’s way overdue..

  9. tmot says:

    “float above the daily political grind”

    Actually means: avoid process and accountability. Slick.

  10. vauvert says:

    The fact that Kushner was not in DC last week was planned. He was not gee a part of the blame game for the failed health plan. And there’s a reason Trump has moved on so quickly from the health plan which he never really cared for – Jared’s brother has serious money riding on Obamacare. (If you don’t follow Khan it is easy to miss this stuff).
    Jared is also the reason the China tough talk was just talk and will never result in any action – did you notice that one of the few things Trump actually did DO was kill the TPP on day one? Guess who benefits bigly from that?? China – which just so happened that ONE week later approved the many Trump trademarks that had been in limbo for 10 years. Yes, 10 years. You know who else benefits directly from China” Jared, who has been getting billions (with a B) from Chinese investors for his overextended properties in NYC.
    Notice another thing – who is is on this “SWAT” team – surprise (not really): Gary Cohn (former Goldman Sachs president) and Schwartzmann (CEO oF Blackstone Group – major backer of guess whose real estate investments???). Oh yeah, let’s not forget Bannon.

    So – in addition to breaking every law against nepotism and conflict of interest they are picking people complete inexperienced to deal with legislation and foreign affairs and – wait for this – Chris Chrustie will be in charge of the new “war on drugs and the opined crisis”. Fun times.

    • Lucy says:

      thank you for outlining all this. I can only imagine their “strategic meetings” on tax reform….”how can we change the laws so we pay less and the poor pay more, but make it seem like we won’t be paying less so as to not upset our voter base!!”

    • vauvert says:

      Apologies for the spelling mistakes, I have been in a rage since reading the WaPo article last night. The thing that upsets me the most is how casually the Post is relating these things with no sense of outrage, as if it were perfectly normal for a president to nominate his zero government experience son-in-law to a senior leading role, and who brings with him his convicted father and his former con pals. Read up on Kushner senior and the team he brought to the WH. It will boil your blood.

  11. Juls says:

    Dear mr. Lady Hips: Government is not a business and cannot be run in the same manner. Also, the citizens are not customers, we are your BOSSES.

  12. boredblond says:

    A lot of administration’s set up these kind of ‘redo’ government committees..means nothing–it’s like giving your child a ‘special’ little task to get them out of your hair. Family will be kept there because they keep the secrets, pros who know what they’re doing wouldn’t be trusted to. Everyone there works for us, not a corporation…

  13. lisa says:

    at least professor quirrell was at one point qualified for this job

    he’s just less overtly embarrassing than trumps actual sons, which is like picking less smelly hot garbage

  14. EnnuiAreTheChampions says:

    “An offensive team.” Aptly named.

  15. SusanneToo says:

    trump knows all about running a successful business, oh yes. Five or six bankruptcies, 75 lawsuits, numerous contractors stiffed and cheated. Bizarro World.

  16. Eric says:

    “It can only be Jared” is going to get flogged by the GOP establishment and then Emperor Zero will react as many predicted he would when the TrumpCare vote went awry, with a massive tweet storm stating among other things that “they’re not treating my son-in-law fairly! Sad!”

    We remember when Ivanka got dissed by Nordstroms and how you reacted…like a bitch.

  17. Maria says:

    it will be interesting to see how the people that work in each of the government sectors are going to handle this. If it is like a business, this would be a strategic division, which means that a lot of the operational sectors do not necessarily implement its suggestion.

    I believe this will lead to a lot of internal fighting and will hinder the aspect of governing even more. It will lead to a lot of resentment in the capital.

  18. SusanneToo says:

    Anyone know what position barron will get once school’s out for the summer?

  19. Deb says:

    And I thought The Kartrashians were the world’s biggest grifters, oh silly me. Daughter-wife and faux- son are real pros at this game. Brand selling on the taxpayer’s dime so bigly.

  20. Eric says:

    @ susantoo

    You made me laugh twice with “cock-up” and Barron’s new role!

  21. Alexandria says:

    DT supporters may not want to be called stupid but they are freaking naive at least if they think running a business and governing are the same. Thing is, how do these DT supporters even think DT will be a good manager? DT is not a rags to riches businessman, he did not build his company from scratch. He inherited it. Stop for a minute and think of how he would manage people. He would easily rule by fear because in a corporation, people are scared of being fired. Those fired or who left would just be replaced because he sees people as dispensable, instead of reflecting on his management style. Also, his HR can’t possibly reprimand him. He would easily bully because from young, he would be pampered and coddled. He would delegate a lot of things and not bother to get his hands dirty to do real work. If the assignment gets screwed up, he will just blame his people, not him. If it’s successful, he will claim the credit and glory. So, if he thinks he can have the same attitude to governing, he can continue to do so and screw himself. At 70, he won’t change. The fact that he has claimed bankruptcy and settlements do not reflect well on his management and health of the company, at all. Which is why I feel the suspicions of money laundering and bailouts from Russia, to keep his company afloat are justified.

  22. Svea says:

    Ha ha. And theybsaid Bernie Sanders could never be elected because he is Jewish. Poor Chris Christie will never get a job now!

  23. Rapunzel says:

    Dear DT: the only time people should be saying you went to Jared’s is if you decide to buy Melania a new diamond. They should not be saying it when you are forming political task forces.

  24. Bonzo says:

    In other words, he’ll have a few meetings.

    Journos were mocking this announcement yesterday, pointing out that Obama also tried to roll out a government efficiency SWAT team to no avail as well…

    It’s pretty stupefying why they’d put the guy in charge of peace in the middle east on this just two days after suffering their first major legislative defeat. They continue to chase their tail while morale is in the gutter.

    • vauvert says:

      I think you are missing the bigly difference – Jared will DO things because this is a grifter family who does not care about respecting the law – just enriching themselves. Their team has former Goldman Sachs CEO Gary Cohn, they’re meeting weekly with Dow Chemical and the like – you will see plenty of results but you may not like them – from privatizing projects to rolling back every single environmental regulation. All those infrastructure projects? They”ll go to bid to Kushner’s dad and his crook pals from jail, not to mention Chinese billionaires like Ma (who were meeting Trump and Kushner in December in NYC). They are not even hiding their corruption, but people keep being distracted by Twitter wars.

  25. Who says says:

    Strangely enough, dictators also appoint family members to positions that they are completely unqualified for.

  26. WendyNerd says:

    He shames us in front of the gentiles.

  27. Deby says:

    Lovely family…Jared is such a cutie

  28. Radley says:

    Please explain how he is in any way qualified to be doing any of this? The hubris of this entire gang amazes me. I think all of them completely overestimate themselves. Does privilege create this kind of overconfidence?

  29. Jayna says:

    Dan Rather said more in a facebook post, covered on HuffingtonPost.

    But this line is so spot on.

    ““A weak President running a weak, ragtag administration is a prescription for trouble,” the 85-year-old veteran newsman wrote.

  30. Green Is Good says:

    Well, this getting ugly. I wonder how they’ve wil look in cuffs?

  31. Andrea says:

    Can we get back to Russia—independent committee please!

  32. Disco Dancer says:

    Oh look there’s “in the closet” Jared and his breeding cow aka as the President’s mistress/daughter. I hope Jared gets dick slapped and jizzed on when he has to give his testimony on Russian ties. But…wait…he’d probably like it. But if it humiliates Orange Cheeto and Ivanka further, then im all for Jared getting pissed and jizzed on.

  33. Cath B. says:

    This quote at the end from his interview: “The government should be run like a great American company. Our hope is that we can achieve successes and efficiencies for our customers, who are the citizens.”

    I just — I just — speechless. This sends shivers down my spine!

  34. S says:

    This is not only the literal definition of a kleptocracy, but a clear and blatant violation of government ethics laws concerning nepotism — and, yes, Donald Trump, they DO apply to you.

    People keep saying that Trump is failing as president. Not by his definition! He’s there to line his pockets, and those of his family members, and he’s doing an AMAZING job of it. Chinese trademarks, half a billion dollar loan forgiven for Kushner, promoting Ivanka’s brand, spending taxpayer dollars at his hotels, golf courses and Trump Tower, plus new deals in Dubai and other strategic nations arranged by his independent (wink, wink) sons. I have HUGE doubts Trump was a billionaire going into the office, but ZERO questions that he’ll emerge as one.

    Kushner has never so much as served on a condo board, so his qualifications to “streamline the federal government” are negative 1,000. I don’t remember president’s daughter’s baby daddy ever being on a resume for reform before. Some of the dads from Teen Mom would be equally qualified. Kushner is the son of a man who did actual jail time for tax evasion. That he even gets the most minor security clearance to be IN the White House is an abomination.

    When will those super patriots in the GOP step up and do something about this disgusting swindler and his family of grifters?

  35. robyn says:

    Lots more important stuff going on than baby carriers that’s for sure. How about collusion with Russia that masks itself as an ordinary day at work or a “smart” business deal. Kushner knows he better start talking at least a little because “voluntary” sounds lot better than subpoena.

  36. HK9 says:

    I know I’m going to sound like a judgy wudgy bear when I say this but how the heck did the son of a felon with zero government experience end up with so much power?

  37. sauvage says:

    Citizens are NOT customers. Nor are citizens enployees. Citizens are the damn shareholders. Now get going, because yes, you will be evaluated. You know, votes?

  38. Kathryn says:

    I worked in cultural nonprofits pretty much my entire career, and got so sick of hearing how much we could learn from business strategies and practices. Some of the business influence was good, but a lot was not productive. There are so many fundamental differences. Thankfully, this fad seems to be passing. Too bad Trump and his coterie think business principles can solve every national challenge.

  39. Sasha says:

    Today’s events have been heartening. They’re all going down. Finally, a glimpse of light.

  40. Kim says:

    I knew him in college. I dated his friend for a while. He was a douche- a very entitled, uninteresting, douche. I cannot believe he runs the country now.

  41. Marcy says:

    They will never impeach Trump he’s screwed over the people, constitution, his own party, other countries and so many offenses and lies like the devil. SHAME ON CONGRESS SHAME SHAME!

  42. Tess says:

    Well of course they annoy neighbors. It’s not just Secret Service for her, it’s for her and for him and for each of their three children, plus each of the children’s caretakers. Easily a few dozen people since I’m sure it’s more than just one guard, it’s a team that has to coordinates outings and such.