Patrick Stewart posts a photo of himself in drag next to Kellyanne Conway


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Oh… oh dear. Sir Patrick Stewart the Awesome posted this ^^^ to Instagram on Tuesday leaving everyone to wonder why (well, not everyone but some, certainly). When I first saw it, my little heart went all a-flutter that Sir Pat was going to tackle Kellyanne the Crypt-Keeper Conway on SNL this weekend. Alas, he was merely throwing back to last year when he dressed in drag for his short-lived sitcom Blunt Talk:

At the time the photo came out last year, most people saw a similarity to Dame Helen Mirren, which he likely took as a compliment. However, today is a different time – some would say a year in the future, others would say we’ve regressed back 70 or so years. Regardless, there are new players one the playing field and unfortunately one of them is Conway and her… Conwayness. And now poor Sir Pat is being compared to her. What a demotion. But, not one to let the turkeys get him down, he embraced the comparison, as you can see, with his usual joviality. Actually, I wonder if maybe his is sending a little hint out to Lorne Michaels? I know Kate McKinnon is doing an amazing job but she tackles so many others, maybe Sir Pat wants to take Conway off her plate? I’m not the only one making this connection, folks are dream-casting #DonaldtheMusical and just added Sir Pat:

Also on Sir Pat’s IG, new Ginger shots! Ginger, for those who don’t know, is the Pit Bull Sir Pat and his wife Sunny Ozell are fostering. There was some question if Sir Pat still had Ginger and from all I can tell, yes. But Ginger is up for adoption and you can visit her profile page on Wags & Walks (along with several other beautiful pups who are available to come home today!)

Ginger is also all over Mme. Sunny’s page as well, like this clip of Ginger napping on National Puppy Day:

I hope Ginger finds her family soon. Just think of the stories she’ll have. She’ll be the hit of every dinner party! Sorry, what was that? More Ginger pics? Oh, okay – but just because you’re my favorite:



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27 Responses to “Patrick Stewart posts a photo of himself in drag next to Kellyanne Conway”

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  1. Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

    Hahaha – there is a striking resemblance.

    LOVE that dog – seems she’s already used to her Hollywood lifestyle and can mug for the camera like the best of them.

  2. Nancy says:

    Look it’s Kellyanne late on a Friday night. Nice to see she conditioned her hair, big improvement…!!

  3. Maria says:

    the video of the dog snoring is everything….the family adopting Ginger will be so lucky.

  4. mkyarwood says:

    My forever forever dong. Thanks, Gene Roddenberry, for giving me a bald fetish at 12.

    • RussianBlueCat says:

      I always loved Patrick Stewart, but I have to admit Worf(Michael Dorn) was a close second. His voice! and he is a good looking man when not wearing the Klingon makeup.

      • Bethy says:

        I’m going to see Mr. Dorn in a production of “Anthony and Cleopatra” next month. Worf FTW!

  5. eggyweggs says:

    With all due respect to Sir Patrick…IGGY POP FOR KELLYANNE!

  6. Meow says:

    Hahahaaaaa PStew is making me sick with laughter!!!

    Ow my ribs…

  7. Mia4s says:

    I adore Sir Patrick!!!!…but here for Ginger.

  8. Vaya says:

    I think Ginger is loving the Stewart family life and wants to stay. I hope they keep her. PS and Ginger are adorable together.

  9. arbelia says:

    i love patrick stewart. But i cannot not notice that when it’s about him, nobody reacts at the age gap between his wife and him – he’s 39 older than her- as it being “gross”, “disgusting”or whatever terms that are being generally employed here for those situation.

    • Tui says:

      True. People make up different rules to suit their faves or ignore things that on a non-fave or regular person would look tawdry, plus there’s that awful double standard going on: for example, I’ve previously heard that Eva Mendes cradlesnatched Ryan Gosling. :/

    • Malificent says:

      If the younger partner is older than 35 or so, I tend to not side eye it. That’s old enough to have lived your own life and to approach the relationship with more equality and agency relative to your partner.

      • arbelia says:

        I don’t have really a problem with age gap in relationships as long as people seem happy and are in a healthy relationship. Even if the younger one is really young. It still can be a healthy and lovind relaionship.It’s more the apparent sleazy or predatory attitude of the older party that put me off.

        In this case Ozell was 29/30 when she met Patrick Stewart and he was 70. her father is younger than him. And Patricks kids are older than her. it’s an unconventionnal pairing but I don’t find them “gross”. They seem to be 2 decent people and they seem happy .

    • bluhare says:

      Actually when Ian McKellen married them I think there were quite a few comments about that on the post here.

  10. Kiki says:

    I love it . I love it. I absolutely love it. Patrick Stewart is on the roll as Kellyanne Conway takes a piece of heart and I love every bit of it. Also, Ginger is a sweet pitbull and I love the pictures.

    Keep up the good work, Sir Patrick Steward. You know what’s even better…. I wonder if Sir Ian McKelllan can play Mitch McConnell?

  11. Betsy says:

    Could have done without the pit bull pics.

  12. Vagenius says:

    Meh. I love Patrick Stewart, but I have a real problem with men dressing as women to make fun of them. Don’t jump down my throat, this wasn’t some lovely homage to a dear friend, the comparison was made to diminish Conway. Yes, I hate her. No, I’m not comfortable with this.

    • The dormouse says:

      Agree – thanks for speaking out

    • jane says:

      Agreed. I loathe Kellyanne – and I personally think she looks awful: unhealthy, exhausted and vulpine – but her appearance has NOTHING to do with her character and should have nothing to do with taking her down.
      I hope Kellyanne falls along with the rest of 45’s truly repulsive administration, but she’s done more than enough damage to the US without making its citizens as ugly inside as she is.

    • Pedro45 says:

      I feel the same way, Vagenius.

    • ichsi says:

      I usually have a problem with that too, but that leathery bag of bones is the one exception. Probably because of all that visible deterioration that happened to her normal/good looking hydrogen peroxide Barbie body after she joined Trump’s campaign. She sold her soul for fame and became the devils mouth piece. And the effects of all the evil within are now showing outside on the slowly crumbling human meat-suit too.

  13. Linabear says:

    I’m surprised someone hasn’t adopted Ginger yet. She’s PS’s foster! What better advertising can you get? And that after he’ll foster more and more dogs in need…Love.