Criss Angel doesn’t have to do much magic to land Britney Spears

Initial reaction on hearing that anyone is still willing to sleep with Britney Spears is usually shock, but then when that wore off I thought “these two make sense.” Now Cameron Diaz was too good for Criss Angel, but Britney Spears is just about his low-level speed. The two were seen holding hands and going up to a suite together at a Beverly Hills hotel last night. Since all it takes for Britney to take her panties off is a small amount of attention, you know that this guy didn’t have to perform even an entry-level card trick to get lucky:

Another night, another hookup for Britney Spears! Her latest conquest? Notorious womanizer Criss Angel, 39.

Cameron Diaz’s former fling was seen escorting the pop star inside the Tower Beverly Hills Hotel on Wednesday night, where the two held hands and headed up to a suite on the 11th floor.

Earlier this month, the 25-year-old singer had a topless hot tub romp with 21-year-old college student Matt Encinias at the Standard Downtown hotel.

[From US Weekly]

I would love to know what Britney is thinking lately. She’s involved in a very public custody battle with her ex husband and instead of let’s say – taking her kids to the zoo or to a park, maybe hiring some clowns to come over – she’s sleeping with a scumbag magician and not even attempting to hide it. It’s like she wants everyone to know that there are still people willing to have her.

Maybe she didn’t have custody of the kids that night, and maybe she’s just like “f*$# it,” because there’s not much more she can do at this point apart from physically harming her kids or putting them on the railroad tracks to make people think she’s a bad mom. Yesterday I was defending her because sure she’s a sh*t mom, but her kids are not endangered and that doesn’t mean that anyone should step in and nab them from her. A custody battle is a different issue, and now I think she must want K-Fed to take her boys. She could have easily gotten laid discretely by driving farther out of town for a hook up. She is just a sad woman and it’s going to get even worse for her when K-Fed gets primary custody.

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