Robert Pattinson shirtless & kissing Kristen Stewart on the set of New Moon

Robert Pattinson was seen looking ripped and a little sick on the set of New Moon in Italy yesterday. The 23 year-old Vampire-playing heartthrob took off his shirt and sported painted-on spots for a scene in which he kisses his on-screen human love interest, played by Kristen Stewart. Pattinson is so buff it looks like his abs are painted on. I’m beginning to see his appeal.

I don’t pay a lot of attention to the Twilight-related gossip, but Kaiser reported a story yesterday in which a random woman who met Pattinson at a party in Cannes was sort-of claiming to have hooked up with him. It didn’t seem likely to be true, and it looked like the girl was hoping to get some mileage out of being photographed sitting next to Pattinson.

There are all sorts of rumors that Robert and Kristen are hooking up, but that just seems to be based on the fact that the younger cast members party together. Kristen has a long term boyfriend, Michael Angarano, who In Touch reported earlier this month “has been on the New Moon set almost every day.” I wonder if he’s in Italy and if he saw these kissing scenes being shot. You can understand why people think Kirsten and Robert might have something going on. They look pretty cute together and seem to have good chemistry.

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  1. CRAZINESS says:

    Yummy! Even with spots!

  2. Ling says:

    Well, his abs ARE painted on – body painting and muscle definition is standard operating procedure for movie sets, because otherwise you really wouldn’t see it at all. But, you can’t define what isn’t there, so his abs are indeed very impressive.

  3. K.L. says:

    Ok, I give…he’s hot.

  4. Jenna says:

    Somewhere in the world teenage girls are printing these pictures out and gluing their own faces where Bella’s would be. I know it.

  5. ash says:

    Jenna, you are so right.

    She’s showing a lot more skin with that shirt than the previous movie. I guess since she’s not in cold Forks she can get away with it more. Can’t wait for this movie, it BETTER be good. Twilight was so so.

  6. Roni says:

    Rob has spots because those are the areas where the film crew member goes in and digitally adds the glitter on (post-production); that’s what happens to the vampires (in the book series) when exposed to the sun. They (the vampires) shimmer/glitter.

  7. Jen says:

    Kristen! Her name is Kristen! :-P

  8. Hieronymus Grexx says:

    Have seen that much pale white cheese since the last time I was in a delicatessen.

  9. Celebitchy says:

    @Jen that is fixed, thanks!

  10. Clare says:

    He does look good. So,in the movie, the black spots will be the “sparkle and shine” where the light reflects?

    CB: It still reads “Kirsten” in the “Posted in:” spot.

  11. mandajamin says:

    just cause the dude has a nice bod does NOT mean it makes his face any better…

  12. Monica says:

    yum! (added by Mobile using Mippin)

  13. Nneikha says:

    i’ve read the book..the pics have been shot towards almost the end of the film..with the red drapes and all…somewhere in italy supposedly…

  14. Annie says:

    Probably painted ala 300

    But who cares?

    I’m beginning to see his appeal too.

    It’s gonna be fun to see the abs all sparkly in the theaters. LOL

  15. LovingLife says:

    I really, really would LOVE a bite of that vampire!

  16. Leah says:

    Great body, but not that handsome of a face, IMO.

    They BETTER have better chemistry this time around! I HATED the “Twilight” movie!

  17. K says:

    Jenna, I am 29 years old & contemplating on doing just what you said! Robert is just delicious!

  18. Bananahead! says:

    Hmm…I’m a teenager and I should be drooling over this. But amazingly, I don’t care for either Twilight, Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart. Or any other teen star for that matter. Please – no more of this D:

  19. Ana says:

    I still don’t see his appeal. Although I really don’t understand the appeal of the books either. The movie would’ve been better without Kristen. She always looks stoned like she doesn’t know how she got there. And they seem very awkward together.

  20. hojo says:

    holy crap…. dr00ls. must have sparkly vampire boy!

  21. FF says:

    All I ask is that we get the topless Taylor pics when they occur – because they kind of have to: the plot demands it!

    I’m not really feeling Rob, so no change there. Looks like he’s been working on the six pack thing so at least he’s trying.

  22. dovesgate says:

    I’ll second the request for Taylor pics!

    I really, really hope this movie is better; I think the book is better than the first one, vamps being a little more vampy, wolves being a little more wolfish.

  23. Ella says:

    I found him attractive after first reading the books, but as time goes on, he gets less and less attractive. Looking at these pics I do not get the appeal at all. The “Edward” effect is wearing off…

  24. JVA says:

    I knew it!!! they couldn’t stand each other that long!!!

  25. AllegraFox says:

    hey just talking about painted 6 pack… painting lipstick on a pig dont make it a beautiful girl. You need a good canvas. Anyway Kellan Lutz did confirm that RPartz has been working out with the Jacob Black character

  26. Bonnie says:

    Wow is all I can say. New Moon is going to better than Tilight was, especially if Taylor Lautner is shirtless most of the movie. They definitely picked hot cast members! Is it legal for someone to look that hot? Lol.