Winehouse leaves rehab after 48 hours


Amy Winehouse has got to be the most troubled musician around these days. You could make an argument for Pete Doherty, but he’s wasted so many of his brain cells that his talent is pretty much gone. Amy was finally convinced by her family to get some much needed help and enter into rehab this weekend, after overdosing on a cocktail of drugs August 8th. She agreed to go, but only if husband Blake Fielder-Civil joined her. This didn’t seem to be because Blake has massive drug problems of his own, but more because Amy can’t really be without him. Blake agreed, but quickly changed his mind, and brought Amy along with him.

“Amy’s decision to leave rehab followed a huge rift between her husband and the rest of her family. Dad Mitch and others close to Amy are desperate to get her away from him — because they believe he will stop her getting treatment. He has even looked into getting a restraining order against him.

“Blake, 25, wanted Amy to return home with him and yesterday looked to have won the battle. The newlyweds returned to their Camden home by helicopter from The Causeway clinic in Essex.

“A source close to the pair said: ‘When Amy got to The Causeway everyone breathed a sigh of relief. She was supposed to stay for a few weeks and sort herself out. But after a couple of decent meals she insisted she was fit to go home. She wanted to leave on Tuesday evening. People close to her are devastated. But Blake wants her to return to normality — and we all know what their normality is. They’ve even been planning to meet friends in Camden. It’s madness.’

“Another source close to Amy said: ‘Mitch is desperate for Amy to get some proper lengthy treatment but she’ll only do it with Blake. Mitch even looked to see if he could get a restraining order against him but legally it’s impossible.’

“Amy was rushed to hospital at 1am last Wednesday after a three-day bender. She spent a few nights in a country hotel without Blake — on her parents’ orders — but he joined them after she phoned him. Blake had a hit of heroin delivered, which he and Amy took last Friday. Mitch found out and had a huge bust-up with Blake’s dad.”

[From the Sun]

I’m sure Amy Winehouse had problems before she met Blake, but he seems to have made things so much worse. He’s not just an enabler, he’s an encourager. He supplies her with drugs, even though she almost died a week ago. That’s not exactly a healthy relationship. It sounds like he likes his drugs, and Amy can afford to buy them for him, and it’s more fun for him if everyone’s wasted. I’m not trying to put the blame solely on him, but I think it sounds like he’s a huge part of the problem. As one of Amy’s friends pointed out, “’Blake isn’t taking this seriously enough. She was never anything like this bad before she got back together with him.’” Apparently Amy’s father is trying to see if there’s a legal way to force her into rehab. Something tells me that’s not the greatest idea, since she’s a grown woman and that would likely just create resentment. And she’s not going to change until she is ready to. You would think overdosing would make her ready, but apparently not. But I doubt rehab would do any good if she were forced into it. I still think it could make a big difference if they could get her wasteful, lazy, scum husband away.

Picture note by JayBird: Here’s the chaos outside Amy’s house today as police are called to deal with the crowds. Image thanks to WENN. Header image of Amy performing at the Virgin Festival in Baltimore on August 7th – the day before she overdosed – with something weird on/in her armpit. Image thanks to Splash Photos.


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