Kelly Osbourne thinks other celebs fake lyme disease for fame

Kelly Osbourne has a memoir coming out and somehow she scored the cover of US Magazine to promote it, which is surprising to me. I guess it shouldn’t be considering that US is also the magazine working overtime to normalize the Trump family. Oh and US just got bought by the company which owns Enquirer and Star, so I guess that explains it. Anyway US has an excerpt from Kelly’s memoir and she details her battle with lyme disease, which is something she hasn’t previously disclosed. I do remember hearing that she was having health problems. Her brother, Jack, has multiple sclerosis and went public with his diagnosis in 2012. Here’s some of the excerpt US posted and they have more on their site:

My prescriptions kept piling up. I couldn’t sleep, so they gave me Ambien. When Ambien made me nauseated, they switched me to Trazodone, but that gave me acid reflux, so then I had to take an antacid every day. I took cranberry extract and antibiotics because one medication made me prone to getting urinary tract infections. Painkillers — for an ex–painkiller addict — to help with the head and body aches. Not kidding — I had pills to deal with the anxiety that I was having from taking so many pills.

When I got yet another prescription that left me barely able to speak, I was reduced to a lump on the couch, and that was my breaking point. I took my bag of pills, and my fiancé [Matthew Mosshart; the two split in 2014] drove me to my mum’s house. I sat them all out, one by one, until they lined up the length of the counter. “I can’t live like this anymore,” I said. “I’m a vegetable.”

As a last resort, she called Philip Battiade at Infusio, an alternative medicine practitioner. I’d first met him when he treated my brother for MS. When I met with Philip, I assured him that I hadn’t used unprescribed drugs in years and that I thought I had Lyme disease. I had started entering my symptoms into online quizzes, and the results kept coming back Lyme disease. For the first time, someone listened to me, and I got tested. The results were positive: I had stage III neurological Lyme disease. I was relieved to finally know what was going on, but I was also scared s–tless.

I got on a plane and flew to Philip’s treatment center in Germany. I started stem cell therapy. Rather than trying to kill off the disease with antibiotics, this treatment worked to strengthen my immune system so my body could fight off and get rid of the disease on its own, which is a much more complete and lasting cure. I stayed for two weeks. I was experiencing emotions and feelings again. I’d been in a diseased and doctor-approved drug-induced haze for so long that I didn’t know what it was like to be happy or sad or in pain.

I’ve kept quiet about my Lyme disease, not only for fear of pharmaceutical companies coming after me because of the cure I found in Germany but also because it seems like the trendy disease to have right now, and I’m tired of seeing sad celebrities play the victim on the cover of weekly mags. Since I know firsthand how awfully debilitating it is, I know who really has it and who is just trying to prolong their 15 minutes. I don’t understand how anyone could think that the life you have to live with Lyme disease is glamorous.

I was a f–ked-up ugly duckling who somehow emerged a lavender swan. I went from being the girl mums told their kids to stay away from to the girl mums follow on social media and stop in the street to ask for advice about their own daughters’ struggles. So after fielding the same question what seemed about 50 million times, I decided to write this book because: THERE IS NO F–KING SECRET!

[From Kelly Osbourne’s memoir via US]

I got really sick suddenly about 15 years ago and felt dizzy all the time, was tired and could barely walk when I was otherwise sporty and in peak physical health. I was never definitively diagnosed with lyme disease but I have a similar story to Kelly – I was put on so many prescription drugs which just made it worse. I did not get better until I went off all medication. So I think many of her symptoms were due to to the medication, which is what she says here. Also, I question what kind of tests this alternative doctor gave her to diagnose lyme disease, but that’s just because it’s Kelly and I question just about everything she says. She’s an a-hole for calling out other celebrities for going public with their lyme disease. Of course Kelly is a special snowflake with lyme and other celebrities are saying they have it to be trendy. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy, lyme disease is awful and it takes a lot to admit you have it. She’s also lucky to have been able to seek out and afford stem cell treatment. Eyeroll at her calling herself a “lavender swan.” I’m glad she’s better but it’s Kelly Osbourne, she’s still an asshole.


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  1. Shambles says:

    What does she have against Selena Gomez?

    • Celebitchy says:

      I think she’s talking about Avril Lavigne.

      • Shambles says:

        I see, I didn’t even know Avril said she had Lyme disease, so a lot of good it did her in getting all of that Lyme disease attention. Is there a beef there?

      • Nelly says:

        Selena has lupus i think. This could be for bella hadid as well

      • Belle Epoch says:

        I can ALMOST sympathize with Kelly because everything is relative. Some people get Lyme disease and get over it in three weeks; other people get it and go blind or die from neurological cardiac issues. I get vicious migraine headaches that used to last five days – and five days later I’d get another. I went through 22 medications and was hospitalized and spent years in bed. So when someone at a ladies’ lunch pointed an elegant finger to her temple and said, “oh, I have a migraine right now,” I wanted to scream ARE YOU PUKING? ARE YOU IN BED? ARE YOU BANGING YOUR HEAD ON THE FLOOR? NO YOU ARE NOT. YOU HAVE A STUPID HEADACHE!!! But in truth you never REALLY know someone else’s story, so Kelly has no right to say her special Lyme disease is THE WORST, worse that anyone else’s.

      • Radley says:

        I think she’s talking about the Hadids.

    • Runcmc says:

      I thought Selena Gomez has lupus not Lyme?

      Also I remember reading about some Real housewives type saying she had Lyme and her cast mates side-eyeing the claim.

      • zxc says:

        All the Hadids claim to have Lyme, except for Gigi I think. Their mother made it her thing that gets her headlines, she posts pics from bed where she is sick and cries about her “babies suffering in silence” while her babies are high off their heads in some club in Hollywood. Then Bella goes to speak about her mother somewhere and says she’s been homebound for a couple of years, while her mother posts bikini pics from the Carribbean to her insta, lol. I had Lyme and it can f**k you up but these people are really milking it.

    • loveotterly says:

      I thought she was talking about Bella Hadid and her crazy Mom

  2. HappyMom says:

    Why she is a celebrity is a complete mystery to me. She has no discernible talent, and from the beginning she was so mean to people.

    • Beth says:

      She’s just another child of a famous person. She has absolutely no talent, but became a celebrity because of who her daddy is

      • Loopy says:

        She is a horrible foul mouthed woman child…I can clearly remember when she was saying something along the likes of Mexicans only cleaning toilets.

      • Jayna says:

        No talent and not nice.

    • QueenB says:

      Isnt that how most people become famous nowadays? She also has the nepotism talent that most newer celebs have.

    • Desi says:


      Not a fan of this one, but her comment regarding Latinos cleaning toilets was an attempt – an epically clumsy one, no argument there – to call out Donald Trump on the blatant hypocrisy of his bigoted views on immigration. While he demonizes Mexicans, etc. for “taking American’s jobs,” he hires them in droves to, yes, clean his toilets.

  3. Booklion says:

    They cannot be serious with that cover though. Its so terrible.

  4. Erinn says:

    I’m in small town NS. You either ‘have’ a family doctor (or specialist if needed – though generally people here drive 3+hours to see their specialist in Halifax) or you unfortunately end up at Out Patients/the ER. We don’t really have the ability to just ‘see’ another doctor or anything like that – which for me is fine. Mine has so much more education than a lot of others – and is constantly going to conferences and has specialized in sports medicine as well. So he’s been able to pop bones into place for me (I was a very accident prone teen), prescribe whatever, and has always been a great person to deal with. He actually just had a piece in the local paper talking about why medical marijuana is a godsend to so many people – he’s incredibly progressive despite being a guy in his 60s. Also luckily – he is the person most local doctors will send any fibromyalgia patients to, so I’m in good hands.

    He’s been great about trying to really hone in on what drugs work for me and what don’t. I started Lyrica about 3 or 4 weeks ago and I’m only on a low dose which I started at half for the first week. Despite the low dose – holy hell was I feeling the side effects for the first 5-7 days that I started, and again when I started taking my full dosage – which is why I was told to ease in. I started sleeping MUCH better – but the drowsiness would last well into the next day for the first bit – and in a lot of ways I felt worse. Thankfully I’m functioning properly again – but I can totally understand how medications can make you feel so awful when you’re trying to find the right ones. I had honestly considered just saying “no, screw this” at first because I felt like a zombie. I’m glad I stuck with it though, because I’m alert now, and still sleeping much better than I was before – which means less pain in the long run.

    • Sam says:

      That’s awesome! I also have fibro and my doctor tried me on Lyrica, but it was way too strong for me. I gave up after a few days because it also made me feel like a zombie. I might try and give it another try if you say it helps you that much. I have taken many different medications and that one really threw me for a loop. I couldn’t imagine working and taking care of my kids while on it. I could barely talk in the morning after taking it. I need like a month vacation to get it into my system and get through the side effects LOL.

      • Beth says:

        Lyrica was bad for me. I was put on it for epilepsy and it made me gain 61 pounds in less than a month and it didn’t work. I feel like a zombie now. I’m on 5 prescriptions and I’m still in bed because I have no balance until I ‘ve been awake for a couple hours, I have trouble seeing straight and barely sleep at night. I could definitely not imagine working or taking care of kids. Ugh. Been like this over 20 years. Good luck to everyone who has trouble with medicines

      • Spring says:

        Lyrica made me feel awful. Low-dose naltrexone (LDN) for chronic pain has been a godsend for me. Thank goodness my provider — like Erinn’s doctor, very progressive & discerning — suggested it to me. It’s helped people with various chronic conditions (MS, AI disorders, fibro, etc), but we don’t hear about it since drug companies can’t profit from naltrexone’s expired patent. There’s plenty of online info, though. Good luck and good health to all of us.

      • swak says:

        My daughter has fibro along with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. She won’t take Lyrica because of possible side effects. She takes (sparingly) muscle relaxers and Ambien to help her sleep. And then she only takes a half dose because if she takes a full dose she is a zombie the next day.

      • Erinn says:

        Sam – honestly, it was hard to get through the day for the first bit. But right now, I feel pretty much ‘normal’, I actually have been going home after work and not feeling like I’m completely drained. I’m hoping I won’t need to increase it – at least not for a while. I still have pain – but since adding this to my other medications I do notice a difference. Last week I was sitting at work (I’m a web designer/developer which means sitting so it’s good and bad fatigue and pain wise) and I actually looked at my cubicle mate and was like “Hey. I don’t FEEL any specific part of my body – not in a numb way, just in an ‘I don’t notice it’ kind of way. IS THIS WHAT REGULAR PEOPLE FEEL LIKE!?” I was super surprised. Now most days, I do have pain – but it’s noticeably gone down. February was one of the worst months of my life pain wise to date.

        Beth — I’ve heard a lot of people don’t do well on it. Which I think is why I got started so low – and he told me to call if I had any issues adjusting. I think I got lucky with this one – though I have heard about the weight gain. I’ve been making an effort to really watch what I’m eating, but I do feel a little bloated I guess? Right now my ultimate goal is to just get to the point where I have enough energy (and low enough pain) to get into the gym – so we’ll see how that goes. I’ve also swapped out pop for Canada Dry Club Soda because I’m a bubble addict and this is the better alternative, and I’ve cut way back on caffeine. I had my husband pick up a resistance band for me the other day, and he came back with that and a skipping rope. So when I get home from work tonight I’m starting day one of just low level exercise to ease into it. I’m at the heaviest I’ve weighed – ever – right now, and I know I’d probably feel a lot better if I did lose weight, so it’s a slow process, but I’m hoping for the best. I’ve been lucky that I’m able to work still – I went undiagnosed for a long time. I’d have to say I really started to notice pain issues when I was in 7th or 8th grade (13 years agoish) – my skin was sensitive to touch, and I was always tired – but at that point it wasn’t bad enough that my day to day life was super effected. I worked in a hardware store for the spring/summer before I went to University – and I would go home almost crippled after an 8 hour shift and cry at the thought that I’d have to go back in the next day. I know if I wasn’t in an office job there would be no way I’d be able to work. I know that at the end of the day, I do have it a lot better than so many people – I can’t imagine what you have to go through. It’s so awful that chronic pain is something that goes so undiagnosed and that it’s so hard to treat.

        Spring – I read about LDN the other day – but hadn’t actually known anyone who’s tried it. I might have to mention that to my Dr during my next appointment – it’s definitely worth a shot. I mean, worse case, it’s just another thing scratched off the list.

      • CityGirl says:

        Lyrica almost killed me. I was on it for a year and a half along with several other meds. The side effects were tremendous, debilitating, and semi-permanent.

      • Spring says:

        Hi Erinn — LDN’s been in use quite awhile, with a good safety profile and less expensive than newer meds. The low dose has to be compounded, and I started with the standard 4.5 mg daily. It’s cheaper and very easy to make a dilute solution mixing 50 mg naltrexone tabs in water (plenty of online info about this). That actually worked better for me, as I’m very sensitive to LDN. My sensitivity to it surprised my provider compared to what he’d seen with his other patients, but there are similar accounts to mine online. I didn’t feel well on 4.5 mg, but decades of pain was flat-out GONE — I couldn’t believe it! 3 mg seems to be the sweet spot for me. Hope that unsolicited report isn’t TMI!

    • misery chick says:

      Hi Erinn!

      I’ve always enjoyed your posts, and I wanted to thank you for the Canada Dry Club Soda substitute for pop. I’m a major bubble addict as well. I’ve been off caffeine since 8/10/16 (but who is counting, lol!) with a few setbacks, but I feel so much better I can hardly believe it. I had absolutely no clue that CAFFEINE was so toxic for me. I’m still hooked on diet 7-Up and diet A&W Root Beer, and I’d love to get the ish out of my body.

      OMG, I just remembered a chiropractor who told me to get club soda and mix it with black cherry flavoring to approximate my favorite drink of all time, Diet Dr. Pepper. Can’t believe I just remembered that after all of these years! Guess I wasn’t ready to give up my DDP!

      Erinn, I hope you and ALL CB’ers feel a little bit better every day. Take care!

  5. minx says:

    I can’t stand this person. Who did she pay off to get an US cover?

    • Ivana says:

      I have struggled so hard woth lyrica and savella.
      They almost left me bedbound, I gained so much weight and I still struggle with excessive sweating. I was persistent with both medications and stayed on them for months. It was the worst desicion of my life.

  6. Dorothy#1 says:

    She is awful!! Im so glad she is not on E! anymore. On a side note the travel show jack and ozzy did was hilarious!!! Jack is super likeable.

    • Lafawnda says:

      That show was awesome! I was literally laughing out loud the entire time. Jack and Ozzy are hilarious together. Watching Ozzy try to operate that tank with his head sticking out the top was great.

  7. Chaine says:

    “It seems like the trendy disease right now and I’m tired of seeing sad celebrities play the victim on the cover of weekly mags” says person on the cover of a weekly mag to talk about her sad story of having the disease… gahhhhh. And now of course supposedly having had it, she is fully qualified to diagnose whether anyone else legitimately has or does not have it based on their own magazine cover stories…

    • Wellsie says:

      Yeah, I think what she means is, “I got so jealous seeing other people get attention for it when I am suffering the most and deserve eyeballs on me!”

      She’s the worst.

    • Pandy says:

      Yes, Kelly has personally checked everyone out for their bullseye tick bites … so she knows, you guys!!! What an idiot. That is just the worst.

  8. naomipaige says:

    Ugh! She is a disgusting person. If someone in her family or a friend had the disease, would she be saying the same stupid comment? She needs to STFU, and just go away.

  9. Char says:

    I also question the test that diagnosed her with stage 3 Lyme disease. Maybe it’s not available here in the US? Because I know 3 people with Lymes & all of them had to fight to get the right diagnosis, because apparently if you’ve had it a while (which is usually when your symptoms start getting bad) the test a regular doctor gives you for Lymes can come back negative, even though you have it. Kelly is lucky she is rich. All of the people I know have had to decide if they can actually afford the meds. One woman was given a new med that cost something like $600 a month, insurance wouldn’t cover it & that was only 1 of multiple meds she needed. She could not afford it.
    As for who she is calling out, I just assumed it was the Hadid’s, didn’t their mom & all of the kids supposedly have it?

    • Jayna says:

      I agree. She’s not calling out Avril. Avril disappeared for a long time and was very ill, and no one knew she had LD until she talked about it later when she was getting better.

      She’s probably talking about ” glamorous sick selfie” Yolanda and then Bella.

      • antipodean says:

        Yup, I agree, this is a not so subtle dig at the Yolanda woman, and her entitled daughters. Speaking of entitled daughters famous for nothing but being related to someone….Kelly….Kelly…you there?

  10. Alexandria says:

    She sounds so obnoxious as usual.

  11. Patricia says:

    Ugh she’s so obnoxious. Of course her fiancé dropped her off at her mum’s house, he was probably eye rolling himself into oblivion dealing with her and didn’t want to deal with her dramatic shit, such as lining all your pills up on a row on a counter. Like, why? For the drama or it all.

    Also why would she be on all these meds with no difinitive diagnosis? I got it by a tic, so I went and had a Lymes test. Can’t you just get tested?

    • jwoolman says:

      It can be difficult to diagnose if too much time has passed since transmission. It can also be hard to convince a doctor to order the tests. A friend had it for at least a couple of months (maybe more) before diagnosis and she finally got the tests because her husband absolutely insisted and wouldn’t give up. She wouldn’t have had the energy herself.

      Insurance is another problem for Americans at least. You can always tell the Americans on health forums, they’re the ones begging for ideas about home remedies because “I lost my job” or “I haven’t been on the new job long enough” (many people could afford insurance only through an employer) or “I can’t afford/can’t get insurance” for insurance to cover a doctor’s visit and pricey treatments. The Affordable Care Act helped a lot but people are nervous now that Trump & Co. will destroy that one way or the other. Just the meds for Lyme can wipe out many people’s paychecks and savings.

  12. SpareRib says:

    ‘Letters from a badass bitch’ – where hunty?

  13. Beth says:

    Is she jealous other people also get attention for this illness? Does she really think she’s the only one in the world with this disease? She’s always been a bratty bitch with a mean attitude

  14. Zuzus Girl says:

    While I question the miraculous spread of a tick borne disease to other family members (Hadid’s in particular), I wouldn’t endorse anything that came out of Osborne’s mouth. She and her awful mother are compulsive liars, bullies and all ’round horrible people. They will do anything for attention and it baffles my mind how this one has managed to find so many lucrative positions, even with mommy attacking from the rear.

    • jwoolman says:

      Families can all come into contact with the same vector for such a disease. If they were vacationing together in an area infested with infected ticks, for instance. Or if they had carrier ticks on their property.

      • MrsBadBob says:

        Seriously, if she has been bitten by a tick, we would all know, she has been on TV, pretending she’s relevant, for years.

  15. mellie says:

    So then why is it ok for her to get a magazine cover and discuss her addiction and Lyme disease issue? Maybe she’s just a big f#4king thirsty fake.

  16. HK9 says:

    You know, the fact that she went through a time which was scary and physically debilitating for her, and she still can’t extend empathy to others who say they have the disease, says a whole lot about her.

  17. Cobra says:

    Infusio, the stem cell center is operating in California now as well. I am diagnosed with Lyme and dealing with it for 2 yrs now. I got RA bcoz of it, the doctors say. I really don’t know which came first. Now i am getting treatment for both. The no. Of pills I have to take is horrible. No significant improvement. I heard about infusio only 2 days ago. Something to think about. They charge about 20-30,000 dollars for 2 weeks treatment and a follow up I heard.

    • swak says:

      Was wondering what the cost was for the stem cell treatment. Question, does insurance cover it or is it too new or experimental for the insurance companies to cover it?

      • Cobra says:

        I am yet to do more research on it. A friend is going to CA for the treatment next month and I got this info from her. She has been suffering for years from various ailments and recently diagnosed with Lyme. It’s like alternative treatment, so Insurance won’t cover it. I am still hoping to get better from my current treatment.

    • MrsBadBob says:

      I hope you get well soon but do not spend your money on Kelly’s endorsement without a thorough vetting. Did she have Lyme disease in the first place? Who knows, I doubt it, if you are actually suffering, this twit is not a good reference for anything.

  18. Dragonlady Sakura says:

    A memoir of what?! She’s done nothing but coast on her fathers fame her entire career. Well, if I get bored and can’t sleep, I will go check her book out.

  19. Lisa Cole says:

    Kelly never has a nice thing to say about anyone

  20. Amy Tennant says:

    I buy that maybe she felt better when she stopped taking all the pills. I have fibromyalgia, and the doctor I used to see prescribed me so many pills. I stopped taking them just because I couldn’t afford them (thanks crappy insurance), and I actually felt better. Not well, not good, but better. I don’t recommend going against doctor’s orders, of course, and there’s no way I could ever go off my antidepressant and live. But in this one case, it helped.

  21. Bridget says:

    Lainey talked a bit about the US sale – they laid off a whole bunch of staff. It’s entirely possible that Kelly and the Trump family are the best they can do now.

    As for Kelly… she is an addict and has spent her entire adult life in denial. I simply can’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth.

  22. MaybeTomorrow says:

    Uggghhh. She parlayed nepotism of a C- list celebrity father into a fake career, so really………I got nuthin’.

    • smcollins says:

      I’m no fan of Kelly’s, but her father is a rock legend. Between Black Sabbath and his solo career he’s sold over 100 million albums worldwide, is in both the U.S. & UK Rock & Roll Halls of Fame, and has been dubbed the Godfather of Heavy Metal. Gotta give credit where credit is due. His daughter, on the other hand, needs to go away and stop riding his coat tails. She’s obnoxious AF.

      • Beth says:

        Ozzie is definitely a legend. Black Sabbath will forever be known as one of the best. Awesome. One of my favorites.

        Thankfully not every celebrities bratty, rude kid becomes famous for absolutely no reason like Kelly has

      • MaybeTomorrow says:

        Duly chastised. Never was into heavy metal, so I forget those that are have their legends too. I think of him as a drug adled reality TV dude….hence my characterization. My bad,

  23. eggyweggs says:

    “…who somehow emerged a lavender swan.”
    By “somehow” I think she means lots of money and some plastic surgery.

  24. Classy and Sassy says:

    Lol @ “Letters from a badass bitch. Talk about overcompensating for your own mediocrity.

  25. Moll says:

    Cannot stand her or her famewhore family

  26. applepie says:

    It’ll be a really thin book, her having to leave out all the drug dealing stuff.

  27. me says:

    I think the real question here is why are so many people (famous and non-famous) getting Lyme Disease? Are there more ticks with the disease now? Scary.

    • jwoolman says:

      Probably yes, the disease could be spreading in tick populations. But it also is just being diagnosed more often since more people know about it, rather than being always dismissed as GOK (God Only Knows).

    • MrsBadBob says:

      When was she ever bitten by a tick? Complete BS. Girl hasn’t been outside.

  28. Skins says:

    Anybody remember her singing “career”. They actually thought they could make her into a star

  29. dorothy says:

    switch please- lavendar a$$ hole

  30. Cali says:

    I can’t stand her, but the shade aimed at Yolanda is awesome.

  31. Melodie says:

    I used to watch Fashion Police when Joan Rivers was the host. Kelly was insufferable. I used to mute her when she critiqued an outfit because she sucked so much. She’d cackle laughing at jokes about people she didn’t like, such as Christina Aguilera being overweight. But a joke about Anna Wintour or certain fashion designers? She’d sit stone-faced, obviously ass-kissing in case Joan pissed someone off. And as far as that whole Zendaya comment from Rancic, Kelly laughed her ass off at the time, then ripped Rancic apart in the press. Shameless fame addict.

  32. MrsBadBob says:

    I don’t believe she had Lyme disease.