Prince Harry flew to Toronto to spend Easter weekend with Meghan Markle

Commemoration ceremony to mark the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge

I was just wondering if Prince Harry needed to stay in London this weekend to attend Easter church services, and here’s my answer: no, he does not need to be in London. Prince Harry apparently flew (undercover!) into Toronto on Wednesday night. He was seen and photographed going into Meghan’s Toronto home! E! News had the exclusive photos – go here to see.

According to Meghan-and-Harry watchers, Meg and Harry haven’t seen each other since the end of March. They haven’t seen each other since Meghan officially shut down her blog, The Tig, one week ago. When she shut down The Tig, everyone was like “Oooh, an engagement is coming!” Either that or Meghan was about to get dumped for making everyone think that an engagement was imminent. As it turns out though, Harry feels no pressure either way. The fact that he goes to Toronto as often as she flies to London to be with him? It’s pretty great. It’s a signal that they really are on the same page. So… an engagement after Easter? I still say that the sweet spot for announcing the engagement is June-July.

If you want to roll your eyes until they’re almost falling out of the sockets, might I suggest reading this “helpful” column in the Daily Express about what Meghan should do to “impress the aristocratic family.” Which aristocratic family? I have no idea. I guess the Windsors (who are royal, not aristocratic), although the way it’s written, the columnist could also mean the Middletons. I personally don’t believe the Windsors have an issue with Meghan and she just needs to be herself. Now, the Middletons? They’re keeping their eye on everything about this situation.

MBFW Tracy Reese - Backstage

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  1. Sarah says:

    I love that dress on her.
    And I would bet a mortgage payment that the Windsors DO have an issue with a 35 year old divorced American mixed race actress who has done sex scenes wearing half her underwear. Not that what they think will matter, but i can’t help but think Cressida was much more acceptable to them, even though her family was pretty checkered.
    And I wonder if Meghan will bow/curtsy to Wills, Kate and the Queen? If I were in her shoes, I would NEVER bow to anyone. We Americans got rid of that absurdity 250 years ago. I’d think much less of her if she did. Nancy Reagan didnt. Michelle Obama didn’t. Meghan shouldn’t. In America, we are ALL equal. We bow to no one. 🙂
    Run, Meghan, run!!!! Get away from this family as fast as you can!!!

    • ncboudicca says:

      Meh, if she marries in, she has to play by the rules, in my opinion. It’s archaic, but she’s going in of her own free will. It’s no different than people who convert religions to please in-laws, or do other things to get along with family in their presence.

    • Katydid20 says:

      Serious question, but does anything happen to you if you meet a royal and DONT curtesy? I am an American and legit don’t think I would ever curtesy to half of them if I ever met them (which I likely won’t ever, so it’s a moot point). I mean, I can’t imagine they would throw you in the tower?

      • Anitas says:

        No, it’s really up to you, and apparently the Queen is not too bothered about it either:

        I’d never curtsy to them and I kind of hope Meghan doesn’t either.

      • Abby says:

        Commoners are not expected to curtsy, it’s more like in the family or between royal familes and official acts. But the public does not have to curtsy at all, mayn just do it when they meet the Queen. The younger royals don’t really curtsy when they meet each other, so Meghan won’t be seen curtsying to Will or Kate until the are King and Queen. I’ve also never really seen Harry or William bow to Charles or Camilla, so it seems more a sovereign kind of thing.

      • boredblond says:

        Remember ‘Miss Manners’–who always knew what was correct? She was adamant that Americans should never bow or was never proper unless you give up your citizenship

      • TheSageM says:

        Cherie Blair, the wife of the former prime minister is a known republican and never curtsied to the Queen.

    • Bitsy says:

      Lol, Sarah! Good rundown, I had no idea my First Lady and Nancy Reagan didn’t curtsy. Good on them. And I’d bet that Charles and his siblings don’t mind Megan…the Queen and her husband are from a different era, though. They probably don’t like it one bit. But again, this family has so much dirt going on they cannot look down on anyone.

      • Sarah says:

        Who do we think WOULD mind Meghan?? I bet the Queen thinks her career is unseemly, but I think she is old and wise enough to realize that trying to stop Harry would cause more problems. I bet Philip does – he is a known racist. I KNOW Kate M and Wills won’t like her, but that has nothing to do with her career or citizenship. It is because Kate will be threatened by her. I also think that Carol will be quite the troublemaker here, because Meghan is not only smarter and harder working than Kate, but Kate is not aging well and I am sure Meghan will. Princess Ann might mind, cause she is a no nonsense woman who would ahbor a silly career like acting.

    • notasugarhere says:

      They don’t appear to have problems with Sophie Winkleman of 2 1/2 Men (Lord Freddie Windsor’s wife), I don’t see them having problems with Meghan Markle. She was doing her job – acting – which is far more than Kate Middleton ever did.

      If she were to become a member of the BRF, she’d follow their protocols including the curtsies. That is part of the job, so she’d be required to do them.

      • Sarah says:

        I hope she wouldn’t curtsy. Some other opinions were above, about Americans never curtsying unless they give up their citizenship. I would be really annoyed if she gave up her citizenship for Harry the Underwhelming.

      • notasugarhere says:

        It is her choice, and if the two of them marry, curtsying goes with the job – even if she were to have dual citizenship. Letizia of Spain was known to be a Republican sympathizer (and likely atheist), and she goes along with the church-going and curtsying because it is part of the royal job. Do you despise her for it too? Or Mary, Maxima, Charlene, etc.

      • Sarah says:

        I didn’t say I would despise Meghan, but yes, I would think she is a silly twit for doing that. I like Maxima, the others I am not impressed with at all. Maybe Letizia. But Meghan is American and we just don’t bow to anyone here. It is a real bone of contention for many Americans. When Nancy Reagan didn’t curtsy to QEII, Americans were very proud of her, even though others were upset with her.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Feel free to think her “a silly twit” for doing something that would be a requirement of the Job she chooses to accept.

        Plenty of people (Americans included) kowtow to their gods of choice (money, fame, celebrities), in their own ways, with or without the physical manifestation of it in the form of a bow or curtsy.

    • Kelly says:

      She is beautiful and lovely. And as much as I think she would be a fabulous addition to The Firm, I agree that I’m worried at some point the queen will pull Harry aside and say “you’ve had your fun dear but find a nice white untouched girl for a proper bride.” I really, really hope I’m underestimating the queen.

    • original kay says:

      This post made me laugh my ass off.

      ALL equal? In the US? what Kool Aid have you been drinking this morning?!

      In the US, all are equal, only some are more equal than others.

      • Sarah says:

        I’m so glad I amused you. 🙂
        Yes, in theory, we are all equal. I paid for my college by waitressing and never curtsied to my boyfriend’s father, who was CEO of a huge American company. My dad was a carpenter.
        So, yes, we are equal. Now do we get equal justice and opportunity? That is a whole different ballgame.

      • Guest says:

        Is this a joke? Are you serious? Equal? In the US? I am laughing my ass off. Thanks for the great joke.

    • Famika says:

      Harry looks happier than I’ve seen him in years. I think this is going the distance, if you read what Richard Palmer has been saying.

      Meghan and Harry seem like a wonderful fit.

    • CdnMagician says:

      If it was William, they’d care, I think. But Harry? Nah. No drama there. He’s the spare, his kids will never see the throne. He has way more freedom to do what he likes. If anything, I think she’s preferable over Harry marrying some middle-class social climber.

      • Famika says:

        I always like that Harry likes ladies with their own lives, own pursuits, own careers. Ladies who are not sitting around waiting.

    • Froma says:

      “And I would bet a mortgage payment that the Windsors DO have an issue with a 35 year old divorced American mixed race actress who has done sex scenes wearing half her underwear.”

      I know how you meant that, but wow, burying “mixed race” in that sea of perceived negatives really did a number on my soul. 😢

      Also, we are definitely NOT all equal in America. 😕

      • Sarah says:

        In my view, we are all equal. In the US, we should be. In the view of some others, being mixed race is considered a negative. It was not, nor has ever been, my opinion. Quite the opposite. I was trying to make a point about perceptions – obviously I did it poorly. I apologize for my wording – being hurtful wasn’t my intent at all. Mea culpa.


      Sarah I don’t think the royal family cares about any of that as much as you obviously seem to. Sorry, but I’m not buying your sudden concern for her well-being.

      • Sarah says:

        I think you are being naive thinking that the royal family, at least some of them, wouldn’t care about Meghan marrying into the family. And why so rude?? Are you Meghan’s friend?? Worried what I think about her?? 🙂 That’s so sweet of you!! But I don’t remember asking if you wanted to buy anything about concern from me. It’s very nice of you to support your friend, Meghan, though.


        Sarah, I’m not her friend, but I do like her, loads more than I like the ginger. You’ve always been critical of her, which is fine. I’ve yet to see you jump to her defence when some here have accused her of some pretty ludicrous things, in fact, you’re always there to defend her detractors. It’s incredibly suspicious that your ‘concern’ for her doesn’t go beyond you not wanting her to marry the prince.

        British celebitches have given you plenty of evidence that refutes your claim that they’d care about her race. I’m starting to suspect that you’re projecting your own prejudices on the royals.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Not her friend either, but see no reason not to defend her in the face of such obvious, over-the-top criticism – much of which is either based in racism or couched as concern trolling. W&K have spent 15 years earning the vitriol leveled at them; I don’t see how Meghan Markle has.

      • Olenna says:

        Touché, Lola and Nota. Observing this backhanded 180 has been amusing.

    • Girl_ninja says:

      Mixed-raced actress huh? Love the racism hidden in your concern trolling.

  2. Abby says:

    Harry hasn’t spent Easter with the royal family or even Charles for a long time, so it was no surprise he’d fly to Toronto this weekend. They really seem to be on the same page. Now that Meghan is back on her filming schedule, Harry is travelling to her.

    • polonoscopy says:

      Wanted to jump in and confirm this story. My sister lives near Meghan Markle on Dupont St and says she’s been biking past huge, black suburban vans on her way to work and she saw Harry get out of one in his gym clothes this morning.

  3. PettyRiperton says:

    I think the royal family don’t have a problem with it now because they think this relationship is a fling. If the queen signs off on a marriage I will be shocked.
    If she does gets married to Harry the Hollywood folks are worse than Kate’s family so she will be fine. Besides I doubt she would be dealing with Kate’s family. It’s not like Will and Harry spend that much time together. Harry need to get his own PR people that’s about it.

    • Abby says:

      They wouldn’t have let him issue a press release with the Kensington Palace letter head if they’d think she is just a fling. They’ve been dating for around 10 months now.

      • PettyRiperton says:

        True but dating and marrying are two different things.

      • Mimi says:

        If Camilla Parker-Bowles is good enough for marriage to the future monarch, then Meghan Markle is damn well good enough to marry Harry. End of story.

      • Girl_ninja says:

        They’re getting married. You should be shocked when they do.

    • suze says:

      I don’t think the royal family cares about the color or divorce status of Harry’s fiancé. It’s really not that important in the royal scheme.

      Now that Charles, William, George and Charlotte (and probably one more, when it’s all said and done) are in the line of succession, Harry is FAR less critical.

      The Harry super fans will never believe me, but history tells us that in 25 years Harry and his family will be secondary and relatively unimportant royals, hitting the news only during extended family outings or if they do something stupid. They will be expected to do their share of duties with little fanfare.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I don’t think the BRF cares either. They’d like him to marry happily to someone who will “work hard” for the family firm. The next generation Edward and Sophie, show up, do the work.

        Harry and his wife would be senior royals for decades, their kids will never be. Charles’s rumored plan of 6 royals means Harry and spouse will be out there working for years. Interest in them would decrease once W&K’s kids are teens, but they’d remain on the working team expected to do hundreds of engagements a year. Their kids would be part of the family, but expected to make their own way in the world.

      • Craven says:

        If Harry marries a woman who doesnt attract a following then yes, they will fade into the background. But I see shades of Di in Meghan; a woman who may transcend the title. Being American, a WOC and a professed feminist broaden her appeal among people who wouldnt care about the BRF ordinarily, so I can see the media stayng interested in her and the Firm putting her up front whenever their approval rating needs a boost, decades from now

      • perplexed says:

        I think Harry might stay in the news because of the connection to Diana.

        When I was a kid I don’t remember hearing much about Andrew, but I think there’s a possibility Harry’s fame could always be magnified because of the Diana legacy (well, that, and because William doesn’t like to do work — I suppose in the case of Charles and Andrew, Charles was always the harder worker).

      • seesittellsit says:

        @suze – I think you’ve nailed this. As happened with Andrew and his kids (although he made some feeble attempts in recent years to shove them forward before realizing that the long game was going to Wills, Kate, and their kids and gave it up), at this point who Harry marries is just not that important. As George and Charlotte grow up, marry, have kids, Harry and his kids will move farther and farther back in relevance.

        It just doesn’t matter. If Harry is hot to marry Markle, I think all that will happen is that the BRF will sigh gratefully that now they can be seen as part of the modern multicultural world, too. It’s really good PR for them and doesn’t “affect” the succession for the next generation or so – no skin off their noses. It’s Harry’s lookout . . .

      • Luca76 says:

        I remember Fergie being a big deal for a few years never as big as Diana but somewhat known. Being an actress and American and more interesting than Kate I think if they are highly philanthropic people will care .

      • notasugarhere says:

        Luca, I think they’d be high profile for 10+ years especially if kids arrived. Once the kids are in their teens, less attention would be given to Harry+spouse. They’d be senior royals, doing hundreds of engagements a year, but pushed off the front pages by the teenagers.

      • suze says:

        Margaret and Andrew, second siblings both, were hugely popular for a few years. Andrew was a “war hero”, his wedding was held at Westminster Abbey, and watched by millions.

        Margaret eclipsed her sister for years. She Also made history by marrying a glamorous non-royal.

      • suze says:

        @NOTA. Agreed. It happens in every generation. Huge interest in unmarried, dating royals, flurry of intense interest around weddings and babies and little kids, then interest dies off as the younger generation of the heir hits their late teens.

        The second tier players become standard issue working royals in service to the King. Who will be Charles, William or George.

        Harry might be more of a Caroline of Monaco type, who still generates mentions in the press, but his kids will eventually lead private lives.

        We should all hope that Markle channels a Princess Laurentian rather than Princess Di vibe. Overshadowing Will and his family will end in tears.

      • perplexed says:

        “It happens in every generation. Huge interest in unmarried, dating royals, flurry of intense interest around weddings and babies and little kids, then interest dies off as the younger generation of the heir hits their late teens”

        Oh yeah, you’re right. How could I forget about George!

      • Sarah says:

        Why I would counsel Meghan to run like heck is because I saw what the press and the BRF did to Fergie and Andrew. Andrew was a handsome, favorite son, until Charles got married and had kids. Look at how the media mocks Eugenie and Beatrice mercilessly. These young women seem like they would love to do more work for their grandmother, to whom they seem devoted, but they are deemed “second string,” and not allowed. They have been called “fat,” “ugly,” and sundry other horrid names.
        Meghan: look at this to see how you and your children will be treated.
        And be honest: if you had a daughter, would you want her to marry into the BRF?? You pay a HUGE price in a gilded cage for financial security.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Sarah, it is her choice. No matter how much false sympathy is put forward by some people on the internet, it is her choice. She and he get to decide whether or not they marry. I would hope her parents would want her to be happily married, and doing work that matters to her. Even if that means she ends up married to a prince.

    • Tina says:

      The Queen will not have a problem with this. She will sign off on the marriage happily.

      • Maria says:

        She damn well shouldn’t have a problem with it. Her own heir, Charles married a divorced woman who had maintained a relationship with him during her own marriage, not to mention his. And Meghan has worked, unlike Camilla who never had a job and Waity whose only job was waitying.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Why no similar vitriol for Anne? She carried on an extra-marital affair for years, made the cover of People for the scandal, and ended up married to the royal employee with whom she had the affair.

        Ultimately, the Windsors live in giant glass houses paid for by the taxpayers. Given their shenanigans through the years, they’re ones to talk.

      • Tina says:

        @Maria, I agree with you, except about Camilla. Camilla has taken to royal duties very well and works rings around Kate.

      • Maria says:

        You are right Nota. I’d completely forgotten about Anne. Even more reason why QE shouldn’t object.

      • Megan says:

        None of her grandchildren have married British aristos. I don’t think she cares who they marry as long as the intended understands what it means to be part of the firm – both good and bad.

  4. starryfish says:

    She was photographed flying out of Heathrow a little over a week ago (per sites that chronicle her style) so they haven’t been apart that long. It’s nice to see that she’s not always traveling to him though.

  5. what's inside says:

    Awwwwweeeee, it’s love. I hope they are very happy together.

  6. Harlan Jodet says:

    Ugh, I can’t believe that article suggested that Meghan follows Kate’s example of how to act. I hope that if this relationship leads to marriage that the last thing Meghan will do is follow Kate’s shallow and vapid example of how to be royal.

    • Where'sMyTiara says:

      Agreed! Kate isn’t a person to emulate, she’s an object lesson in How Not To Monarchy.

  7. Squiggisbig says:

    I think Meghan’s best course of action would not be to try and waste time trying to impress the middletons. First, they don’t appear to be particularly well liked. Second, look at how William and Kate ‘s press office frequently tries to throw Harry under the us whenever they get in trouble again for being lazy, why would Meghan be special?

  8. Linabear says:

    Wow, he is smitten. I feel sad now.

  9. seesittellsit says:

    Hmmm. My guess is that when people like this get quieter it isn’t that the relationship is off, but moving into “preparation for announcement” phase. I’d also guess that Markle has been warned off using the relationship for PR either for herself or to pressure Harry if she wants to be taken seriously, especially by the public AFTER an engagement.

    I’d also guess they’d wait until after the bloody Middleton wedding, lest they be accused of “taking the spotlight away from the bride”.

    At 35 and counting, and knowing how Harry wants kids, Markle is probably anxious to get this in the bag.

    I lost bets on BREXIT, I lost bets on Trump, I don’t dare put hard earned cash on any other upcoming elections, but, OK, I’ll bite: a fiver says they announce after the Middleton wedding and plan for an against usual summer tradition and go for a quieter November wedding . . .

    I’d like to win one of my ill-fated bets one of these days, I really would.

    • notasugarhere says:

      As I wrote in regards to the Diana’s statue. If they decide to get engaged soon, I wish they’d avoid announcing around Diana’s birthday or the anniversary of her death. That would mean a statement in the next two months, or waiting until September (which has impacts for Invictus Games). November for a wedding date would take attention from HM & PP’s 70th anniversary celebration.

      • Maria says:

        Here’s what I hope happens. We get this Middleton wedding over with, then both Kate and Pippa announce a pregnancy, and the day after Harry and Meghan announce their engagement. Then we can have a Xmas wedding at st Martin’s, and no one will pay the least bit attention to the Middleton women and their growing bellies and pregnancy wardrobe. That would p…off Carole to no end. That would add a bit of spice to 2017.

    • PrincessK says:

      Seesliittlsit…..don’t worry about your bet this time , you are on to a winner. I put money on Harry marrying Meghan, and marrying her this year too. I am expecting a May/June engagement and a wedding 3-4 months later. The engagement will be late May or early June so that Meghan can at last appear in public with Harry at some high profile events such as Ascot, Wimbledon and other stuff royals attend such as polo etc. The RF will officially launch Meghan this summer and take her into their fold….Hurrah!!!……the sooner it happens the better to stop the endless speculation, if not the innuendo and jibes which the poor royals just have to put up with and ignore.

  10. Dottie Hinkle says:

    She looks so much like harry in that pic

  11. Joannie says:

    I dont think hes there. She was papped walking to her yoga class this morning. Theyre two grown adults and hes not next in line to the throne so who really cares who he dates. Why does it have to result in marriage? Maybe they just enjoy each other’s company for now. Her family seems a little dubious however. She looks a lot like Pippa. I dont find either one to be particularly pretty. JMO

  12. Andrea says:

    I don’t think polonoscopy in the thread up top has any reason to lie about her sister who lives in the same neighborhood as Markle, seeing harry get out of a security vehicle in his gym clothes. Why does going to yoga means hes not there?

    • Boxy Lady says:

      For all we know, he could have been tired from traveling and taking a nap on her couch while she was at yoga. 😉

    • Nic919 says:

      Some people have a hard time accepting reality. He is in Toronto right now. Who knows if that means marriage, but it certainly means they are still together.

      Meghan lives near Dupont and Christie (Dupont and Manning) so any Toronto celebitchies can head over there and see the black surburban vans for themselves.

      • Jackie O says:

        That’s a great area. I live close by. I should grab a coffee and stroll by!

      • Maria says:

        I’m meeting my daughter-in-law in that area Monday for lunch. I’ll be on the lookout.
        Honking for Harry!

      • Sarah says:

        I never agree with Joannie, but I agree that walking by her house to spy on her is a bridge too far and definitely stalkerish. I never would do that.

    • Joannie says:

      Nobody said she was lying! I never read her post. So what? You’re going to walk by her place to see two vans parked outside? Creepy!

      • Nic919 says:

        Walking by someone’s place isn’t illegal. No one is suggesting more than that.
        But you constantly question that their relationship exists so I don’t think that proving you wrong is creepy.

      • Joannie says:

        I dont question their relationship. Theyre obviously dating.

      • notasugarhere says:

        “I dont think hes there.” said Joannie upthread in a thread about photographic evidence that he is at her place in Toronto. And this is not questioning their relationship exists how?

      • Joannie says:

        I dont think he’s there doesn’t insinuate he’s not dating her at all. It simply means he’s not in Toronto this weekend. Youre trolling Nota.

      • Sarah says:

        nota, saying that Harry isn’t there this weekend isn’t saying they aren’t dating. Please explain the logic behind your claim, because what you said is just downright illogical.

  13. Andrea says:

    Those yoga pics are from wednesday

  14. moon says:

    I major side eye The Tig, which was pretentious and boring, but there were lots of rumours that Meghan Markle was the anonymous writer of a blog called The Working Actress from a few years back (you can’t find it anymore, ever since she started dating Harry it’s been mysteriously wiped from google…) where she revealed herself to be a candid, fun and interesting.

  15. PrincessK says:

    If Harry and Meghan have children I do not think those children will lead private lives , they will use titles, be HRH and lead high profile lives.

    • suze says:

      No, they really won’t. The precedent has been set. Princess Margaret’s children do not have HRH titles and lead private lives, Andrew, Anne and Edward’s children do not have HRH titles. They have jobs and are just citizens who are related to the Queen.

      They won’t change it up for Harry.

      • CeeCee says:

        Margaret’s children aren’t HRH because in the UK, titles are passed through fathers, not mothers. Margaret married a commoner who became an earl; thus, Lady Sarah. No HRH. This is similar to Princess Anne’s children, but Mark Phillips declined the earldom, so they have no titles at all.

        Andrew’s children are princesses and HRHs. Edward’s children are the children of an Earl – special case, because Edward and Sophie declined HRHs for them, although the children are entitled to it.

      • suze says:

        Thanks, CeeCee. Doesn’t surprise me that Andrew pushed for a HRH for his daughters. They still aren’t working royals, though.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Harry and FutureSpouse (whomever that is), would be part of Charles’s rumored core working royal family. They would be high-profile for a decade I think. Their children, should they have any, will never be working royals.

      Harry would likely keep the kids out of the public eye as much as possible and raise them to be self-supporting private citizens. Far more justification for this than W&K have, since Harry’s kids will not be working royals. He’ll have his godmother, Lady Sarah Chatto, to advise him and explain what challenges she faced along the way.

      The monarch would have to issue a decree (Letters Patent) to make Harry’s children prince/princess. The previous decree (George V, 1917) is seemingly still in place regarding any children Harry might have. It was changed in 2012 related to W&K’s children re. primogeniture laws, but it was only related to their kids not Harry’s.

  16. FrenchB says:

    This relationship between Prince Harry and Meghan shows how American haven’t done with the “racial” thing…because when I go to the DM and see some comments,I can see that all the bad comments are from Americans and there is always a tone of racialty there…I’m a French Black woman and I’m wondering why this country with so many mixing couple(it’s in America that I first see blasian and I use to love that about America) is so racist….I can understand if people do not like her because Of her personality,or thinks she is a social climber(I don’t think so because I like her,she seems to be a nice person but who knows….)….
    I think as Joanie that they are just dating because a year is not enough for an engagement or a marriage so I don’t understand this complete madness about when he is gonna pop the question(I’m French so…..I don’t always get why American women want to marry so badly ….and go to divorce at the end….that’s the rushing….)

  17. Andrea says:

    A year is not a long time when you r in your 20s. By the time u get to be their age you figure out faster whether it’s bullshit or your in a healthy sustainable relationship, also you’ll know by a year if you’d want that person to father/ mother your children. Even if you hold off on an engagement you’ll know if you’re wasting your time or not. As for Harry and Meghan, sometimes u just know, this might be one of those times

    • FrenchB says:

      You are probably right Andrea….

    • Sarah says:

      That is assuming you live in the same city, see each other daily, go through the normal trials and tribulations of a couple in a year. I have had long distance relationships, and they are a lot of the fun and very little of the everyday mundane. It is always exciting, because you are either missing each other, planning to be together or sharing some small amount of time together. Add in the trials of being a royal with responsibilities, not hiding out in his or her house being romantic, and the time they have been together is much less than 9 months.
      There is much talk of Meghan being at Harry’s, practically living there, but no one here or anywhere really knows. People are hoping, but they don’t know anything, really.