Victoria’s Secret made a ‘sexiest’ list & it’s almost entirely thin white women

Taylor Swift performing live on stage

I didn’t realize that this was a thing, but Victoria’s Secret apparently (?) releases a “What Is Sexy?” list every year. And the 2017 What Is Sexy list is a total mess. Who would have thought that a company aiming to sell poor-quality lingerie to teenagers would get it so wrong?? Oh, right. Everyone, practically. You can see the full list here. Mandy Moore was named the “sexiest actress,” Taylor Swift is the “sexiest entertainer,” Lady Gaga got “sexiest songstress,” Margot Robbie won “Forever Sexy” and Lauren Conrad got “sexiest mogul.” Riley Keough got “sexiest breakout star.” Alexandra Richards for “sexiest DJ.” Victoria Justice for “sexiest smile.”

While there are a handful of women of color on this list – Priyanka Chopra got “sexiest red carpet look” and Jamie Chung got “sexiest festival style,” which isn’t even a thing? – the list was almost entirely populated by thin white women. Thin white women got all of the biggest “titles,” like Lauren Conrad and Taylor Swift, as if only white ladies are allowed to rise to the top of their fields… while still remaining sexy. I also feel like… as soon as Taylor Swift was named the “sexiest entertainer,” Victoria’s Secret should have shut this down.

Celebrities and cast arrive at the Suicide Squad London premiere

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  1. grabbyhands says:

    Shoot, I could have told you that for nothing.

    • Mike says:

      Can’t believe anybody is surprised at this. This is America and young, thin and white are all that matters if you are a woman.

      • Dottie Hinkle says:

        Meh. I think it has more to do with not wanting anymore competition.
        I doubt insecure women would like to see even more “aspirational” women they can’t be or live up to. Tina fey revealed this in her “back in my day all you had to do was be thin, now you have to have full lips like Angelina, thighs like Beyonce and Butt like jlo blah blah”. She was not joking btw. If you have a bunch of jasmine tookes on the covers of magazines and what not I doubt the insecure readers of that magazine would be able to cope, it’s enough pressure out there as it is.

    • Megan says:

      I realize it was an Oscar’s after party, but Viola Davis in that gorgeous white suit is the sexist red carpet look I have seen in years. All of the awards go to her!!!!

  2. Adele Dazeem says:

    Victoria’s Secret is going down fast. Heads need to roll to clean up this place before the retail apocalypse takes them down too.

    • Pandy says:

      Let it go down in flames. Terrible lingerie. Ill fitting and poorly constructed.

      • BB says:

        They really do have suck a$$ products any more. Used to love their undies…now they tear up/come apart in no time…and for that price I need those panties to LAST!!

      • Bread and Circuses says:

        **sigh** I’m old enough to remember when they had the BEST panties. Thick cotton, super-cute, super-comfy. You still payed through the nose for them, but they were great and they lasted.

        Then VS kept the high price tags but changed their product to flossy, spangly garbage.

    • Newgrrrrl says:

      “Pink” written on the tushie is oh so not sexy.

    • yoon says:

      Or the actual apocalypse. We’re on the right track, no?

  3. Coconut says:

    Festival wear is a thing. Saw it on some jeans sites.

  4. TheOtherOne says:

    Maybe I’m old but for most of these people I’m like who??? Who owes Nikki Reed a favor that she made the list? There was a Twilight marathon on Freeform this past weekend and I can’t think of her in any recent movies outside of that franchise. Nikki effing Reed. I’m still cracking up,

    • Beth says:

      I’m 38 and don’t know who most of these people are. Taylor Swift as the “sexist entertainer ” makes me crack up

      • KB says:

        Her inclusion makes the whole thing null and void. Easily the most asexual famous person I’ve ever seen.

    • Machiamellie says:

      It’s because of who she’s married to, more than anything.

    • lunchcoma says:

      I don’t think it’s being old. Nikki Reed isn’t the only woman on the list whose heyday has passed (Lauren Conrad and Mandy Moore, cough), and some of the younger women are pretty C-list. My guess would be that some bigger stars passed on whatever promotion is involved in this.

      • mint says:

        thought Mandy Moore was making a big Comeback with This is us on NBC

      • Moneypenny says:

        Mandy Moore is definitely having a resurgence with This is Us. She’s also Rapunzel and there’s a new Tangled TV show on Disney ;)

  5. Nicole says:

    Cause when I look for good social commentary I look at VS. VS has been crap for years

  6. Mia4s says:

    Soooo lame. 🙄 Certain publicists working overtime I see.

    Margot Robbie is “Forever Sexy” huh? She’s what? 26? 😂 Why do I doubt Victoria Secret would give her the title when she’s 46 (maybe after a couple of kids or her metabolism just naturally slowing down). You’re full of s**t Victoria’s Secret.

    • Shambles says:

      ” publicists working overtime I see.”

      Yup. Let’s not act like many of these people didn’t pay to be on this list, just to keep their names out there. You know, like people who have upcoming albums to shill.

      • Megan says:

        I can’t believe my cat didn’t win for sexiest social media. She gets a lot of likes on Facebook and Instagram.

      • Shambles says:

        Email them with your outrage. This is unacceptable.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I don’t know if anyone would pay to be on such an uneventful list. I think it might have more to do with parent companies, appearances, and cross-promotion.

    • QueenB says:

      lol yeah I always roll my eyes so hard when they do the Sexiest Men Alive. Its always “a huge surprise” (nah you told your publicist to negotiate as aggressively as possible) and “my wife teases me about that”.

    • Jilly says:

      Margot Robbie is beautiful no doubt but is she really 26?

      • Mia4s says:

        Welllll, yes….probably. Looking at IMDB it says she turns 27 in July. However S he is one of those actresses who is heavily rumoured to have shaved a few years off. Eh, the way Hollywood is, if it’s true I don’t blame her!

      • Tiffany :) says:

        She was on an Australian show when she was younger and gave interviews, and the years do seem to match up.

      • Lex says:

        Yah – she finished high school in 2007 – there are records online

  7. QueenB says:

    I totally get the outrage but then again: Lists of the “sexiest” are by definition discriminating. Facial symmetry is placed above all, being able bodied etc. If there were more WoC and older women it would still exclude basically everyone else except for the genetically blessed. Overweight people still have to have a conentionally attractive face.
    Beauty is a huge privilege. I mean just making those list and even giving out awards for being born a certain way is still seen as totally normal. Thats mindblowing.

    Beauty is treated like an achievement.

    • Jaded says:


    • Missy says:

      I like the phrase “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”….this list is totally normal for Victoria’s Secret. The women they find beautiful are the thin white women, is that what all the rest of the world consider beauty, probably not.
      I don’t see beauty as a huge privilege, if anything it’s a burden.

      • QueenB says:

        The absolut majority would find these women beautiful. Beauty is not really in the eye of the beholder. Its very much about facial symmetry. And its hard wirde into humans:
        ““Attractiveness is not in the eye of the beholder, it’s innate to a newborn infant,””

        “I don’t see beauty as a huge privilege, if anything it’s a burden. ”
        Higher salaries, more options in your love life, lower jail sentences, entire indsturies which revolve around your looks (modeling) or industries that place looks above talent (music, acting), better grades for same test results, more likely to be let into a night club etc etc. Its a gigantic advantage.
        “Results showed that participants overwhelmingly believed more attractive subjects have more socially desirable personality traits than either averagely attractive or unattractive subjects. Participants also believed that attractive individuals would lead happier lives in general, have happier marriages, be better parents, and have more career success than the others”

      • Cherise says:

        Beauty opens a heck of a lot of doors, there are plenty of studies on this. Are there disadvantages? Sure but its kind of crazy to call it a burden.

        I disagree slightly with QueenB. Yes facial beauty is universally tied to symmetry but there are other components to the beauty score card. Some of those components will differ between cultures. These women do not score on all those components in many parts of the world. In some places, their faces are too thin, in others they are too pale and in others their lips are too thin or their eyes are too weird or their hair looks like straw et cetera. The editor simply employed his own cultural lens to pick these women. People are suggesting that he should be aware of that lens and select beauties that satisfy more than just that narrow construct of beauty.

        I do however agree with you that all discussion of beauty is eventually exclusionary because it requires for some to be set above others.

      • Micki says:

        @QueenB: You’ve nailed the major points.

      • Lama Bean says:

        Much easier to be “sexy and beautiful” when you have the money for “hamster urine facials”, “giraffe placenta moisturizer”, top of the line makeup, new teeth, and top of the line trainers. Without all this, they may still be beautiful, but this false standard of beauty is ridiculous.

    • anna says:

      totally agree re: sexiest/ most beautiful is always discriminating. that’s a given and shouldn’t be source of outrage. BUT what bothers me is that it’s almost always exclusively women who are being measured by something that is out of your control (how your face is shaped etc.) so you are doomed to a passive existence where someone has to pick you and discover you. i do think this is very ingrained in our culture and little girls learn early on that they have to be admired, not admire themselves. does that make sense?

    • doofus says:

      “Beauty is treated like an achievement.”

      omg, so well said. just because you win the genetic lottery doesn’t mean you are “better” or worth more than someone who didn’t.

    • Kitten says:

      Yes you make a lot of good points. Basically, no matter how you slice it women are f*cked.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      “Beauty is treated like an achievement.”

      So true and very well phrased! Being thin is treated as a sign of discipline and good character.

      • wolfpup says:

        Ah, well, I like looking at the thicker women. We are all so beautiful, and all the men want to do is f*ck us – and they show Us that we can Eat food, ! and they STILL want Us. All of Us – each one.

        Need we really stop eating? Beauty is important to a man – but need we starve for a woman’s aesthetic?

        Ladies, don’t be afraid of being alone, because there are always lonely men to choose from…

        They call a woman easy – but men are the easiest!

  8. Kiki says:

    Victoria Secrets are not the ones to show how you should be proud of who you are as a woman from many different colours, shapes and sizes. I get that Victoria Secrets are supposed to superficial, frivolous and shallow, and I get that Victoria Secrets will find the “supermodel” to look good for the massive Brand. However, this “What is sexy” list is not only redundant but just downright hypocrisy. The straw on its camel’s back, is that they have the nerve to have skinny, no curves women who are not as pretty but they are perfect to PERFECT WHITE DOMINANT SOCIETY.

    This is why I am so over Victoria Secrets Catalogues, their brands and their, asinine , ridiculous and very, very stupid Christmas Shows. What’s even worse, their new models (if not all supermodels before) are just as stupid.

  9. greenmonster says:

    I think it is really important to have those sexiest lists. Because women have accomplished nothing, if they aren’t called sexy. Show young girls that they can be an entertainer or a mogul – but it has to be a thin, white and sexy one or otherwise it wouldn’t count. Sexy is the new old smart I guess.

  10. Radley says:

    This list is clearly promo for these ladies probably arranged with their PR. Because Taylor Swift has zero sex appeal. They owe her for performing on their horrid fashion show I guess. Stupid list executed stupidly.

  11. anonymous says:

    wait taylor Swift is sexy ? lmfao

  12. rachel says:

    Victoria Secret is so irrevelant these days. Theys should just stick to trying hard with their “supermodel” at another tiring event aka Coachella.

  13. Tiny Martian says:

    Lol! Victoria’s Secret stopped being sexy years ago, in my book. They crapped on their own brand the minute they started selling sweats.

  14. Margo S. says:

    This is what happens when you have white old men executives.

    • Suzanne says:

      Who would have picked ashley graham?

      • lala says:

        She is absolutely beautiful and has curves in all the right places. so ya, creepy old dudes with power would choose her.. also for “diversity” reasons. She is the model everyone trots out when they want to be seen as inclusive.

  15. Kitty says:

    VS has went downhill. Also the age of Supermodels aren’t here anymore.

  16. doofus says:

    sorry, but both Bey and Riri are WAY sexier than vanilla Taylor Swift.

    this list is RIDIC.

  17. Pumpkin Pie says:

    Imo VS is not a brand that is geared towards women, but towards MEN and TEENAGERS. And MONEY. So VS has no business making this kind of list.
    I wonder what did TS have to do to get that “title”.

    • shura says:

      This is a good point. For a woman’s clothing and lingerie manufactors, VS is in the odd position of of being obliged to appeal to men. Mainly younger men. And as much as we might like to imagine otherwise, for the most part men desire thin young women with big breasts. VS has to cater to that.

  18. Lightpurple says:

    Forever sexy? Rita Moreno.

  19. QQ says:

    This is absolutely Laughable and preposterous as is VS Their cheap poorly sized shitty Panties and really the “scategories” of sexy and the Picks …. LOLOL some of these women openly read as the blandest of the bland that ever blanded in Blandland FFS we LITERALLY talk about how “dry” and unsexy this is actually “ivanka constituency” Sexy, you know, dogwhistling – not really though a VERY VERY narrow specific thing as “pretty” which is the same sh*t I hear when I hear “All American” … Yall don’t mean All-American Virtues/homegrown, what ya’ll mean with that is White Blonde Blue Eyed Crew Cut

    • saygoodnightgracie says:


    • me says:

      I definitely agree with the White Blonde Blue Eyed and Thin look is what seems to be “All American”…though America doesn’t even look like that anymore. It’s funny because that description is what most people in Sweden look like, not America lol.

      • shura says:

        Depends. I lived in Ohio for three years …. blond, blue eyed German/Nordic types as far as the eye can see. So you can ask yourself, “Is America LA and NY or is that vast swath of flyover states we urban folks like to pretend doesn’t exist?”

  20. Amanda says:

    James Corden for sexiest late night talk show host? I really hope that the celebrities who made this ‘sexy list’ don’t take it very seriously ’cause this is ridiculous!

    • Shambles says:


      • Beth says:

        I LOVE Trevor Noah! He’s such a cute/sexy guy. His accent makes him extra hot! I went to bed early last night so I had to record the Daily Show.

    • Kiki says:

      Are these people serious? James Corden sexy? Oh come one. James Corden should be in the adorable category not Sexy. There is nothing remotely sexy about James Corden. James Corden is just adorable and cuddly.

  21. Betsy says:

    Beyond the obvious racism, sizeism, and ageism, there’s just no quirk. I am sure these women are all sexual beings, but when I think of really sexy women and men, the list isn’t always conventionally attractive people. Such a sad limited view. And it doesn’t really bother me – I don’t buy VS, do not have an interest in it, and it doesn’t fit my giant rack anyway – but I feel bad for the young girls coming up who grow up with this distorted lens of hot and sexy.

  22. Seraphina says:

    Typical for VS. Young thin women who are in their early 20s. I went to VS to get a few things and everything is cut for small sizes. I am a curvy 8 and their Large tops didn’t fit well. So sad. Maybe that’s why the company isn’t doing so well. The women who have $$$$ to spend on expensive lingerie are older and lets face it, for most women the body isn’t the same at 40 as it was at 20.

  23. Monsy says:

    Taylor Swift as the “sexist entertainer ”.. really? REALLY??!!

    I mean she’s talented, smart and incredibly successful, but sexy?

    • AJ says:

      Yes. Very.

      • Becky says:

        AJ, think you mean in your opinion.

        What a person finds attractive or sexy is subjective, in the eye of the beholder.

        I think Taylor is on the surface attractive, except for her huge veneers and recently her awful hair and cosmetic work, but I find her obvious narcissism very unattractive. I definitely don’t find her sexy – as opposed to say Rihanna, who IMO has more sex appeal in her little finger than Swift has in her entire body.

        Money, Taylor is smart but I think more so in business, she doesn’t appear to be academically minded. Successful yes, but her talent is overrated IMO.

    • pinetree13 says:

      Rihanna should have been sexiest entertainer BY FAR

  24. third ginger says:

    Sadly, you could have had virtually this same list [same types] in my youth. The early 70′s. However, back then there was no body positivity movement. More like LORD OF THE FLIES with all of us trying the “banana diet” the yogurt diet” and my personal favorite “the smoking diet” in order to grab an eligible man before it was too late [age 25].

    If you want to feel that we have come at least some distance, look at old ads from women’ magazines of the era.

  25. me says:

    Anyone surprised here?

  26. Josefina says:

    Taylor Swift is the best example I can think of someone being good looking without having a grain of sex appeal.

    • Skylark says:

      Agree she’s totally sexless but I also don’t find her remotely attractive or good looking. Small beady eyes, terrible hair, kind of ratty features and a totally charmless smile.

      Margot Robbie, on the other hand, is both gorgeous and sexy and deserves a place on any ‘gorgeous and sexy’ list.

      In any case, seriously LOL at the idea that a bland and personality-free company like VS would ever be likely to come up with a list of genuinely sexy women.

  27. Sara says:

    I guess I am the only one that doesn’t think Margot Robbie is that pretty.

  28. Ronnie says:

    VS shows pander to horny guys. How many of those horny guys actually go out and buy lingerie for their girlfriends or wives? VS should be targeting real women who want to buy underwear and feel sexy in it – so show these real women other women who look like them, wearing the garments and looking good in it. As an overweight and self-conscious lady I do not want to see f-ing Behati Prinsloo or whoever strut their stuff in barely-there thongs and angel wings. I want a real example of how I can wear VS underwear. The majority of women out there looks like me. So show me why I should be buying your product.

  29. Annetommy says:

    I hope Ivanka is in there or there will be a tweetstorm from the Trumpenfurher.

  30. Tiffany says:

    None of these women Leo would date. You can tell they did not ask for his opinion.

  31. shura says:

    Meh. Young and white is their demographic. Business is business. Would a super skinny model in a Lane Bryant ad make sense?

  32. Morgana says:

    Oh, I see. Most women on this silly list are Americans. Really? No latinas???? This shows how this list is a joke.