Kendall Jenner in a plunging gown at Harper’s Bazaar event: striking or overdone?

Harper's Bazaar 150th Anniversary - Arrivals
These are photos from the 150th anniversary(!) of Harper’s Bazaar, held at the Rainbow Room in New York City last night. Kendall Jenner is the cover woman on this month’s issue, which Kaiser will be covering shortly. The Empire State Building was lit up with the cover last night, featuring Kendall. You can see that image below.

In terms of the fashion it was a mixed bag. I haven’t been able to find the designer IDs for the gowns but I’ll update with those when/if they’re available. Kendall was in this black and sequin plunging deep v-neck gown with a very prominent thigh slit and side train. I feel like we’ve seen this silhouette so many times before but this is striking actually and I love the distribution of sequins at the cuffs and in clusters at the bodice and along the skirt. There’s a lot of thought put into this dress. Plus her styling is amazing with that nude lip and those drop earrings. Gorgeous.

Harper's Bazaar 150th Anniversary - Arrivals

Lucifer’s homegirl was Kendall’s date last night, and she wore a see through top with butterfly embellishments covered with a long silk jacket and loose pants. Her hair reminds me of a duck. Do you know what I mean, how ducks get that poof on one side of their head? Look at Kendall’s expression here.

Harper's Bazaar 150th Anniversary - Arrivals

Demi Moore was in a cream shirt with grommets paired with a high leather skirt with a folded waist, side ruffle and matching belt. I think this is Zac Posen as he was there last night and he’s dressed Demi before. Plus I found one of his purses which features similar grommets. Look at that purse, I have heart eyes. Off Fifth has some gorgeous Zac Posen purses. I think I may need to treat myself.

Harper's Bazaar 150th Anniversary - Arrivals

Priyanka Chopra wore a pink formfitting gown with a v-shaped sequin pattern and ruffle sleeves. I think this gown would work better without the window at the the next and without the little ruffles.

Harper's BAZAAR 150th Anniversary Celebration In NYC

Christie Brinkley is crazy hot in a short dress with large silver polka dots, a split bodice and bell sleeves. She’s twenty years older than me and I wouldn’t dare wear a skirt that short, but I don’t have legs like her either. The sparkly pantyhouse are a little goofy and Christie’s makeup veers clownish, but that’s minor.

Harper's Bazaar 150th Anniversary - Arrivals

Was Sailor Lee Cook, 18, upstaged by her mom? I think she was.

Harper's BAZAAR 150th Anniversary Celebration In NYC

Harper's BAZAAR 150th Anniversary Celebration In NYC

Doutzen Kroes was looking lovely if a little underdone. This calls for more makeup or at least a bold eye or lip.

Harper's Bazaar 150th Anniversary - Arrivals

You know who wins this post? Iman. Those are pants too!

Harper's Bazaar 150th Anniversary - Arrivals

Harper's Bazaar 150th Anniversary - Arrivals

Empire State building ft. me

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Photos credit: WENN and FameFlynet

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  1. QQ says:

    LMFAO Is the Empire State paying Tribute to her for ending Racism with a Pepsi? yes?

    Also The surgery really rendered her like a fresher iteration of her mom which LOLOL IDK if she wanted this

    Iman Looks QUEENLY!, Doutzen next for me quite beautiful

    • Kitten says:

      YES she’s looking more and more like Kris…

    • doofus says:

      yeah, that’s the first thing I noticed, how much she resembles her mother.

      and Demi does NOT look good. her face is becoming “witchy”, unless that’s just a bad pic.

    • MellyMel says:

      This is literally everything I was thinking lol!

    • AnnaKist says:

      Spot on, guys. I’ve been saying for months how Kendall is the spit of her mum since she started with the enhancements. It’s even more obvious now, and that’s no compliment. Eeeek, Madam Jenner’s cheeks…! Iman…she’s the winner – sensational.

    • Ayra. says:

      Whenever one of Kris’s spawns get enhancements, they start to look exactly like her. Another example is Khloe.

    • Coop says:

      I cannot believe they put her on the Empire State building. This country has its priorities allllllllll out of order. Embarrassing.

    • deevia says:

      Kris always looks GANGSTA good though. Like a really successful pimp with oodle swagger. Kendall next to her is like one of her “bottom of the barrel” girls that she can’t turn out and now work as her maid. I love Demon Mother!

      • Snowflake says:

        Me too!^^

      • TrixC says:

        I’m really bad at picking what surgery people have had, but whatever it is she’s looking less and less like a model, there’s now something distracting about her face.

    • Madailein says:

      Agree! K and her pimp look like those nearly identical Russian dolls, where smaller ones fit inside the larger ones, so they’re just like different sized and dressed replications of each other. And Iman is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, no matter what she wears, with Doutzen Kroes a very close second.

  2. minx says:

    Oh, Iman looks incredible! Love the color of her outfit, her styling, hair.
    Demi Moore needs to ditch the jet black center-parted long hair, it’s too harsh.

  3. Chaine says:

    Oh. Kendall. That dress, the styling, it is all surprisingly matronly on her. She is what, 22? She needs a fresher, younger look. Kris’s getup is awful, like something Sharon Osborne would wear.

    • boredblond says:

      Was thinking she should switch dresses with Brinkley, who is starting to just look scary..

    • Josephine says:

      My first thought as well – she looks matronly and no longer fresh. And at her age, her freshness is her best asset. That plastic surgery adds years to these young women. I read a headline the other day that the oldest K sister was celebrating her birthday, and she was still in her 30’s. I assumed all three of them were in their 40’s.

      • WhichWitch says:

        Wow, really? I don’t agree at all… the Kardashian sisters look their age imo

  4. Chelly says:

    I love Doutzens dress…gorgeous

  5. Sayrah says:

    I thought sailor Lee cook was Evan Rachel wood… or her robot self from west world.

    • Yup, Me says:

      Poor baby- she wants to be a model and while she’s very pretty she’s as bland as oatmeal. Did you see the interview of her with her mom and sister talking about their SI photoshoot? She is dry as an ashy elbow.

    • Sarah says:

      this ^

  6. Alexandria says:

    Not sure if she would be happy to hear this but she looks like her mum now.

  7. vava says:

    Christie Brinkley looks ridiculous.
    Iman is gorgeous.
    Demi Moore is veering into Morticia territory….

  8. Desi says:

    Weird photo of Jenner. Makes her look like she has Broken Barbie Leg.

    And chokers can just back to 1992 where they belong.

  9. Swak says:

    Kendall’s tan line at her neckline is off.

  10. Bettyrose says:

    Kendall’s look reminds me of Lorelai at her father’s funeral, when Jason told her she looked like “the hottest Italian widow.” Which is a weird look for a teenager.

  11. Alleycat says:

    Kendall looks so plastic to me now. Just like her mother. I don’t know why she’s still getting magazine covers, since it seems like her popularity is weaning.

    • Polly says:

      Unlike most people, I thought she had the potential to be a good model when she started out, she had that Ali McGraw look going. But now, nope. The ‘enhancements”‘ have given her a weird rubbery face, which is def not high fashion. She’s aged herself ten years in the process.

  12. Alp says:

    I like that dress but I wouldn’t call her overall look ‘striking’.

  13. Barbcat says:

    When I look at Demi I just see her cheek fillers. Zoomed in, she looks like a witch with that hair and extra skinny/pointy face. I really think she would have aged beautifully if she hadn’t messed with her face years ago.

  14. Gene123 says:

    Goddess Iman… We are not worthy

  15. littlemissnaughty says:

    I’m trying to figure out what exactly she wanted to improve in her face. Because it didn’t work, it just looks nipped and wonky. Is it botox too? Her forehead looks so waxy and frozen. It’s a shame, she was really cute. Now she looks like every other Kardashian.

  16. Anilehcim says:

    Kendall Jenner is an extremely pretty girl in my opinion, but her entire career is so obviously the product of her family having connections. Kendall’s look is no better or different than any of the other 3rd tier models that she would be working amongst in the real world. She’s pretty as in the prettiest girl in a small town who is told by everyone she should be a model. She doesn’t have the “it factor” that the fashion world keeps trying to say she does, she has very little range or depth at all, and I feel sorry for the models out there who are better at their jobs than she is who have to watch her slightly above average self get every job handed to her while others are more deserving.

    “You know who wins this post? Iman.”
    YES. I <3 Queen Iman!!

    • Kali says:

      Oh I agree anilehcim. Iman is a model. The kardeshin girl isn’t. These pics prove it.

    • Pandy says:

      That about sums up Kendall. But ew! So much like Pimp Mama – who looks like all kinds of hell in these photos!! I thought Kendall’s dress looked too old for her. Like something she borrowed from PM. Doutzen looked amazing.

    • Madailein says:

      Yes, aniehcim, Kendall is exactly that—the prettiest girl in a small town type, who fades and recedes out of focus completely next to extremely beautiful, actual models. I can’t stand how nepotism has begun to rule the modeling world (I’m thinking of the hopelessly horse faced and ubiquitous Bella Hadid) but at least nepotism doesn’t rule in more important fields, such as surgeons being able to hand their jobs down to their untrained children or to their celebrity “connections.” But in the modeling world, amateurs have truly taken over. It’s not deeply important, but it’s predictable and tedious and dull.

      • WhichWitch says:

        For me the problem with modeling is that now it’s about instagram and being a celebrity, and less about selling the brand. Well it’s technically about selling two brands- the model’s and the company’s.
        I find Kendall and Gigi and Bella beautiful, but boring in that I see their faces everyone… every brand that can get their hands on them does… I just wish for more diversity

  17. Nikki says:

    Agree with all abovecomments that Kendall really looks like her mom. Am the only commenter so far who doesn’t like big, long, drapey pants. Love Iman but not that look. I am not usually cruel, but Christie Brinkley’s huge red smile reminds me of the Joker, and I can’t unsee it. It seems so forced and fake to me. I don’t like her dress at all; with those huge float sleeves, I think: “Please don’t cook on a gas stove top!” So sad: I’ve become my mother.

  18. Hola says:

    Demi looks like Cher
    Kendal …. her legs look short, why?… not good… and she needs to stop with the fillers or wathever… that puffiness in her cheeks and lips… is it natural? Its not helping her as a model… she has no angles… i used to like her natural look… small breast… small lips… deep dark eyes… little tom boy…
    Maybe its just the make up

  19. bella says:

    I think all the women look beautiful. If I was there I wouldn’t know where to look. I love all the fashion looks as well. The only thing that I think needs to be tweeked is Christie’s blush, but I am guilty of the same offense as I look horrible without a pink toned blush.

  20. Hola says:

    I dont agree with the Kendal criticism.
    First of all to compare her with Iman is unfair.

    Kendal has always been beautiful and has an interesting and different look… for a 22 year old all the criticism must be hard…
    If she wants to be a model and people hire her… good for her

    • swak says:

      Why is it unfair to compare her to Iman? Comparisons are part of the nature of modeling – actually happens in a lot of careers. Sports players are compared all the time and some of them are 19 and 20. Being in her chosen field, she needs to not have a thin skin and learn to let it roll off her back. I tell my grandchildren all the time that it doesn’t matter what others say and they need to learn to ignore it.

  21. Zuzus Girl says:

    I feel badly for Christie Brinkley’s kids. Who could ever find their own light under her shadow? She always tries (and succeeds) to outshine her girls.

    Iman is gorgeous. Kendall…eh.

  22. Happy21 says:

    I love Christie’s dress, not necessarily on her but it’s so fun.
    But what I really came to say is IMAN! She looks absolutely stunning.

  23. Anon33 says:

    Christie’s makeup and dress combo remind me of a pretty clown. Do not think she’s upstaged her daughter at all here. She looks faker than fake.

  24. Gina says:

    Ouch. Is Christie Brinkley wearing ‘shiny’ nude pantyhose? Iman and Doutzen are the only 2 that brought their A game. Kendall, what? why?

  25. Lucy2 says:

    Iman for the win!
    I would love Kendall’s gown on Charlize, ERW, someone with more presence to do it justice.
    Kris looks embarrassing.

  26. Snowflake says:

    I love Sailor’s red jumpsuit

  27. Tallia says:

    All hail Queen IMAN. She looked fabulous!

  28. serena says:

    Her new face is so weird, I seriously can’t keep looking at her for more that 2 seconds.

  29. Freddy Spaghetti says:

    I think Kendall looks good–of all her family, she seems to have avoided getting oodles of fillers, although I think she’s had some.

    Christie Brinkley is age- defying. I would hate to be her kid.

    Iman is gorgeous.