Brad & Angelina fought their way through Cannes & only In Touch saw it

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In Touch’s cover story this week (or really, next week’s issue) is yet another “Impending doom for Brangelina” story. This time, the cover blares out “Now Their Fight Becomes Public,” although the inside headline is “Their Private Fight Is Now Public”… fascinating copyediting. Though it has some elements of their previous doom-filled stories about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston reuniting to throw massive pity parties together while Angelina sulks in a dark corner, the bulk of the story focuses on how Brad and Angelina were fighting constantly during their trip to Cannes. Earlier today, we reported on both Star’s and the National Enquirer’s versions of the Cannes trip, both reporting that Brad and Angelina seemed like they were “back in love”.

Hilariously, the story includes a massive amount of “photo evidence” from the Cannes red carpet and the after-party Brad and Angelina attended. I was cracking up reading it because of all of the little creative titles the In Touch editors gave to the photo arrays. Stuff like: They’re so stiff, Looking stressed, Angry Words, Brad’s the life of the party, Brad ignores Angelina, He drinks away his nerves, Angelina gets tipsy, She’s with another man, They’re kisses were so forced. I feel like the In Touch editors write haikus in their spare time, so I’ll try one too:

Angelina, stiff
Brad’s the life of the party
Angry words, tipsy.

There’s a lot of material here, so I’ll just do the first part of the cover story, the part where In Touch’s writers and “sources” seem to be the only people who saw this massive red carpet fight between Angelina and Brad:

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie usually look like the perfect couple when they are on the red carpet, but as they made their entrance at the Cannes International Film Festival, onlookers at the premiere for Inglourious Basterds on May 20 saw steely glances and overheard heated words exchanged between the two stars.

And onlookers and insiders alike tell In Touch that Brad and Angelina are so unhappy, they can’t hide their disdain for each other in public anymore.

According to a source, before the premiere Brad and Angelina got into a blistering fight while they were getting ready.

“Brad was trying to ignore her, but Angie kept making nasty comments about how she didn’t want to be there,” says a source. “She was pushing his buttons as only she knows how.”

Brad couldn’t contain his annoyance…[when asked] by an interviewer how he was enjoying Cannes, Brad smiled tightly and said, “It’s good fun, man. It’s good fun to be here with Quentin,” referring to Quentin Tarantino. But when a fuming Angelina walked up behind him, Brad hastily added, “and this lovely lady.”

The pair then took a few “very forced and awkward” pictures for photographers… then Brad left Angelina standing alone and posed with his co-star Diane Kruger for 10 minutes, putting his hand on the samll of her back and gazing adoringly at her.

“Angelina looked so angry,” an onlooker tells In Touch. “She seemed humiliated.”

[When Brad] paid more attention to Diane, [Angelina] was gripped with jealousy. Making matters worse, Brad had once revealed to Angelina that Diane had a crush on him when they filmed Troy together… [when asked about working with Brad again last October, Diane said] “I’m extremely excited… he’s great. I’m really happy about it.”

Angelina could not hide her envy on the red carpet, a witness says, and complained under her breath when he finally left Diane’s side. “She hates when women swoon over him,” a source tells In Touch. Brad tried to contain himself, but the witness says, “Everyone saw the tension and was making comments.”

[From In Touch, print edition, June 8 2009]

Oh my God, Brad posed for pictures with his costar and Angelina is totally going to leave him because of it! Right. As for the first part, where they’re talking about how Angelina was making “nasty comments” to Brad as they were getting ready, I have two points. First, who told In Touch this? Someone in the room? Because it sounds like it was just Brad and Angelina in the room. Secondly, In Touch has a little pullout “story” on how Brad and Angelina were staying/sleeping in different rooms in their villa. So… if that’s true, why were they getting ready in the same room? Or was the separate rooms thing bullsh-t? It’s so hard to keep up. As for the entirety of the red carpet analysis about how they were fighting and acting pissy – why was In Touch the only one who saw it?

Here’s Brad and Angie at Cannes on 5/19/09. It’s hard to find any pictures of these two looking anything less than absolutely in love on this trip. Images thanks to .

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  1. valupack says:

    Is that her bare arse showing thru that dress? A little too much but goes with the smug look on her face

  2. Jen WInd says:

    Yea, I noticed how see through her dress was in that first picture too! Better hope the front was covered a little better or everyone was going to get a good view.

  3. HashBrowns says:

    So you will believe Hello, the Star and the Enquirer when they have “sources” who were “in the room” when good stuff happens between these two but god forbid a “source” who was “in the room” says something negative. *gasp* the world ends.

    All of these stories are BS. There is literally no way of knowing which are true and which aren’t unless you were there yourself. And even then, everyone interprets a handshake differently or a look or a glance. I think these “sources” are people who were there who have differing opinions on what each of the body movements and glances meant between Brad and Angelina.

    I suspect that it is seriously someone’s job at the magazines to do so. And that is sad and pathetic.

  4. Hello Dolly says:

    Well isn’t all celebrity gossip just that… gossip?

    In Touch doesn’t have the intellectual property rights on he said/she said and guess who saw it type of tabloid journalism.

    We’re all part of the gossip machine. It’s fiction.

  5. grisgris says:

    Clearly, Brad is chewing on his sunglasses to keep from making out with Diane Kruger. My god, he is all over Diane in that photo – for shame! hee.

  6. Beautiful Mama says:

    BULLSH**!!!! Get over it all you Jennifer Anniston plants!!

  7. just a poster says:

    Valupack, it looks like it might be silk and not her buns. Look at the bottom of the dress and you can see the different fabrics.

  8. Sauronsarmy says:

    What does this have to do with Jennifer Aniston? Somebody please explain this to me?

  9. nimble minx says:

    and AGAIN…

    who mentions Aniston FIRST in a brangelina thread? a brangeloonie.

    please note, Beautiful Mama, that YOU were the first one to bring Aniston into this post.

    and because it bears repeating yet again, I’ll say it.


    regarding the dress, I think there was something underneath it that was virtually the same color as the loose/flowy stuff, so it looked like she was nude underneath but really wasn’t. pretty dress, but all wrong for her coloring – made her look washed out.

    and as I said on another thread, how come there isn’t even ONE pic of them “fighting”? as much as I dislike these two, it seems pretty clear to me that they’re happy. but HashBrowns, you are 100% correct…no one knows for sure except people who were there.

  10. just a poster says:

    I dunno, but she always gets tossed into the mix.

  11. Alex says:

    The problem with Intouch is that they been running the bs stories for like a month now about them breaking up, Brad took the kids etc, so they have to continue with this cr*p cause they don’t want to look like a fool. I am sure next week will be another brange cover story from Intouch with the same sh*t. Thank goodness for Brad and Angie cause they sure do keep the tabs in business

  12. Karen says:

    She is obviously wearing some kind of underwear.. You can see a panty line.. As far as them on the Carpet. they looked quite happy in all the pic and video I saw. But I am sure if they laugh too much it is a fake,, if they don’t laugh they are not happy, If he touches her he is doing it for the cameras.. If she does not touch him she is angry.. If they walk slow they are whoring for the camera, If they walk fast they can’t stand to be by each other and want to get everything over with.. 4+ years of the same stories..

    Something for everyone.. Except one thing.. the TRUTH

  13. Cheyenne says:

    Okay, now let me see if I got this right:

    When I go to a party with a guy, we have to lock eyeballs and ignore everybody else in the room for the whole night. If we don’t, our relationship is doomed.

    If either of us smiles at or talks to anyone else it means we’re *gasp!* flirting with somebody else and our relationship is doomed.

    If either of us turns away from the other person for so much as a minute, it means we are deliberately ignoring each other and our relationship is doomed.

    Damn, I’d be better off entering a convent…

  14. Umm... says:

    I just don’t see how they COULDN’T be happy? I mean, nobody ever does anything in front of a camera that they wouldn’t do in private, right? Obviously, four years ago when Brad/Jen were holding hands and kissing at Cannes, that was ALL real. Nevermind that he was already banging his new whore on the sidelines. Seriously, I have no idea whether they’re actually fighting or not. But deciding to discredit InTouch while believing the National Enquirer doesn’t sound at all ridiculous to you? Blind to what you don’t like, obsessed with what you want to hear.

  15. jane says:

    tabloids are just published fan fiction in my opinion.

  16. Mark says:

    Jennifer Aniston fans are so bitter and negative. That’s why no man wants to deal with her are those pathetic negative fans of hers. I understand why Butler and the other Brad C released statements denying dating her real fast. She’s like the plague.

  17. Geri says:

    Jenifer Aniston has nothing to do with this story but somehow brangeloonies keep bringing her name up, yet claim
    she and her fans are obsessed. LMAO!! Yeah right!

  18. e-non says:

    this is such bullshit. those actually in the film were gathered for their photo op; pitt included. after a few minutes of posing, pitt separated from the group and walked over to where jolie was standing off to the side and got her and they both walked/posed for more photos before joining everyone else on the steps.

  19. nnn says:

    I saw Jenny and Courtney together again in a so called restaurant. Now something is fishy there. I think they secretly date

  20. Chicamorena says:

    “In Touch’s writers and “sources” seem to be the only people who saw this massive red carpet fight between Angelina and Brad”

    They have the most amazing powers of clairvoyance and perspicacity which allows them to discern the tiniest nuances, the likes of which are beyond the abilities of us lesser mortals to perceive or to understand.

    Either that, or they are batshit crazy.

  21. Amy says:

    The reason In Touch keeps running the breakup stories is because haters and Jenfans believe it every single time. You would think after four years they would be more cautious in believing the tabloids but since they hate Angelina and desperately want Brad back with Jennifer they will believe every negative story. What makes the In Touch story so stupid is there were thousands of photographers and videocameras not only on the redcarpet but also inside of the theatre and the afterparty. None of the tabloid’s claims even happened.

  22. Bodhi says:

    I LOVE her dress! I wish like hell that I could pull off something like that, le sigh…

  23. pickle says:

    There were other reprts of fighting, not just In Touch’s.
    And Ang looks like crap.The dress isn’t see thru or you would be seeing all her ugly tats.

  24. y says:

    angie is a type of woman who don’t follow with a man or to obey her man. she always fight with brad about something. his haircut. his behavior, his actres with film make because she steal brad from anniston while he make film with angie. fight with him about children. and hurt him everytime. those are so stress with men to obey woman. who have good job himself. leave angie is his best way to happy enough. she isn’t a type to be wife like ex-wife robyn gibson.

  25. orion70 says:

    i’m sorry, but what is up with all of the “mother of the bride” outfits she wears? The color also does nothing for her. Is she doing this to distance herself from her former, edgier self ?

    also: alot of hairloss going on with those photogs ;)

  26. Thom says:

    @Y/Orion70 hilarious guess you are close to Angie to know how she treat her men. You are going to each Brad/Angie thread posting your stupid ignorant lies. Aniston fans need to move on. It’s been 5 years.

  27. bernie says:

    hope these 2 break up just to bother you angie fans.
    talk about a broken record. you just repeat, repeat, repeat.

  28. RAN says:

    “You are going to each Brad/Angie thread posting your stupid ignorant lies”

    Umm…. Thom, pot, meet kettle

  29. boomchakaboom says:

    Bodhi: I wish I could pull off a Brad thing like she does.

  30. Wresa says:

    BS stories like this aside, I’m so envious of Angelina. She is so talented, and beautiful, and she is married to one of the hottest guys on the planet!

  31. gem15 says:

    Why would anyone “hope” that they break up and a family be torn apart? For revenge for an Ex sitcom star? They looked very much in love at Cannes and I don’t think either one of them is that good an actor. Glad everything is well in Brangelinaville. Don’t think it’s Aniston’s fans who can’t move on, more like aniston herself. Her PR strategy has kept this triangle going 4+ years later. the upside is she sells movie tickets, the downside is the incredible hatred towards the “other woman”. As long as people hate AJ she remains relevant, and that’s very sad.

  32. malena says:

    love this couple.and they’re obviously so in love, that’s why gossip mag have to invent these things.afte rall the mags sell when they are on the cover

  33. sonia says:

    According to NYTimes IT readership is down 29% and Life And Style is down 31% to less than 500,000 so one or both will probably be shutting down soon . People is up 2% and USweekly is down 1% but will probably go up due to Jon and Kate

  34. Tiny says:

    Uh wresa they are not married!!!!
    Why do people constantly say they are married??? They are not married!

    Also any one who is a fan of Jennifers surely would never want her back with Brad, the man that lied to her, cheated on her and humiliated her in front of the world. Duh!!!
    Brad and ang deserve each other, I hope they stay together to continue making each other miserable.

  35. Chicamorena says:

    Um, Tiny… why do you assume they are making each other miserable? Does it pain you too much to imagine they are making each other happy?

    This is what I’ve noticed about Aniston’s fans: they hate most of all that Brad and Angelina are happy together. They think they don’t deserve to be happy together.

    Aniston had her chance and blew it. She couldn’t even be bothered to give him a child. Don’t blame Brad if he found the happiness with Angelina and their children that he never found with Aniston.

  36. orion70 says:

    @Thom WTH are you blubbering on about? I made a comment about her dress, not her relationship, and where am I supposedly going into each and every thread about these two and making comments ?

    I get such a kick out of how people *coughcrazyfanscough* go into the threads (not this star specifically) and sulk out a “yeah ! Well ! you’re ugly and you’re mother dresses you funny” sort of comment anytime anyone dares to diss their idol.

  37. Just to let you know.. says:

    I wish someone could go back a year ago, and post a few commments from a thread on Brad/Angie.. I would bet the comments are pretty much the same. And if we went back 2, 3 or 4 years the same old same old. Tabs are falling under because they; like web blogs are fixated on the same people. Same kinds of stories, same comments. After a while even a dead horse will get up and walk away. That is what is happening with the constant stories about Brad/Angie. Same old stories.. So after a while some readers figure out that they are lies and half truths. Boring..

    As far as some of the Jen fans creaming themselves with the thought of Brad going back to Jennifer.. Sad but true. I have lurked on a few sites, and I can not beleive it either but it is true. Many, and I mean many of her fans after almost 5 years are still talking about Brad and Angie breaking up. Brad taking “his kids” meaning Shiloh, Knox and Viv.. because to them the adopted kids are not his, just Angelina’s. And Brad could care less about them dispite the fact that this man has made it LOUD and CLEAR that he has 6 kids not 3.. but they go on and on about how long he should wait to get back to Jen. About them finally have a child.. Yeah Sick Freaks. So if Brad/Angie’s fans are a little over the top..We have nothing on some of the Freaks out there that are in love with Jennifer.. Talk about living in a fantasy land..

    By the by Brad and Angie lookd fab on the Carpet at Cannes. They shut the place down. And when he left the cast to walk back to get her.. Just to let you know.. the sexiest move ever.. and the music that was playing.. And the crowd lost their sh^t too. Awesome.

  38. Feebee says:

    really unfortunate pic capturing Angie mid-pose/head flick. Looks like she’s attempting a Cruella impersonation. That’s apparently the only bad thing about these two at the moment except for whatever In Touch is bleating about.

  39. Jackie says:

    Chicamorena, you seem more obsessed than the one you’re replying to. Please stop giving Jolie fans a bad name,with your nasty comments.

    If the poster doesn’t want Aniston and Pitt back together, then what’s the problem? If Pitt and Jolie are happy, then it’s all good.

  40. Chicamorena says:

    Jackie, where did you read I had a problem with somebody not wanting Pitt and Aniston back together? After all these years, I should hope nobody wanted them back together. Everybody should have moved on by this time. What’s done is done.

  41. HashBrowns says:

    “Aniston had her chance and blew it. She couldn’t even be bothered to give him a child.”

    Are you serious? Is this 1950? Like Pitt is some prize bull that she got a chance to bid on but missed the auction.

    Wow…you truly take your Jolie fandom to a weird level.

  42. frewt says:

    Well if its true Jolie’s a better actress than Anniston. I clearly remember the Emmy’s a few years back when Anniston won (plunging black dress, pulled back hair) but was clearly pissed with Bradley throughout and didn’t bother hiding it. Couples argue folks.

  43. Ron says:

    InTouch is the worst crap gossip rag on the rack. You can never believe what they write. they’ve been printing Brad and Angelinas impending doom for 3 years now, and literally sell their magazines thru them and their ‘so called triangle partner Jennifer Aniston. Its old InTouch, find another angle, or just call it a day

  44. Jackie says:

    Chicamorena,this is what I’m referring to:
    Um, Tiny… why do you assume they are making each other miserable? Does it pain you too much to imagine they are making each other happy?

    This is what I’ve noticed about Aniston’s fans: they hate most of all that Brad and Angelina are happy together. They think they don’t deserve to be happy together.

    Aniston had her chance and blew it. She couldn’t even be bothered to give him a child. Don’t blame Brad if he found the happiness with Angelina and their children that he never found with Aniston.

    I’ve noticed that you think everyone else needs to grow up or “move on”, but you don’t seem to be able to post without bashing Aniston or bringing up events that were over 5 years ago, like their marriage.

    What’s your goal? Just to piss off Aniston fans? Your responses to me, so far, have sounded more rational. but your original posts sound vey childish.

    As a Jolie fan, I find it embarrassing that some of her fans act so childish. It just makes more people hate Angie when you act like that.

  45. Tiny says:

    wow chica , you can not remember your post, just below mine? You are mental huh?
    I think Brad and Ang are miserable because honestly to me they look miserable, and that is fine with me. I really really hope they do stay together.
    Also the reason Jen never got preg was she had allready caught Brad cheating on her, not with AJ and did not want to bring a baby in an unstable marriage, very responsable and unselfish if you ask me.

  46. Ling says:

    If anything makes this article scream “bullpoop”, it’s the “Diane had a crush on me” thing. I’ve (shamedly) seen Troy about a hundred times and they have exactly zero scenes together.

  47. TP says:

    Wow, Angelina looks so smug in that picture. She gives Gwyneth a run for her money in the smug department.LOL

  48. Cheyenne says:

    Jackie, you know what? If someone’s posts distress you so much, you have an option not to read them.

    This is the third or fourth time you’ve complained about the same person’s posts. Who made you the blog nanny?

    Damn, woman, get a life.

  49. Cheyenne says:

    Jen caught Brad cheating on her? When and with whom? This sounds like a classic example of revisionist history. But if it makes you feel better, go for it.

  50. Jackie says:

    Cheyenne, I didn’t “complain” I asked her a question, she answered and asked one in return and I answered it.
    Was that unclear somehow??

    You have that same option not to read it, so might be smart for you to take your own advice.

    What a hypocrite you are.

  51. karen says:

    Jackie, you can complain about Jolie’s fans, but Jen’s fans are pretty bad. These people are become downright gleeful for bad things to happen to them. Then, they can scream “karma” at another person’s misery. Did these judgmental freaks step out of the Dark Ages? I think that’s pretty sick.

    As for Jolie’s fans, there are quite a few who believe that Brad and Jen couldn’t solve the kids issue. He wanted them and she didn’t at that time. She said she wanted to have kids within a year of their marriage. It didn’t happen. Then, Brad did an interview with Diane Sawyer talking about how much he wanted a little girl like Jen. And, nothing happened. After they broke up, she did the Vanity Fair interview, talking about how much she wanted kids (and even insinuated that he didn’t want kids!). What a liar.

    Now, she’s dating guys who clearly aren’t daddy material (vince vaughn, john mayer), while saying things like “I can’t wait to be a mom,” “I’m on my way,” “in a year” to the press. She’s either playin’ us like she played Pitt, or she is the most confused idiot that has ever lived. I can’t tell which.

    Sorry, but the facts speak for themselves here. He would have been Hugh Hefner’s age before she finally made up her mind. Obviously, Brad didn’t want to wait for Ms. Neurotic anymore. If a woman married a guy who changed his mind every minute about wanting kids, then it would be her right to leave him, too.

  52. Jackie says:

    karen you must not have read my earlier posts. I am a Jolie fan. I think part of the reason Jolie gets so much hate is the way some of her fans act. For example, there’s no reason to even bring up Aniston’s name in this paticular article, but as you can see, it didn’t take long.

    I also believe their marriage ended due to the kids issue. I believe to this day that she didn’t really want any, so I think it worked out best for all concerned.

    Fans on both sides say the other ones are nuts, but I see crazies on both sides. For a real Jolie fan or Aniston fan,attacking the other side doesn’t speak well for the celebrity you claim to be a fan of.

  53. Cheyenne says:

    To Karen: don’t get me started on how down and dirty Aniston’s fans can get. Jolie’s fans can get pretty rough, but I’ve never seen any of them posting that they hope Aniston dies in childbirth or her plane crashes. I see that from Aniston fans about Jolie all the time. And I’m not even going to start on the vicious garbage they post about the J-P children.

    Anyway, enough of this. Anyone who has a problem with someone’s posts, don’t read them. Simple enough.

  54. orion70 says:

    I realize this thread is not about Aniston, but I dunno, maybe she couldn’t HAVE kids, what do we know. After seeing Marley & Me, I always thought the most realistic scene was *spoiler* after she lost the baby *spoiler*. Some of the comments on here almost tie into the blame women who were “barren” back in the day used to get about their failure to provide the man with a male heir or something.

    I like Aniston because of Friends, but i’m not Jolie hater, I quite like a few of her movies. Brad Pitt has always been “meh” to me, I didn’t like him with Aniston either. I think, at the time, alot of people because so anti-Jolie was how the whole changeover went down, how they two attested til they were blue in the face, that they were “just friends” and then whammo, they were in love and getting married and practically a family before the ink was dry on the divorce papers. That, in combo with the over the top reverence given to the pair, as if they can do no wrong, leaves a bit of a bad taste in some people’s mouths.

    All that being said, I just don’t like the woman’s dress or some of her recent outfits.

  55. jenn.a. says:

    They are such evil fakers. They are building a child army to take over the world. Brad stink, literally, he never bathes and Jolie is a loon.

  56. Cheyenne says:

    jenn.a: Paranoid much?

  57. Hieronymus Grexx says:

    They’re also the only mag to see the little green imp perched on Jay Leno’s shoulder telling him he’s still funny.

  58. Barb says:

    Jolie is a total skank pig and so is Pitt. They deserve each other.

  59. Ursula says:

    Like those bump watches like tabloids that turn out true, Brangelina break up watch will come true eventually. I wonder what the fans will do then, self combust? Good luck in your fandom but like it or not, Brangelina will split.

    Jen didn’t want kids? Isn’t it Bradley who said recently that he started wanting kids when he met Ange?

  60. Hieronymus Grexx says:

    Barb: Jolie is a total skank pig and so is Pitt. They deserve each other.

    A.K.A. Completely Jealous

  61. Barb says:

    It’s a known fact that Pitt doesn’t wear deodarant and has bad personal habits. And she sleeps with him.

    I love how you Brangeloonies decide how everyone who doesn’t like your idols is jealous. Are you really incapable of thinking that someone just doesnt like them?
    Jealous?? Laughable!

  62. lb says:

    he’s annoyed and she is bitchy–sounds like a marriage really. how normal. okay the mags are just trying to sell and also at some point they will get some of the stories correct. so they fight or act bitchy once in a while. i thought they looked like they were having a tiff on the academy red carpet. i doubt this couple will last a very long time. but i do think they will last a while longer. the mags are just hoping they ‘guess’ the right time and are able to be the first to announce their guess.

  63. Casey says:

    Well considering most unions end, saying they will split is like saying Tuesday follows Monday.

    I really don’t think it’s any time in the forseeable future. Couples argue all the time, In the big picture, that, in itself, means nothing.

  64. kelly says:

    Every relationship will end either thru breakup,divorce or death.

  65. Chicamorena says:

    I keep reading a subtext in some posts that people are hoping that Brad will see the error of his ways, take his adorable blue-eyed bio children (the ones they think he should have had with Aniston) and run back to her with the kids, and they will all live together as a family happily ever after.

    Unfortunately, I see a couple of problems with this cozy scenario:

    1) If Aniston didn’t give Brad any children, is anyone fatuous enough to think she would welcome the job of raising somebody else’s children?

    2) As if Angie would ever let anyone take any of her children. Angie impresses me as a mother tigress. She is fiercely protective of all her children and God help anyone who would try to get even one of them away from her.

    3) Brad might have more of a legal right to the three older childen than the three younger ones. He has legally adopted Maddox, Z and Pax. Paternity varies from state to state, but I can say with absolute certainty that in my state (NY), a man is recognized as the legal father of a child in one of two instances: a) he has legally adopted the child, or b) he was married to the mother at the time the child was born. Brad and Angie are not married. Figure the rest for yourself.

  66. Casey says:

    Regardless of who you’re a fan of, anyone who sees Brad and Jennifer getting back together is living in a dream world.

  67. Cheyenne says:

    “It’s a known fact that Pitt doesn’t wear deodarant and has bad personal habits. And she sleeps with him.”

    “Known fact”? Known by whom? You got close enough to get a whiff? And if she’s sleeping with him, it doesn’t sound like they’re about to break up any time soon.

    Sorry, but you can’t have it both ways.

  68. Tommy says:

    God sake so many jealous, childish people on here slagging Angelina and Brad off it’s so pathetic get a grip she’s beautiful he’s handsome they have a lovely big rainbow family whom they adore and they are very happy end of. leave them alone !!!!! jealousy is so distructive

  69. pregnancy says:

    they are really powerful couple ! every site that published something about them at least 500 comments on that article.
    I like them both. XX

  70. Hanh says:

    Although there are plenty of loonies on the AJ and JA side, I have to say, I think the JA are the worse. Why?

    Because of all the nasty comments they make, they forget that there are six kids involved on the AJ side. So while they’re wishing AJ harm for JA’s sake, they pretty much wishing the mother of six kids will die or that their parents will split up.

    That is pretty over the top looney to me. How would you feel if people were screaming for your mother to die, or for your parents to split up and for your dad to get together with his ex-wife?

  71. chantelle says:

    i think that AJ is a controlling woman and she has to ahve everyting her way.Brad is heaps more laid back and happy to go with the flow. Brad looks miserable.
    while there may be 6 six kids a stake but them parting way looks like the only option..

  72. Rena Tonelli says:

    All the comments on Angelina’s “smug look” and her see through dress. How would you like to have someone taking your picture by the second, one the hour. I wonder what kind of “looks” would be showing up in each picture? As for the dress and seeing a nude bare –s, has anyone thought of nude panties that most female wear in tight or sheer dresses? By the way, no one has commented on the fact that she had the babies – yet he’s the one bulging out of his suit! Give her a break.

  73. pregnancy says:

    Love you both!

  74. Jennifer says:

    They are always in the pubIic eyes!