Is Lindsay Lohan being forced to gain weight for a movie role?

Lindsay Lohan leaving Samantha Ronsons house
We’ve all been watching the photos of the Incredible Shrinking Starlet, Lindsay Lohan. They’ve been getting more and more alarming, especially since her breakup with Samantha Lohan. Lindsay has been blaming her drastic weight loss on stress, but others think there’s something more sinister at work. Meanwhile, Lindsay’s having a hard time finding film roles because casting directors want her to look less…skeletal.

Party girl Lindsay Lohan’s reputation has become so bad that the only way she could get hired for her new flick, The Other Side, was to promise to plump up, attend weekly weigh-ins, obey nightly curfews, and undergo drug and alcohol testing, an insider tells Star.

“Producers want Lindsay looking like a normal, healthy girl, not a skeleton,” the insider explains. “So they ordered her to rest up and eat more. They refuse to risk her dropping out of the movie because of her problems!”

[From Star, print version, June 8, 2009]

Here’s a question: what is so great about Lindsay as an actress that anyone would put all these conditions on her being in their movie? Why not just hire a cute, age-appropriate, reliable young actress who will show up for work and doesn’t look like a drugged out skeletal mess? Does the Lohan name and brand really hold that much cache anymore? Her last movie didn’t even go straight to DVD- it went to ABC Family. I don’t think she’s exactly a box office draw at this point.

A distressed-looking Lindsay Lohan shows up at ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronsons home at approx 2.30am

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  1. Ophelia says:

    I think you mean Samantha Ronson in the second sentence. As opposed to Samantha Lohan. 🙂
    Unless I missed something…lol

  2. Blondie says:

    Bored now…

  3. boo says:


    You’re right. Why the hell would anybody hire such a limited person when there are so many other more qualified actresses out there or even an unknow.

  4. Jaclyn says:

    She really is a good actress, when given the chance.

  5. skilo says:

    I think alot of people would want to see if she can even still act. Besides everybody loves a good comeback story right? I mean look how excited everybody got when Brit halfway pulled it back together.

  6. Mary says:

    What movie went straight to ABC? I thought her last movie was I Know Who Killed Me which was released in theaters.

  7. Lindsay says:

    Mary- the movie is Labor Pains, it hasn’t aired yet.

    Does anyone else think her stomach looks odd in the bottom picture?

  8. huh says:

    So she CAN spend a more than two days out of the tabs/blogs if she actually tries. So much for the “woe is me I’m always being followed and harassed”.

  9. Lee says:

    malnourished children often have bloated tummies. probably what’s happening with her which is sad considering she’s not living in a third world country..

  10. SixxKitty says:

    I thinkher stomach looks weird in that last pic too, emaciated looking, yuk.
    I cannot understand why anyone would hire her, but they clearly have their reasons, maybe Dina said she would sleep with them if they didn’t, lol.

  11. Dani says:

    When was Lindsay a good actress? She played herself (a bitch) in Mean Girls, was fairly decent for a child in Parent Trap, I Know Who Killed Me won her a Razzie… and Herbie, WTF? The rest of her work is not even worth mentioning.

    Too many people keep saying she has talent. Where? What am I missing?

    Even that funnyordie video was terrible (her eyes read cue cards for 90% of it).

    She’s in it for the FAME. All the rest is bullshit.

  12. Not Impressed says:

    who cares

  13. ss says:

    FREE PRESS. That’s why some desperate people hire her. Or Lindsay slept with all the producers involved.

  14. neelyo says:

    They should force her to take acting lessons while they’re at it. She hasn’t learned anything since PARENT TRAP.

  15. boomchakaboom says:

    Dani, I’ve tried in vain to find this “talent” LiLo supposedly has, but like you, I keep drawing a blank.

    Maybe that list of demands is actually a list of what LiLo offered to do for a part.

  16. boomchakaboom says:

    neelyo: HA! Good one.

  17. germie says:

    She needs to quit taking other peoples prescriptions for Adderall. She’s washed up anyhow. When she thought she was invincible doing all of that coke and getting into all of those car accidents I bet she didn’t think her career (or lack thereof) would come to this.

  18. gg says:

    They probably got her for a song and knew they’d get some free press.

    Maybe in her bloated stomach is a box of fried chicken? nah, I didn’t think so either.

    One thing – the damn awful acid-washed stretchy jeans from the 80s – somebody stop this please! Next thing you know she’ll be wearing flashdance sweatshirts with zippers all over.

  19. Rose says:

    WOW, so many so quick to write her off. Robert Downey Junior was a junkie and a mess for years and he managed to turn his life around. Why are so many people so eager to jump on this girl?

  20. Bodhi says:

    RDJ is a truly amazing actor. He actually wanted to get clean; granted it took awhile. LL is not talented & she doesn’t want to turn her life around. Those are the differences.

  21. jennifer says:

    Everything Bodhi said, AND in addition to his immense talent, RDJ was actually interested in ACTING, not being a paparazzi ho.

    huh @ #8 – EXACTLY, THANK YOU. I always find it so offensive that this twat actually thinks people believe that she’s “stalked” by the paparazzi. Only the most deluded (or stupid…? 😉 ) really believe she DOESN’T call the paps ahead of time with detailed instructions on where & when to meet her. Ugh. 😉

  22. anjasmomma says:

    When was the bottom pic taken? (sorry if I missed it) I read a blind somewhere that pointed to Lilo being prego. Although I doubt her body could sustain an embryo.

  23. Rose says:

    RJD is an actor, end of, lilo too, the difference is years and gender, no more.

  24. orion70 says:

    Looks like she stole Amy Winehouse’s pants.

    I’m with gg on the acid-wash. That stuff was loathesome the first time around.

  25. Dani says:

    @boom –Maybe people think memorizing lines is talent? We’ll never know…..

  26. JustMe says:

    RDJ has been around the business a long time, and has proven chops.

    This mess doesn’t deserve a 2nd chance: WHO chases someone down in a coke-fueled rage and then blames her drug possession on the “black kid”?

    WHO makes scenes in front of clubs when not allowed in – oops, besides Parisite and Lohan?


  27. poodiving says:

    I think she sucks as an actress, horrible. I don’t get why people think she can act. Plus those jeans should be burned.

  28. Reny says:

    If Lilo gained about 60 pounds and stayed out of the media it might revive her career. It would be extremely interesting to see Lindsay play Marilyn Monroe. I hope she gets her act together and goes on to act again. She needs a superass good director like Sam Mendez, the dude who did American Beauty. I could totally see an oscar for her in the future. Hope she can learn from her mistakes and move forward.

  29. Bodhi says:

    An Oscar? No way in hell

  30. the original kate says:

    i find it interesting that lohan’s fans always talk about her “talent,” but then qualify it by saying, “well if she just had the right director” or “if she just had the right script,” etc etc. if she was a good actor she could rise above the material -lots of great actors have been great in terrible movies- but she can’t, because she isn’t that talented. maybe she should look into being on a tv show.

  31. CeeJay says:

    It’s a lot easier for producers and directors to work with an established actress who knows the ins and outs of the movie production business. Believe it or not there just aren’t that many young actresses who know the business as well as Lyndsay. Also, folks forget that this girl is only 21/22 years old. She’s not as old as many older, young starlets who are often put in the same category as she. Sometimes producers/directors take the easy way out and hire the actor who can take their cues and complete scenes within as little time as possible. In Hollywood, more so than just about anywhere else, time really is money.