Emma Watson in Kitx at the MTV Movie & TV Awards: cute or boring?

2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards Press Room

The evolution of the MTV Awards is something that interests me from a pop-culture-historical standpoint, because I grew up in a time when the MTV Movie Awards were an actual event and some of the biggest movie stars in the world came to the show and did silly skits and videos and really put effort into doing crazy speeches. Nowadays, it’s a parade of reality stars, C-listers and awkward hosts. MTV is even leaning into the “death of actual movie stars” thing by combining film and TV categories and performances. Anyway, you can see the list of this year’s winners here. Last night’s show was awful.

Emma Watson won Best Actor for Beauty and the Beast, and that movie won Best Film too. Emma wore this black-and-silver Kitx dress which seems simple and flattering. She talked and talked when she won Best Actor too, because she was happy that she, a cisgendered white heterosexual woman, won an acting award when she was up against the dudes. For a show like this, I don’t really mind combining performances by men, women and non-binary actors. But it will be chaos if they try that at other awards shows.

2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards Press Room

It cracked me up to see Taraji P. Henson mixing it up with the kids at this show. She was like the Cool Mom of the MTV Awards. Taraji wore this Emilio Pucci which… was not great. It had a sexy half-open back, but there’s just too much fabric up front. Taraji picked up an award for Hidden Figures… given to her by the Queen of Everything, Maxine Waters.

2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards Arrivals

Allison Williams in sparkly Galia Lahav. I sort of like Allison as a blonde? It changes up her whole vibe and makes her seem less “pinched.” This dress is okay.

2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards Arrivals

Alexandra Daddario in Philosophy di Lorenzo. My God, this is AWFUL. It’s like a dress made out of two different but equally ugly curtains.

2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards Arrivals

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26 Responses to “Emma Watson in Kitx at the MTV Movie & TV Awards: cute or boring?”

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  1. Olga says:

    Nope to all those dresses.

  2. cleveland girl says:

    Emma’s dress is cute. Allison Williams has aged 20 years over the last 10. Not sure if it is because of the hair or major weight loss. I think she looked better as a brunette.

    • Ripley says:

      What is going on with Alison William’s mouth? Is she a heavy smoker showing signs or is it the weight loss you mentioned? She looks awful.

      • minx says:

        I had to look at the caption to make sure it was Allison. She was so pretty and she now looks washed out.

    • teacakes says:

      Yeah the blonde ages Alison like nobody’s business. Though it’s a toss-up between the blonde and the weight loss, her dress is cute but she looks awful.

    • Maria F. says:

      me too. I think she looks very haggared with this hair colour.

    • tracking says:

      I think it’s the weight loss that makes the skin around her mouth look so odd–she is now painfully thin. Also, looks like she had her upper lip plumped, and went a little overboard. Lastly, don’t think she’s figured out the best colors to wear with the blonde–all those earth tones wash her out.

  3. mkyarwood says:

    I’m getting Sean Young vibes from Emma’s whole look. And I guess that was the ‘fancy’ do for short hair that night?

  4. teacakes says:

    Emma Watson won’t be winning any acting awards unless they’re handed out by MTV or Nickelodeon. And she knows perfectly well she’s never going to be accepting awards at Cannes, Venice, BAFTA, SAG, Indy Spirit, Oscars etc, I doubt even a Golden Globe is within her reach, so let’s allow her the award speech this time

    • rachel says:

      Cold hard truth.

    • tracking says:

      I’m shocked she even won this. Her performance was the worst thing about BATB. By far. Cute dress, though would have looked better without the sleeve.

      • Kristen820 says:

        I actually thought she was the perfect Belle! Acting​ wise, anyway. She has a pretty voice, but it wasn’t suited to that role.

    • WhichWitch says:

      She is so bland to me, plus she always looks kinda sad and pretentious at the same time. It’s like depressingly boring with a side of superior. She has no energy, I can’t describe it

      • tracking says:

        I agree. She lacks energy and charisma. In comparison, the animated Belle was so charming and charismatic. I wanted to like EW–I loved Hermione and admire the way she conducts hers life in general–but she was just so boring in the part. (also love of learning = ENERGY and EXCITEMENT, and there was none of that)

    • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

      She and Daisy Ridley seem like really lovely sweet girls but sadly they are not very good actors. Both got very very lucky with being cast in franchises.

      Emma acts with her eyebrows and is the only HP child actor who’s acting hasn’t improved. Dan Radcliffe has become a good actor – i saw him recently on the London stage and was very impressed.

      • teacakes says:

        Oddly, I’ve always thought that Daisy and Emma look a lot alike when straight faced.

        For what it’s worth, I do think Daisy is a better actress than Emma though. Not great but I appreciate that she commits to Rey onscreen and doesn’t give off the vibe of extreme condescending that, say, Natalie Portman did in Thor.

      • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

        She a bit better and yes she does commit to a scene better than Emma can. Daisy’s saving grace in TFA was her chemistry with John Boyega. I have hope that Daisy improves in the 2nd one (am such a SW nerd).

        OMG, Portman in Thor was just painful. It was if she really couldn’t be bothered to attempt to act at all, esp in the 2nd one. I can’t watch her in anything as she the pretentiousness even comes through went acting.

      • teacakes says:

        Oddly, I’ve always thought that Daisy and Emma look a lot alike when straight faced.

        For what it’s worth, I do think Daisy is a better actress than Emma though. Not great but I appreciate that she commits to Rey onscreen and doesn’t give off the vibe of extreme self-importance that, say, Natalie Portman did in Thor.

  5. Jegede says:

    Gotta say that Alex Daddario’s get up is godawful but her eyes are incredible.
    They match the late Carolyn Bessette Kennedy for that aquamarine haze.

    Don’t care about anything, or anyone else here.

  6. Mia4s says:

    Why are they still bothering with this Awards Show??? I mean, the winners are made up we know that, but it hasn’t been anything approaching relevant even as a joke in at least 5 years.

    I wonder if the ratings drop yet again if that will be it. It’s a pretty pathetic show now.

  7. QueenB says:

    I agree. The original concept of the MTV Awards was great. Big stars having fun and showing that award shows are silly. Now this forced wokeness for the profit of a huge media corporation is terrible.

    Emma looked nice and considering she wont win anything big I’ll not be mad at her for treating it like she was the first african american woman to win an Oscar.

  8. minx says:

    So often she (Emma) looks wistful or unhappy. Cheer up!

  9. Catherine says:

    Emma looks like a badass Greek goddess/warrior. I love it. The low heel, her stance? It’s all so strong and feminine. I’m in love and obsessed.

  10. pinetree13 says:

    Alexandra’s eye makeup is sooooo bad. Just sooooooo bad.

  11. Kamelia says:

    It’s interesting that they decided to combine the performances into one awards and yeah it won’t work in the bigger more “serious” shows. And once again Piers Morgan and the DM comment section delivered, “people” talk about women and feminists being easily offended but Piers and the DM brigade are hilariously offended by Emma Watson but their reaction is also slightly frightening…