Zendaya in Zuhair Murad at the MTV Awards: too fussy or lovely?

Zendaya was a presenter at the MTV Movie Awards last night, where she was promoting her role in the upcoming Spiderman reboot, which is coming out in a couple of months. One of the highlights last night was when Tom Holland, our new Spiderman, did a flip on stage. They also showed a new clip from Spiderman: Homecoming, which you can see here.


Zendaya towered over Holland in her platform heels and he made a joke about that but didn’t seem too bothered by it. She was in a moss green beaded and sequined Zuhair Murad gown with a deep v-neck and butterfly sleeves. This dress may have looked too fussy on anyone else, especially at this event, but Zendaya is such a chameleon that it worked. Also, her styling and hair were perfect.

Tracee Ellis Ross presented the award for Best Fight Against the System, along with Congresswoman Maxine Waters. (That went to Hidden Figures.) She was in a sequin colorblock Rosie Assoulin wrap dress which looked better on camera than it does in still photos. I’m questioning that choice of a belt. It doesn’t look like that was part of the original design.



Here’s Tracee’s Black-ish costar, Yara Shahidi, 17(!), in Gucci. This is funky and weird, but apparently these two pieces are meant to be worn together. I do think she’s pulling it off.



Shay Mitchell was in this very fug tiger print metallic Roberto Cavalli gown with cutouts. It looks like this gown is hanging on her and the cut is bizarre. Out of all the Pretty Little Liars cast, Shay Mitchell was the only one who came to this. Ashley Benson and Lucy Hale, who usually show up to everything, weren’t there.



Photos credit: WENN.com

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  1. JustME says:

    Beautiful woman, stunning dress.

  2. IMO says:

    She is gorgeous and that dress is just wow.

  3. Anilehcim says:

    Zendaya can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned <3

    • Megan says:

      I agree. She has incredible style and taste.

      • Carol says:

        I agree. She has fantastic style and is never boring. Although she bugs me at times

    • Jaded says:

      Yeah she is pretty perfect

    • QQ says:

      Agreed, She looks stunning… and im not a Zuhair Bejeweled person myself, Also Yara looks GREAT the dress in motion on her IG is Magical.. Busy but youthful covered and magical, actually all her IG fashion lately has been delightful

      As for Tracy.. IDK this dress adds visually all manner of Bulk she doesn’t have

    • G says:

      Pretty much this. Not crazy about the length — either full skirt or full length, not both in this case — but other than that she’s perfection. All about her quiet, dignified confidence.

      Shay Mitchell, on the other hand… She’s confident (great) but always seems arrogant and thirsty to me. Animal print and cutouts don’t exactly help.

  4. HadToChangeMyName says:

    I hate those naked dresses (and split to the navel, to boot) on anyone, including Zendaya. I blame J Lo for starting this god-awful trend with her green Gucci dress.

    • NtSoSclBtrfly says:

      I hate the illusion dresses, too… I love the top on this one though, and were it not diaphanous on the bottom ( and so full), it would be stunning. All that said, she is a lovely young thing and looks very, very pretty.

    • V4Real says:

      I like Zendaya but all these looks are horrible. Zendaya”s dress makes it seems as if she has wide hips and she does not. Tracy”s dress looks like somebody’s attempt at turning a patched quilt into a dress and her lip stick is way too much. Yara looks like she played dress up from her mom”s closet and Shay looks like a stripper dressed for dinner.

    • Pandy says:

      Yes!!! I was thinking jLo as well. Too low and too sheer. She doesn’t need it to stand out. Have to say how much I LOVE TER’s dress. I’d totally buy/wear it.

  5. Wilma says:

    I like it (Zendaya’s dress), but would love it if it was longer

    • detritus says:

      I really like it, beautiful beading, colour is gorgeous, but I’d like it a touch more opaque.

  6. Nicole says:

    Love her dress she looked great. I love her banter and relationship with Tom. Just from the videos on set and recently you can tell they bonded. Lip sync battle was awesome last night and they both crushed it. Tom obviously won as soon as he did Umbrella. Just nailed it

  7. LizLemonGotMarried says:

    Zendaya can pull off anything, no question. I just enjoy her more challenging choices.

  8. Livealot says:

    Zendaya = Always lovely

  9. NtSoSclBtrfly says:

    I love love love the skirt on Yara! Can’t muster quite the same enthusiasm for the top.

    • Kitten says:

      Yara Shahidi is so stunningly beautiful. Sigh.

    • Ariana says:

      I think it could’ve worked without those horrible puff on the sleeves…and without those shoes. But she’s so gorgeous that I didn’t focus on what she’s wearing as much a on her face

  10. vlk says:

    Gorgeous Zendaya and Shay Mitchell, both stunning ladies. Love Z’s dress.

    Traci Ellis Ross is beautiful but I am not crazy about that dress on her.

  11. OSTONE says:

    I think this is the first zuhair murad that I like. Zendaya looks gorgeous!

  12. Lightpurple says:

    Zendaya is killing it. This isn’t as great as her Met Gala appearance but she is still so lovely.

  13. Sarah B says:

    Guys, guys, guys. This is the FIRST Zuhair Murad gown I have ever liked.

  14. InclusiveSnark says:

    All of the women have style substance. I agree some of the fabric adds stature, but im starting to prefer this trend of “more woman”.

  15. manta says:

    Every time some starlet walks a red carpet on a see through dress, it’s the avalanche of “can’t wait for this trend to die” comments. And I can’t figure why it would be different for this one. (actually I can, she’s the current darling oh the site, dress is stiil meh).

  16. Prairiegirl says:

    Great dress but like the Met Gala last week, she’s taking a lot of terrific clothes out of the running – at this rate, what’s she going to wear to the Spider-Man premiere(s)?

  17. Carmen says:

    I love Mitchell’s dress and she is wearing the hell out of it. Not crazy about Ross’s outfit.

    I love the bottom half of Shahidi’s dress but it doesn’t work with the top.

  18. Bola says:

    Beautiful ladies

  19. me says:

    OMG Zendaya blows me away every single time. Perfection.

  20. kri says:

    Z and Yara….gasp…beauty!!!!!!!!!

  21. Angel says:

    Zendaya is perfection… and her shoes are hottttt!!!

  22. Lucy2 says:

    That tiger print dress is a travesty.
    I like the details on Zendaya’s but not the sheerness of it. She, however, makes everything look awesome.

  23. Otaku fairy says:

    Zendaya looks very pretty as usual, and green is a good color on her. I don’t have any problems with sheer dresses as long as they look good.