How many times will Conrad Hilton violate his ex-girlfriend’s restraining order?

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Over the weekend, Conrad Hilton was arrested again. The guy’s only 23 years old and he’s already spent more time in court and in handcuffs than he’s ever spent in school. The first time I paid attention to Conrad was in 2015, when he got arrested for going bonkers on a commercial flight. He was apparently drunk and high and starting fights with airline staff and passengers. The Hiltons did an okay job of covering that up at first, but then Conrad copped a plea and he was put on parole. He f–ked up again when he began stalking and harassing his ex-girlfriend, Hunter Saloman. We last discussed Conrad in June 2016, when he was finally sentenced to a brief prison stay after multiple violations of Saloman’s restraining order, and for violating the terms of his parole. Well, guess what happened over the weekend?

Conrad Hilton has been arrested again. LAPD spokesperson Jenny Houser confirmed to PEOPLE that the 23-year-old heir to the Hilton family fortune was arrested early Saturday morning on charges of grand theft auto and violated a restraining order. His bail has been set at $60,000, the LAPD told PEOPLE. It is not clear if he has retained an attorney.

The youngest brother of Paris, Nicky and Barron Hilton, Conrad had allegedly tried to break into the home of voice actress E.G. Daily, TMZ reports — violating a 2015 restraining order E.G.’s daughter, Hunter Daily Saloman, had against him. Hunter and Conrad had dated previously, but split in 2015. He was arrested in June 2015 for violating the restraining order, after police found him inside Daily’s home.

A radio call came into police at 4:50 a.m. on Saturday, Houser said. Prior to that, Conrad had allegedly gone to the home of Rick Salomon — Hunter’s father and E.G.’s ex-husband, TMZ reports. There, he allegedly stole Rick’s Bentley. As fans of the Hilton family may remember, Rick had starred with Paris’ in her infamous 2004 sex tape.

Conrad last made headlines in Aug. 2016, when he was released from prison after serving two months for violating his parole. He has been on parole since 2015, and previously admitted in court on June 6 to violating the terms of his parole by using drugs — including marijuana, synthetic cannabinoids and cocaine.

[From People]

All of this happened days ago, so why am I covering it now? Because I was left with a “???” thought bubble over my head when I read this new story about what Conrad was actually charged with.

Conrad Hilton, the 23-year-old heir to the Hilton family fortune, was charged Tuesday with taking a car without consent and violating a restraining order, PEOPLE confirms. Hilton was charged with one felony count of driving or taking a vehicle. He is also charged with two misdemeanor counts of disobeying a domestic relations restraining order and one misdemeanor count of contempt of court, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’ Office.

[From People]

Here’s the thing: Conrad Hilton has literally been stalking and harassing his ex-girlfriend, Hunter Daily Saloman, for two years. She has a restraining order against him. She’s had it for two years. He’s violated it MULTIPLE times. He has a history of violence. So tell me why the charges of violating the restraining order are misdemeanors and yet the car theft is a felony? Is it because cars are more valuable than women?

42nd Cesar Film Awards 2017 - Ceremony

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  1. Bettyrose says:

    Isn’t there a stalking/sexual assault loop hole for rich white dudes?

    • doofus says:

      yes, if you’re rich and white, your life will be too harshly affected by jail time.


  2. astrid says:

    Excellent point!

  3. Emily says:

    I’d be so scared if I was this poor girl. This story is horrifying and should be getting more attention.

    • INeedANap says:

      And they keep letting him go. This isn’t even a rich white guy loophole, it’s how the system is designed. Think of all the news stories you’ve heard about women being killed by a partner even after he was charged with violating the restraining order.

  4. Clare says:

    I was on a flight with him some years ago ( may be the same one you refer to?) – he was so abusive and belligerent (and on drugs, I believe), that the crew had to cable tie him to his seat.

    In summary: he is a twat.

  5. Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

    This guy has ‘serial killer’ written all over him – its only a matter of time before he does something terrible. He’s a Hilton and expects that his name and money will get him out of it. Throw him in jail and melt down the key.

    • Otaku Fairy says:

      And the drugs are definitely taking a toll on his appearance too. It’s hard to believe that this guy is only 23, especially in close-ups. Saying the Hiltons probably weren’t the best parents seems like an understatement when you look at the combined attitudes and behaviors of Paris and Conrad.

    • Lookit says:

      He is the millennial Durst.

  6. minx says:

    Typical spoiled rich white guy. Hope his parents are proud.

  7. guest says:

    His parents must have their lawyers on speed dial because of him.

  8. swak says:

    Do you really think he will get any punishment of consequence? His bail was set at $60,000 – a mere pittance for them. I’m surprised he’s not out right now. Apparently he refused to get on the bus to go to his court date also.

  9. ELX says:

    In LA if you are rich, connected and well-known you get a pass most of the time. Prosecutors don’t want to deal with the LA Bigshot criminal defense bar and the cops don’t want any part of crimes involving rich/famous people. Been that way since the 1910s.

    • Bridget says:

      He’s messing with people with money, though. Rick Salomon made a ton of money gambling (and who knows what he made with that tape). Part of why it hasn’t blown up yet is because the mom seems to think something is wrong with Conrad and that he needs help.

  10. Aims says:

    Firstly , his ass needs to be in jail. He’s going to hurt this woman physically and then the Hilton will throw money to at the victim to try to smooth it over. The Hilton family is messed up.

    Here’s a full circle moment , or an small world. Conrad’s big sister made her sex tape with this young woman’s father. Just want to put that out there .

    • Embee says:

      THIS TIMES 1,000,000!!!! Helloo??? He’s stalking the daughter of his big sister’s former lover/co-star in porn!


  11. Harlan Jodet says:

    This is a very troubled young man and I hope his family gets him the help he needs before something tragic happens.

  12. PettyRiperton says:

    He’s going to end up hurting her or killing her, the young woman needs a gun. His rich parents isn’t trying to do anything, the system is giving him slaps on the wrist this will probably end badly. She needs to protect herself because the law isn’t doing anything for her. I’m just glad that it’s well documented so if or when someone shoots him for trespassing on one of her parents property.

  13. teehee says:

    Cars make men rich, make them look better and feel powerful. So of course they are more important than women. Women can do all of the same, but, they have opinions and feelings, and you know- thats just bullcrap to have to deal with and a drain of their ego energy. A car is much better. Does everything you tell it to.

  14. Nicole says:

    He’s rich and white…why is this shocking? Even the girls parents didn’t call the police during multiple incidents because they didn’t want to ruin him. The guy STALKING THEIR DAUGHTER got a pass because they didn’t want to mess up his life. If that isn’t the rape culture and patriarchy right there…

  15. QQ says:

    How Long? as many as it takes to kill her so then the law can REALLY REALLY step in

    • jugil1 says:

      Amen! I had a restraining order on my ex. Let’s see….he showed up numerous times to my house, work, etc. Guess what he received as punishment? 30 days of WEEKEND jail visits. That’s right, he was free all during the week, but had to serve 30 days of weekend time in jail. Hmmm….the law was definitely not on my side. Luckily he finally moved on later but the point is that the restraining order is often not worth the paper it’s written on!!

    • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

      That is why i fear for her – he’s shown he’s violent and he keeps getting away with his behaviour. He’s going to push things to far and put lives at stake.

    • Tulip Garden says:

      I think you are right. Also, I think it would be true even if both were middle class or poor. The law is not designed to protect women (or men) so much as to help in prosecution after the fact…even if that means after death.

    • MrsPanda says:

      Exactly, it is truly horrible. The poor girl (and sorry for your experience Jugil1, that is awful!). I agree this happens across all socio-economic groups (women overall are just not valued as Kaiser said) but a wealthy POS of course can get away with even more. The guy really does look unhinged in the court video, something is very wrong there. He has Robert Shapiro defending him & has been sent to a psyche hospital now after his outbursts in court. The leniency given to him previously would have simply emboldened him. I’ve heard of a good stalking advocacy group in the UK, I think they have some related agency in the USA too (probably on their website;

  16. Layla Beans says:

    So Conrad is stalking his ex-gf, who is the daughter of the man his SISTER made a sex tape with?

    GROSS. And typical for this family.

  17. Michelle says:

    How is driving or taking a vehicle not grand theft auto? Why hasn’t her dad shown his the business end of a shotgun yet? Kid needs to be in jail.

  18. NtSoSclBtrfly says:

    “taking or driving a car”
    Why is this not grand theft auto?

    He’s a baaaaaaaad seed.

  19. tw says:

    This sounds like mental illness to me. I have personal experience with it. His age, history of drug use and the nature of the harassment lead me to believe his behavior is related to mental illness.

    • Bread and Circuses says:

      Maybe. The priority has to be on keeping his intended victim safe, though, and then society can try to help him too.

    • LadyT says:

      Mentally impaired due to extensive drug use perhaps. But mentally ill? Just seems like a genuine a$$ that never learned boundaries or consequences to me.

      • Franny Days says:

        I don’t know. Look at the pics of him in court today, he looks like he has some serious issues.

      • LadyT says:

        I agree. The court appearance video was pretty out there.

  20. Des says:

    Sidenote: that is a 23 yo???!

    • Bread and Circuses says:

      He could be in his forties, based on some photos. Dude needs to sort out his health, mentally and physically.

  21. Lizzie says:

    He should be in federal prison for his airplane stunt. If a POC did that there would be a travel ban and interment camps set up. F@$k this guy.

  22. Cleo says:

    Why is Barron such a popular name for white doucheface business guys’ spawn? Barron Hilton, Barron Trump. Is Duke too gauche?

    • Jeanette says:

      Right? If ever a name says “Rat Faced Affluent Douche,” it’s Conrad..

    • Jeanette says:

      Come to think of it, this one is named after his Grandpa, Conrad the first rat-faced douche that also had a problem with abusing one Elizabeth Taylor wasnt he?

  23. Jeanette says:

    #1 He looks like Brock Turner, the Stanford rapist. #2 Why isnt he charged with disorderly conduct, disobeying an officer, assault on an officer, resisting arrest….just to list a few things I got from the video of CONRAD F’N HILTON REMEMBER THAT.

    He needs put in general population with that ‘tude and let him see how far his affluenza gets him there.

    I cannot stand humans of this type.

  24. Desi says:

    Wh-…? How … ? This guy has relentlessly stalked and harassed this young woman for literally YEARS, has a violent history of substance abuse, and has proven time and again that he’s utterly incapable of managing his douchiness.

    He’s done time for this already. On what planet are two more toothless misdemeanor charges REMOTELY APPROPRIATE?????

  25. Littlestar says:

    Terrifying and disgusting, sympathies with the young woman (involuntarily) involved. The Hiltons raised some scum didn’t they, violent entitled drug addicts whose only saving grace is their money and connections. My mother is an immigrant from Mexico, a position in life met with national scorn and judgment, but has raised children who are now small business owners, military, university students and just hard-working law abiding citizens. All that without money or connections, or even family in the US. But the Hiltons are of course Trump’s (and by extension America’s) beloved demographic: rich and white.

  26. Millie says:

    The men in this family have a history of erratic and unacceptable behavior towards women. Just look at what happened to Elizabeth Taylor and Zsa Zsa Gabor. Conrad Hilton was an abusive nut to Zsa Zsa. He forced her to change her name and raped her repeatedly to get her pregnant when she had no such desire to have any children. And then Elizabeth Taylor had to put up with the abusive of Nicky Hilton.

    Apparently, this one would go to the ex-girlfriends house and cry to the mother about how he needs to marry Hunter and be with her forever. The guy is clearly unhinged, manipulative, and unable to take no for answer. I think this is a combo of hereditary personality traits as well as the entitlement that comes with all this money.

  27. Shannon says:

    Yeah, it’s not even just rich white dudes. Cars are considered more valuable than women to a lot of people.

  28. erbs says:

    she should move to texas, then she could shoot him if he bothered her.

  29. sauvage says:

    If he were black and poor, he would be charged with grand auto theft and go to jail for five years. But also not for the stalking and violence against this young woman.

  30. KatM says:

    He needs serious mental health help. I hope he gets it. I am glad the judge sent him to be evaluated. It sounds like he might need to be appointed a legal guardian or Baker Acted. He could very well really hurt someone or himself and this is nothing to take lightly obviously. Yes, he deserves to be in jail but it sounds like a hospital is where he really belongs right now. I do agree that many people with less money would never be given this many chances.