Pippa Middleton is so busy with her wedding prep that she needed an assistant

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To my knowledge, Pippa Middleton really doesn’t have a job these days? Over the past few years, her #PippaTip-heavy columns have been phased out of various publications. She probably does some light work for her parents’ company, Party Pieces, but I would imagine it’s the same kind of “work” Kate did during the Waity Years – the kind of “work” that allowed for monthly vacations and no accountability. And once Pippa got the ring from Moderately Wealthy James Matthews, she’s basically spent her days planning for the wedding and moving into his London mansion. But all of that is so exhausting! So she had to hire a personal assistant, according to E! News. E! also got the scoop on Pippa’s wedding dress.

When Pippa Middleton steps out on her wedding day, the bride will not disappoint in the fashion department. As the countdown continues for the romantic ceremony at St Mark’s Church later this month, E! News is learning more about what Pippa could be wearing on her special day.

While the bride herself has not confirmed what and who she is wearing, a source close to Giles Deacon’s team tells E! News that the design is “very simple, elegant and it’s all handmade.” In fact, our source says “very few people have seen the finished thing.”

Back in April, Giles was asked about possibly designing Pippa’s dress. At the time, he didn’t give away any hints or confirmation.

“I can never really comment on rumors,” he told HELLO! Fashion. “Until things are confirmed, it’s just rumors.”

Our source also adds that Pippa has had her dress taken in five times because she has lost some weight over the past six months. Just a few weeks ago, Kate Middleton’s sister was spotted at the exclusive fitness center and private club KX Gym in Chelsea. An eyewitness said she stayed for more than an hour for a Pilates class.

As the final touches are made to what is expected to be one unforgettable wedding, Pippa has brought in some assistance. A separate source tells E! News that James Matthews’ fiancée has hired a new assistant to help with wedding planning and projects in the future. The new employee previously worked with Sienna Miller and Victoria Beckham proving they have plenty of experience collaborating with famous faces.

[From E! News]

A handmade dress by Giles Deacon? Hm… personally, I don’t care for Deacon’s designs, but it could be interesting. I’ll admit it – I want to see Pippa’s wedding dress. Will she go for tradition or for high-fashion? As for Pippa needing an assistant for “wedding planning and projects in the future”… I’m not shading the fact that many brides-to-be feel overwhelmed with all of the sh-t that goes into planning a wedding. That’s a real thing and if you have the money, of course you should hire someone to help you. But I also think it’s funny because… it’s all Pippa has her on plate. And I do wonder what future projects Pippa has coming up for which she is in dire need of a personal assistant. Isn’t her #1 priority post-wedding just getting preg with a Moderately Wealthy heir and spare?

Pippa Middledton leaves her home

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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45 Responses to “Pippa Middleton is so busy with her wedding prep that she needed an assistant”

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  1. sarri says:

    A new PR team, a new assistant,… – this woman is going nowhere.

  2. Nicole says:

    I mean my friend hired a wedding planner for the two weeks before the wedding only. Mostly because she was in med school and didn’t have time to run around with the last minute details. But yea Pippa doesn’t work? So this seems a little much

    • Olenna says:

      IKR. With no job, I can’t imagine how she fills her days. This wedding has been in the making for months, so there can’t be that many last minute details to work through. Maybe she’s writing another book. ;-)

      • Betsy says:

        “It’s a good idea to arrange to have someone take photographs of your special day. It happens so quickly that you will want photos after the fact!”

        “A new dress for the occasion is a nice touch. You could wear your everyday clothes, but why not spring for something special?”

        Pippa’s wedding tips!

      • Tulip Garden says:

        I do love some good Pippa Tips!
        I do laugh at some of the machinations but I don’t dislike Pippa or her family. I’m looking forward to the wedding coverage. All the clothes, hats, and other finery. The additional bonus, I hope, of the Cambridge children whom we don’t see often plus Harry and Meghan’s official rollout. What’s not to look forward too? Also, I hope like any prospective family the Cambridges welcome Meghan will open arms. Regardless of who one does or doesn’t like, I especially hope the females bond and enjoy one another which won’t make the tabloids writers happy but is great for family relations and for scrapping a Diana/Fergie type of building up and tearing down each at the others expense for tabloid gain. As different as they may, or may not be, I hope they like each other and find common ground. So much better for all concerned. I’m being Pollyanna, I know, but I am feeling generous and expansive today!

  3. Seraphina says:

    I could have used one. I was about her age, working full time and taking classes at night for grad school. Pippa must be exhausted! Poor Pippa! (Sarcasm there)

  4. Emily says:

    >> “Just a few weeks ago, Kate Middleton’s sister was spotted at the exclusive fitness center and private club KX Gym in Chelsea. ”

    I think that’s a different gym than the one that was name-dropped in a previous article. I’m not sure what the significance of this is, but I find it interesting.

    • Sharon Lea says:

      Good point – are her projects tied into her taking the nutrition courses, will she launch some lines or a consulting business through them?

      • Maria says:

        She should stick to her extreme sports stuff. She is good at it and she raises money for the Michael Matthews Foundation. Forget the cookbooks and nutrition advice, not her forte.

  5. jeanne says:

    shouldn’t her wedding planner have an assistant? what the hell does pippa need extra help for when carole is there to micromanage everything?

    i have to admit, i’m anxious to see the dress. she wants to be the fashion forward bride who makes giles deacon happen like how caroline bessette kennedy did for Narciso Rodriguez and kate did for sarah burton.

    this girl is annoying.

    • Chrissy says:

      Oh, but Carole is running Kate’s household and raising her kids and they take precedence, because they’re Royal, dontcha know?

    • LAK says:

      Kate did not make Sarah Burton. All the elements of Kate’s gown were classic McQueen markers, and Burton adapted an old McQueen design, already seen on red carpets worldwide, for Pippa’s dress.

      It remains debatable whether McQueen would have agreed to the commission were he still alive as he disdained the royals except for the Queen.

    • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

      Erm nah – Pippa will NOT make Giles Deacon happen as he’s been around for a long time and has been dressing celebs for years. He’s dressed Thandie Newton, Scarlett Johansen, Cate Blanchett and Kerry Washington. Compared to them Pippa is zzz list reality tv. His partner is Gwendoline Christie.

      • jeanne says:

        i see what you are saying. but you just mentioned high fashion it girls. the minivan majority has no idea who giles deacon is. pippa wants to pretend like she “discovered” him. but, yes, she will most likely fail because she tends to not be very good at succeeding at things.

  6. minx says:

    Meh, I don’t think that’s so unusual.

  7. Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

    Of course she needs an assistant because she is soooo busy juggling her career and wedding just like ‘normal’ people – /sarcasm. I had a friend who has MS and organised her wedding on her own as well as holding down a full time job on top of MS treatments. I have no time or patience for silly, vapid women like her and her sister.

    This one is plotting a post wedding society IT girl career – once that ring is on her finger, the thirst for fame will be released upon us once again. This time Carole and creepy James will be part of it – got to ‘introduce’ him as a single eligible man someone. This is what happened after Waity’s wedding, Pippa was ‘launched’ onto an unexpected public is a big over the top way.

    • Canadian Becks says:

      Maybe at this wedding, we will see countless memes of James Middleton in a butt-enhancing morning suit, upstaging his bride sister.

      Deja-vue all over again!

  8. Natalie S says:

    Weird theory: Even though they don’t seem to have anything in common, if Pippa dressed like Sofia Coppola, she would look so much better. I have this gut feeling that Sofia’s aesthetic would be really flattering on Pippa.

  9. guest says:

    I know a psychic (yes, I know not everybody believes in something like that etc.) who said to me that this marriage won’t last and James will have money problems.

    • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

      Well, considering that its now come out that he’s not a terribly wealthy as the press first made him out to be its no really stretch to say that given his line of work, the global economic train wreck will affect him at some point. He’s a small time hedge fund manager and when Brexit kicks off and the financial services industry starts fleeing to the mainland it WILL affect him.

      Plus his money won’t last long supporting the ambitions of her family – he has already invested in Boompf and who’s to say he hasn’t put money into Party Pieces. That family will leech of him just like they have leeched off the Royal Family and the British taxpayers (we paid for £1mill worth of ‘security’ renovations to Middleton Manor soon after they bought it).

      • Prince says:

        I wonder how he managed to pay £17million for his mansion. I never believed that he is that rich.

      • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

        He’s likely to have a hefty mortgage. He enjoys a certain lifestyle that am not sure he will be able to continue to have.

        The Middletons are the kiss of death.

      • Bridget says:

        Pretty much everyone that’s familiar with hedge funds pointed out that he wouldn’t have made his money off his salary (the salary was the subject of that article) but off his bonus. It’s his hedge fund. If t goes down entirely that’s another story, but right now he is indeed Terribly Wealthy (though clearly not having a great year):

    • Sharon Lea says:

      I believe in psychics. Did they say why it won’t last? Remember we were told James ‘waited for her’ because she was ‘too young’ years ago? It had a weirdness to it, like was she into partying, or young and dumb? People don’t grow out of those issues.

      • guest says:

        No but the psychic also mentioned Harry and Meghan and said that he will only be allowed to marry her if ONE member of the royal family changes his/her mind.

      • Sharon Lea says:

        Thanks Guest, I wonder who that person would be? Seems like there hasn’t been much leaked about how the family feels about her.

    • Maria says:

      Ask the psychic about Willy and Waity. I would love to hear how that pans out. And if Pippa is spending money faster than MW James is making it, he will have money problems. I hope it works, they do look happy together.

      • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

        I remember reading one prediction (based on astrology charts) online about them around the wedding where it said that while the marriage will last, he would abdicate because of her health. It was hinted at that the toll of royal life will have a negative impact on her and judging from what we’ve seen its something that could happen – she has aged so much since she got married, you can see the stress on her face. At this rate she won’t last until he gets to the throne – she’ll fall apart when he comes Prince of Wales.

      • Maria says:

        Well so far that prediction seems to be on track. She can’t lose any more weight,
        when she gets older it will affect her health.

  10. Rapunzel says:

    Pippa definitely has Hollywood aspirations. Otherwise, she’d hire a basic aristo style assistant, not Hollywood experienced folks.

    Wedding planning reality show?

    • Citresse says:

      The running bride 😂

    • MinnFinn says:

      I speculated about a reality show for Pippa a week or so ago. I would call it “Coal Miner’s Granddaughter”, “Doors to Manual Part Deux” or “Made in Bucklebury” as a nod to her new BIL Spencer Matthews. Something really snarky in the style of the Daily Mail’s worst articles about Carole.

  11. Dev says:

    She can “hire” all the people she wants to hire. But she can’t “hire” people to buy her book. She can’t make the public like her by this PR war of attrition.

    They do or they don’t. They will or they won’t ;-)

    At some point she’s going to have to do something people outside of her immediate circle like *and* want to buy.

    Or, maybe she’s found a way to monetize negative comments on Daily Mail articles. Stranger things have happened.

  12. tw says:

    The Middleton sisters need to step away from the eyeliner. Good lord

  13. Alix says:

    I presume Matthews is also getting his tux refitted due to all the weight he’s losing from Bridegroom Boot Camp? Yeah, didn’t think so.

    She’s training for her wedding like it’s the Olympics. Good grief.

  14. Merritt says:

    Better to hire an assistant than to treat your friends like servants, way to many brides think their friends should drop their own life to help with wedding stuff.

    • Ange says:

      So true! I see so many online things where women are snitty because their bridesmaids are unable to drop everything to organise the multitude of events one *must* have now before a wedding. It used to be one day, now it’s a whole extravaganza of showers, hens nights, rehearsal dinners… ridiculous. Especially ridiculous to expect people who are already shelling out for hair, shoes, dress etc to also put on a bunch of events to celebrate you (general you). It’s the height of narcissism.

      • Lara says:

        Absolutely! My sis had a wealthy friend get married. An engagement party. They went to Miami for 3 nights for the shower. Then the rehearsal dinner. Then the over the top wedding which cost a fortune. This girl was loaded and didn’t seem to understand that it was expensive for many of these girls to fly down to Miami, pay for hotels, and then split the tab when she ordered bottles of pricey wine. She really thought she was a princess.

  15. Lana 234 says:

    Pippa looks rough she is only in her early thirties and her forehead is all lined. Her skin looks nasty

    • Lolo says:

      I’m always surprised by people who say she looks rough, ugly, etc. I actually think Pippa is quite lovely.

      • Rae says:

        @Lolo. I agree.

        I would hate to try and live up to these standards if Pippa qualifies as rough!

    • Rae says:

      I’m in my early thirties and my forehead is lined too. Some people get them, some people don’t. It’s not uncommon, and I take care of my skin.

  16. detritus says:

    So the only thing Pippa is good at, she isn’t good enough to do for herself. Interesting branding move there Middletons.