Drake chaperoned and paid for his cousin’s prom: relative of the year?

So what did you all do this past weekend? I thought I had had a really good weekend. But then I heard that Drake chaperoned his cousin Jalaah Moore’s prom and realized that my weekend paled in comparison. Here is how this all played out. First, Drake paid for both his cousin and her date’s prom outfits. And they were sparkly, rose gold and fab-u-lous!

Prom 2017 #FairleyHighSchool #901 #YoungLove @hyfr_jalaah 🙌🏽💙🌺

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Then he arranged for their white Rolls-Royce transportation to all prom related festivities.


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Then he showed up at the prom! Could you imagine? “Oh hi, Jalaah – you look stunning! I love that dress and damn, did you accessorize with Drake?” So Drake posed for pictures, although it looks like he just took photos with Jalaah, but everybody got their moment of freak out, which, duh, right?

Best Day Everrrr😍😍😍👑🤞🏽 @champagnepapi

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Drake knew when to make his exit, though. He did not perform and left so the attention could get back to the prommers. But he wasn’t done being amazing, he picked up the tab for the school’s after party at the Hard Rock Café.

Le sigh. I think this is so much fun. I guess one could argue that he pulled focus from the kids’ big night but I imagine more of them got something from Drake popping in.

This isn’t the first prom dream Drake made come true. Drake saw and responded to a #drakeforken call that went out over social media for a 15-year-old who was suffering from brain cancer. Her one wish was to meet Drake. When he saw it, Drake called her parents and said he was coming to Houston just to honor her wish. Cue the waterworks.

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I give Drake crap about things but it’s done lovingly. This guy’s really growing on me.



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  1. slowsnow says:

    This is just adorable and melts my old heart. And work is going well too. Plus the potential El Donaldito impeachment, overall, a good day so far.

  2. Nicole says:

    This is cute and I love that he was a chaperone.

  3. astrid says:


  4. Jennet says:

    I love Drake. He’s the only celebrity I have a huge crush on. I love his music and he seems smart, genuine and kind. His cousin is so pretty and looks very happy.

    I do wonder what it would be like being famous. The requests you would get from family members and if it would ever be too much. Kanye West talked about this in his song “Real Friends”.

  5. justcrimmles says:

    Adorable. All of this.

  6. Cherise says:

    Cute. So hows the paternity test with the pregnant p0rnstar going? Because between the pics of them together and his “I’ll do the right thing, if its mine”, I’m thinking he had casual unprotected sex with a sex worker and that docks all cute points he won with this prom stunt.

    • Snowflake says:

      Yeah, I saw all that. That confirms the rumors of his love of strippers. I think I saw an article also on a woman who was invited on tour with Drake by his bodyguard. IMO, you can do all the nice stuff you want but you’re not that great if you’re a dog, which it seems Drake is.

      And that’s the b.s. double standard. Can you imagine what people would say about a woman who loved to sleep with male strippers? And if she might be pregnant by one of them?

  7. deadnotsleeping says:


    (But her date looks kind of uncomfortable and over it).

  8. Original T.C. says:

    Bad boyfriend but great to fandom and family

  9. Onemoretime says:

    He’s so corny as my teenager says. But I’ll take that because this was so sweet.

  10. QQ says:

    He’s super Corny but FYI (as Strippery Chasing as Drake is, overly emotional butthurt) THIS has always been something he does, he likes kids, he plays with them, he talks to sick kids etc etc

    • Lucy says:

      I was friends with him during his Degrasi years and he is genuinely a really really nice person. Even back then before he had this much fame and money he used to do local charity events and he’d splurge and throw parties at cool local venues for us. I credit it all to his mom, she raised him right and was always on set with him and made sure to be involved and never let him get off the rails.

  11. holly hobby says:

    Aw that warms my cold cold heart! :P

    I remember years ago, before Tom Cruise became certifiably insane, Tom picked up the dinner tab for a bunch of kids having dinner before the prom. This would be circa his marriage to Nicole. Too bad how he turned out.

    Anyway little gestures to us commoners are greatly appreciated!