Katy Perry on the Taylor Swift beef: ‘She started it & it’s time for her to finish it’

Katy Perry attends The 2017 KIIS FM Wango Tango

People always yell at me for saying this, but it’s totally true: Taylor Swift started the beef with Katy Perry. So many people – snake fans – want to front like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are both equally to blame for their girl drama. It’s not the case. Taylor didn’t even say that was the case. Taylor claimed that someone (Katy) was always being a little bit petty to her and that someone (Katy) “stole” her backup dancers and tried to ruin her tour. As with most of Taylor’s stories where she’s the perpetual victim, she got called out on that sh-t. The backup dancers said that they were never stolen, they just liked Katy more. And who really believes – knowing what we know about Taylor Swift – that Katy Perry would actually go out of her way to be mean to Tay pre-Bad Blood? Isn’t it far more likely that when you’re a perpetual victim, everything looks like an insult?

Anyway, we’re now in the third year of the Swift-Perry drama and while Katy’s not my favorite person, I find her rather blameless in how she’s conducted herself in the Bad Blood drama. Now that Katy has a new album to promote, she’s been talking more about the beef. And she saved her side of the entire history of the beef for James Corden. It all went down on Carpool Karaoke:

“Now, I want to talk to you about some famous beef. Because there’s Taylor beef. There’s no denying it: There’s Taylor beef. And when are we going to clear that beef up?” Corden asked Perry.

“Well, there is. No, for sure—and that’s true. There’s a situation. Honestly, it’s like, she started it and it’s time for her to finish it,” replied Perry. Then, Perry attempted to explain the origin story. “It’s about backing dancers. It’s so crazy!” said Perry. “OK, so there are three backing dancers that went on tour with her tour, right? And they asked me before they went on tour if they could go, and I was like, ‘Yeah, of course. I’m not on a record cycle, and get the work, and she’s great and all that. But I will be on a record cycle in about a year, so be sure to put a 30-day contingency in your contract so you can get out if you want to join me when I say I’m going back on.’ So that year came up, right? And I texted all of them—because I’m very close with them—and I said, ‘Look, just FYI: I’m about to start, I want to put the word out there.’ And they said, ‘All right, we’re going to talk to management about it.’ And they did. And they got fired. And I tried to talk to [Swift] about it, and she wouldn’t speak to me.”

Perry added: “It was a full shutdown and then she writes a song about me. And I’m like, ‘Oh, cool, cool, cool… that’s how you wanna deal with it? Karma.’ But what I wanna say is that, like, I’m ready for that BS to be done. Now, there is the law of cause and effect. You do something and there’s gonna be a reaction. And trust me, daddy, there’s gonna be a reaction.”

For her part, Perry said she wished to end the beef with Swift, offering, “I think, personally, that women together—not divided and, like, none of this petty sh-t—women together will heal the world.”

Perry agreed “100%” that if she were to get a text from Taylor saying “the beef is off the grill,” as Corden put it, she would take that beef off the grill.

[From The Daily Beast & E! Online]

What’s more likely, that Katy Perry is lying or that Taylor Swift created this massive Bad Blood drama because her feelings were hurt that some backup dancers liked Katy more than her? You know how I feel. I think Katy is telling the truth. I think the backup dancers were always telling the truth. I think Taylor goes completely f–king crazy if she’s not the center of attention and the center of everyone’s entire world.

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  1. roses says:

    They both need to grow up bottom line.

    • Rice says:

      This!! This is some real high school drama queen shite from bubble-gum pop, attention seekers. Move on already.

    • Adele Dazeem says:

      Totally agree. If I were Katie I’d do the dismissive shrug and say, “I have no idea and I could not care less.” Dismissing/downplaying is often the best way to deal with attention seekers. Like my kids’ teachers say, ‘negative attention is still attention.’

    • Mary says:

      This so much! It seems like Katy has spent all her time promoting her album by using this beef to her advantage and there is no way I believe she doesn’t know every time she talks about this beef she gets more press. I also don’t believe her side of the story, just like I don’t believe Taylor either. I think these are two petty mean girls and the truth is somewhere in the middle. Katy isn’t one drop better than Taylor and right now her album isn’t even about her anymore, she herself has made it about Taylor. She is now the one who won’t let it go. It has been so nice not to have Taylor news, except for the new boyfriend crap, but her absence has been nice. Now I’m ready for Katy’s absence!

    • Saks says:


      • Chelsey says:

        Mmmhmm. Methinks this is the only way she can sell records, because this album sucks. She’s no dummy. She knows how to get publicity.

    • Ozogirl says:

      Agreed, they are both too old to be acting this petty.

      • Nancy says:

        Agree. Of the two, however, it seems as though Taylor has a hard time getting along with anyone. She seems quite self-absorbed. I’m glad Katy shed some light on the feud.

    • Anna says:

      Taylor Swift is such a faker, but Perry is either stupid, or she just steps in it.

  2. RBC says:

    I hope Ryan Murphy is taking notes. I see a new “Feud” mini series in his future

  3. Marianne says:

    Taylor no doubt was immature to put the song out there in the first place, but ffs dont give me this “women united not divided” crap when you’re doing the same childish, petty thing. Especially like 3 years later. Its time to get over it!

    • PrincessMe says:

      Exactly, it’s not an either or situation. They both can be (and are) petty. Seriously, let it go. Taylor thought Katy was petty and wrote a song. Katy thinks Taylor was petty and won’t shut up about it. It’s annoying.

      • LadyWish says:

        My thoughts exactly. I don’t really get the idea behind picking sides in this case. Katy had a right to speak up for herself when the song came out, that’s fine and all, but enough’s enough. She needs to move on with her life.

    • Saks says:

      Yes. And she has used the beef too to make herself look better

    • Kristen says:


    • Marlene says:

      No, she was not ‘immature’ – she was a friggin genius. The video has 1 billion hits on youtube. Since when did “based on a true story” become a must for pop songs!? A minor incident plus artistic licence – voi-là, Bad Blood.

    • Dex and Destruction says:

      I wonder how “women united not divided” Britney feels right now.

  4. Lightpurple says:

    They both need to grow up.

  5. Lucy says:

    I believe her.

    • Becky says:

      I also believe her, and though I’m no fan she’s better than this and needs to let it go.

      Swift creates her own drama, and that will come back to her.

    • Goats on the Roof says:

      Katy Perry is not Miss Clean Hands herself, so I’m not prepared to believe her fullstop. And from Taylor’s perspective, having a group of her team quit at once to join a professional rival must have stung. I’m not a perma-victim like she is, and I would probably suspect sabotage too. So my verdict is they are both assholes, and they are both in the wrong for dragging this on so long. There are far more important things going on in the world today than seeing which of these overgrown toddlers can out childish the other.

      • Chloe says:

        The dancers were the first ones who spoke on this. Their story is the same as Katy. They had already been asked to work with Katy and preferred that because they had already built a relationship with her through previous tours.. So that makes it 4 people you are prepared to say are lying. Personally i dont believe they would jepordise their ability to make a living by deliberately conspiring to sabotage someone as powerful as Taylor.

        I more enclined to think Taylor went into victim mode in addition she was probably angered by the fact that Katy was dating John Mayer at the time too.

      • Bridget says:

        At the time this happened, people pointed out that what the dancers did was not kosher – if they were important enough to Katy she should have put them on retainer to be ready for her.

      • Geekychick says:

        Three years ago, someone who worked on the same Swift tour came out in jezebel comments. They claimed katy did that on purpose : she essentially bought off crucial dancers, paying them waaaay more just before the start of Swift tour. Supposedly, that is considered a really low move in the industry.
        I don’t believe a word perry says. I’m not a fan of swift (although i do admire her bussiness prowess), but i do know girls and women like katy perry and they are toxic. They always stab your back, but make sure they look innocent. They always seem fun and cool, but underneath a cheerfull tone there is an insult that leaves you reeling for hours after.

      • Millenial says:

        I think it sort of depends on where they were in the rehearsal/tour phase? Like if three dancers quit in the middle of your world tour — that sucks. You have to hire three new dancers and get them up to speed on all the moves, or rearrange your stage to accommodate less dancers.

        But, I think Taylor just needs to write smarter contracts with her dancers. If you include a non-compete in your contract, then dancers can’t quit your world tour and immediately go on tour with someone else. If she got screwed over, it’s her lawyer’s fault and the dancer’s fault for leaving her in a lurch. But not Katy’s fault.

      • Craven says:


        She did! And when she was off tour allowed them to get some career advancing work rather than just run dance tutorials on the internet as many other dancers end up doing to kill time between tours. What Katy did was a favor to employees that she clearly treats like human beings and they clearly responded to the kindness which is why they handed notice as soon as Katy was ready to start rehearsals. There is nothing she could have done had they refused to leave Taylors show and suing them would have lost her all public goodwill. But still they CHOSE to ditch the bigger more vindictive star to go back to her. What does that say about employee conditions at Camp Taylor? Also Taylors team clearly knew that this was a possibility or there wouldnt have been that notice clause.

        Taylor is like a parody head cheerleader from a TV movie, just bitchy for no reason. And for that reason I will always route for Demi, Nikki, Katy, Calvin, Kanye, Kim, Tina and Amy or whoever is taking down the Aryan queen at that particular moment

      • SK says:

        One of those back-up dancers is a close family friend of my ex and I heard about this at the time. They are all super close to Katy, she treats them like family. When one of her dancers or crew has a birthday she takes them all of to a tropical island for a party. Stuff like that. Taylor is much more distant, purely an employer surrounded by security constantly, and the dance routines weren’t as fun. It was business only. Katy always offers her usual dancers and tour staff jobs when she tours, she did that this time and they all JUMPED to work with her again. It wasn’t sabotage, that is utterly ridiculous. They just prefer working with Katy. She is not just their employer she is their very close friend.

      • Bridget says:

        @craven – that’s not what that means at all. If she wanted to hire them, she should have paid for them to wait for her rather than just suggest that they quit mid-world tour. It doesn’t matter which employer they ‘liked’ better, they left a job in the middle of it, a job that isn’t easy to replace people. Read what Katy said. She suggested they put in a 30 day clause – so that’s not standard, i.e. dancers are hired under the assumption they’ll be present for the whole tour. And not only did she know they were going to quit, but actually suggested it. Now, is a few dancers defecting going to ruin the whole tour like Swift said? Likely not. But was this bad? According to people who are familiar with arts and music, it was.

      • Louise177 says:

        I don’t see how it’s sabotage when it was in the dancers’ contract that they were leaving. Management/Taylor took the risk and lost. Also it’s weird to me that a few dancers could ruin a tour. If it was Britney Spears or some musicians who left I could understand but dancing shouldn’t be such a huge focus for a Taylor Swift concert.

      • Bridget says:

        From what i’ve gathered, its unusual for a dancer to leave mid-tour like that (hence Katy telling them to put in the 30 day clause). The dancers rehearse for weeks, and you don’t really flit in and out of the tour. By the letter of their contract it was fine, but in practice leaving the way they did isn’t normal.

      • WhichWitch says:

        100% Team Taylor here, that was a dick move.

      • Jeesie says:

        Dancers leave tours all the time for all sorts of reasons. Especially tours like Taylor’s where they aren’t really getting to do anything remotely interesting. Aside from better offers, they also get bored with the routines, sick of the travelling, and also very common, injured. On a tour like Taylor’s it really doesn’t matter either, the dancing is so basic they can hire any dancer and they’ll nail it.

        If Taylor wanted her dancers to be locked in for the whole tour, their contract should have locked them in for the whole tour. That’s her problem and her mistake. Firing them because they chose to give notice is lousy.

        People forget this was pre-Squad, when Taylor was paying her dancers to be her ‘friends’. That’s what this is about.

    • Francesca Love says:

      Katy team!!!

    • Emily says:

      @Geekychick, So Katy agreed to pay the dancers she wanted waaaaay more than Taylor was paying them, way more than they might make anywhere else….and Katy is the bad guy? Taylor has money, too. No one can dance forever and money talks.

      • Marianne says:

        The issue isnt that Katy was willing to pay them more, its that they were already contracted to dance on taylor’s tour. That was kind of dick move to drop out like that. That isnt necessarily Katy’s fault, the dancers are grown ass woman who make their own decisions, but still.

  6. laulau says:

    I think the whole Bad Blood drama was because she was getting so much ish for talking about boyfriends but the blind items songs (“blind…”) is kind of her formula so… create a high profile nonsense fest about a fellow celeb who vaguely, kind of, might have wronged her.

    I have never liked a grown woman needing fifteen friends to align against her ‘enemies’.

  7. KJA says:

    Not the biggest fan of Katy Perry, but if it’s between her or Her Lady of Perpetual Victimhood….

    • Lulu says:

      Go with neither like most of us. Katy is growing increasingly problematic, has anyone seen the story about what happened at SNL ?

      • KJA says:

        Oh, I have zero time for either of them, don’t get me wrong, I just dislike Swift the teeniest bit more. I had some goodwill left for Katy Perry after the election but that’s quickly disappearing.

        What happened at SNL?

      • Lulu says:

        Well according to twitter last night the drag queens she was already using for attention , were for MigoS apparently distasteful which isn’t shocking considering they are known homophobics. But, apparently Katy sided with them, cut some from the performance, and then it was made clear none were invited to the after party.

    • Saks says:

      Personally I ‘d chose Taylor. Katy has always being problematic

  8. serena says:

    I trust Katy’s story and I’m sure Taylor started it.. but, enough now, it’s been 3 years of public pettiness. Katy should have told this story right at the start instead of dragging this until now (for promotion purposes), she could have shut down Taylor much sooner, I think, if she wanted.
    Even if she’s right, she comes across as really immature -as much as Taylor.

    • WeAreAllMadeofStars says:

      Soooo….then she’s effectively doing the Taylor routine. She said little to nothing until it was profitable for her to do so, and then she started talking.

  9. Lulu says:

    I don’t believe either , think they are both full of s**t , but the only thing I see as a redeemable quality is TSwift has kept her mouth shut about it. She has never named Katy , nor has she apart From that one interview spoke about it. Katy is flopping , she needs this , but as a former enjoyer of Katy’s music I wish she had done the same. Just all so much petty school playground rubbish, they need to start acting like the grown women they are!

    • Alleycat says:

      She’s kept her mouth shut?! She STARTED this! She made it very obvious who this person was. She made an entire song about it. People were talking about this for her album, not sure why Katy is expected to roll over and play dead. Katy sucks, but Taylor is worse.

      • Miles says:

        So? People write songs about other people all the time. And a lot of the time we know who the song is about. Taylor has never been one to hide who her songs are about so this case wouldn’t be any different and maybe I would be more inclined to understand Katy’s point of view if she wasn’t so insistent upon dragging it on. She said she wants it to end but keeps bringing it up…that doesn’t sound like someone who wants it to end to me. And if Katy is the one who actually did something to Taylor, it’s not on Katy to tell her that she needs to end it. Maybe Taylor is perfectly fine without having to deal with Katy as a “friend.” If she wants it to end, then stop talking about it.

    • MellyMel says:

      She didn’t really have to name Katy because she made it obvious who she was mad at and she’s had her goons ( aka friends) speaking on her behalf for years. Nothing redeemable about that…

    • Nicole says:

      If that’s keeping your mouth shut I would love to see what you think verbose is. Taylor all but said Katy’s name in her RS interview. Perpetual victim Taylor is anything but keeping her mouth shut. She wouldn’t have a career otherwise

      • Miles says:

        Taylor talked about every single one of her songs in that RS interview and told the interviewer what each one was about. She didn’t name anyone but if you follow Taylor then yea you would know….but not everyone is obsessed with gossip and follows all that stuff. Heck if you asked the average person what Bad Blood is about, they’d probably tell you it’s about some guy.

        Katy outed herself. And since then has dragged this thing on and on and on and on….but then claims that she wants it to end. I’m not saying that Katy should be quiet…but respond back and call it a day. Why is she still talking about it YEARS later if she really wanted it to end?

    • Saks says:

      Agree. Taylor is childish and spoiled so I can see why she made such a big deal of this at the beginning, but the one who has actually dragged this for 3 years was Katy not Taylor.

  10. MellyMel says:

    Yeah I believe her and the dancers. The whole thing is so immature and petty. Time to move on!

  11. Snork says:

    Pathetic. Both are mentally stuck in high school. Heathers this is not. I just don’t know how you can bang on about female empowerment when you pull the most stereotypically girly shit to sell a few records.

  12. akua says:

    Team on one. Taylor with her lying and katy been racist. They both can get lost. Ps when was the last time Taylor talk about katy perry.

    • Lightpurple says:

      The song came out 3 years ago.

    • Chloe says:

      Katys been racist? Are we talking about cultural appropriation? Well let’s just say Taylor has done her fair share of that too. Katy supported black lives matter, when did Taylor ever align herself with black issues?

      • Geekychick says:

        Her geisha shtick was pretty racist and totally cultural appropriation. Don’t forget her song “you’re so gay”. And this is just on top of my tongue.

      • Chloe says:


        I don’t hate either, not a fan of either but if we are going to go by cultural appropriation then they are exactly the same. The colonial video Taylor did was just as racist as Katy’s geisha video.So if we are going to call Katy racist then the same applies to Taylor. The weeknd said Taylor was stroking his hair when they met. As a biracial person with nappy hair I can’t think of anything more condensceing and ignorant than white people who feel they can touch my hair just because they feel like it. That is the action of someone who isn’t used to being around black people and its somewhat racist in its ignorance.


        Katy’s whole group is full of gay and lesbians (some of them black) so I sincerely doubt she’s homophobic. Katy sure is problematic but I don’t doubt for a second she’s more exposed to real and diverse people and the issues that concern them, than Taylor who seems extremely removed from diversity.

      • Jessie says:


        You left out taylors song picture to burn

        “You tell my friends that I’m crazy yeah, I’ll tell mine that you’re gay!’


        Taylor and black people?

        Between petting Abel like a dog, belittling Nicky Minaj concerns as a black woman and that video set in an Africa mysteriously lacking in black people you have to be a fairly big fan of hers to suggest she’s not just as bad as KP or worse.

  13. Nanny to the Rescue says:

    Katy’s becoming a bit desperate for Swift’s response (how’s her sales?). A beef is ended by ignoring it, Katy, and it soon wears off. Since you’ve lately been the only one clinging to it, you’re just as guilty.

    • lem says:

      Yea from my recollection, Taylor hasn’t said much on this for a long time. Katy keeps bringing it up & Taylor hasn’t responded to it in a while. I think Taylor definitely started it, saw the backlash from it & Bad Blood & dropped it. And I don’t want to hear Katy talking about holding women up when she takes extremely low digs at Britney’s mental health.

    • I Choose Me says:

      That’s my problem too. By talking about it so much Katy is starting to come off as desperate for attention. Mentioning Swifty is a surefire way to get it. Except now, we’re most of us rolling our eyes at them both.

  14. HadleyB says:

    Wow that last pic they have no boobs.. did they both get implants at the same time? lol

    • Cynical Ann says:

      Ha! I was coming on to say the same thing.

    • Rhiley says:

      I was coming to ask, Does Katy Perry now have some Kardashian style butt implants or is it just a weird yellow dress she is wearing in the top pic?

      • pinetree13 says:

        I was wondering that too! Like why is she so hippy on that side? I can’t figure it out.

        Hideous outfit is hideous though.

        I believe her boobs are real…she has always had huge boobs

  15. Megan says:

    Eh, I’ve always thought the whole thing was 99% publicity stunt. It’s kept them both in the press far more than they merit.

  16. teacakes says:

    I detest Katy Perry but I have to agree, Kaiser – the swiftloonies’ latest defence has now come down to ‘Katy is older and should move on already’. Which is also what they said about Camilla Belle last year. It’s a well known bully tactic, telling the person you wronged to ‘move on’ – bs to that, I say.

    Katy may suck in other ways but she is not the one who started this beef and frankly, if she’s annoyed over being blind-item’ed at length for album promo then Swifty doesn’t get to decide when she should stop feeling that way and she’s still the one who got trash-talked even if her album flops.

  17. Chloe says:

    Not a fan of either but i totally believe katy on this one. Also as she wasn’t the one who started this ridiculous beef she gets slightly more benefit of doubt.

  18. bucketbot says:

    I believe Katy, yet team Nobody.
    Taylor should not have made this public, not in that interview nor by a song. Just go get 3 new dancers or you can certainly do without 3 of them. This is not gymnastics or some acrobatic performance where losing one person shakes up everything. Taylor was silly in the 1st place. Then again she always has had an agenda when writing songs. She just didn’t expect there to be any other point of view. Like you said Kaiser, in Taylor’s mind that she is the victim always is the only way to look at it.
    Katy writing ‘Swish Swish’ 3 years later is showing she’s not above this petty shit either. No amount of telling the public that she is over it would make it go away now. IF only she had explained it in an interview such as this and let it go. It would have been brilliant. Now it just looks likes Katy cannot write songs at all OR if she hasn’t been writing her songs all along, then the ones who do are starting to lose faith in her star/mass appeal.

    • Tiffany says:

      So Swifty has made an entire career out of trashing people in songs, but Katy does it, she should not and she is despite. Got it.

      The gymnastics to justify Swifty’s behavior will make Simome Biles jealous.

      • WendyNerd says:

        *Snort* Katy’s been writing songs trashing people for years! Her first single was LITERALLY a homophobic AF trashing of an ex.

        She’s been making classless cheap shots at other artists — Britney, Mariah– for years. She loves “beefing” with people. She and Swift are the same.

        Also, bucketbot didn’t justify Swift’s behavior whatsoever, she literally detailed why Swift is a douche. But I guess if you don’t think Katy is perfect you’re “justifying” her?

        GDI, I wish people on this site would stop making me get on the non-anti-Swift side. It’s giving me hives.

        This is PR BS, fueled by both their teams. Stop falling for it.

  19. Nicole says:

    I mean I believed Katy before the backup dancers spoke up. Mostly because I know a lot of people that went to school with Taylor and I’ve heard stories and Katy just didn’t seem like the type. That and contracts.
    Katy loaned out her dancers and they chose to leave when Katy gave them notice. A normal person wouldn’t freak out. But Taylor is a perma-victim so of course she blew it up.

    • kaiC says:

      Share your stories with the class!!

    • Bridget says:

      She didn’t “loan out” her dancers. She wasn’t employing them at the time at all. They signed a contract with another tour – that was their employer. If they were important enough Katy could have paid them to stay off the tour, instead she basically told them to just quit midway through. They may have ruined their professional reputations over this.

      • Jeesie says:

        Dancers leave for greener pastures all the time. They certainly didn’t ruin their careers.

        If Taylor wanted them for the whole tour, their contracts should have reflected that.

  20. Miles says:

    She wants it to end BUT keeps bringing it up and talking about it. If she really wanted it to end, then why mention it? And this isn’t me saying that Katy shouldn’t have a response or whatever but her response is very hypocritical. Bad Blood came out years ago and since then Taylor hasn’t said a peep about it. And yet over the years Katy has taken passive aggressive digs at Taylor and I have been like okay Taylor “deserves” them…like I expect Katy to respond or whatever but how can she now claim she wants it to end and that Taylor started it when she has had a huge role over why it’s dragged on this long. You want it to end? Stop talking about it.

  21. Ana says:

    I have no interest in defending Taylor Swift because I’m sure all this is true and she is petty and immature, but should we really believe Katy Perry is any better? Not to mention all her talk about Swift now seems like a desperate PR move to be relevant and sell her album.

  22. KatyD says:

    What happened to making “purposeful pop music” and you’re above all that? Yeah, that’s what I thought. When Britney spears shows more maturity, it’s time to reevaluate your life choices. Sadly, I think her pop gimmick songs are all played out, and she’s not talented enough to transition to anything else. It seems like the pop world, and the word in general, needs more wisdom and less immature people. Just my 2 pennies…

  23. Loo says:

    I believe Swift started it and was wrong and deserves to be crap talked. So now that Katy has released her bad belated response song is she going to finally move on and ignore Swift’s childishness or is she going to keep dredging up this boring feud every few years? I get it, Swift victim game is obnoxious. Does that mean that Katy is going to sink to her level every time she has a record to sell or will she move on? We do we start saying that Katy is just as pathetic?

  24. WendyNerd says:

    How about they both just grow up and move on. It was three years ago! FFS. She’s not “blameless” as long as she’s still dragging this out publicly.

    Who am I kidding? This is all some PR BS creation anyways. Neither of them GAF and this “beef” is for promoting their respective records. Duh.

  25. so says:

    T. Swift may have started it but, damn, still talking about it 3 years later… that’s so petty and immature from K. Perry.

  26. Bridget says:

    At the time this happened, people familiar with entertainment pointed out that what the dancers did (and what Katy knew was planned) wasn’t as above the board as they make it sound and that if the dancers were important enough Katy could have put them on retainer. Now, did this equate to Katy trying to sabotage Taylor’s whole world tour? Of course not. But Katy saying ‘just quit in the middle of your job when I’m ready for you’ isnt great either.

    Katy made a big deal about being all about “purposeful pop” and not being into the back and forth, and then like 2 weeks later wades down into the mud when it becomes clear that “purposeful pop” wasn’t selling.

  27. manda says:

    I think there has to be more to it than this, because this is a legitimate thing to be upset about–she basically was responsible for getting people fired. I don’t understand why Taylor wouldn’t just talk to her about that, it doesn’t really make sense. Taylor seems sort of shady to me, but I certainly don’t view Katy as particularly trustworthy, so who knows. But there as to be more than this dancer thing

  28. Hollie says:

    At this point though, Katy is just continuing it. Yes publicly talk about it, yes write your own diss track (YEARS LATER), how its one persons fault, and then say you’re over the fight? Nah. This is on both of them.

  29. Frigga says:


    Does high school-like beef keep Katy young? At this point in life, she needs to get over this ‘beef’ and move on with her life. Though her relevance is hanging on by a thread, so maybe this is all she has.

  30. Desi says:

    “Now that Katy has a new album to promote, she’s been talking more about the beef.”

    And so the gist of all this talking is … “she started it.” I just … can NOT with this.

    They’re both petty and annoying, but the undeniable fact staring Perry in the face is that her career has faltered to the point where, to sell records, she needs Swift way more than Swift needs her. This desperate “Taylor’s really, really MEAN” campaign is making her look increasingly very, very sad.

  31. Flufff says:

    I never thought it was anything more than a PR stunt.

  32. KatM says:

    They both need to grow up and shut up.

  33. paranormalgirl says:

    In the end, it’s not who started it, but who has the maturity to end it.

    • pinetree13 says:

      Bingo. They are both being immature. “She started it she should finish it” sounds like something my kindergartner would say.

  34. Kitten says:

    Ah yes the ol’ “My album sucks but maybe if I resuscitate an old celebrity feud I can at least get some publicity.”

    Both of them are so juvenile but for whatever reason, people consistently go to bat for Perry. No idea why because she’s no better than Swift.

    • geekychick says:

      I think you got to the heart of it.

    • Erinn says:

      Yep. I kind of feel like she’s worse in a way. Going on and on about her purposeful pop, uniting women (while dragging on a grudge for THREE years) and then talking trash about someone like BSpears’ obvious mental health issues. Had she given some shade three years ago, then moved on – that’d have been fine. But come ON – she loves the attention – if she didn’t she wouldn’t jump on the train every time someone on twitter threw shade at Swift. She’s not getting the attention on her own, so she needs to cling to what she can.

    • Shark Bait says:

      They are both annoying and play the same childish games in the press. Katy Perry dancing on SNL when Migos was singing was the cringiest thing I have seen in a while. Her and Swifty are both a total cringe fest for me. Ladies, you are adult women, find another shtick besides this beefing crap!

  35. jill says:

    Wait, you guys, didn’t Katy date John Mayer after he broke Taylor’s heart? Perhaps the dancers thing is her “reason” when really, it was about JM?

    • lunchcoma says:

      I have always thought that was the real reason. Taylor was still in victim mode, and Katy was probably listening to John talking shit and egging on the feud.

      That being said, it’s still kind of pathetic to be beefing over a guy neither of them is with and who they’ve both moved on from.

  36. Sassback says:

    Of course they like Katy better, wth are back up dancers doing on a Taylor Swift tour? Only her last album was danceable and SHE can’t dance.

    • jetlagged says:

      LOL. That’s what I always thought. I haven’t seen what Tay’s stage show involved, but I can’t imagine there was a lot of intricate choreography going on and most pro dancers are trained to pick up routines very quickly. If the “dancing” was nothing more than having them wave their arms while spinning around in a synchronized fashion, they were probably bored out of their minds.

  37. Saks says:

    Both songs are terrible anyway… Bad Blood’s sucks less bc of Kendrick Lamar

  38. Freddy Spaghetti says:

    So tired of this. Katy is worse than Taylor, I think. She made fun of Britney’s mental breakdown, wore an outfit made by an antisemite…do I really need to go on?

    They both suck, but trying to paint Katy as some kind of saint is pointless, because, at the end of the day, they are both two mean girls who can’t/won’t change.

  39. lunchcoma says:

    Or Katy could just drop it? Taylor is a pain, but Katy should be old enough to realize that people you’re upset at almost never give you the apology you’ve been dreaming about. If she stops talking about the feud, then it’s over, and Taylor’s choices would be to either do the same or to continue what would look like a one-sided grudge.

  40. Lana 234 says:

    Who knows what the real story is between these two I don’t even think Katy is still hurt she probably put this song out to drive album sales.

  41. Erica_V says:

    If you want to know “who started it” ask yourself which came first – the stealing of the backup dancers? Or the song?

    If Katy hadn’t have stolen the dancers (stealing someone’s employees mid contact is not cool idc what profession) Taylor wouldn’t have written the song. Katy started it. Taylor ended it with the song. Katy is keeping it going by speaking about it in her interviews in an attempt to drum up interest in her new album.

    “Oh yes Daddy there will be repercussions.” Really? Three years later? On a lame song you won’t even admit is about her? Sure Jan. Also Daddy? Gross.

  42. Sassback says:

    The whole point is that the backup dancers were NOT stolen. They worked for Katy **first** and she gave her blessing to work for Taylor but to let them know to put something in their contracts in case they wanted to come back to work for her. When she told them she was going back on tour, they made the choice to return to Katy. There was no stealing and it was generous for Katy to be open-minded about her dancers working for other people and let them choose. Taylor is just in a huff because she’s insulted the dancers did not want to finish out the tour with her. From how Katy tells it, she did it by the book.

    • Carrie says:

      Yeah this has always just been about business. This is business and Taylor flipped out unprofessionally about a business matter.

      Dancers work where they’re happy, same as most people would prefer. I’ve always thought this may have ticked off her parents because they didn’t catch or prevent it with locked contracts. This was Taylor’s error, not Katy’s. People get offers all the time, it’s on the dancers, not Katy. And it sounds like the dancers didn’t do anything wrong either per the terms of the contract so yeah, always was just business.

      I bet Taylor has learned from this and wouldn’t hesitate to do the same thing Katy did with her own fav employees in future. Contract wording matters. In this instance, crying about it and blaming others is childish.

  43. AJ says:

    Team Taylor. Katy comes off as desperate for attention, particularly because her new songs are flopping so hard.

  44. madly says:

    I don’t care about either of them, but it was a good move for her to lay out what really happened. It doesn’t sound like she tried to steal anyone away when it was discussed prior to their contracts to Swift on what they could do. Leave it to Swift to make it bigger than it was. But both women are trying to use this feud to make money and get attention.

    And I find it all kinds of funny that this joe-nobody is not going to be able to deflect away from this. Katy is a big star and she dropped some big bombs and no amount of relationship discussions in the press is going to deflect what just happened.

    Where is my popcorn?

  45. Heather Potts says:

    1) I don’t see why EITHER of them have to be lying. As someone who has supervised large teams of people getting ready for trial, which I imagine is loosely analogous to what a world tour is like, I can understand Taylor’s point of view. Did the backup dancers do anything illegal? No, of course not. But it does make it hard for everyone else when you leave in the middle of something like this. Every single person on the team is critical to a well oiled machine running well. It makes it a bit harder to take as the manager if the reason is to join another team. You’ll note Katy says she told them to get a term in their contract to get out- but it doesn’t say for what purpose. It’s not clear that the dancers disclosed this potential conflict when being hired. Anyways, I can understand the Taylor beef. 2) I also understand the KAty beef- Bad Blood was a bad move on Taylor’s part IMO. But it rings a bit hollow for Katy to be calling Taylor petty when she has now done the exact same thing. If anyone is petty, they both are.

  46. Jeanette says:

    When this story came out in 2014, one of the dancers was interviewed and he said that KP called him up in the middle of the TS tour and asked him to leave. None of this agreement that KP is saying took place was ever mentioned until now.

    This is a snippet from an interview in 2015 where yet another dancer says that KP called him up and asked him to come on tour with her even though, according to her statement NOW, she knew they were already on tour.

    “In 2011 Myrick performed with Perry’s California Dreams World Tour, and after it wrapped, secured a gig with Swift’s Red Tour. However, according to an Examiner interview, Perry’s camp reached back out to Myrick in middle of his tour with Swift, asking if he’d leave to perform with Perry for her Prismatic World Tour”

    • Juliette says:

      I did read a report from another dancer at the time the told the exact same story that Katy did. That when and if she ever went back on tour they could come back to her as she didn’t need them at the time & they wanted the work.. When they approached TS management, she was livid.

      I’m not on anyone’s side here, the whole thing seems rather juvenile but I have head Katy’s version from others in the past.

  47. Bee says:

    The bitch in me is crossing my fingers that Taylor Swift will bomb as hard as Katy Perry and they will both disappear into obscurity.

  48. Nikki says:

    It really makes them BOTH look bad to still be talking about it, ESPECIALLY embarrassing after a huge tragedy at Arianna Grande’s concert makes this pettiness all the more ridiculous. No class..

  49. Lin says:

    I’m with Kaiser on Team KP. Yes Katy is a little peculiar, but she seems really laid back and rarely says mean things about other people. The whole TS beef is an awkward situation and she’s been handling it well. Getting her point across without getting too nasty or agressive about it.