Star: Brad Pitt is determined to remove all of his Angelina-related tattoos

'War Machine' Premiere in Tokyo

Brad Pitt has a lot of tattoos. He had tattoos before he even started up with Angelina Jolie, but since Brad tends to “copy” whoever his girlfriends/wives, he really ramped up his tattoo collection during the Jolie Years. I’ve been wondering this whole time if Angelina was going to end up lasering off her Brad-centric tattoos, and I didn’t give much thought to the Jolie-specific tattoos Brad probably has. According to Star Magazine, Brad’s apparently committed to getting several of those tattoos removed, or having them covered in some way.

Brad Pitt’s marriage to Angelina Jolie left a mark on his career, his heart and his skin! “He’s making appointments to remove the tattoos he got for Angie,” discloses an insider. “He’s ready for a fresh start and wants that reflected on his skin.”

Among his ick-inducing ink? Angelina’s birthday on his groin, squiggles on his back the actress doodled after a night of passion and, most recently, matching tats done by a Thai monk meant to bind them spiritually. But Brad doesn’t any ties to his ex, dermatological or otherwise.

“It’s going to take at least a year to get rid of them, and they’ll leave scars,” adds the source. “He may just cover them up, but he has so many about Angie, he’ll end up needing a lot of huge pieces.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Is anyone else laughing at the idea of Brad having his groin “marked” with Angelina’s birthday? I mean… why not just get “Property of Dame Jolie” tattooed right above his wang? It’s the same idea. As for the squiggles on his back, sure, he should get those removed. The Thai tattoo is probably going to be a bitch to remove though. Maybe he should just keep everything and be forever marked by Angelina.

'War Machine' Premiere in Tokyo

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  1. B n A fn says:

    Says who?

  2. Mildred Pierce says:

    I don’t think he had tattoos before he got together with her.

  3. grabbyhands says:

    This is why you never get ink related to any being other than a family member or a pet. While it is not an iron clad guarantee that things will end badly, you are taking a really risky bet.

    • Esmom says:

      Yes, although I’m guessing this story is BS, I was going to say the exact same thing. If you’re gonna get a tattoo like my uncle did in Vietnam, for example, “Mom” is a good choice. Although my uncle and grandmother ended up eventually estranged…so maybe that’s not even a safe bet, lol.

      • Malak says:

        LOL Even ‘mom’ is risky! No tattoo at all is best. I don’t have a single tattoo. Can’t stand needles.
        I think this story is BS too.

    • Sarah says:

      This is why the only names ever tattoed on your body should be that of your children. Or your favorite pets. Or Mom. Never a lover or husband.

    • Janet R says:

      This is what I keep telling my (rather tattooed) honey bunny – not my name! It seems like the kiss of death : ) So he did our kitty’s name.

  4. Beth says:

    This is why you should never get the name or something that specifically that has something to do with the person you’re dating, married to or crazy about. Relationships don’t always go right and lead to heartbreak and you’re stuck with a permanent reminder of them on yourself forever

  5. Indira says:

    I don’t think they will remove the tattoos they got for each other.

    • SaraR. says:

      Exactly. He would have to explain to his children – hey, I can’t look at anything that reminds me of your mother. (He has the whole two lines of Bob Dylan song on his torso, written in her handwriting. He also has initials of all the children and her initial on his arm – he was showing them prominently in the last month’s photos in GQ) They will be in each other lives forever.

      • KB says:

        I was googling that Dylan tattoo to see what her handwriting looked like and I ended up on a handwriting analysis of the two of them which ends with “His ‘he mannish’ strength and character attribute to this bond, as long as Angelina approves.” Made me laugh.

  6. Nora says:

    this article is dumb. they are forever tied by their six children. can’t laser them away.

  7. Snowpea says:

    Is it just me or did Pitt lose about 95% of his hotness when Angelina said Adios?

    • Adele Dazeem says:

      I’m with you. He’s got a desperation about him now.

    • bap says:

      @Snowpea I say he lost 99% of his hotness.

    • Slushee says:

      Just you.

    • MunichGirl says:

      He’s still got it.

      • nemera77 says:

        Yes he does still have it.. Brad is forever HOT..Just as Angie is beautiful. They were these before each other and will be after.

    • Khaleesi says:

      He looks pretty good to me.

    • Sarah says:

      Nah, Brad’s looking fine, just like AJ.

    • Crumpet says:

      He looks good to me.

    • Beth says:

      I’ve never drooled and dreamed about Brad. There’s plenty of guys I like better. He still is handsome, he definitely hasn’t lost his hotness. They were a good looking couple, but he was handsome before they were even together

    • Mildred Pierce says:

      Not physically, it’s the inner beauty that’s gone for pushing her under the bus then taking responsibility 8 months later. Looking at these pictures, would you believe that at 53 and being a dad for 12 years, he’s only just had an epiphany that his kids need him? Dude grow up.

      • LadyT says:

        When is it ever too late to acknowledge you can do better? Growth is a good thing.

      • Sorry, no dignity in that says:

        Pitt always knew that his kids needed him. That is why he voluntarily signed an agreement that he could see his children under supervision only. Because that agreement enabled him to see his children on a regular basis. Because that agreement ment that the impending divorce process would go smoother as the children could no longer be used as a pawn.

    • Lady D says:

      There’s better out there.

    • Ramona says:

      He looks better imo. The weightloss tipped him back into hot territory for me.

      • Lauren II says:

        Brad looks hot to me. During the last 2 years of his marriage Brad looked bloated & waxy.
        He looks much healthier now.
        Brad is also likable. Brad will be around forever. He knows how to play the Hollywood game perfectly.

      • friend of says:

        Brad is better than ever. Much better since he has lost weight and quit drinking. His smile is even better. He looks like he may soon find himself happy.

    • Sage says:

      Brad is a very good looking man.
      It’s his PR team that is making him look desperate.

      • friend of says:

        Brad doesn’t look desperate to me. Just looks like he really loves her. I never doubted the love. He probably doesn’t doubt his love for her either, but that doesn’t mean that the relationship was a good one for him in that feel good kind of way. He has kids now and that is a plus. The kids will be old enough very soon to develop a relationship with him that does not depend on their mother’s relationship with him. He loves her, but my hope is that they don’t get back together. This has been too traumatic. Sometimes there is just no going back. Time for both of them to keep moving on. Angelina hasn’t looked happy to me in her marriage ever. She and Brad seemed happy for the first years. I’d say right up until just before she directed unbroken in Australia. Before that, they’d always done the one on and one off while the other worked. He used to show up on her set and spend time with her. At least on Honey. Unbroken and Fury, they did at the same time. Seems like things started sliding down hill big time after that. They have their own ideas about family life and working and those ideas have diverged. Better to keep walking now, they’ve done the hard part in breaking up the family. Now they get to go on separately and live the lives they choose. Brad is looking good and so is Angelina. May they keep looking good and keep moving on.

      • Sorry, no dignity in that says:

        I too think that Brad really loved Angie and their family. Not sure if he still loves Angie but surely the children? They had that big family that he always wanted.
        There are accusations that after the divorce of Angie’s parents the mother
        Marcheline Bertrand turned her children against their father.
        Now, I kind of think that Angie … There was no dignity in how Angie started that separation.
        I hope that the children will be able to have two parents despite them being divorced. I grew up with just one parent for the majority of my teenage years and boy I missed the other parent.

      • Lady D says:

        Dignity? You serious? He destroyed his family willingly, but she better treat him with dignity. The alcoholic can do what he wants cause ya know he’s Brad Pitt, and he’s good looking and he just got sucked in over his head by the scheming, non-dignified Jolie? Wasn’t she just so mean to him? She put up with his drinking for years, but she better be dignified when she leaves him. I mean that is what the great alkie deserves.
        “There are accusations that after the divorce of Angie’s parents the mother
        Marcheline Bertrand turned her children against their father.” There are accusations against Brad too, should we infer something from that as well?

    • KiddVicious says:

      He’ll always be hot, that’s just the way he’s made. It doesn’t matter who his partner is, he’s his own individual, and the same for Angie. They’re both gorgeous people with or without partners.

    • Keaton says:

      Not just you. But then I always found him bland and mildly inoffensive. She made him hotter IMO. Now that he’s older and lost Angie he’s got a vaguely red-neck thing going on.

    • Tulip Garden says:

      Pitt has regained his former good looks. Pitt had been in a decline, looks wise, for several years.

    • minx says:

      I’ll weigh in on this: I think he lost weight and cleaned up, so good for him. But maybe because I liked them so much as a couple–some of the magic is gone.

    • Malak says:

      @Snowpea – I’d say definitely tarnished. Dumped by AJ.

  8. Meadowlarky says:

    The only one I think might warrant a laser is the groin birthday tat (I also think it may say her name there?) Same with the one Angelina has on her inner thigh that says “Whisky Bravo” (His initials in NATO). Those ones have got to be awkward for future intimate moments!

  9. Adele Dazeem says:

    This doesn’t surprise me, although the source is obviously sketchy. Brad needs to get a new identity (aka mimic that of his next ex-girlfriend) and so he needs to become the blank canvas he truly is!

  10. Fa says:

    He was proudly showing the tattoos of her initials the photoshoot he did GQ.

  11. alexc says:

    Maybe there’s a business opportunity selling ‘temporary’ tatoos to actors/musicians/players so they won’t have to laser every 5-10 years when their next true love comes along.

  12. Sage says:

    Pitt was so whipped. Lol.

    He can turn the A into a B, leave the Dylan lyrics but he’ll have to remove the one on his lower abs and I suppose the binding tat.

    He should call Colin Farrel who removed all of his tattoos and his arms look pretty good.

  13. BJ says:

    Hey Star Magazine what happened to the baby Brad fathered with Kate Hudson before she dumped him after she moved in with him?
    Star Magazine Covers.SMH

    • Ramona says:

      I know you are kidding but this actually did happen with Clark Gable (Gone in The Wind) and Loretta Young.

      And since I never pass up the chance to spit some Golden Hollywood drama, here goes; Loretta had a better career than Kate Hudson but she was better known for a long running affair with the very Catholic Spencer Tracy who refused to divorce his wife for any of his mistressses. They bonded on how Catholic they both were (waawaawaa!) Anyway when Tracey moved on, she co-starred with Clark Gable and began an affair with him. She fell pregnant and then disappeared for a year perhaps to a Catholic convent. The studio informed the world that she had a unnamed illness. She returned with an “adopted daughter”. This daughter writes in her autobiography that because there were always rumors about her true parentage, her mother Loretta, had her ears permanently covered and then pinned back by surgery as a child. She had her dads ears apparently. I dont remember how the daughter found out but she wrote a book about it. Loretta Young herself also spilled the beans in an authorised biography once Clark Gable had died. The daughter wrote that Clark came to see her once while she was a teen and still had no idea who he was. It was such a weird encounter she assumed he came to see for himself.

      So even though Star probably cooked that one, just remember that stranger things have happened.

  14. flybaby says:

    Brad, may I suggest a giant Phoenix

  15. Daisy says:

    I would like to see Brad go into silver fox territory. Enough of this dying his hair the same color as the woman he’s with. He needs to step up and be himself. His dark night of the soul will force this out.

  16. tracking says:

    I can see how a bunch of tattoos dedicated to an ex might complicate one’s dating life, and anyone can understand the desire for a clean slate, but Star has no real sources on this. Just the usual guesswork, and an opportunity to gossip about presumed hostility between them.

  17. Jessica says:

    I can’t imagine he got his penis tattooed with her birthday but maybe he did. Billy Bob almost made himself anemic sending Angelina weekly vials of his blood.

  18. mayamae says:

    He looks very Guy Pierce in the second picture.

  19. Marie l says:

    This just confirms to me what a douche he really is. I have stopped watching his movies many many moons ago.

    • attackofthekb says:

      He’s a douche because he wants to remove tattoos from a past relationship? Kinda thought that was standard procedure for people dumb enough to tattoo a significant others name on themselves.

      • friend of says:

        I will bet he never again gets tattoos for women. Too much to do to remove. He didn’t have tattoos before so I hope he never gets them again. Angelina has a different kind of tattoo. Ones that you can’t tell what they are for, so she shouldn’t have to have them scrapped off. She won’t be in the same shape she was in with Billy Bob all over her arm. Brad will have learned a big, big lesson. Hopefully he will move on very, very soon. He is looking better and better without the bloat of the last years. He gets that out of this relationship. Hope he stays on the wagon. Looks good on him.

      • Sorry, no dignity in that says:

        Ah well, here Pitt apparently has to take ALL the blame. 😉
        He is guilty because the other party is basically Mother Theresa 2.0.

    • bap says:

      @Sorry no dignity in that Angelina is a Great Lady and Truly a Good Person!

  20. B n A fn says:

    It’s a Folklore tale, I heard Angelina with my own ears and eyes denying this vial of blood story on tv. Angelina said there was NO vial of blood. She said she pricked her finger with a drop of blood and pressed it into a locket. From that the story, IT was told a million times that she wore a a vial of blood around her neck, NOT TRUE. Now it’s BBT almost anemic sending AJ vials of blood, not true.

  21. truth hurts says:

    Brad ain’t getting rid of nothing. He still lives and loves that woman. IDK what she does to him but this man was/is hurt and will never get never get over her. If you know these two I can bet if they wound up in a room alone they would F##k for hours. They have this sick passion for each other that still exudes even now going through this divorce process.Look at how they saw at each other through their lawyers.
    Two things I have deserved since 2005.
    They have both create beasts in each other and their personalities cancel each other out creating a power struggle.
    Brad has become more agressive, candid, a harder worker, out of his shell a tad dark and walks with a swagger. True Jolie characteristics.
    Angie has become more arrogant, a savvy deal maker with studio execs, more into branding her face and name, and richer. Pitts M.O.
    They created this in each other. Now two of the most powerful people on HW are bumping heads and decided it won’t work. Why?
    No doubt they love each other hard and passionately as well as fight like this when they want their own way. Brads alcohol and weed doesn’t go well with this either.
    Other parties involved on both sides in their ears have succeeded. Together they could rule HAND other parts of the world and apart they are still strong, but together they were a force.
    When they began doing separate things apart instead of family together, one work while the other stay home, they began to fade. Anyone want to take a wild guess why?

  22. Sorry, no dignity in that says:

    A spouse deserves respect and fair treatment. And alcoholism is an illness not a crime.

    I think the way Angie conducted the divorce did leave a huge scar on Pitt. She didn’t go for a quiet divorce behind closed doors. She showed no mercy with her own then-spouse. There was no dignity in dragging your partner through an investigation like that despite knowing that he wouldn’t be charge with anything criminal.

    Seriously, if your partner would slide into alcoholism would you make child protection go after him? Essentially Pitt hadn’t done anything except that he developed an alcohol problem. Would you drag the father of your children and your spouse-and-future-ex through the media like that?

    • bap says:

      @Sorry, no dignity in that You are not talking facts. Angelina did Not call child protective agency on him. A Real Man would have taken Responsibility in the beginning of this mess. He is Not a strong Man. He is a Selfish man who is used to getting his way. Well he met his match with the Great Angelina Jolie.

    • Lady D says:

      So what did he do on that plane that brought about her scorched earth policy? I agree with bap, he is not a strong man. Anyone who puts alcohol before their children….

      • friend of says:

        Yes, agreed. Now that he is free, he can pick up the pieces of his life and make a much, much better life for himself. He will make a new woman a much better husband and father. The experience he has had with Angelina is like being chipped out of a rock into a fabulous sculpture. Some woman will be very, very happy with the man he has become. And his now children and future children will greatly benefit from this time in his life. No love without loss, he says, and yes, new love will be oh so much sweeter.

      • Lady D says:

        He had the life he said he always wanted and dreamed of. He then drank it away. I really don’t see him having any more children. He might be stupid and get a young one pregnant, but I doubt it will be his choice. He’s spent the past two years avoiding his children and, in his words, being only an authoritarian towards them when he was around. I think when it comes to new love for him, he’s always going to know he had the best and let her slip away.

  23. Bap says:

    Angeilina will meet a Real man that will protect her. He is a Weak and Selfish man.

    • truth hurts says:

      Why do people want to blame Angelina for everything WRONG WITH BRAD OR JEN ANKSTON?
      Yes it takeseems two to tango but whathe if one of the tanglers was just downright awful.
      It surprises me that Brad is suppose to be perfect in every form when this happens to him. He left JA because Angie took him away and he WA scored of her
      It’s all the two women’s fault now it’s all Angie and Mads fault.
      Then he goes and plays daddy wit his friends children for all eyes to see. He is truly pathetic if you ask me.

  24. Friendof says:

    Brad may have owned his side of the street but streets have two sides. He wasn’t in the marriage alone. He saw a good thing go but so did angelina. He took the fall and we may never know how she contributed to the break down of the marriage but brad didn’t do it alone. Brad wisely, only talked about his side of the street. Because he is exploring his contribution to the demise of the marriage he will learn and grow from here a wiser and better man. He is open to new love. When you aren’t happy in a relationship and can’t find a way forward it’s time to move on. Angelina belongs in a particular compartment in brads life. That door is closed. As he said, he has a lot of love left to give and receive. I look forward to watching them both move on.