Barack Obama & Justin Trudeau went out to dinner in Montreal last night

42nd Cesar Film Awards 2017 - Arrivals

Justin Trudeau became prime minister of Canada during Barack Obama’s last 18 months in office. They had a magical time together. Trudeau came to Washington riding a tide of press calling him Canada’s answer to Obama: someone young, fresh, idealistic and photogenic. Trudeau has been playing the Trump family brilliantly, as Precious Ivanka stalks him and tries to ensnare him, but of course Trudeau misses the Obamas. Which is why he was so happy to see Barack Obama last night.

Obama was in Montreal for a speech for the Montreal Chamber of Commerce, and Barry and Justin took their Canadian-American bromance to the Liverpool House restaurant. LOOK AT ALL THE WINE GLASSES. Look at the body language too. I love them together. Trudeau respects and admires Obama so much. No world leader will ever look at Emperor Bigly that way. Apparently, during Obama’s speech, he never said the name “Trump,” but it was still a barn-burner, and he was received like a “rock star.” You can read more about Obama’s speech here.

In a nice moment, Obama was greeted by cheers inside and outside of the Liverpool House. Canadians are still wild about Barry!! God, I miss him so much.

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42nd Cesar Film Awards 2017 - Arrivals

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  1. Rapunzel says:

    Barak seems so much happier since leaving office.

    • GingerCrunch says:

      He’s living his best life, isn’t he? The restaurant looks like perfection too. *big sigh*

      • zan says:

        Liverpool house is an excellent restaurant. I’m from Montreal and quite proud 😉

      • sunnydaze says:

        @zan, I was just there for a conference and OH MY GOD YOUR CITY IS AMAZING!!!!!! Truly, my most favorite city in North America. But can I ask, what do you put in the water up there? Everyone is so ridiculously good looking…

      • MMRB says:


        There are four. Four Seats = Four wine glasses. Four water glasses.

    • Alex says:

      After 8 years of the most ridiculous vitriol and to have the country spit in his face by electing a buffoon intent on undoing his legacy? Yea I say he’s happy he dumped his ex (ie America)

    • zan says:

      @sunnydaze, Oooh thank you !! It really is a great city, lots of open minded people, that’s what I like about it, and the french and english mix is awesome. I heard they put some magic chlorine in the water.. haha honestly I don’t know, but thanks!

      • TQB says:

        It always astonishes me that you drive from way upstate NY through miles of wilderness and come out in this place full of gorgeous, cosmopolitan people. I grew up in Albany and we would take off for the most wonderful family weekends in Montreal – some of my most treasured memories.

      • Cora says:

        I was born in Quebec to a French father and an English mother (just like Trudeau)! Thank you for the compliment! It made my day! Although, as I sit here in my PJ’s with my bed head, I’m not feeling particularly attractive, but your lovely words gave me a me a lift! What a nice way to start the day!

  2. Pumpkin Pie says:

    Interesting ! Drumpf is most certainly going crazier.

    • Mike says:

      I bet he is wallowing in envy. I sense a campaign trip to the deep south coming. Trump needs to feel like somebody likes him after seeing Obama being loved everywhere

      • lightpurple says:

        Going to Ohio for a speech bashing the ACA tomorrow.

      • SusanneToo says:

        He doesn’t need to come to the South. He can go to Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Montana, Utah, Arizona, Alaska, any number of states. The idiots are spread out all over.

      • third ginger says:

        He can come to Virginia but not the parts where the people live. Our state went for HRC and has 2 Democratic Senators. Tim Kaine, of course, and Mark Warner [on Trump’s slug trail along with Richard Burr]

      • Tate says:

        This will make dump even crazier.

      • cindy says:

        You are so right. This is gonna drive him nuts. Everything he wishes he was, sitting right there, he is going to be acting out in 3 2 1…..

      • JustJen says:

        Ahem…Northeast Ohio doesn’t want #45. He can go to Zanesville.

  3. Jenns says:

    How many times do you think Trudeau said “I miss you!”?

    • Cara says:

      Trudeau is a fraud. He claims he is a feminist but had his female cabinet minister walk in the side door of a mosque while he went in the front. Shame he didn’t have the spine to tell the Imam ‘It’s 2017’. The left should not be tolerating segregation of gender no matter who is doing it.

      • Eden75 says:

        Mosques have two separate areas for men and women. She would have entered through the ladies door on the side. People are pissed because he went to a mosque for a segregated event.

        There are traditions and rules to all religions that are supposed to be respected when you enter their places of worship. That is one that maybe most of us don’t agree with but should he turn down an invite and alienate a large group of his voting public because he does not like the religious tradition? Hardly. Islam is not alone in segregating their genders, it’s just that everyone has such a bee in their bonnet about them now.

      • Clare says:

        Sorry, but he was being respectful of the faith and traditions of his hosts. That is respectful and shows good manners. That makes him a GOOD leader, not a bad one. The cabinet minister was treated with kindness and respect, by all accounts, and had no complaints. Also your intimation that he ‘had’ the minister do anything is a little offensive – as if the minister in question has no agency, and he made her do something she was unhappy about under duress. I don’t really understand what you have a problem with here, to be honest. Is it Muslims? Muslim traditions? If so, perhaps raise that as a separate issue, instead of projecting

        If you were to question his record with reference to First Nations, then I would probably agree with you.

      • Clare says:

        @Sara I agree with you in principle, religion shouldn’t be used as an excuse to diminish either gender. However, did you stop to think that perhaps the women in question (the hosts) choose to have a separate space so they can function without headscarves etc, in accordance with *their* beliefs? Is that not their right? To function in a way *they* deem appropriate within *their* place of worship? Or do women’s rights only count when they align with whatever it is we (western, non-religious, for the sake of this discussion) think is ‘right’?

        Personally, I can’t stand people who think everyone should follow the same cultural, religious and behavioral norms as themselves. It’s arrogant and incredibly ignorant. Although I suppose subtly denigrating Muslims and Muslim traditions under the guise of ‘but..women’s rights!’ is terribly on trend right now.

      • Cara says:

        I am all for respecting different faiths, cultures and behaviour on one condition. That condition being that they cannot disrespect the foundations of western civilisation, which whatever it’s shortcomings has given a larger group of people more freedom than any other system. Gender equality is a foundation of western civilisation. Segregating genders goes against western civilisation and therefore should not be tolerated. Especially by somebody who calls them self a feminist. I do not call myself a feminist because frauds like him have diminished the movement in order to placate other cultures. If he wants to form an unholy alliance with Islam, he can keep feminism and classical 18th century liberalism out of it.

        I would not tolerate segregation of races (btw the Alt right scum claim that’s what God intended, should we respect their beliefs?) if God told someone to do it, so I’m not going to tolerate segregation of gender!

        Start chipping away at the foundations of our civilisation and that civilisation will collapse.

      • Dally says:

        Wait, since when has gender equality been a foundation of western civilization? It’s been a modern addition, certainly, but there is still a long way to go, and most modern countries that you might consider “western civilization” are far from achieving true gender equality. And certainly historically most western countries were NOT founded with gender equality in mind. Women in Switzerland couldn’t vote in federal elections until 1971, which is 20 years after Pakistani women could vote.

      • profd'anglais says:

        What western civilisation are you living in @Cara? I’d like to go there. In the version of western civilisation where I live, women until quite recently were considered the property of their fathers and husbands, unable to own their own property, vote, wear the clothes they chose, pursue careers, etc. If gender equality were really part of the foundation of our civilisation, then feminism would not be necessary.

      • Clare says:

        @Cara if you think ‘western civilisation’ is the bastion of equality and tolerance, you may want to pick up a history book or 4. In other news, I love (not) the assumption that western ‘norms’ are superior to everything and everyone else. How…arrogant. You may want to look into the death, destruction and dare I say inequality our precious ‘western civilizations’ have inflicted (and continue to inflict) on other parts of the world. Often in the name of civilizing those pooooor savages. You seem to view the ‘other’ as inferior and/or wrong, which is a little disturbing.

        @Dally speaking of Pakistani women, I believe they had their first female prime minister in the very early 1990’s? (this is from an undergrad class 15+ years ago so I may be wrong!)

        This ignorant and ill informed view that ‘western civilisations’ (and jesus, I cannot believe we are actually using this kind of terminology) are somehow superior to other ‘civilizations’ is absolutely insane to me. Sure, we have plenty of things that are f-ing fantastic around these parts, but we also get plenty of shit completely, utterly wrong. Starting with assuming that anything that doesn’t fit neatly into our version of ‘right’, but of course, be wrong.

      • vauvert says:

        Cara, so if you go to a mosque, for whatever reason – you will blatantly disrespect the faith and cultural norms and enter through the font door??? How rude!!!

        Here’s an analogy for you – I don’t care about your practices and personal beliefs but if you come into my home you will kindly behave according to the rules of the house. If you don’t like them, nobody is forcing you to come in. Both Trudeau and the minister demonstrated sensitivity and RESPECT by behaving according to the rules of the place they were entering. I am a feminist, thank you, but when I visit churches in Greece I do not wear shorts, and when I visit the Blue Mosque in Istanbul I cover my head. It’s called manners.

        Kudos to Trudeau and his minister – who I may add is part of a group that for the FIRST time in Canada is equally representative. They did the right thing.
        A proud Canadian.

      • Cara says:

        “the foundations of western civilization, which whatever it’s shortcomings has given a larger group of people more freedom than any other system. ” – Me

        Do you understand the term ‘whatever its shortcomings’? – don’t act like I suggested it was some type of utopia, to act like I did is to be intellectually dishonest.

        The overwhelming majority of Pakistanis believe apostates should be killed. There is no respect for the principle of liberalism in the true sense of the phrase which western civilization has overseen the broad expansion of. My argument is that western civilization is relatively better not some type of eden where everything was or is perfect. Presumably you people all think you a liberals, why not stand up for liberal values instead of making excuses for those who do not respect them?

        I went to mosques as a child, I would now never go into a mosque. Most of the major mosques in my country (Ireland) are funded by gulf states and other radical agencies anyway. I would never endorse them. I know the mosque my sister attends is also attended by individuals with extremely unsavory views so I stay well clear. I have also been to the Sultan Ahmed mosque, naturally I took of my shoes, covered my hair etc but I was quite young. It was very beautiful I would like to see the interior but as I remember being man handled by a man outside on the steps I would never return.

        Please kindly inform what civilization is better than western civilization, as the argument that there are superior versions is what all of your arguments are hinged on.

      • Betsy says:

        Dang, Clare. You use a lot of words to say nothing at all. I love my friends who are Muslim. I still think the way their religion treats women is gross.

      • Sana says:

        @ Betsy – please explain what exactly you mean by how Islam treats women? What is the source of your judgment – because it sure sounds incredibly ill-informed to judge Islam on patriarchal traditions of certain countries. Islam happens to be one of the only religions to give equal rights to women- certainly much more than Hinduism and Christainity. And I suggest educating yourself on a topic before passing judgements because they make you sound like a fool. Here, please add to your knowledge :

      • fiorucci says:

        I agree that he’s quite a fraud (because he refuses to answer questions about his own corruption in parliament, I don’t mind them respecting mosque rules.) we don’t really have a better option right now. Mulcair (I know they’ll have a new leader soon) pretty much defended Karla homolka volunteering in a school so he’s dead to me. And the new conservative leader wants the carbon tax gone seems like he must admire trump. I was hoping moderate
        Michael Chong would be the conservative candidate. You only need to go on YouTube to see Trudeau “answer” questions from the left and the right.

      • Wilma says:

        Hmm…gender equality a foundation of western civilisation? You didn’t even use facts in your argument here.

      • Scotchy says:

        He is a massive fraud ( pipelines, not going through with voter reform etc) but in this case I do think he was attempting to respect the rule of the mosque.

      • Jaded says:

        Cara – one more thing. “Western civilization” pretty much obliterated native Americans and Canadians as they overtook the new world, pillaging and murdering for gold. They destroyed thousands of years of culture. “Western civilization” in the guise of the Roman Catholic church later took native children from their families and forced them into “religious” schools where they couldn’t speak their own languages, were beaten, raped and treated like slaves. And lest we forget, “Western civilization” was originally comprised of a variety of peoples who migrated across the Bering Strait 15,000 years ago and populated North and South America, creating the first western inhabitants, so the concept of “Western Civilization” is a misnomer.

        Your hunkered-down attitude is intransigent, jingoistic and sounds almost paranoid.

      • Bunbun says:

        “The fraudulent left.”
        “Individual Liberty…”

        Yeah, Sounds like Alt-Right nonsense passing itself off at White Feminism ™. Business as usual for Western “Civilization.”

    • Seraphina says:

      I know right! I wish I could sit in on that dinner. Wow. I can only imagine the conversation.

  4. Patricia says:

    I want to come! I’ll just sit and listen to what they have and to say about Trump. I really wonder if they talked out different scenarios and how to handle it for our countries and our future. Or if they just sat and laughed at the orange menace.

  5. Lucy2 says:

    I’m so grateful Obama is staying involved, meeting with people like Trudeau and Merkel and still being a decent representative of the US. We all just have to work around the incompetent Cheeto administration until it’s finally brought down.

    • Esmom says:

      Yes, thank goodness. He’s like a light in the darkness, truly.

      • PunkyMomma says:

        Just seeing President Obama gives me hope, Esmom. A light in the darkness, truly.

        I mss him and his inherent goodness so much.

    • Shambles says:

      He is truly the Dumbledore to our army. We love you, sir.

  6. Jenna says:

    Shout out to the Liverpool House:) such a great resto!

  7. DavidBowie says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. I miss Barry and Michelle so much it hurts.

  8. Nina says:

    Making that first photo my wallpaper. In my room, I mean.

    • Esmom says:

      LMAO. I know, I have been just gazing at it periodically since I first saw it last night. Swoon.

    • Bettyrose says:

      The wine glasses, rolled up sleeves, casual body language..just two (beautiful) dudes enjoying a chat.

  9. kNY says:

    It’s got to eat away at trump that everyone is treating Barack Obama like he’s Bruce Springsteen mixed with Tom Hanks (because he kind of is!). And that Barack Obama is having FUN while trump is anger tweeting probably while on the toilet anger pooping.

  10. grabbyhands says:

    The difference in body language when it is Obama (both during and post WH) with other world leaders vs 45 is staggering.

    The difference in the life here in the US in just 7 months is bizarre. Sometimes I think I imagined Obama’s whole tenure. How can we have fallen this far in this short of time?

  11. Nico says:

    I’m not crying, you’re crying.

    • Sullivan says:

      Ha! This comment made me laugh through the tears.

      It’s like seeing an ex boyfriend looking so happy and healthy – going on with his life. Meanwhile, I’m missing him more than words can say.

    • adastraperaspera says:

      Ugh, it was the cheering on the street that got me!

    • Melly says:

      The video of everyone cheering got me too. I miss the Obama’s so much. I miss feeling confident in my president and the no drama Obama years.

  12. Nicole says:

    @kny … thank you for the laugh… I have tears. Anger tweeting while anger pooping!! I am dead. Lol!

  13. lizzie says:

    the imminent destruction of the world aside – these two are very sexy. like for real – obama is one of the sexiest men on the planet. not just b/c he’s handsome either. its how he treats his wife, his kids, his ease, his smile, his rolled up sleeves. damn.

  14. Insomniac says:

    Have you guys seen that Twitter thread with Obama assembling the Avengers Initiative with Trudeau, Merkel, Macron, and Nieto? (Oh, and Captain America, Black Widow, Iron Man, and Michelle Obama?) It’s awesome. Maybe that’s what he’s actually doing. A woman can hope…

  15. Eric says:

    All the single ladies screamed


  16. Tiffany says:

    Someone is going to send this to the Puss Filled Pumpkin on Twitter and he is gonna start a war with Trudeau. Bet on it.

    • Kiki says:

      Donald Trump is starting a war with everyone. It started in Mexico, then Canada and now most countries in Europe (p.s I hope Great Britain vote for Jeremy Corbyn but I wouldn’t be surprised it they voted for the “Irony” lady) and now Qatar….. and the list goes on and on. Oh they will come a time if pick a fight with God himself. Donald Trump is a such a JACKASS.

      • Tiffany says:

        I meant a Twitter war. Sorry. But you are right about every word of your comment.

        I feel if WWIII starts, we will be the target.

  17. Indiana Joanna says:

    That scene of people cheering on President Obama brought tears to my eyes. And Trudeau’s last glance in Obama’s direction after our wonderful president got into the care–Justin has great affection for Barack.

    I’m sure baby fists is seething with broiling rage and impotence.

  18. OhDear says:

    That looks like they’re on a date.

    Q for the Canadians: I’ve heard grumblings that some people think that Trudeau is overly focused on PR stunts. Are people getting more frustrated with him?

    • Nina says:

      He’s really little more than a mascot for the country. He’s young and inexperienced, but he is very charismatic. While he may not be the best politician, I do think that he generally represents us well on a global stage. He does surround himself with a pretty competent staff, though.

      • Clare says:

        I agree with you Nina – he is not the most experienced politians, but he says and does the ‘right’ things for the most part. And with the insane Cheeto in office in the US, this is ever so important. People like Treudeu and Macron are proving the vocal foil to Trump, and that’s super important

      • Scotchy says:

        Yes people are frustrated with him. He got his position because his numbers were good and he said the right things. It got his party a majority and thus far they have ignored and gone back on all of their key promises. He falls in line with his brain trust and they are a bunch of conservative, money hungry self interested humans.
        Personally as a beige Canadian he isn’t the face of Canada I want representing me.

    • Esmom says:

      It seems to me like he’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. He connects with the people like a regular guy and its a PR stunt. But if he stayed in his offices he’d be criticized as aloof. Tough climate out there for any politician.

      • Nina says:

        Yeah, especially given the towering intellectual that was his father. No one can measure up to Pierre. But I don’t get the impression that he’s trying to be Pierre 2.0, necessarily.

    • Erinn says:

      Personally, I love the guy. I don’t agree with every single thing he does – but I am of the mindset that if you’re agreeing with every policy a politician supports then maybe you should be doing a bit more questioning – the world is never an ideal place, and because of budgetary limitations, not everyone will ever be thrilled.

      I know as far as my own relatives go – there’s what I’m calling the “Hilary Factor”. Another family member served in the office before – and the feelings for them have followed the next family member. I’ve heard grumblings about his father/mothers character and things like that – and of course spending. My 91 year old gram keeps saying “the country is going to be broke and it’s going to be left to you like that! We have to stop handing out money to everyone” so I ‘gently’ suggest that if her generation hadn’t gotten so busy post-war with the baby making we wouldn’t have such a huge number of baby-boomers now retiring and collecting pensions. But I digress.

      People will always hate the person in power. But when I look at what Trudeau seems to really care about – and I see how he interacts with other nations – I’m proud. Yes he’s young. Yes, he’s inexperienced in many ways – but he’s yet to do anything that I’m embarrassed by. He’s made sure to keep smart people around him who do have more experience.

      PR Stunts – here’s the thing. People (especially older generations) hate change. Right now our town is absolutely losing their gd shit over renovations to main street. They’ve added bump outs where there will be nice benches and gardens to spruce up the main tourist area. They’re actually SO angered over this, it’s like watching a Pawnee town meeting from Parks and Rec. Trudeau in a lot of ways is doing things that might not have been as important to other leaders. But we’re living in a world of social media and ten second attention spans – I don’t think his so called stunts are hurting. He’s bringing a lot more youth into political awareness, and I think that’s great. Older people might not. They liked having the control of voting and things like that, and it comes off as insincere as soon as a bunch of youth latches on to something regardless of what it is. Also – during Harper’s reign there was a lot more focus on Alberta. Well, there’s less now. And from my experience, Alberta is like our ‘southern states’ in a lot of ways. The people who I went to school with and who moved out to Alberta – I had to delete most of them from my social media. They share the most racially offensive, xenophobic crap I’ve ever seen. Of course not all of Alberta is like this – there are plenty of wonderful people there, and plenty of awful people spread out throughout the country. But there is a lot of bitterness coming from those kinds of people.

      Overall – damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. But personally, I’m proud to have him as the person representing our country.

      • detritus says:

        you said all the things that needed to be said.
        He’s not perfect, but he’s pretty damn good. He cares about women, even if he is a tad thirsty, he cares about minorities and respecting other cultures. I wo’nt forget his cabinet. No other leader has done anything like that. I won’t forget his comments after 45s failed bans.

        I’m proud he’s our leader, I just hope he lives up to his promise.

      • dodgy says:

        Honestly, Trudeau comes across like a guy who’s competent, and savvy enough to have good people working for him. I just want a competent leader who is savvy enough to have good people working for him, and enough emotional intelligence to get through things. So yeah, be lucky. I’d kill for a Trudeau, Merkel or Macron right now.

      • Emily says:

        Absolutely all of this. You said it brilliantly. Also, I think people sometimes forget that being a Prime Minister or President doesn’t mean that you are in charge of every single little decision. A lot of the job us about delegating tasks to other people – big ones like cabinet positions to political appointments like aides and heads of staff. Who you choose to surround yourself by, who you place trust in – all of that is just as important, more important in fact, than being a MENSA-accredited ‘genius’.

        Good world leaders also keep their country’s best interests at heart in diplomatic matters (i.e. the grand game of global geopolitics). They represent their country in a positive way – something Trump is incapable of doing, but that Trudeau is a natural at (as was Obama).

        Having an even temperament, trusting the right people, knowing how to listen, and remembering that no one (yourself included) is infallible – those are the characteristics of a good Prime Minister or President.

      • Wow says:

        such honest and intelligent thoughts, if only more people could discuss politics this way @erinn

        I’m Canadian (Edmonton, Alberta 🙂 and although I didn’t vote for Trudeau and don’t agree with all of his policies, I don’t hate the guy. He does a very good job in representing Canada and Canadians on a global scale.

        You are right that in democracy there will never be a time when everything is perfect and everyone is satisfied. Such is life. But it comes down to being able to put differences aside and work together anyways. Because at the end of the day, who loses when productive cooperation isn’t possible? The entire country. No one wins. And trump is proving with his actions (and remember that actions speak louder than words) that he will never productively cooperate with anyone who differs or opposes him. It’s truly sad for the entire world that he was voted into office and scary to think about the consequences his presidency will have not only in America but globally.

      • Nicole (the Cdn one) says:

        Agree Erinn.

        And he aspires to principles of equality for all. However imperfect he is otherwise, I will always believe that quality will make the difference over time.

    • Persistent Cat says:

      He’s more hands on and human than the last guy (who might have actually been a robot) and people either like him or they don’t but that’s politics. I like him and like what he stands for. He’s not overly experienced but smart enough to stack his cabinet with good people and can count on the experience of senior government officials to guide him. It’s not a one man show. Phoenix on the other hand…….

    • fiorucci says:

      He does those stunts as a distraction. It waters down the kind of media we have of him. If we only had media of what he says ( and what questions he blatantly ignores) in parliament, it would be a very bad look! That said my family is not low income and we do get more child tax money under JT than under harper. It was already pretty good under harper. I appreciate the extra money but also feel it’s a bit of a vote purchase. I dont have an issue about his choices or goals, just the fact That he won’t answer!

  19. Veruca_Salty says:

    This is so cool. Also, my sister went to study in Montreal a few years ago, so I had the opportunity to dine at the Liverpool House. Such a great restaurant and an awesome city.

  20. B n A fn says:

    What a beautiful video. BO I miss you.

  21. Nancy says:

    Oh to be a fly on the wall during that meal. How does one go from an easygoing, charismatic man, who made the Affordable Health Care Act possible……knowing how it feels to lose one’s mother because she didn’t have the insurance to get her through her crisis…to this sociopathic, narcissistic person who preyed on the elderly, poor and weak to get to the presidency, only to drop them on their heads when he achieved his goal. Barrack Obama wasn’t a perfect president, but I have nothing but respect and admiration for him and his family. We are living it, but history will record it as one of the darkest times in America, what this tyrant and egomaniac is trying to thrust down our throats. Obviously, the World and it’s leaders misses President Obama as much as we do.

  22. LooperFor says:

    Beautiful men, beautiful people being beautiful together. That top picture is so going to be my wallpaper for the next few years. Sigh. Can’t we change the law and just have them rule the entire world?

  23. Clare says:

    I feel Like Obama is willfully trolling Trump, by meeting with world leaders in a private yet very public capacity. And I love it.

    • Nina says:

      And smiles all around!

      I hope he visits London Mayor Khan, next! Trump would haaaate that!

    • Tiffany says:

      I don’t see it that way. I see it as a diplomatic way of assuring the world that Toxic Tangerine is not a representation of the majority of the American people. We have been protesting, marching, putting Congress on blast with phone calls, and screaming at the top of our lungs that this is not who we are. I think that world has been seeing that and President Obama is giving the world a little extra assurance on the matter.

      • Meredith says:

        I definitely agree with you, Tiffany. And really, thank God Obama is trying to clean up the mess Trump and his supporters have created. He could have happily retired from public life, but he’s out their saving our asses instead.

    • fiorucci says:

      I agree with you , he’s not oblivious he knows what he’s doing… and I do love obama but I don’t want an angry trump 😬

  24. Ramona Q. says:

    Re: all the wine glasses

    The table is set for four, with a wine and water glass for each seat. They haven’t started any part of the dinner yet, and the two empty place settings haven’t been taken away yet.

  25. Starryfish says:

    That hug is what really got me. 😢

  26. Iknowwhatboyslike says:

    Can you imagine the level of shade that went down during that dinner? I’m sure Drumpf’s ears were burnning and he knew exactly why.

    Love them both!

  27. Alba says:

    Two beautiful sophisticated men. What a contrast to whats in the White House.

  28. Alex says:

    Come backkkkkkkkkkk *cries*

  29. Skylark says:

    I’ve noticed this before but Pic.4 above has just reminded me that Obama has very graceful, beautifully proportioned, elegant hands.

    I bet that’s another thing that fills the stumpy-fingered, baby-fisted moron with rage.

    #handenvy 😀

  30. Joannie says:

    Trudeau is “hugely” unpopular in all of Western Canada. He’s gone back on so many election promises and is considered weak and ineffective on so many levels. He’s put this country into massive debt which many find uncomfortable. He’s considered all flash, no substance. I voted for him but find myself questioning his judgement on certain issues especially his choice of cabinet ministers. I want the most qualified and experienced. I dont care about their sex.

  31. honey says:

    Obama so damn sexy, the things I would do to him.

  32. Harryg says:

    I want Obama back as the president, now! Please let me wake up and see he never left.

  33. Jess says:

    Such beautiful, competent men….sigh

    We never deserved the Obamas ❤️ Seriously, I miss them so much 🙁

  34. Ozogirl says:

    He’s still the president in my eyes… 🙁 I know, I need to let go. I’m glad to see him so happy though.

  35. why? says:

    Trump isn’t going to like this. How long before he is on twitter putting out another lie about Obama? Trump said that Obama wiretapped him and then used Devin Nunes and the NSA to reverse engineer support for the lie when all of his other stunts didn’t work, and Trump still hasn’t be held accountable. Why do the GOP keep letting Trump get away with things like this?

  36. Putnam Princess says:

    I want to be in that room where it happens. They are both sexy AF.