Megan Fox disrespects chess; John Grisham adores Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf
Another day, another inane Megan Fox quote. This time she struck at my heart, though. She made a crack about chess! She said, “I think it’s wonderful. I didn’t decide I’m gonna be an actress cause I wanna be respected for how I play chess.” Screw you, Megan. I was on the Chess Club, and there’s nothing wrong with being respected because you can forsake your queen and still checkmate that motherf-cker. But, of course, Megan thinks being respected for her “acting ability” (cough cough boobs cough) is better than being respected for intelligence. Except… who says anyone really respects her? Just because some Maxim readers (readers = “adolescent boys with dirt-lips who just look at the pictures”) think she’s hot, that doesn’t mean it has anything to do with “respect”.

Megan Fox doesn’t mind that she’s viewed as a sex symbol.

“I think it’s wonderful. I didn’t decide I’m gonna be an actress cause I wanna be respected for how I play chess,” she tells Entertainment Tonight.

“Part of Hollywood is being perceived as attractive.”

The actress had to make out “all day” with costar Shia Labeouf while filming Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen.

“Clearly, he enjoyed it!” says Fox.

When asked if Fox is a good kisser, Labeouf says: “Yeah, absolutely.”

“I think she’d say I’m pretty good too,” he went on.

Fox agrees. “I’ve said it before, he’s a really good kisser,” she says. “It’s always awkward, you’re on set with a bunch of grown men, sweaty sitting outside, carrying camera equipment and wanting to take their break, and you’re having to kiss!”

[From US Weekly]

I want to like Shia so much. But he’s been tainted by Megan. Can he come through it all with my little crush on him remaining? Perhaps. The latest juicy Shia rumor-turned-actual-event is that epic bestselling novelist John Grisham loves Shia, and is thrilled that Shia will play the lead character in the film adaptation of The Associate. Grisham said, “I think he’ll be wonderful! He’s a very talented actor, and he’s hot. He’s the hottest 22-year-old actor in America and I think he’ll do a wonderful job.” I haven’t read The Associate yet, and I’m a little disappointed with that. I don’t know how I missed it, I read every Grisham, they’re great for a free weekend. According to Amazon/Publishers Weekly, The Associate is about:

Kyle McAvoy, a callow Yale Law School student, dreams of a public service gig on graduation, until shadowy figures blackmail him with a videotape that could revive a five-year-old rape accusation. Instead of helping those in need, McAvoy accepts a position at a huge Wall Street firm, Scully & Pershing, whose clients include a military contractor enmeshed in a $800 billion lawsuit concerning a newly-designed aircraft. McAvoy can avoid exposure of his past if he feeds his new masters inside information on the case. Readers should be prepared for some predictable twists, an ending with some unwarranted ambiguity and some unconvincing details (the idea that a secret file room in a high stakes litigation case would be closed from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. every night stretches credulity to the breaking point). Still, Grisham devotees should be satisfied, even if this is one of his lesser works.

[From Amazon/Publishers Weekly]

The character’s name is McAvoy? I guess it would be too much to actually hire James McAvoy then. Though I do think Shia is a talented actor, I find it weird that he keeps getting these parts written for older actors. Shia’s 22 years old – a recent law school graduate would be 25 years old, at least. It’s not even Shia’s actual age, it’s that he looks his age, or even younger. Oh, well. I’m sure he’ll do a good job, even though I’m not sure John Grisham knows that much about casting. He famously threw a fit when Denzel Washington was cast in The Pelican Brief. Whatever, Grisham.

Shia and Megan are shown at the Eagle Eye premiere on 9/16/08. Credit: PRPhotos

Shia LaBeouf

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24 Responses to “Megan Fox disrespects chess; John Grisham adores Shia LaBeouf”

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  1. gee_gee says:

    Please stop. Everyone. I can’t take it any more. I understand that the girl is hot but I would like her a lot more if I didn’t keep reading her quotes. And you don’t have to search for them because they are everywhere. If I watch the first Transformers movie and promise to go and see the new one will you all stop? Please?

  2. Annabelle says:

    so she chose to be an actress so she can be respected for her looks? LOL. sounds a dumb reason.

  3. DD says:

    well i think most actresses/actors in hollywood do it for fame so make sense.

  4. Bodhi says:

    GAWD I can’t stand her! “Blah blah blah, I’m hot, but that doesn’t make me stupid. Look at how stupid I am” Bitch just needs to keep her trap shut!

    I love Shia too. I can’t stand that he is in these movies with Megan, but I still like him.

    Oh & I work at a law school & we have 22 year old graduates in every class…

  5. lway says:

    I thought that she was gorgeous …. that’s until she opened her mouth….

    Shia on the otherhand is just … aaaahh…Awesome. Loved him in Disturbia!

  6. nnn says:

    pfffft, this girl is so tragically lame. It’s tiresome !

  7. photo jojo says:

    She constantly looks as if she needs a flea dip.

  8. Alecto says:

    I wish she’d just shut up. I liked her better too until she started opening up that fly trap.

  9. Cinderella says:

    She tries way too hard. Shia needs to give her a few pointers.

  10. Samantha says:

    She didn’t choose to be an actress, she had little choice. That, modeling, or marry a very rich old man. Those were her options. Those seem to be the only times we reward people for being complete idiots. But hey….look at her boobies! *gigglesnort*

  11. furrrball says:

    actually she’s quite a common girl with more money than the average common girl.

    one day her lack of class will bite in her in the @$$!

  12. Jenna says:

    I love Shia. Does anyone remember that Disney movie when he played a special needs kid? That movie pulled me over on his acting abilities. I think he’s a talented actor who is on his way to doing great things.

  13. Annie says:


    How exciting! Shia better not F it up. lol. But I don’t think he will.

    As for Ms. Fox, she really needs to make up her mind, didn’t she recently go off about how she hated being considered a sex symbol or something? I don’t even know any more.

    The only thing I’m sure of, is that I’m really considering putting an ad on Craigslist for someone to find her and just staple her mouth together…..

  14. KelBear says:

    She looks better when she is just walking around town than when she dresses up. She looked awful at the mtv movie awards on Sunday. He hair and makeup was hideous

  15. Lynda Pringle says:

    I have a different spin on what she meant about the chess remark. She clearly understands that her career does not invite the respect of other careers or intellectual activities such as chess. She meant that she is well aware that she is not respected for her intellectual abilities and she’s down with that. If anything, she probably was complementing chess players! I like her; she’s said some astute things before. My favorite is her claim that men in their 20s are a waste of time; she is absolutely right.

    I don’t know about her intelligence but she’s very clever.

  16. Amy says:

    Am I the only person who hates Megan? Not just annoyed by her but actual hate? A month ago I had no feelings for her. But since she’s been doing these interviews I now can’t stand her.

  17. Ella says:

    She looks great in that picture, and she is definitely a pretty girl, but she could use a new stylist. Someone keeps making her look like a tranny.

  18. lrm says:

    She’s not even saying she wants to be respected for her acting ability! She’s implying that she’s acting b/c of her looks.
    So she insults acting,NOT chess.
    She can’t even get a comparison right.
    She insults acting by implying that it’s about ‘being perceived as attractive’.
    She must mean ‘being a celebrity’,not being ‘an actor’.

  19. Because I Say So says:

    She reeks of insecurity.

    Always talking about how hot she is, how sexy, etc. If you feel you need to constantly remind us, there’s a problem with that.

  20. Christina X says:

    What a whiner.

    Seriously, I wish she’d quit complaining, because she has nothing to be all pissy about. If I were her, I’d shut up and get happy because with her mediocre acting skills, I’d feel pretty damn lucky.

    All she has to do is pose provocatively, and *viola!*, another paycheck. As far as her statements are concerned, I’ve stepped into puddles deeper than this one’s statements. I’m tired of her preaching.

    Firstly, actors are prostitutes for doing what they’re actually paid to do? And now she’s whining about how she’d rather be “respected” for her acting than her intelligence when a few weeks ago, she was bitching about how people portray her as, typically, a dumbass.

    It sounds to me that Megan Fox is just bitter that most people get the impression that she can be outwitted by a cardboard box, especially when she hops onto her pseudo-intellectual soapbox.

    And really, if she wanted to be respected for talent, she’d actually *do* something that wasn’t the same one-dimensional role she plays in every movie she’s been in. Has she not rejected tons of roles she’s been offered? Isn’t she the one who threw a tantrum about how she should be the only brunette actress in Transformers? Serious actresses don’t do that.

    I mean, after Transformers 2 is released into theatres, I wonder when everyone’s going to see her in a movie again. For as little as she acts, she sure opens her mouth a lot…for someone who doesn’t want to be known for her “intelligence”. For someone who doesn’t want to be respected for her intelligence, she has a lot of opinions on things that hardly matter.

    What she’s probably going to do for the next few years is keep getting offers to take her top off for delusional fanboys and continue her whiny little interviews, because I’m sure she knows how society really works from outside the giant bubble she lives in.

    When your acting isn’t that memorable to begin with and you continue to make appearances everywhere despite that you don’t really do anything else, expect to be treated as public property. Expect to be judged by your idiotic comments rather than your movie roles.

    She’s nowhere near good enough an actress to be discreet about her personal life and control how she is portrayed, and she knows that. Otherwise, she’d stop ranting about everything at the drop of a hat.

    And I’d also suggest for Megan Fox to grow a thicker skin if such trivial matters offend her so. Grow a pair.

  21. DANMOR9 says:

    She’s a very beautiful but very dumb girl. Will probably see her naked before her 15 minutes are up.

  22. zerocool says:

    I agree with No. 15
    Doesn’t anyone get this chick?

  23. meghan says:

    she didn’t disrespect chess, wtf! she has a point. all she has 2 do is be pretty show up 4 work and read.she doesnt have 2 act like she is part of MENSA fo god’s sake

  24. But, but, chess owns!