US Weekly’s sixth Gosselin cover; Kate Gosselin to start clothing line

US Weekly is continuing to feature the troubled Gosselin family as their lead cover story. This week they’re running their sixth cover in a row of the reality show family, with mom Kate Gosselin shown in a bikini and the words “Mommy, you’re mean!” US supports this with some bullet point details:


  • Pulls kids from school for TV show vacation
  • Investigated for child labor violations
  • ‘Hissy fit’ at gym, ignores kids at pool

Cover Awards haven’t yet released their analysis of this week’s tabloid covers, but last week they praised US Weekly for their “Inside Jon’s Prison” cover, and noted that US Weekly must be getting feedback from their readers that they’re on Jon’s side, which would explain all these covers demonizing Kate. They noted that the cover “demonstrates Us Weekly’s unique ability to collect/gather details and make them support the main headline of the week,” which is what they’re doing again here.

I agree that Kate is a piece of work, but Jon’s the one who was caught cheating. The tabloids were going after him first for his fumbling, obvious affair. Now it’s all about Kate and how cruel she is, but she’s the one who is staying with the kids while Jon is off with his female “friends.”

Last week we featured analysis of Jon and Kate from Eyes for Lies, a truth expert who is skilled at judging whether people are telling the truth. She a href=””>had this to say about Jon, “When I see Jon, I see a person who wants to claim he is a victim, but doesn’t want to take any responsibility for how he got where he is, or where he is going.”

Kate knows where she’s going, and it involves cameras in her kids faces, more books and franchising opportunities. According to Star Magazine, she wants to start an affordable clothing line similar to Jaclyn Smith’s line for KMart. We’ve already heard that Kate, who has her own organic chef and doesn’t cook, will be putting out a cook book this fall. How is she suddenly qualified to release a clothing line too?

In addition to the $3 million she makes each season, Kate wants to pump up her income with a series of new products and projects. “She’s trying to brand her name and build a Kate empire,” the source says. “Like it or not, she’s a trendsetter.” So, she’s working on securing a seven-figure clothing deal. “It will be like Jaclyn Smith’s line for Kmart,” the source explains. Another book, a perfume, a made-for-TV movie and a talk show are all in the works too.

[From Star Magazine, print edition, June 8, 2009]

Seven figures for a clothing line and plans for a Kate Gosselin perfume – that’s outrageous! Maybe Kate’s plans will be derailed by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor investigation into potential child labor violations on her show. It’s doubtful that anything will get in her way though. Her show continues to draw big ratings and there’s obvious interest in Kate and the kids. If she does go through with all these grand plans it will continue to be at the expense of her children. She could earn millions more but she’s going to end up with eight kids questioning the validity of their childhood. Did mommy really want to do all those things with them, or was it just for the show?

Here is Kate on 6/2 on Bald Head Island, North Carolina with six of her eight children, a nanny and two security guards. Her husband was not with her. Credit:

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  1. vixenella says:

    A TV movie?? Are you KIDDING me? Isn’t watching this trainwreck of a show as close to a movie as you can get?

  2. CeeJay says:

    This family has clearly hooked up with a PR/promotional firm that is working furiously to capitalize on their 15 minutes. I personally believe the current contravorsery has been concocted by their PR firm in an attempt to gain publicity, and it is working. The tabloids, websites, TV shows and all of us are falling for it hook, line and sinker. Name branding and expansion into other income opportunities is part and parcel of what comes from hiring a promotional firm. Trust me, I worked in PR for 10 years before I changed careers, and have worked on accounts like this. It never ceases to amaze me how low clients will go to make a few bucks. Kate and Jon don’t care one iota about the negative publicity. They have been sold a bill of goods, at the expense of their kids, that any publicity is good publicity. While they may be able to stuff their bank accounts now, this monster will one day become uncontrollable and they will have to deal with the fallout. It’s too bad that a seemingly once innocent show turned into a spectacle almost overnight, but again, that what’s happens when you hook up with the wrong PR/promotional firm.

  3. UrbanRube says:

    Celebitchy, I agree with you that Jon deserves a negative response that’s equal to what Kate is getting, but remember that Kate’s deplorable brother and sister-in-law claim that she gave him a contract six months ago that said he could see whomever he wanted on days off, as long as he appeared for filming on certain days of the week.

  4. HEB says:

    And now she’s playing the victim!!!

  5. bros says:

    someone with 8 kids should have a little less muscle definition. is it wrong that her perfectly in shape body is annoying to me because it once again shows how many people she has in her employ that take care of the kids so that she can go around shopping for multiple bikinis (like she is lindsey lohan or Paris) to wear on vacation, work out with a personal trainer (she didnt do that herself, despite the tummy tuck). her whole attitude reeks of her trying to be an entitled celebrity. what’s her perfume going to be called? eau de uterus d’argent.

  6. Cinderella says:

    Trendsetter? Clothing Line? Oh my gosh, barf!

    We know what her kids will be getting this Christmas..eight sewing machines.

  7. bros says:

    ahahahah cinderella. good one.

  8. eml says:

    why are the tabloid always making stuff up when it comes to hollywood celebrities but when it comes to these two, its like the tabloid are the freaking cia. i doubt any of this information is anymore accurate than the rumors that brad is sleeping with the nanny. she comes out with a cook book b/c before she could afford a chef, she did cook organically for 10 people. i’m not her biggest fan or anything but i hate that his cheating is blamed on her. he can’t keep his dick in his pants and somehow that is her fault? bullshit. contract or not, if he is the upstanding person he claims to be, he never would have agreed to the contract.

  9. ash says:

    So what exactly does she have to offer creatively for a clothing line? BARF

  10. OXA says:

    She was in Bentonville Arkansas last month , bet that she was pitching her line to the Walmart guys and she wont sign her contract till after they file for divorce. this is why she wants it over by mid July, then she dont have to share with Jon.

  11. vanmomof4 says:

    I will admit that I have watched this show from the beginning …we have cringed during Kate’s attacks on Jon and laughed at Jon’s occasional comebacks. Truth be told I have issues with mom’s wearing bikinis…I have a 14 year old daughter (I’m 34) and it would be pure mortification to her if I wore a bikini in public. It makes me think that person is clinging to their younger years. More power to her for being able to wear it but keep it in your own yard. It will save your children years of public humiliation…wait, nevermind.

  12. Ria says:

    I’m a 33 year old mom of a 3 yr old, and I wear a bikini. I have no problem with it – if I’d had my tummy tucked and tit-tays lifted I’d be running around for all to see me also!

    I just think they should say “We are going through a difficult time. Please respect our privacy as we decide what is best for us as a couple and our children.”

    You know those children are torn, and they are being pulled all around on vacation with cameras in their faces.

    Also – I’m Team Jon. If a man were filmed talking to his wife the way she does to him, we’d all be on his A** in a heartbeat calling him abusive, giving her a made for TV movie on how she overcame her low self-esteem – she’d be all up on Oprah’s couch crying. But for some reason, we don’t do that for men.

  13. teehee says:

    ^ I think its prolly cos men dont want to ever consider themselves as victims or anyone in need of help; certainly not in need of repair.
    Women on the other hand are brought up to believe they are flawed, whether they really are or not– so thus the couch-crying-frequency discrepancy. 🙂

  14. Linda says:

    Anyone who has followed this couple will realize that Kate checked out of the marriage a long time ago and you don’t abuse another human being the way Kate has abused Jon over the years. I don’t know why women think it is o.k. to treat their husbands in this manner – because it’s not.

  15. Tammy King says:

    to bros:

    You must be seeing something I don’t. “Perfectly in shape body” I don’t see it.

  16. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    1. Octolina is right about one thing: Kate has a totally boxy body. Not terribly cute. But that’s the least objectionable thing about her.

    2. Kate absolutely checked out of this marriage years ago. It’s been all about image and money, period.

    3. If you watch the show just a bit, you’ll see very quickly it’s all about Kate. Everything is all about Kate. To be so selfish and narcissistic doesn’t mesh well with being a good mom, which *requires* thinking about other people.

    4. This couple made a horrible parenting decision when they decided to sell their children’s private home lives for mass public consumption.

    And that’s the bottom line here. I don’t really give a rip what’s gone on in their marriage or her tummy tuck or whatever. The biggest issue is selling their children’s private lives for the last FOUR years of their short lives. And with no end in sight.

    It’s wrong. Good parents protect their children’s privacy and well-being, among other things. They certainly don’t get rich off it.

  17. fizXgirl314 says:

    are these mag covers really selling that well? i’m pretty surprised… most people don’t even know who these people are…

  18. hairball says:

    34 and shouldn’t be wearing a bikini??? Feel sad for you that you have already considered yourself one dimensional (a mom, therefore can’t be desirable). If you have the body, by all means.

    I can’t stand either of these parents, but Kate in particular. Please tell me one of those kids who won’t grow up to hate her?

  19. Aspen says:

    I’m a mom…and I look at it like this: my daughter may suffer transient feelings of embarrassment as an adolescent when I do things that let me stand out as something other than wall decoration. All teens are mortified by their parents if they so much as breathe audibly. I don’t think catering to that weakness is a good thing. As a teen, she’s going to be ashamed of me from time to time…no matter how I dress or behave.

    As a grown woman, however, she will look back and see that I didn’t let myself go or become less feminine, individual, and sexual after marriage and motherhood. Even as a stay-home mother, I set an example of retaining pride in my appearance, a healthy exercise regimen, and taking the time to do volunteer work that matters to me or enjoy hobbies. Wearing skirts above the knee, sleeveless tops, and flirty swimwear is NOT something I am ashamed of at 34 years old…nor will it be at 40 or 50. Neither should Kate Gosselin be ashamed of wearing a bikini. After 2 pregnancies to multiples and a pretty standard procedure to remove the loose skin left by that, she looks danged good for a non-celebrity woman in her age group. Of all the faults I put on her…wearing a bikini on the beach with her kids isn’t one of them.

    As long as you don’t run around looking like a hooker in something shamefully small with boobs falling out or some sort of string thong in front of all the toddlers (which Kate is not…both bikinis are conservative and tasteful), I don’t see any problem with moms going out in a bikini with their kids.

  20. jello says:

    I agree that Kate’s shape is like a box. She has no waist or curves and the tummy tuck scar shows in diff. pics.

    When did she become as expert to be involved in a clothing line. Remember the episode where Jon had to teach her to dress. She said she had no time or cared about how she dressed and never did even before the kids.

    She dresses like britney spears (young). Not that 34 isn’t young but she dresses like a teenager that has gone wild in the Walmart junior dept.

    There’s nothing wrong with improving yourself but you can see that it is all for her because in her own mind she actually thinks she’s a celebrity. I would be excited just to have a nice house, money in the bank and knowing my family and I were secure for the future and keeping my family closenet. Take Jon off the leash and let him feel useful as an adult and a man. She didn’t just pop those kids out herself without his 50%. Grow up Kate, this attention is going to end quicker than it came and then she will open her eyes up and realize just how alone she is.