Jennifer Lopez denies that she photoshopped her abs in a selfie

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Even if you’re not famous, and I’ve seen it happen, if you post a selfie on social media, expect to get some haters. The latest celebrity who took on the trolls is Jennifer Lopez, who should be no stranger to a little criticism.

The 47-year-old singer, fresh off a European jaunt with current beau Alex Rodriguez, posted a bathroom selfie to Instagram on Thursday. In it, she’s showing surprisingly little skin for her, clad in a midriff-baring top and pajama pants (I think). As for a caption, she simply wrote, “Ayyyyy…” All I know is if I looked like that after a vacation, where my primary goal is to eat all of the things, I’d be so happy. She looks fab.

Of course, the picture brought out not only the admiration and compliments from her fans, but also accusations that she did a little Photoshop magic on the image. Comments ranged from “Photoshop fail” to “LMAO I CANT BELIEVE SHE HASNT DELETED THIS.” Jennifer took to the comments section, most likely in between shooting new episodes of her NBC series Shades of Blue, to clap back at her critics, adding the comment, “Omg…Just a smudge on the mirror…lol…not photoshop #lordblessthehaters #gymrat #youshouldtryit #wishtherewasphotoshopforhaters.”

Hey, I’m guilty of experimenting with poses before taking selfies – and I don’t have time for Photoshop. Did Jen suck it in for the pic? Sure. Did she use Photoshop? No. I really do tend to agree with the “smudge theory.” If I can work Photoshop, anyone can. Jennifer seems like she’s very on top of her public image and I don’t think for a moment she’d post a picture that would look so sloppily ‘shopped. Just saying.

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  1. Runcmc says:

    That doesn’t look shopped to me either! Plus we’ve seen pap photos of her abs…she actually looks like that!

    • SM says:

      And who can blame her for posting those abs? I mean if I had that coming off the holiday, I would want to rub that in everyone’s faces too. I really do not understand the hate. She may be wreckless with men and I may not like her music but she looks fine and seems like a good natured person.

      • Naddie says:

        Funny, I have the opposite feeling about her, probably due to her body language and stories about her supposedly evil nature.

      • SM says:

        I never heard those, of course this site it my only source of gossip and I can’t say I have much interest in her so maybe you are right. However, she hardly deserves hate for her selfies, she seems to be someone who works hard for her figure and there is nothing wrong with celebrating it. In general, I reserve my criticism for women and child abusers, homophobes and racists, populist politicians and fake faminists, etc.

      • Anna says:

        No hate here. She’s super likable even though she did not record her breakout album and paid another singer to do it. I still like her.

      • kimbers says:

        Girl stole a song from usher and released it when he was already doing it. She’s extremey ambitious to the point of “beauty pageant diva push the competition down the stairs” level. I defiantly don’t buy what she sells. I don’t hate her. I don’t trust her words, but have to will say those abs aren’t photoshopped. I know she’s gotten work done, anyone can google what she looked like pre american idol oe 2008/09 before her “comeback” her bags and thighs are gone, so good for her clinging to her star with both hands.

  2. Chelly says:

    That definitely looks like a smudge. She looks amazing all the time, this woman never takes a bad pic

  3. Crowdhood says:

    I’ll have whatever she and Lucy Liu are having

  4. Feedmechips says:

    I cant even find the smudge in question!

  5. V4Real says:

    The woman works out and has a personal trainer. I think it’s all real. Even on vacation they can afford the finest and healthiest meals.

  6. Lucy2 says:

    She is in amazing shape, but ab selfies seems like kind of an immature thing to do.

    • Cherise says:

      I also cant believe that at 47 someone would still be so thirsty. And to read and respond to comments too – its unbelievable. I would hope that at 47 I am still taking care of myself but I am not so insecure and attention starved as to be still posting mid riff pics for praise on whatever version of instagram will exist then.

      • GiBee says:

        I find it really sad that at 47 she still needs this much attention – plus, she’s a mother. NO HOLD ON WAIT I’m not saying, she’s a mum, put that body away – I’m saying, don’t you have enough in your life to find fulfillment from that you don’t need to be this thirsty? Like raising your children well and teaching them about being beautiful happy humans?

    • Brunswickstoval says:

      + 100000. I don’t get ab selfies. She’s in shape. Great. but I just don’t get it.

    • Esmom says:

      Thank you. I was on IG yesterday and stumbled across the account of a friend’s new boyfriend. I couldn’t believe how many selfies there were of him, face, abs, you name it. It seems so needy and, as you said, immature. I was appalled and felt vaguely elderly, i.e. “get off my lawn,” for feeling that way, lol.

    • pinetree13 says:

      Agreed! Even when young people do it, I’m like, why?? It’s clearly a dig for compliments which is just so…ugh.

    • FLORC says:


      And it’s shopped… if nothing else her skin looks like she smoothed out the texture slightly… an easy and quick feature. I have done it with hair flyaways.

    • Cali says:

      My thoughts exactly, she looks great and her abs are real, BUT it just seems so immature to take cheese ball ab selfies…in the bathroom, looks like a bad dating profile pic IMO lol

    • Wilder says:

      J-Lo, Kate Hudson, Gwyneth… these women have too much time and too much money. And they spend all of their time around producers, directors, photographers, fashion designers, magazine editors, hair stylists, personal trainers who are constantly telling them how gorgeous they are, fawning over their perfect abs, legs, hair, skin. Looking for that kind of validation on Instagram is just a logical next step.

      For the rest of us, who has time to post ab selfies when there are bathrooms to be cleaned, when you’re away from the house for 10 hours a day for work and don’t have time to do anything when you get home except empty the dishwasher, tidy up the mess from breakfast, make dinner, get your kids to soccer practice, fold laundry, and make lunches for the next day?

  7. cleveland girl says:

    Her abs are not photoshopped….her back is
    and BTW…WHO wears sunglasses in their OWN bathroom???

  8. Zuzus Girl says:

    She looks good but I find doing those kind of selfies so sad. She should have more confidence by now.

  9. JeanGrey says:

    If that’s Photoshop then she’s really bad at it and it’s in an awkward, unnecessary place.
    I have a love hate relationship with Jlo but one thing I give her is that she keeps herself in top form. I’m only 40 and so far, so good, although i have my moments where I get lazy, stop working out, love to eat and dough -iness sets in. But when I get back in form I’m proud of it and I admit I may or may not post a selfie of it at times. She has kids but she has a life aside from them as well, which includes knowing she’s 47 and still wanting to feel fit/attractive and perhaps wanting to show that off her commitment to it a little. Do you Jen and eff the haters.

  10. SolitaryAngel says:

    OMG that third photo! Is she going square-dancing?!?!? Yikes.

  11. Kevin says:

    Waiting for a photoshop expert to confirm this because I can’t tell if it’s real or not. All I know is celeb photo shop fails are so funny and WAY TOO COMMON. Hopefully she isn’t guilty though. She works out and might have real abs, so I’ll wait for an official verdict…

  12. OTHER RENEE says:

    Why why why must people take photos of themselves in the bathroom? WHY?

  13. Slowsnow says:

    I’m more offended by the sunglasses indoors than by the smudge on her back.
    But honestly we could all, under certain angles and in certain postures take good selfies. WE DON’T CAUSE IT’S RIDICULOUS.

  14. Ann says:

    She may not have photoshopped it but she sure af beautyfiltered the heck out of her stomach. It looks like a silicone painting and not like real skin.

    • Persistent Cat says:

      Exactly. I think people are using the word “photoshop” as a generic term or are thinking it’s just used to distort size. She (or someone) used the blur tool to an extreme and used the shading feature to emphasize her abs. The photo is not the original.

    • Erica_V says:

      This. She did a great job of commenting on the smudge and directing everyone’s attention over there when really the photoshop is the heavy filter she applied to the entire photo that smoothed her skin out to airbrushed perfection.

  15. lizzie says:

    i believe her abs really look like that but she had twins when she was 40. she had to have had some skin removed right?

    • Jaded says:

      If she’d had skin removed you would be able to see the scar – when they do a tummy tuck there’s a massive scar below the belly button which has to be repositioned and generally looks quite fake. She’s always been an ardent exerciser, before and after her twins, and it shows.

  16. NeoCleo says:

    I can clearly see a smudge on the mirror. This woman has always been in top shape–she’s showed so much skin over the years that I feel like I know her body better than mine. Definitely NOT Photoshop.

  17. KiddVicious says:

    I don’t believe those are photoshopped. I’m not a JLo fan, I find her very overrated in everything she does, but I do believe those abs are real. She’s been dating A-Rod, he’s as vapid and shallow as a Kardashian, I’m sure working out is a big part of their relationship. I can’t imagine A-Rod would date anyone without abs.

    If I had those abs right now at 53, I’d be selfie-ing them all over the place. Unfortunately, I’m far too lazy to get those abs. *sigh*

    Now, can we talk about why she has clothes hanging in a bathroom? That’s kind of gross. It’s like she poops in her closet.

  18. Twink says:

    She has the best body in Hollywood. It’s obviously a smudge. Good thing she responded, all the people criticizing on IG have no photos of themselves on their profiles, wonder why?

  19. me says:

    We’ve all seen her in pap vids with those abs. That is clearly a smudge on the mirror. This girl actually works out and eats right.

  20. reverie says:

    Hahaha. I love people who hate selfies and read into like its some sort of indication of mental problems. Go have a bottle wine, get laid and chill out.

  21. kelile4 says:

    did anyone here actually look at her back? a chunk of flesh is messing between where her shirt should come out with skin! it’s an awful photoshop job.

  22. Marianne says:

    Jennifer has been incredibly fit for years. I highly doubt she needs to photoshop lol

  23. Wiccanwonder says:

    Unless someone else had those twins, that tummy has had work done. No amount of excercise gets rid of stretched skin. I have experience!