Melissa Joan Hart said she hoped Farrah Fawcett didn’t die & steal her People cover


There are a lot of reasons I hope Farrah Fawcett won’t die. Really, I hope most people won’t die. And Farrah seems like a nice, good person who’s had a horrible battle with cancer. No one deserves to go through that. One of the many bad parts of being a sick celebrity is not only that people are all up in your personal medical business, but there’s also a quiet, unofficial countdown to your death.

We’ve been incredibly careful here not to talk about any rumors regarding Fawcett’s health unless it’s been confirmed by someone official – same thing goes for Patrick Swayze. And while everyone has their own way of handling death, a particularly tacky and offensive little quip from Melissa Joan Hart was just repeated by Page Six.

MELISSA Joan Hart should learn to keep her voice down. The former “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” star was overheard off-camera at KTLA in Los Angeles on Friday saying how she’d been hoping last week that cancer-stricken Farrah Fawcett wouldn’t die — and thus bump Hart off the cover of People magazine. Hart is on this week’s cover posing in a bikini after recently losing 42 pounds. Hart appeared on KTLA to promote her new ice cream and candy store.

[From Page Six]

While Page Six isn’t always 100% reliable, I tend to believe this story because why make up something like this? Especially about Melissa Joan Hart? That’s about as random C list as you can get.

What a tacky, crass thing to say. You could easily argue that Melissa said it as a joke, since the Post doesn’t give any context in that regard. But even if she was, it isn’t funny. Even dark humor has a time and place, and right now isn’t the time. I can’t figure out which is worse – if Hart said this as a joke, which would be insanely insensitive – or if she really meant it, which would be out-of-this-world mean spirited. Either way, whatever good press she got for her weight loss and People cover is going to rapidly dry up.

Photos of Farrah out and about in L.A. in February. Images thanks to Fame Pictures .

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  1. Tia says:

    Are you kidding me?? how disgusting

  2. Krisha.7 says:

    What a shallow B$%&h!

  3. Miss X says:

    There are tacky rude thoughts that go through my mind, but the key point is that they are thoughts, they aren’t meant to be said –

    I even sometimes weigh the consequences before I say something hilariously tacky or in bad taste. Most of the time I feel bad afterwards.

    I can see it as a potential joke – but it still should not have been said, regardless if you like her or not, Farrah deserves no barbs at her at this moment, when she is going through so much pain and is facing death if all else fails.

  4. Allie says:

    Isn’t she the one who made that racist comment? She is just trash, plain and simple.

  5. OXA says:

    She has no career ahead of her after this. she will be lucky to get a disese of the week movie on Lifetime.

  6. nony says:

    I think she’s just insanely self absorbed. She speaks as though Farrah Fawcett isn’t a real person, just a variable in her equation of life-right-now. Sadly typical.

    *edit– holy crap OXA, hilarious.

  7. e says:

    “why make up something like this?” Because she negotiated a people cover out of the blue and could easily get pushed to the next month for a better story (not that FF dying would be better in any way). I am not saying it isn’t true but it makes for outrageous gossip so it could have gotten twisted or been totally made up.

  8. Neelyo says:

    I don’t know if she ever said anything racist, but there was a mild brouhaha a few years back when she posted some homophobic comments on her blog.

    Perhaps she should have waited a few weeks to give the editors a chance to smooth out those rough photoshop edges.

  9. McKenna says:

    I believe it. I remember hearing a story about her from a manicurist who was hired to give manicures and pedicures for her and her bridesmaids around the time she was getting married…the woman complained that Melissa was a demanding bitch and at the end, didn’t even tip.

  10. Even when she was Sabrina, I thought I detected a well-controlled “mean gene”.

  11. Jag says:

    I used to like her, but the more I read about what she says that’s unscripted, the less she comes across as a nice person. Pass.

  12. Wench says:

    Baahhha! I found it funny and would probably say the same. But hey – you all hate me anyhoodle.

  13. fizXgirl314 says:

    i’d be careful before believing something this bad about someone. i can’t imagine anyone is THAT big of a bitch… at least out loud. perhaps it’s sensible to give her the benefit of the doubt in this case, because of the gravity of the accusation…

    sensible? what am i saying.. burn the bitch at the stake! :-p

  14. paranel says:

    I can’t believe she is such a garbage idiot with no brain or heart. I feel sorry for her children. Wow, grow up lady . Being on the cover to get publicity for a candy store means more to you than someone dying of cancer and stealing the cover from you?

  15. Cinderella says:

    MJH will never know the level of fame that Farrah has. MJH may as well enjoy what little press she gets now. The public won’t even remember her years down the road.

  16. czarina says:

    Some people here really get off on making giant issues out of things that aren’t that big.
    She didn’t make the comment on air or in an interview. She was overheard making the kind of comment anyone might make on the q.t. to a close friend: the nasty sort of not-quite-true but not-quite-a-lie kind of comment that is never meant to be public.
    So, she’s never supposed to have a bad thought in private? Never supposed to be selfish or thougthless when talking to a friend?
    Because, based on this post, I have to assume that everyone here (so filled with righteous indignation) has never, ever said (or, heaven forbid! even thought) a cold and unkind thought about another person.

  17. j. ferber says:

    I agree with Nony on this one. I vote for the incredibly self-absorbed defense. I’m sure she wished Farrah no ill will. And Cinderella is right. This girl (can’t even remember her name) will never know the fame or adulation of Farrah Fawcett.

  18. barneslr says:

    I find it so hard to believe anyone would say something so horrible; I have to think that this is just another one of those false stories that you read about in the tabloids. At least I hope that’s all it is.

  19. proudmommyof4 says:

    Ok here is what I think of the whole thing. We do not know MJH personaly so no one knows just what kind of person she is, she could be very self absorbed and outlandish or she could be a sweet, kind, loving girl,again we dont know. If this is something that she did truly say, it was probabley in a private moment with someone that she trusted, NEVER meaning for it to be heard by someone who would put it out to the public eye and ear. Should it have been said at all? probabley not. Something like that would have never come out of my mouth personaly, but at the same time I am a Christian woman. I know IF this is something that was said she is probabley NOT proud of herself and ashamed that something so ugly came out of her mouth private or not, but, if it was any of us that let a selfish thought slip out like this would we not feel the same way. Just because she is someone who is in the public eye dose not mean that she has any higher a filter than any of us, she is human just like the rest of us. I think that instead of condiming her we need to think about how we would want to be treated in this kind of situation. It is not for us to judge her but for us to forgive her of her shortcomings, we do not forgive because we are week we forgive becuase we are strong enough to realise that EVERYONE makes mistakes.

    As for the woman who said that she knew her manacurest……..EVERY woman is demanding and arogant when it comes to ANY aspect of her wedding, it is not just her, heck there is a whole show on the WE network called BRIDEZILAS, its a cute show you should check it out.

  20. AC says:

    @ czarina:

    Good point!

  21. ktygirl says:

    Someone should tell MJH that her 15 minutes are up. She still look fat.

  22. Chris Kryer says:

    Melissa Joan FArt still can’t change those FUGLY GOOGLE EYES no matter how much cottage cheese she lost, she;s UGLY inside and out!

  23. Kimberly Maloy says:

    She went from “Teenage Witch” to “Adult ?>*^%$*”